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Canibus - Jay-Z Diss
I believe this was an mp3.com exclusive waaaaay back in the hey but I'm sure it's made appearances on mixtapes/compilations since. I love this track...it's saturated with intelligent metaphors, imagery and the sick rhyme scheme we all know and love...'Bus has always hadda way with words--the way he flips pronunciation and what not. People who can't recognize that are either dumb or in the grave. That's just one of the reasons why The 'Bus is the best to ever do the MC thing. P3@cE!
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Screwball ft. Cormega - What The Deal?
didn't see this joint on the toob so I'm uploadin' it for the people...it's a short effort but a banger nonetheless. This is that real hip-hop.
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Canibus - Get Retarded (Police State Edition)
I believe this might be another omni remix, but I'm not 100% positive. It's got the familiar musical score from the Transformers live-action films that we have more than likely seen. It sounds corny in concept but comes off so well. I hadda share. Also, I know I already uploaded another version but you can't sleep onna track just 'cause there's already a good production of it, nah'mean? Amirite?! hah! P3@cE!
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Canibus - Who Owns You? (Beanie Diss)
diss track to Beanie Sigel that I promised! Another banger!! Long live king Canibus!
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Canibus - Watch Who You Beef Wit' (Original)
I found this online, if you haven't heard it yet, apparently it's the original instrumental so the cut that made the album was a junior. I personally think this version is way better than the album cut, it's jazzy and bouncy and just fits Canibus' style. Must-hear Canibus!!!
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Nas vs. Led Zeppelin - It Ain't Hard To Tell
this is from a Muggs Mashup Radio mixtape...I wish the dude was still puttin' 'em out 'cause he made some sick blends (turntable purism) which most people call "mashups" these days. But this gem fused It Ain't Hard To Tell with All Of My Love by the respectively-titled artists.
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Canibus - Last Laugh
I believe this was another mp3.com exclusive. This track is dope as hell tho.
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Pharoahe Monch - Down By Law
came off some mixtape like '07ish--look it up yourself, ain't it enough I gotta take time to make videos outta these gems and upload 'em? By the one and only Pharoahe Monch!!
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Nomb - Do Somethin'
this was off a DJ Premier cornerstone mixtape...I usually don't endorse some down south stuff, with few exceptions but this track is dope (regardless). Gotta grimy beat to boot... Just somethin' different to whet your appetite for variety.
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Canibus & Shaq - Victory
Canibus & Shaq collaborate over Biggie's track "Victory" that was P. Diddy produced, obviously a Kay Slay mix. It's nice to hear Canibus get on some dope production...it was never an issue to hear him on dope instrumentals when he was still signed to Universal music group. Once he went independent though (C-True Hollywood Stories can back me up on this claim) the production was hit or miss. Mic Club saw him bounce back a li'l bit but after that--it was downhill from there except when up & coming production talent decided to remix one of Canibus' classic verses from his body of previous work. I think Mic Club was his last solid work. To each their own tho...
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Canibus and Cap.One - Ladies & Willies
Don't be fooled by the track name--this is raw hip-hop in its purest form!! This was from a 12" Motown single, Cap.One technically featured Canibus but c'mon...you don't advertise Jr. before Sr., right?? And this is one of the nastiest Canibus verses to go along with one of the nastiest beats/instrumentals I have ever heard in hip-hop--PERIOD!!!! The drums are raw and the bassline with the violin strings is sick!!! The symphonic section and drums give an epic type sound stage. the metaphors from 'Bus on this about being faster than the light recorded by cameras are just mind-bending. I love braggadocio rhyme styles and 'Bus doesn't disappoint on this one. It's one of my favorite verses from him. P3@cE!
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Snowgoons ft. Canibus & Killah Priest - Doorz Wide Open (Omni3 remix)
disclaimer* I'm not sure what snowgoons has to do with this unless that's where K.P.'s verse originated. But this is clearly an omni remix, you can hear Jus Allah (jedi mind tricks fame) on the hook. It's a dope track that kinda has an old school Wu Shaolin sound to it. Canibus' verse is from Ladies & Willies (one of the most sampled verses beside Get Retarded and the Poet Laureate project stuff). enjoy! P3@cE!
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Canibus ft. Brian McKnight - All That You Got
Even the great Canibus wasn't immune to the allure of a r&b rapper track. At least he didn't come with soft lyrics on his effort tho. Actually, this track has some beast lyrics for a r&b rapper joint. The credits are self-explanatory!
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O.C. ft. The Lost Boyz, Big L, Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, and Fatman Scoop - Dangerous (remix)
this was an absolute gem from the Beatminerz, they put an updated spin on 7th Wonder's "Daisy Lady", popularized by "8th Wonder," the hit by Sugahill Gang. If you've never heard this...hoooweeeeee. Crack music right here! The instro got screwed (pitch slowed) for the Trailer Park Boys cruising music too.
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Cerose ft. Ransom - Breathe
this came off a St. Laz mixtape, I think circa '05ish. It's gotta sick sample from the movie score of The Rock that's banana-nuts raw. It features Cerose--a UK cat. It's not bad but the instrumental is definitely standout. St. Laz has some of the nastiest production in the game, in my humble opinion.
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Tragedy Khadafi - Thug Matrix
More from the Intelligent Hoodlum...I've heard this instrumental elsewhere but know that Trag was the first to use it. circa 1999ish. P3@cE!
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Icons ft. Constructive R.U.K.U.S. - Showin' Much Flex
san diego crew, they got some dope tunes from the Capture The Flag album. "Who I Am" has a real slick instrumental and I highly recommend you find it.
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Slaughter House V - Def Con 847
Chi-town based quartet--Lord 360, Lost One, Chapter, & Drub. This is a li'l gem from the Pentagon Destructo Factor EP. Drub is the cat who anchors the track and just rips it. Nasty beat.
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Canibus, Ras Kass, & Heltah Skeltah - Uni-4-Orm
another collabo with some MC superstars...
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Canibus ft. Rakim - I'll Buss'em U Punish'em
one of the best collabo tracks between two all-time greats...I ain't gonna front. I think the 18th letter stole the show from "C"...but that's just me. Rakim's second verse goes in...
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The HRSMN ft. Pac Man - Horsemen Are Here
So sometimes they bill this supercrew as The Hrsmn. This was off the first-ever EP. And this track is raw as all get out. It features Pac Man (somtimes billed as Pak Man and maybe now Classic Pak, who is Canibus' brother???). Pac's verse on here is my favorite just because of his flow and high energy, and his lyrics are prolly the best on this track which is a statement 'cause Canibus brings it (not his rawest but still a super dope verse) and Killah Priest brings the ruckus too. In case you ain't know, The HRSMN are Canibus, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, & Kurupt. There were talks about Chino XL joining the ranks and maybe he did unofficially but they've done work together. This track showed so much promise for this team but the rest of The HRSMN material just wasn't as good as this gem. You're in for a treat if you've never heard it.
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MHz - Bobbito Freestyle ft. Akbar, Copywrite, & Camu Tao
I'm not sure when this was released; I remember copping it off audiogalaxy around 2002. The instro they usher in right around the 1:50 mark is nasty tho. I love me some bouncy beats. Enjoy, y'all! P3@cE!
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Havoc - Seen It All
Havoc from Mobb Deep dropped this onna mixtape back in '02, I believe. I can't remember where I copped this. I mighta been a Truck Jewlz compilation but memory is a li'l foggy as that was some 13 years ago and some change. Enjoy it tho...
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replacing Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Earpads
sorry for the lo-fi audio, I'm using an integrated cam/mic. **DISCLAIMER** I am not an authorized service dealer. I uploaded this due to the absence of an official video from Sennheiser for this specific model (HD-380 Pro), regarding replacement of the earpads and the directions provided are improvised from their HD-280 video. REMOVAL OF EARPADS: just firmly grasp the rim of the pad and pull directly away from the chassis of the ear cup, in a perpendicular fashion. Here is a demonstration from Sennheiser's official youtube channel; the procedure is exactly the same for the HD-380s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUtC-MatRD8
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Maino ft. St. Laz, Snyp Life (354), & Geolani - Definition Of A Thug (remix)
this is a dope remix of what I assume is a pretty well-known track by a street cat who managed to break through into mainstream appeal thanks to T-Pain's contribution on "All The Above." And even for a track with a bubblegum hook--it's hard not to like and appreciate. Show all hip-hop love!
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Mellow Man Ace ft. Sen Dog - Vengo A Cobrar
From the legend who brought us "Mentirosa," we gotta 2004 contribution featuring Cypress Hill member Sen Dog. I love this beat--it's bouncy!! I'm just tryin'a put y'all onto some quality gems you may not have heard yet. This is already on youtube but I'm tryin'a make it to where y'all can just peep this playlist for some sick features that span the last 4 decades and well into this one (eventually). I'll try to upload rarities just to get 'em on youtube and then I'll start putting on dope stuff period.
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Esoteric, Breez Evahflowin', & C-Rayz Walz - DJ Unknown freestyle
this is just ill--PERIOD!! Stronghold staples in Breez & C-Rayz team up with bean town's Esoteric. This track goes hard!!
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Natural Elements ft.  DJ Premier - Lyrical Tactics
This is the very first N-E track I ever heard. I downloaded it off Napster, my only means of access for real hip-hop in The South (Houston), back in early 2000 I believe. I found 'em doing a search for Primo stuff...I came across this li'l gem and decided to check it out. I was hungry for new music back then and I'm so glad I found these cats.
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Canibus ft. Inspectah Deck - Who Writes The Song
so the original version of this song was with Jeymes Samuel and originally it was credited to him in my library but this obviously features the Rebel INS (aka Inspectah Deck) and I casually assumed that Jeymes Samuel was a pseudonym for Deck but then I looked it up and...IT'S NOT! @(o_0)@ So I updated my records but I do gotta give official info about this one. So there you go! I have no idea how I came across this version. Does anybody know if this is an original verse from Deck?? I like this version way better than the Jeymes Samuel feature...just my two abe lincolns tho. P3@cE!
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M-80, Canibus, Prolifik Thought, Ordeal & Poetic Prophetic - Golden Ages (pt. 2)
this M-80 cat (sometimes billed as m-eighty) put out some compilations and he had some really solid production on his posse cuts. Check out some of his other stuff if you feel the production vibe on this cut. Enjoy, yo'! Not Canibus' best work but it's a track that's dope which people should hear anyway.
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Canibus - How Come
This featured some African cat named like Yous n'dori, sweet & sour sauce--somethin' or other (stay sucker-free--it's a joke, y'all). There's actually a little-known video for this featuring Wyclef and the Yous dude. This was off the Bulworth sdtrk. Canibus just rips it! If you've never heard it before--thank me later. Canibus got some really profound lyrics that ponder social consequence and is just a clinic on intelligent lyrics that I think set the stage for socio-political acts like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, etc., even though they were all starting out around the same time--who knows who really influenced who--all I know is that this was one the first showcases of modern socio-political rap for that generation (sans public enemy from the previous gen).
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Canibus - Rip The Jacker
This was the LL Cool J re-up diss! Not sure when it was released officially but I remember scoopin' it around 2003. I know the instrumental is from an LL Cool J song but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me and not about to go diggin' in the crates for some old LL just to keep it technical. But I luy'all just the same! P3@cE!
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EPMD - Look At You Now
more from the dyanmic duo--MCs Parrish Smith and Erick Sermon! Two of Def Squad's finest!! E. Sermon has a nasty style. I always liked the way he sounded when he spit with his smooth flow and strong mic presence. Definitely appeals to my sense of strong MC characteristics as an amateur spitter myself.
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40 Glocc, Scipio, Numbscull (Luniz), and T-Moses - I'm That Gangsta
Ras Kass' Re-Up compilation featured this absolute banger. Stand up, west coast! //salutes// I think this is another '04 release--maybe '05. I think this instrumental is grimy as hell...I love it! Plus it'll blow your speakers out the whip with the bass TURNTUP!!
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Divine Mind - Walkman
I'm not sure what the score is with this crew but this is a really dope feel-good type hip-hop track. It's a nice break from hardcore. I think it's a circa 2000 joint.
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Matlock - Cursed
here's another reason why I be messin' with Matlock so hard. In my humble opinion, I think Moonshine was one of the best albums dropped in 2007. It was solid from start-to-finish and that is a very rare thing in hip-hop, in my judicious and selective opinion. I'ma post a couple more from this dude just so y'all know how nice he is.
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Natural Elements - Livin' It Up
I've heard two diff versions of this but the other one's definitely a remix 'cause it ain't even the full-length of this one. The other one has the pitch accelerated so it sounds a bit more uptempo and bouncy. Anyway, these dudes have been around and they kinda missed their window of opportunity to shine 'cause this is just an all-around solid crew but what makes them stand out is their consistently-dope production that is not only unique in many ways but also a variety (no signature sound). The line up is this A-Butta, Mr. Voodoo, and then L-Swift (aka Swigga); they alternate after that. I love this crew and they always come up in the discussion, for me at least, as one of the most slept-on crews in hip-hop. More to follow but yeah, here's a sample. They started to get their sound out in like '99-'01 as far as I can tell but it was too late 'cause the demise of hip-hop was well underway so they didn't even have a chance.
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Canibus ft. The Lost Boyz - Explicit
Here's a dope cut that came off a single or a mixtape. This was in Canibus' glory years so if you haven't heard this--then get with the program like yesterday stat.
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Bravehearts - It's Gettin' Hot
this is Nas' crew (The Bravehearts) and this track is stupid hot...from the incredible production that is commercially-appealing to dependable lyricism that I have personally come to expect from East Coast cats with the super rich heritage and origin of hip-hop. Not to say we don't have pinnacles of lyricism found away from the East Coast 'cause we got plenny examples of that...but I think the majority of the best talent is East Coast 'cause you know--roots are the strongest part of the tree!!! No disrespect to all my talented people out the midwest, south, and west coast tho...I got love for talent just the same but am honest enough to recognize the East puts out talent by the bundles!!! P3@cE!
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Beatnuts ft. Large Professor - The Originals
Another hit off the Originators album. Featuring Large Professor. Just another banger. Enjoy!
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Natural Elements - Paper Chase
Some more vitamin Natural-E for your healthy living choices!! This crew is just too dope! I hope y'all check out more of their stuff 'cause this is just the tip of the iceberg! I'm sure y'all will find more thatchu like...I'm only uploading my favorites. This was the second song I had heard from them, I picked it up on 12" back late 2001 and didn't get around to putting it in rotation until early 2002 but man, this was on repeat for a hot min. So chill! These dudes actually make that paper chase game seem glamorous and not all trifling and materialistic...it's more about the hustle just to make a living than it seems to be about gettin' filthy rich. P3@cE!
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The Plague - Gang Green
I remember this came off a mixtape and if it doesn't showcase why Pack FM is in my top 30 MCs of all time then Iunno what does. Pack FM is massively, MASSIVELY understated, underrated, and underappreciated. Credits for this collab are Pumpkinhead, Pack FM, and then LR Blitzkrieg. Another crew from the QN5 collective. I hope I ain't steppin' on anybody's toes but this song needs to be heard!!!
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Severe - Black Wednesday
This is from a cat who is a Bronx emcee, I believe. This is the 12" original release. The instrumental is outta this world and Severe's delivery and breath control do the beat proper justice. Really slick "underground" track. P3@cE!
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Canibus & Phoenix Orion ft. K-Solo - Sit Yo' Ho Ass Down
this was from a collabo project with Phoenix Orion, which is interesting but goes to show how diverse hip-hop is. I remember Phoenix Orion when I was exploring Cali's super underground scene and he was down with Supernatural and involved with some Celestial Squadron project. It was different but nothing to write home about really. So I was interested in this collabo project. This track stood out amongst others from the effort. K-Solo brings it. All around dope track.
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DJ M@R ft. B-Boy Tronik - Dance 2 My Beat (remix)
all rights to respective owners, I am only sharing for the world to hear! this is a departure from my usual hip-hop uploads but it's still in the hip-hop realm...I enjoy a solid b-boy tune and the re-emerging trend of electro-freestyle b-boy funk jams. This track is mad chill and I hope y'all can enjoy it as much as I do.
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Mic Stylz - Never Too Late
Boston MC/producer/DJ(???)/all-around dope artist...Mic Stylz is a super cool cat. I hadda chance to chop it up with him back in the hey over AIM (lick a shot if you know what that is). He made lotsa cool music though. I'll upload more from him in the future--this is just a sample and definitely needs to be on youtube.
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Canibus - 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
another track off 2000 B.C.--this one wearing the badge of the album name. The production on this album was outstanding! It was just a bunch of hard, grimy beats (except the joint with Journalist that was more down tempo) but damm if it didn't set the standard for a battle lyricist gone pro recording artist.
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Matlock - Brand New Nikes
a lotta heads outta Chi love this cat (for good reason too), besides J.U.I.C.E., Prime (formerly Optimus Prime), Rhymefest, and Vakill...this dude right here is one of the nicest emcees outta the Windy City. I put him in top 5 lyricists from Chicago. He's gotta a super-polished delivery, waaaay-beyond average rhyme structure, and his thoughts are well-put together. Introoooduuuuucing Matlock. I'ma put some more of his work up. He's a super cool dude too, I talked to him a while back by email to get some paypal deets to pay him after picking up a bootleg album of his--'cause the dude deserves the funds honestly. Just listen to this li'l ditty and tell me he don't shine behind a mic.
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RZA ft. The Iron Lung, Tony Starks, and Saian Supa Crew - Saian
I had no idea there's a video to this track, but it's missin' Meth's verse (which is the best part of the track, in my humble opinion) so I thought I'd post this up for the movement, y'all! hip-hop has consistently been that 1 love! Respect the art form! P3@cE!
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Canibus, A+, Redman, & The Lost Boyz - Beast From The East
I'm pretty sure this '97 collabo is the main reason Canibus earned his reputation for outshining anybody who got onna track with him. He has since been outshined by others on tracks but it was a long, long time into his career before that happened. I think the Rakim track was the first time it happened...which is nuts 'cause it was on, what I consider the best hip-hop album from start-to-finish, 2000 B.C. and that album was just saturated, inundated, and oozing with raw lyricism and ill production. The track in question is "I'll Buss'em U Punish'em." This features A+ (Hieroglyphics fame), Redman (no intros needed), and The Lost Boyz. If you haven't heard this before now...you're welcome!
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