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Good Earth Spa mini hual video
I did a small order with Bonnie at GoodEarthSpa , I orderd 36 fir needel incense and a bar of her Udderlypure soap. Bonnie is amazeing and she also sent a small bath tub squirt toy that my 7 year old loves. A small sample of her pepper mint soap and 2 5 piece samples of pear berry and also cypress incense as well. If you havent checked out her videos she is on you tube at Edentia Farms and her webiste is www.goodeartspa.com , Sorry bonnie if I spelled anything wrong. Bonnie has an amazeing soap shop with wonderfull mostly organic products and she also donates bar for bar to charities .
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First batch of soap
Here is the bars I made for my very first batch of soap its a bastile butter milk soap with just a tad of coconut oil and shea butter.
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The Soap Magician order.
I couldnt seem to choose so I only orderd a little from a few of the talanted people on facebook. You have problly seen my Goodearth Spa mini hual and this is the Beer soap with Frankincense and Myrrh that I got from the talanted Sharon. It smells amazeing and very earthy and incensey just like I love. The order was processed and shipped and arived all in 3 days. She also sent a coupon code for 10% off my next purchase. The soap has a very nice deep color and feels smooth , I can not wait to use this bar. www.TheSoapMagician.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Brambleberry package
I got my order from brambleberry today very quick. I put the order in Friday and they packaged it and sent it out yesterday and it arived at my door around 1pm today. They have the best shipping times I think I have seen ever in my online ordering. I live semi close to them liveing in the Colubia River Gorge but its still super fast. I am very excited about there sample this month I plan to make a small batch of soap just for that. Last month I orderd the scale and got there baby powder fragrance wich I used in my homemade laundry soap. Sorry about all the camra wiggleing Im new to this video thing and that package was taped up nice and tight.
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Valhalla soap mini hual
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload) I got my package today, it smelled good befor I even got it open. I have so many people I want to try I have to stick to just a little at first. I got the perfume sampler pack and picked three scents I also got the soap sample pack and got to pick four scents. She was kind enough to also send a sample of soap and perfume of the same type. I also got some wax melts They all smell very good , Im not a huge fan of the vampire bite but its just not my kind of smell my son loves it though so he has claimed it for his own already. I really liked all theother scents though , and the bars felt smooth and creamy . The samples were all nice size and the one that wasnt quite so big she sent two. I had to try avalon myst it smelled so good and it has a soft silky creamy lather and the scent still lingers on my skin. I love it. The order was shipped quickly and she made a hand written thank you on the invoice and sent cute little cut outs my son claimed as well.I can not wait to put in an order for some full sized products so far her scents besides that one scent have been exactly what I love earthy lovely almost magical.
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Valhalla,GoodEarthSpa,BrambleBerry hual
I recently got some packages from BrambleBerry, GoodEarthSpa and Valhalla soap company. I got all packages promplty and intact with not only what I orderd but lots of extra goodies. Bramble berry I got all the stuff to make some melt and pour soaps for my son and nieces and got a sample of oatmeal milk and honey fragrance. GoodEarthSpa I got 100 pack of jasmine incense and 2 bars of lavender soap, She sent 3 sample packs of incense,a little squirting bath toy and a nice big sample bar of soap. Valhalla I got 3 packages of wax melts for my warmer and she also sent a big fat sample bar of soap and lots of little sticker goodies my son just loves. I just love shopping at these three places. They have great web sites, good deals, awsome products and great costumer service. I would highly recomend them to everyone. Its like christmas every time I get a package in the mail here Im always so excited.
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Goodearthspa package
Bonnie at GoodEarthSpa had her eucalyptus soap on sale a few days ago and I had to get some , not to mention I love her incense so much I wanted more of that as well. I bought two bars of the soap and she sent me a nice big sample of her tea tree soap as well and a 12 pack of incense and she gave me 13 in that package and sent like 8 of Bergamont as a sample as well and of course another water toy my son was so excited again he loves those little things. Her service was fast and professional. She signed a hand written thank you and she sent lots of little goodies. I can not wait to order from her again, her soaps are amazing. I am still in love with the peppermint sample she sent last time and have used it for a good half dozen baths and still have about half left good sized sample and long lasting amazing soap. You all should so go check her out. www.goodearthspa.com
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Candleing day 12 eggs
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My Slideshow
I made a slide show becuase I did not think I could hold my phone and video and make soap safely at the same time. I used my sample F/O from bramble berry and made a oatmeal and milk soap (did not have any honey) Its a tiny batch barely a pound if that . 8% super fat and mesured in grams 14.2g castor oil 99.2 g coconut oil 113.4 g olive oil 113.4 g palm oil 14.2 g shea butter 21.0 g fragrance oil ( that is all that was in the bottle) 49.0 g lye ( I suggest you always run recpies through a calculator) Bramble berry has a good one. 134.o g whipping cream ( frozen till more then slushy but not solid) then at light trace I added 1/4 cup finely ground oats along with the F/O *Hardness 45 *Cleansing 19 *Conditioning 51 *Bubbly 23 *Creamy 30 *Iodine 53 *IINS 161 This is something I found on the internet modified it smaller and ran through both soapcal and bramble berries lye calculator , I have never tired it before and I wont be able to tell you how it works for a few days at least.
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Package from FuturPrimitive
I got my package from FuturePrimitive soap company. I could not wait to put in an order but had to make it small , her prices are awsome but the exchange rate for me being in the USA was pretty bad. I would so do it again though. Her Rook and Raven is a work of art the smells are perfect just the kind of scents I love so much. She is not only a very talanted soaper but I would consider her an artist as well. I love watching her videos and wishfuly going thru her online store. Each one of her creations is a unique mysticall blend that you cant help but love. Rook and Raven not only smells amazeing but the texture of the soap speaks volumes about how amazeing it will be in the bath.I can not say enough about FuturePrimitive and I hope all of you who have not had a chance to try one of the amazeing products will place an order soon so you can experiance the magic that is FuturePrimitive. Soap makeing at its finest. I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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