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Eisenhower - Military/Industrial Complex  - Part 1 of 2
President Dwight David Eisenhower's Farewell Speech, "Military/Industrial Complex", 1961 - Part 1 of 2
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Eisenhower - Military/Industrial Complex  - Part 2 of 2
President Dwight David Eisenhower's Farewell Speech, "Military/Industrial Complex", 1961 - Part 2 of 2
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abbreviated ambitiious card trick
This is a demo for my friends on the magic fora.
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Thanks For The Revolution
Thank you all. Check out the landslide: http://enr.sos.state.tx.us/enr/mar04_135_race4.htm?x=0&y=310&id=535
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Hello, Emily!
Video response to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veAS2QMkLvw Hello from Dexter, Zoot, and Jive
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Dexter and Zoot - Sit, Come, Let's go
Dexter and Zoot were strays who adopted me on a wet and chilly day in February as I was bringing home a bucket of chicken. They were friendly toward people, but otherwise completely wild. Here they are after almost four months training with the clicker system. (I do not use a clicker. I make the sound with my cheek and gums.) Thank you Emily of http://www.youtube/kikopup !
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Zoot and the little white dog do the fox trot
Zoot and the little white dog do the fox trot
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Dexter and Zoot - eating peanut butter - Look - Sit
Dexter and Zoot, eating peanut butter and responding to "Look," and (belatedly) "Sit." It's hard to take "sit" seriously when there's peanut butter about. They were strays a couple of months ago. We met when they approached me in my front yard and expressed some interest in a bucket of chicken I was bringing home. Neighbors told me they begged for a living all through the rainy winter. They had long hair that had to be cut off because it was so matted and caked with algae. They were badly underweight, especially Dexter (the black one). The amount of food he devoured during the first couple of weeks was astonishing. Dexter currently tips the scales at 12.4 pounds, and Zoot 13.4. The "Look" command is part of a regime intended to cure them of "leash reactivity." Aside from wanting to get into a tiff with other dogs six times their size when they are walking on leash, they are almost perfect gentlemen. (Gentledogs?) They love people, especially the smaller ones.
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Double Lift - The very best methods I know - tutorial
Note: After recording this,I figured out why my web cam is so fuzzy. It's the cable, (It's always the cable.) I will probably do a third version. In the mean time, I hope this fuzzy version is useful. Jive Dadson teaches two versions of the double lift, one fairly easy, the other, not so much. The goal in each case is to look natural, which is to say, to appear to be doing exactly what non-magicians do when they deal one card from the top of the deck. Special thanks to Zoot for repelling zombies.
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Dexter and Zoot play with kids and take me for a walk
Video recorded on a new-fangled cell phone. There is a cameo appearance by the my fourth strangest neighbor.
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Color Change
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Kids and Dogs
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Dexter and Zoot play with neighbor lady's pitbull cross
They are not supposed to run across the street, but she called them.
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