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LOCUS SNIPING - WARTORN (Black Ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
The A-hole in Black Market won't give me new camos for my Locus Song Mokhov - Fly Away
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Black Ops 3 Sniping Montage (Call Of Duty)
The Swindler Camo kind of freaks me out. Song Said The Sky ft. Diamond Eyes - Mountains
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Black Ops 3 Sniping - Always Triples (Call Of Duty highlights montage)
All these triples and lost possibilities :( Song Veorra - Gone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vggNhNiFo5Q
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LOCUS SNIPING- DIAMOND CAMO (Black Ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
Song PRXZM - Haze (Gill Chang Remix) https://theartistunion.com/tracks/6c9c86
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SVG SNIPING - ICE (Black Ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
The SVG is nice. That sound. Song Petite Biscuit - Sunset Lover
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LOCUS SNIPING - JUMPSHOTS (Black Ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
I just noticed how much the specialists talk. Song PRXZM - Haze (Gill Chang Remix) https://theartistunion.com/tracks/6c9c86
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Harbinger Longbow Epic Sniper (Infinite Warfare)
Gameplay with the Harbinger with a bit of Fortune as well
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Black Ops 3 Sniping Montage - No Quad? (Call Of Duty)
Failed quads, feeds and some other stuff from the Beta and game Song: Veorra - Change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-NN0VUt1CU
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BLACK OPS 3 - A Sniping Montage (Call Of Duty)
Still enjoy this game from Beta to now. Veorra - Change
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LOCUS SNIPING - NO SCOPES (Black ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
Heaps of no scopes lately, I'm either getting lucky or Treyarch did something sneeky. Some other videos I have done https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr-CmaLwkJO4WkhYCEt6V-IbmJyoI79RW Song: Veorra - Someday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oQ3H805dm8
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Clearout Sniping Clips Black Ops 3
Missed opportunities.
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KBS Longbow Sniping -  Getting to 55 (INFINITE WARFARE)
This game is hectic. Longbow is slow.
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DUAL SNIPER * V2 Rocket - WW2 Sniping (Call of Duty)
M1903 and Kar98k V2 rocket
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Sniping Turn ons - WW2 Call Of Duty
Snap Music https://soundcloud.com/fakear/song-for-jo-1
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The no scope clip?
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LOCUS SNIPING - Welcome To The Jungle Party (Black Ops 3 Gameplay Montage)
Song Opia - Falling (Wheathin Redo) https://soundcloud.com/wheathin/opia-falling
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Genesis is back - Infinite Warfare TTDM
Song for Jo - Fakear
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Legendary Longbow Sniper FORTUNE EXTRA PERKS (Infinite Warfare)
If the fire rate was faster this sniper would be amazing.
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V2 Rocket Flawless - (Call of Duty: WWII)
Bit boring, played it super safe when I realized V2 was close
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This game is still amazing - Sniping Black Ops 3
The best Call Of Duty in my opinion.
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Black Ops 3 Montage - Weevil King of SMG's (Call Of Duty)
Weevil is now beast and therefore gets an invite to the Jungle Party Song Adventure Club ft. The Kite String Tangle - Wonder (The Chainsmokers Remix)
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