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Black bear visit in Tennessee in Aug 2011
We went searching for Black Bears in Gatlinburg last year and never got to see one. This year they came to us. The back porch was 15 to 20 feet off the ground that is how high they climbed! There were actually 4 babies and a momma. The momma doesn't look that big she is the one near the door and she climbs down and leaves her babies behind. I bet if she had stood up though and leaned on that door it would have broke.This is actually the 2nd of 3 videos. I have another video of them on the front porch. That is where they were at first eating the garbage that raccoons knocked over. I am having trouble loading that one but hope to have it up soon.
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Boilermaker workout
Grinding head seam overhead, try that for 10 hours in 15 degree weather.
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Crazy Neighbor and her parking spot
We have a neighbor who is a nut case. Her van has to be in this same spot and it has to be exactly in same spot not an inch different. It's hilarious to mess with her. We left for less than 5 minutes and she came out within seconds and backed up a few inches and ran back in her house before we got back. This is only a brief video of her craziness that we have dealt with for over 6 years now. We decided it was too funny so we want to start sharing. This is not the best of it. More to come. Enjoy
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captains tour - My favorite deadliest catch captains at the meet and greet after show
These guys ROCK and the show was amazing. Can't believe this was almost a year ago already! They are super friendly, signed their books for me and also my tickets. Also got pics with them. Great time with great guys!
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Theo Rossi and Kim Coates of Sons of Anarchy at Cyclefest Meet and Greet
This video is after the meet and greet when they were helping pass out the winning motorcycle trophies. Meeting these guys was so exciting. I am so glad we do not have footage of me when I got up there because I was a giggling fool. Theo signed my poster "I love your enthusiasm!" LMAO We actually almost did not get to meet them. We got there right when they were closing off the line! I had to beg the security guy to let us in the line. He was saying NO and I was telling him that my 65 year old mom was the biggest fan in the world and that she was out of breath running from the parking lot and they just had to let us in the line! And he did! Thank you security guard! And I wasn't joking about my mom, lol. It was me,my mom and my 23 year old daughter. I have video of her hugging them too. Great Guys, great time, Greatest Show Ever! Only thing that could have made that day better would have been if whole cast was there!
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Baby puts self to sleep with TIC TAC rattle
My grandbaby loved to shake tic tacs to put her se;l
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Captain's Tour - Deadliest Catch
The local radio station had us send in questions for the captains. Mine was the first one asked and this was the captains answering my question! Unfortunately, I did not have the camera ready when they said my name and read my question :( I really did not expect them to! My question was "when are we going to see more of the TIme Bandit and Northwestern" on the season that was in prgoress when they were in town. At the time only a few episodes had aired and it was a lot about the newer boats and younger captains. P.S. We were in 2nd row, it was amazing!
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Momma Bear and babies in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Tennessee
These are the same bears from my video of bears on our cabin porch. We were able to follow them down the mountain while they stopped off at other cabins in search of food.
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