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Marceline's Song written by Rebecca Sugar
This song was the first demo made by Rebecca Sugar for Adventure Time. In the next two years, she wrote 16 more songs and storyboarded some of AT's most popular episodes. Now she has created her own show, STEVEN UNIVERSE, which started airing in fNovember 2013. But this is what started it all... Rebecca Sugar is a storyboard artist at Adventure Time, and she created the storyboards for the episode Nightosphere, along with her partner Adam Muto. But she also wrote the music and lyrics to the song in the episode that played a critical role in the story. Here's her original lyrics—including a set of verses that didn't make it into the episode—along with some conceptual sketches Rebecca made for the show's creator, Pen Ward.
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GOOD LITTLE GIRL  Rebecca Sugar's Adventure Time Original Demo
"Good Little Girl" in the episode Bad Little Boy is the last song Rebecca wrote for Adventure Time during her stint storyboarding for the show. (There has been one more eppy, "Simon and Marcy," but alas no song in it) Just like in the first song posted almost two and a half years ago, Rebecca has shared some of her original drawings that eventually went into the storyboards—and her original lyrics to the rap in the song. Will Rebecca write any more AT songs? Probably not, but she is SUPER busy working on her own show, STEVEN UNIVERSE. Tune in and you won't be disappointed. Rebecca has written some songs for her own show, and when they are available, we'll put the demos up on this channel, or you can hear some of the music and much more at http://stevencrewniverse.tumblr.com
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Adventure Time Original Demo Songs for "Incendium" by Rebecca Sugar
The third season finale of Adventure Time is an episode by Rebecca Sugar and Adam Muto that looks at Finn's unrequited love for Princess Bubblegum (plus a few surprises!) These two songs from the episode, one sung by Finn and the other by Jake, have a parallel structure both in melody and lyrics. (BTW, there's a change in the lyrics from the demo to the episode—see if you can spot it!) Rebecca sketched the title card for the episode, and the final was painted by Martin Ansolabehere. You can see both versions in this video, as well as preliminary sketches that Rebecca drew when planning the storyboards.
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Steven Universe "Be Wherever You Are" DEMO by Rebecca Sugar
Here is what Rebecca had to say about writing this demo: "I wrote this song on a trip to Big Bear, in the woods in a cabin with friends. Raven had been thinking of something in the vein of Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams.” I was having the hardest time with this one, because if there’s one thing I don’t know how to do, it’s how to relax and just be in the moment. So I ended up writing this song to convince myself to stop worrying so much about writing this song." Here are the chords! C, B7, Em, G7, Cmaj7, C7, Dm, Fm, Cmaj7, D7, Dm, G7, Cmaj7 x3 Dm, G7, Cmaj7, D7, Fm, G7, Cmaj7 ~!
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Remember You—Rebecca Sugar Adventure Time Demo
The Ice King and Marceline are nearly the same age. Marceline is a vampire, and The Ice King—formerly Simon Petrikov—wears a magic crown that has extended his life but has driven him mad. In "I Remember You" we see that the two have had a relationship in the past, even if the bumbling Ice King no longer remembers, further enriching his tragic story. During her stint at AT, Rebecca has always championed episodes that extend the "canon" of Adventure Time, creating deeper interrelationships among the characters, and striking emotional chords that resonate with fans beyond any usual cartoon show. She has definite opinions about Marcy's backstory too: who is her mother and why she and Simon know each other. But if they ever become part of the AT story, it will have to be someone else on the staff who carries the torch. The Omnichord that Rebecca played in the demo actually made its way into the cartoon, and you can see Marceline playing it—it's Rebecca performing on the instrumental track. The art here, with the exception of the title card art are drawings by Rebecca.
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I'm Just Your Problem Original Demo
For the episode "What Was Missing, Rebecca wrote two songs. This is Rebecca's original demo of the first in the episode, with a cameo from her friend Ian, playing P.B., which reveals that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have a relationship that goes back a-ways (exactly WHAT kind of relationship is open to speculation, but really, it's a cartoon—could Rebecca and Adam be playing with your mind?). In the middle of this video, notice how Rebecca and Adam's sketches are turned into character design during the production process.
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Something Entirely New
This is one of Rebecca's favorite new songs for Steven Universe. If you listen carefully you can hear snippets form other songs, such as "Giant Woman" and "Stronger Than You."
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Love Like You Live
Rebecca performed "Love Like You" with Aivi & Surasshu when they were in New York promoting the Steven Universe soundtrack. (which BTW is coming out as a limited edition vinyl) They are rarely together in the same place, so it was a treat to meet the musicians. Rebecca recorded a few songs with them, and Cartoon Network released this one. ENJOY!
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Stronger Than You—Music & Vocals Only
Estelle sings this great song in the Steven Universe episode, "Jailbreak." Here is a version without the sound effects—just the great vocal from Estelle and the music of aivi & surasshu.
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Do It For Her—Rebecca Sugar Demo from Steven Universe
The episode "Sworn to the Sword" not only gives us new information about Pearl's relationship to Rose—she might be just a little unhinged—but it also contains one of Rebecca's best songs, "Do It For Her." If ever you doubted that Rebecca writes her songs to be integrated into the story, just like in a Broadway show, this song proves her ability to write music and lyrics that adds depth to characters. This video demo edits together the story to make Steven's predicament even more poignant. Is this show getting too serious to be for kids?
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Adventure Time Fionna and Cake Song Original Demo
Rebecca Sugar is a storyboard artist at Adventure Time, but unlike most cartoon shows, the storyboarders are also writers, working from story outlines. This episode had a lot of Rebecca's work and ideas incorporated into it, from this song, to using Neil Patrick Harris as the voice for Gumball. That's Rebecca singing the demo, and playing her ukelele, which is her instrument of choice. When she was 11 she learned to play the hammer dulcimer, and that's why there's one in this episode! The sketches are original images that Rebecca made to promote the episode, which, in case you hadn't read, scored the highest ratings in AT history. Also, just to set the record straight, I AM Rebecca's Dad, but I can't recall ever having eaten her fries--and lets be straight here we are talking potatoes fried in peanut oil at 340°, then chilled for 1 hour then refried at 370° for a crispy crust.
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OH Bubblegum/Nuts—Demo from Adventure Time
The episode "i Remember You" storyboarded by Rebecca and Cole Sanchez is almost half songs. Two of AT's favorite characters (after Finn and Jake of course) are Marceline and The Ice King, but until now, they haven't had much to do with each other. Now you'll know why. The instrument you hear in this demo is an Omnichord, a kind of electronic autoharp that was made by the Suzuki Instrument Corporation in the 80s. Everyone liked the sound of it so much, that it is Rebecca's actual recording on the soundtrack. The off-key notes were accidents of running out of power—it took a lot of tries to make it happen on cue.
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"Strong in the Real Way"— Demo from Steven Universe
For the episode "Coach Steven" Rebecca wrote a song for Pearl to sing. The voice actress, Deedee Magno, is an accomplished singer and she really nails it on the final soundtrack. But Rebecca's version has it's own sweetness too. The song begins to reveal the emotional connections between Pearl and Steven. Too bad that Nicki Minaj, who voices Sugilite, didn't have a song of her own.
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Steven Universe Extended Theme Demo
For the beginning of the second season of Steven Universe, Rebecca wanted to revisit the theme song and incorporate the original song from the pilot into a new segment that would show viewers the story of when Steven first came to live with the Gems. This is what Rebecca has to say about this song: "I wanted to write this song to bridge the feeling of the show at it’s start to the show it became with the help of the whole Crewniverse! The show had grown and changed so much and so had I! I’m very sentimental about this one!"
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Adventure Time Demo "Best Friends in the World"
In the episode "What Was Missing" two songs are important plot points. This is the second one. Finn figures out "what was missing" and uses his honest feelings to open the door. The secret to opening the door is in the inscription around the door. Any resemblance to opening the doors of Moria in Lord of the Rings is purely nonaccidental. Rebecca says, "It might seem like this episode is about friendship, but I wanted it to be about honesty! Bob Fosse said "the time to sing is when your emotional level is too high to just speak anymore," I really wanted to try for that feeling." Sorry it took so long to make this one.
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Both of You—Rebecca Sugar Demo from Steven Universe Episode "Mr. Greg"
Here is another song Rebecca wrote for "Mr. Greg." The demo uses a guitar instead of the piano from the final, but isn't it amazing that Steven knows how to play a piano? Another gem power appears to be the ability to pick up musical instruments and just play them. Rebecca did a lot of the close-up drawing for this episode, and her style is obvious even though the original drawings are redone by the animation house in Korea.
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It's Over—Rebecca Sugar Demo from "Mr. Greg"
If Stephen Sondheim wrote for Steven Universe it might sound something like this. Here's what Rebecca had to say about this demo: This may have been the hardest song I’ve written to date, I wrote and scrapped 5 or 6 versions before arriving at this… the long held note at the end after Pearl throws the rose in the air was a request from Joe, this raw recording predates it! Deedee, Aivi & Surasshu turned this song into something so incredible… infinite thanks to them and to Jeff Ball on strings… this episode was a dream made real for me and I’m so so grateful to my amazing team!!!
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Sleepy Puppies—Original Demo from Adventure Time ep "Jake vs. Me-Mow"
This is Rebecca's original demo song from the Adventure Time episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow.
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What Can I Do For You? Steven Universe Song Demo by Rebecca Sugar
From the episode We Need to Talk, this is the demo made by Rebecca collaborating with Jeff Liu on guitar, and Ben Levin on bass. She says, "It was a dream come true to write a duet for Susan Egan and Tom Scharpling!"
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Tropical Island
Rebecca Sugar is a storyboard artist at Adventure Time, and she wrote this song for the episode Morituri te Salutamus. This is her demo of the song, along with her original work sketches.
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HQ Steven Universe With Rebecca Sugar
Heres a much better version of the behinds the scenes promotion. You can see how awesome the new backgrounds (many created by the actual Steven) are in this version.
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Everything Stays
At the Adventure Time/Steven Universe Panel at Comic Con 2015, Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson sang a duet of a song that Rebecca wrote for a future episode. This is the first time in a few years that I haven't been to the Con, so thanks to Jon Foley for shooting the original footage used here.
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Stronger Than You Demo by Rebecca Sugar
This is the original demo that Rebecca and Jeff Liu put together to get the timing right for the fight between Jasper and Garnet in the episode "Jailbreak" from Steven Universe. Because in animation timing is everything, the final version by Estelle is so close to the demo you can put the two together as a duet. The final version has a great instrumental track by Aivi & Surasshu, but here, Rebecca plays her Omnichord, and Jeff put the rest together using Logic.
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Rebecca Sugar Sings at Comic-Con 2013
At the Adventure Time panel on July 19th, Rebecca sang a few of her songs with a little help from a surprise guest--Donald Glover. The previous day, we found out that Rebecca (and the entire crew) was nominated for an Emmy for "Simon and Marcy."
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Steven Universe Original Demo from Full Disclosure
Here is Rebecca Sugar singing the original demo of the song in 'Full Disclosure." Nick DeMayo is playing the guitar on this track.
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Steven Universe Main Titles Demo
This is the original demo of the Steven Universe theme song by Rebecca Sugar (singing all the parts!) along with the original animatic for the opening sequence. This is just a taste of all the great Steven Universe production material you can find at http://stevencrewniverse.tumblr.com. There are more animatics, backgrounds, character models and music and songs from the show. It is the best place to find out everything about how Steven Universe is made!
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Rebecca Sugar's Demo from "Daddy's Little Monster"
This short demo for "Daddy's Little Monster" might just have been for Rebecca Demo completists only, except that Cole Sanchez, Rebecca's storyboarding partner, shot a cellphone video, so now you can see Rebecca at work. And yes, that's Pen "dancing" in the background. Rebecca said, "Cole took this video of the new song for Nightosphere part 2! I told Pen and Cole not to look because I was shy about recording it."
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Giant Woman from Steven Universe
I apologize for the horrible quality of this video. This song was sneaked at the Cartoon Network New Comedies Launch Panel on July 20th at the 2013 Comic-Con.
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Susan Strong
Rebecca Sugar is a storyboard artist at Adventure Time, and she created the storyboards for the episode Susan Strong, along with her partner Adam Muto. In the episode, Finn sings a little song that Rebecca wrote, and this is the original demo. I may be biased, what with being Beck's Dad, but I think she sings it way better than Jeremy.
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Rebecca Sugar Sings At ComicCon 2014
At ComicCon's Steven Universe panel on Saturday, July 26, Rebecca introduced a song from an upcoming episode called "Island Adventure."
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Rebecca Sugar Adventure Time Demo "Bacon Pancake"
Here's a little bitsy song for Rebecca completists from the episode "Burning Low" the third part of the Flame Princess Trilogy. Jake sings this at the beginning just for goofs. But I promise there's some more awesome RS demos in the can that you'll hear when those episodes are broadcast!
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Theres a better version of this now called: HQ Steven Universe With Rebecca Sugar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh9tz_nKYYU. This is the real story of Steven Universe from its creator, Rebecca Sugar.
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Steven Universe End Credits Song by Rebecca Sugar
Instead of a demo, Rebecca finally gets to sing a song that appears on Steven Universe—well, on the iTunes downloads of the show anyway. The credits play slowly in this version so you can see all the great people that make the show—including Rebecca's brother Steven.
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Rebecca and Her Crew Rehearse for Comic Con
The panel will be on Friday, July 22 at 10:15 AM. From the Comic-Con program: Cartoon Network is bringing together the talents of Steven Universe for a first-of-its-kind live musical experience for fans at San Diego Comic-Con! The series cast and musical minds behind Steven Universe will give a never-before-seen performance of the series' critically acclaimed music, as well as exclusive previews from upcoming episodes and an extended Q&A. Scheduled to appear are Steven Universe gems Rebecca Sugar (creator), Jeff Liu (writer and storyboard artist), Zach Callison (voice of Steven), Estelle (voice of Garnet), Michaela Dietz (voice of Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (voice of Pearl), Charlyne Yi (voice of Ruby), and Ben Levin (writer), accompanied by series composers Aivi Tran and Steven "Surasshu" Velema and moderated by former supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey.
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Delicious By Design Jingle
My mother (Rebecca's Bubbe) always says about my cooking that, It was so good, you couldn't even get it in a restaurant, and if you could, it would cost a fortune. Rebecca turned that "compliment" into this "jingle." Check out the book at www.aurascookbook.com. There is an awesome cookie recipe there now...
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Adventure Time RAP from Hot to the Touch
The episode "Hot to the Touch" has a short rap song in it, performed by N.E.P.T.R., the little robot Finn created in "What is Life?" and who has been patiently playing hide-and-seek (hiding for the last year or so, since Finn and Jake forgot about the game!) They ask N.E.P.T.R to help them make some awesome fire-proof armor. Rebecca wrote this as a filler, expecting the voice actor, Andy Milonakis, to make up his own (he had his own show on MTV, and is known for his kind-of-rude raps). When Andy came in, he told everyone that he liked the rap just the way it was, and wanted to perform it as written. He wanted to know who performed on the demo track, and was told that Rebecca had done it. but he was also quite surprised to find she also wrote the rap too. Street cred! Rebecca says she's kinda embarrassed by this track; I had to cajole her to get it, but she knows I have lots more really embarrassing stuff. So give her some love on this one.
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Steven Universe Main Title Sequence
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Should Cartoon Characters Evolve?
If the Internet had existed in 1942, I am sure there would have been people who liked Tex's original hare...as it happened, there was lots of buzz last year when CN debuted the new Looney Tunes cartoon show and the characters got a fresh makeover. I guess we all like the characters that are the first ones we bond with.
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Delicious by Design's Flat Roast Chicken
Ever wonder what Rebecca's Dad does? Here is his latest project. You can look at the whole thing at www.aurascookbook.com. Not that I am expecting Adventure Time people to be into cooking, but as Jake says, "I love food more than I love people." BTW, Rebecca wrote and performed the music in this video along with her brother Steven and her friend Frans.
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