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Flan's Mod Trailer
A trailer for Flan's Mod for Minecraft, made for the Modding Panel at Insomnia 51. You can find the mod and content packs at : http://flansmod.com/ Content Packs Featured : Simple Parts Pack Ye Olde Pack WW2 Pack Modern Weapons Pack Nerf Pack Titan Pack Manus Civil Pack Manus WW2 Pack Futurecraft Check out my Patreon page : http://www.patreon.com/jamioflan Music by Kevin MacLeod : http://incompetech.com/wordpress/author/kevin/
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"Flans Mod : Apocalypse" Teaser Trailer
This is the first teaser for my upcoming project; Flan's Mod: Apocalypse. The mod will add an entire post-apocalyptic dimension focused on Flan's Mod oriented survival. Food is scarce in this world, and to truly survive, the player will have to keep moving to new areas and looting whatever they find.
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Flan's Mod Zombie Trailer
The 4.7.0 update for Flan's mod adds a zombie gametype and the zombie pack adds Survivor and Zombie teams. You can get the mod at : http://flansmod.com/download And the zombie pack at : http://flansmod.com/content-pack/279/Official_Zombie_Pack Also, check out my Patreon at : http://www.patreon.com/jamioflan The music is Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
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A Few New Guns
Check out these new guns coming soon to Flan's mod
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Minigun in Flan's Mod
The minigun is a new addition to Flan's Mod, requested by patron Daniel Cuffe on Patreon. Check it out at : http://www.patreon.com/jamioflan
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Physics Test 1
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Flan's Mod Apocalypse: Respawning and Survivors
This video shows off how respawning works in the Apocalypse. Rather than being placed back at the spawn point, you appear within a set radius (default 100 blocks) of where you died. This is to encourage a more nomadic play style while surviving in the Apocalypse. Also shown is a fly-by plane, village chest contents (randomly generated) and the survivor NPC.
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Dual Wielding in Flan's Mod
Something that has been requested for a while now. While holding any one handed weapon, hold sneak and scroll the mouse wheel to select a secondary weapon. Then left click to shoot the second gun.
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Flan's Mod Armada
While testing a bugfix, I accidentally made an armada of Lancaster bombers flying in formation. It's all just rendering; there aren't any NPCs flying them or anything I'm afraid.
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Sentry Gun in Flan's Mod
The new sentry gun mechanics in Flan's Mod, along with a couple of new weapon models Check out my Patreon at : http://www.patreon.com/jamioflan
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The exoskeleton is an upcoming piece for the Modern Weapons pack and it has some cool properties. The helmet gives you protection from smoke based weapons The body gives you super jump, like a little short-burst jetpack The legs give you super speed And the boots negate all fall damage This is a Patreon reward. You can request your own at www.patreon.com/jamioflan
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Flan's Mod Apocalypse : Abandoned Airstrip
Across the wasteland of the apocalypse, you may find some abandoned buildings, including these small airstrips.
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Minimancer Trailer
I will soon be releasing my first full game on Steam; Minimancer! Build your team, fight your way through dungeons and unlock more minions to become the best Minimancer of them all! The game is focused around building teams with the minions available to you and finding synergies between them to outwit your opponents. Steam Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/734490 Music credit: Happy Days from http://www.purple-planet.com
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Deployable Bags
More upcoming features for Flan's Mod
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Flan's Mod Apocalypse : Sulphur Pits
Across the wasteland of Flan's Mod Apocalypse, you'll find pools of dangerous sulphur dioxide surrounded by sulphur dust, the perfect ingredient for making the finest gunpowder. This is all pre-release footage and everything shown is subject to change. Subscribe for more updates on the Apocalypse dimension over the next few weeks.
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Model 1887 Shotgun
An upcoming weapon in the Modern Weapons Pack. Keep a look out for more coming soon
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Panzerfaust and Stinger Missile
Panzerfaust is a one shot grenade launcher for the WW2 Pack. Stinger Missile Launcher is a homing launcher for the Modern Weapons Pack. When fired, the missile locks on to the target nearest your crosshair at the moment you fire. I may also add some visual or audio effects to show which target is selected. The white box trails were an accident while trying to find better particle types, but I quite like them. Let me know what you think.
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Another request by a donator; the flashlight attachment!
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The American WW2 Flamethrower was requested by a patron on my Patreon page. You too can request paintjobs and weapons by becoming a patron at : https://www.patreon.com/jamioflan This will most likely be released with other Patreon rewards at the end of the month.
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6 Shot Grenade Launcher, Bulldozer and Cloaker
There's loads of cool new stuff coming soon to Flan's Mod! Perhaps most exciting are the new grenade launchers and grenades.
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Flan's Mod: Jury Autorevolver
Another newcomer to the Flan's Mod Modern Weapons Pack, this is the Jury Autorevolver, based on the Mateba Autorevolver.
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Flan's Mod Apocalypse: Nukes
Yesterday we saw how to get out of the apocalypse. The way in is a pretty explosive one-way trip.
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Flan's Mod: Ammo Grouping
This is another base mod update for 1.8. Guns of the same type share ammo, and you can search for all guns and ammo of a certain type in the creative inventory. Shotguns and rifles in particular have had an overhaul with lots of new ammo types being added. Also shown is a tiny sneak peak of the Research Lab in the Apocalypse.
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Flan's Mod New Gun Models and Animations
The Modern Weapons Pack for Flan's Mod is almost entirely upgraded to using 3D models, and here are 4 of the latest additions.
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Baseball Bat
Another upcoming addition to Flan's Mod, the baseball bat
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More Flan's Mod Gun Models and Animations
Yet another batch of gun models and animations for the Modern Weapons pack. The models are nearly done and a release should be out very very soon.
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Screwdriver in Flan's Mod
Another test of the new custom melee weapon mechanics coming soon to Flan's Mod
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Flan's Mod: AA-12
The final gun to be added to the Modern Weapons pack for the Rank Update is the AA-12, a fully automatic assault shotgun that empties 20 round drums of shells into your foes
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Flan's Mod: Executioner Shotgun
The Executioner is a double-barreled handful of death being added in the new Rank Update as a secondary shotgun
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Flan's Mod 3D Gun Test
A quick demo of the new 3D gun models and animations in Flan's Mod. More coming soon.
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Helicopter in Flan's Mod
Today was spent fine tuning the helicopter flight, adding a smooth camera, and revamping weapons on vehicles, helicopters and planes to allow for missiles, bombs and bullets in any combination.
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Flan's Mod Reward Boxes First Look
As part of the Flan's Mod Rank Update, the Official server (and any other server that chooses to implement the new rank system) will be offering reward crates packed full of weapon skins. These are given as rewards for ranking up and come in 3 variations; the Alpha Box, the Bravo Box and the Premium Box. This is all defined in content packs, so other pack makers can also create their own loadout setups and reward boxes.
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Flan's Mod Apocalypse: Teleporter
This is the portal that players will need to find to get out of the Apocalypse. This cannot be crafted, and must be found and completed, similar to the End Portal. It is also very different to the way players get to the apocalypse. That will be shown soon, so subscribe and keep an eye out.
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Check out the brand new flare gun!
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Vehicles Multiplayer Testing
Testing the new vehicle code which shall be released later today. Also a new Sherman model which is coming soon
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Testing the "Inspect Weapon" feature in Flan's Mod
This handy button lets you check out your fancy new paintjobs in Flan's Mod
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Flan's Mod: Judge Shotgun
Included in the rank update will be 4 new weapons. The first of them is the Judge shotgun, as seen in Payday 2. It will feature as a secondary shotgun and comes with a handful of paintjobs.
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Pew pew pew
Looks like someone forgot the shoot delay :P
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Grenade Launcher in Flan's Mod
Check out the new grenade launcher coming soon to Flan's Mod!
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Flan's Mod Mining Overkill
When you run out of torches, it's time to break out the incendiary shotgun shells. Oh and don't forget your explosive Barrett .50 cal for all your extreme mining needs.
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Flan's Mod W1200 Shotgun with Animation
A little video showing off the new W1200 model and corresponding animation
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Flan's Mod Recoil Improvements
Testing some new gun recoil, including per-hand kickback for dual wielding and lateral recoil
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Flan's Mod : New Vehicle Physics
All new vehicle physics coming soon to Flan's Mod for Minecraft
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LD33 - Warm Hearts and Fuzzy Feelings - Singleplayer Trailer
This is the first trailer for the game I made with a friend a couple of weekends ago. The theme of the competition was "You are the Monster" and so we made a game where you and up to 6 friends pick one of 6 unlockable characters and terrorize a village to score points. A multiplayer trailer will be coming soon, so keep an eye out! You can play it on the Ludum Dare page : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=7746
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Flan's Mod New Gun Animations
The brand new models and animations in Flan's Mod for the P90 and M40A3
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Flan's Mod Iron Sights Test
A quick test of iron sights in Flan's Mod.
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Flan's Mod Gun Attachment Testing
A first look at the attachment table in action and the new AK47 model
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Why on earth would Flan's Mod need a sledgehammer? I'll let you ponder that one amongst yourselves
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Flan's Mod: Gun Modification Table
The Apocalypse development is ramping down and making way for general mod bugfixes in the lead up to release, so today, here are some small changes to the gun modification table. The gun preview is now well-lit and properly centered and shows a preview of the paintjob that you are currently hovering over. So now you can be sure whether you want a certain paintjob before you spend your precious dyes on it.
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