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Resident Evil 4 PS4 Beta Shotgun Location
Activate the ditman glitch and tap squre while jumping down the ladder in the hidden merchant cave. Then lower your altitude and pass through the tunnel walls.
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Far Cry 5 Not Awesome Plane Crash
FAR CRY 5 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA05904_00
Views: 4637 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Cavalry are Scary
Some of the most tense gameplay is this right here.
Views: 28 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 One Shot Two Kills Martini-Henry
Just started a round and luck presented itself. One shot takes out an infantry and a flametrooper.
Views: 24 Evelyn Clare
Franklin, NC Solar Eclipse
Short clip of the solar eclipse in Franklin, NC. Clouds threatened to block it completely but somehow they didn't. If you like games check out some of my short clips. Only around a half minute each
Views: 276 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Single Player AI Stupidity
Quality AI Battlefield™ 1 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02429_00
Views: 17 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Flametrooper Bayonet Charge
Bayonet charges will work. If you can get it to initiate.
Views: 40 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Medic Attempts to Revive Enemy
I failed to protect the flametrooper, then failed to kill the enemy before he got me, and finally a friendly medic attempts to revive an enemy. Lolwut? All kinds of fail. A medic did revive me however just not that one guy.
Views: 46 Evelyn Clare
Resident Evil 4 Glitch Colmillo Pathing
Why is this game so full of these? Don't remember this happening as much on the PS2 version. When La Plaga erupts I have to put it down because everybody knows that tentacles go through walls.
Views: 10 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Poor Guy
Ever since they nerfed bayonet charges...
Views: 25 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Shovel Bonk
How did he not kill me?
Views: 14 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 9 Kills in Less than a Minute
Well, 7 kills and 2 assists counts as kills, but either way. I can't believe that grenade did what it did and that I got so lucky with that sentry.
Views: 10 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Headshot with Nice Marksman Bonus
I just like this shot, not that special
Views: 13 Evelyn Clare
Dark Souls 3 Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Just like in Tom and Jerry
Views: 13 Evelyn Clare
Mafia III Ghostly Quality
Engine didn't even rev when given gas. Was so wanting to drive a ghost car around :( Mafia III https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA03652_00
Views: 10 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Rocket Gun Triple Kill
Anybody else ever had that problem where you think the bipod should go down but doesn't? Or randomly goes out of the animation? At least I managed to get it to stop working just I time to scoop up the kills
Views: 13 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Double Random Headshot
I had no idea there were even two people in my line of fire. The two bodies in the trench confirm they were standing one in front of the other, as well as a rewatch of the footage.
Views: 8 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Thank You, Random Medic!
When I get a revenge kill after being revived I always wonder, "did ya miss me"?
Views: 7 Evelyn Clare
Mafia III - I Totally Meant to do This
Pro level parallel drift parking. In front of a fire hydrant, no less. Mafia III https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA03652_00
Views: 13 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Easiest Cavalry Melee Kill Ever
Was not expecting this
Views: 5 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Lag Catapult
Lag is a dangerous thing
Views: 19 Evelyn Clare
Bloodborne Cleric Beast Boss Fight
I feel like this was a decent fight. I hadn't played the game in a while so I took more damage than I should have. Near the end I get a wee more in the groove and end up playing with it a little bit.
Views: 11 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 I got a Shotgun Quad Kill
Shotguns op in Fort de Vaux Battlefield™ 1 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02429_00
Views: 20 Evelyn Clare
Resident Evil 4 Krauser is Still Broken
No wonder a knife is his weakness.
Views: 9 Evelyn Clare
BF1 Sniper Spree
Sniper spree on Soissons
Views: 27 Evelyn Clare
Resident Evil 4 Glitch - You Spin Me (Right) Round
Baby right round, like a record baby, right round round round. Seriously, though, what I didn't record was five minutes of trying to find a spot to hit him from. I knew he would hit me as soon as I dropped down so eventually gave up and took the hit. He spun at the same speed the entire time.
Views: 31 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Taking Down a Bomber with Tankgewehr
Love that last shot, though
Views: 7 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Close Tank Call
And I ran, I ran so far away. Some luck here I'm telling you.
Views: 11 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Dynamite Destroys tank with Triple Kill
Reminds me of good old BF3 days with C4
Views: 7 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 - I Don't Even
Please, be completely honest, who sucked more, me or them? This was just a clusterfuck haha
Views: 9 Evelyn Clare
Far Cry 5 Ubisoft Polish
Spider cult, spider cult, does whatever a spider cult does.
Views: 12 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Flank and Takedown
If I would have been just a point of health lower he probably would have done a takedown on that shovel strike. Very lucky here
Views: 9 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Super Jump Scout
How did he waaaaaaa?
Views: 7 Evelyn Clare
Fallout 4 A Strange New Mutation
The effects of radiation can be quite severe. I'm sure others have encountered this glitch?
Views: 33 Evelyn Clare
Battlefield 1 Unexpected Behemoth Turret Disable Saves My Life
Cheeky turret disable saves my life.
Views: 6 Evelyn Clare

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