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cute (Fat) hamster being shoved through a tube
please don't make fun of me I'm still new at this!!!!
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My hamster gave birth
0_0 didn't see this coming....
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nerd away gum
we practiced for ever p.s. the glasses were 3D glasses and the teeth were earasers
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the magnifcent marshmellow
jademiga really startyes to vomit after this! made with the help of sunnygrapejuice!
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Chef Jade's Compote De Pommes
Chef Jade prepares applesauce. It's in French, badly spoken French. I cannot French. For Mr. Peters grade 9 French class Song at end: Far Too Young To Die, Panic! At The Disco I love applesauce so much I ate all of it while I edited this. This took 5 hours to do. For a single French project. I could of made a poster but no, I had to be difficult.
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Look at all the pups!
Omg... So many
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French - hamster style
Mmm... It was for French.... Hamsters are so hard to work with. And we couldn't even let them swim... -_- Edited by iMovie, get your today.. And ummm... Made by jade and kathim... ... .... Hi there... So much more homework to do.... Ugh... I hope this gets to be in like.. HD... Better freaking be in HD... -_- mmkay, I'm bored writing stuff.. Ow I got a paper cut! $&@#!! Ow....
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Amazing miniature dog
Hamlet with a milk bone
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J.A.I thursadys, Trailer!!!,
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bad word baby
cute little 3 year old aleeah says the f word about 3 times she tattles on what her dad says in the car. and NO my hamster did not turn into a human!!!! it is my niece not a muntant hamster!!!!!
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Couldn't get it downloaded on thanksgiving sorry On thanksgiving we always have a HAM!! So I had my iPad in my hand and... Well yeah
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book review actully it's a food eating contest
I...HATE...HAMSTER...PELLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't ever mention them to me.....PLEASE?!?!?!?!
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food eating contest part 2
I am sorry voices are low hamlet cleaned himself before we started
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Update: The hamsters have fur and eyes now
sorry bout not posting, was at camp... there are 7 pups, 3 look like female, 4 look like male... don't know genders 1 little runt is one of the smartest, It looks like the mom does. Does anybody want a hamster who doesn't have any meat eating reptiles or will treat them badly? I really don't want to sell them to pet stores, and I'm not sure if many of my friends will take some, but if you want one, then contact me about it at jade@doctorgore.com
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Duckies! Did you know that duck was my first word?
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doodles while half asleep at 12 am
Good night I am The tired Mhm.
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me and sleepyhead made this together
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Macbeth News Report
Part of the project
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Hamlet's Slide Show
Hamlet died recently, and I am heart broken. So I made this slide show showing some pictures of her for her funeral.
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Meet the hamster
Remember: comment,rate, subscribe
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Goodnight hamlet
Hammy waking up at 10:00 pm
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Pudding and hamlet
Puddy is the white one and Hamlet is the dark haired one. Puddy is a boy and Hamlet is a girl
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Kitty VS. treats.....
Didn't post a cat video... So it's a good time to do it. These are my two cats kitty and catnip. Enjoy....
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Chris's birthday
Stoopid brother
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sleepy Catnip
Umm... Relized that I was filming wrong, Relize I spelled relize wrong... And Catnip cut the video short by hitting the volume buttons.....
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cats eating cat grass
Kitty and catnip, (Nipsy) are trying out catgrass. Mmmmm grass...... And then kitty gets mad about halfway through and catnip shows his anus....
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