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Warframe - Tolstoj At High Speed
Completing Mercury/Tostoj at high speeds. Objective: Assassinate Captain Vor Warframe Used: Ash Rifle Used: Burston (Never Fired) Pistol/s Used: Dual Viper Melee Used: Fangs Tactic: Get in, kill him, and get out as fast as possible. Method: High speed melee dashing using a crouch slide attack tactic. (This is not hacking, or broken, and is very hard to control. Imagine controlling Sonic the Hedgehog in your house, at high speed only mode.) ̶S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶
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Killing Floor: How To Break The Game [In HD]
Editor's Note: There is a golden potato statue at the end of this video. Step 1. Play Aperture Step 2. Un-weld the 'DO NOT OPEN' door. Step 3. Proceed inside. Step 4. Weld the door closed to 0.20%. Step 6. Skip step 5. Step 7. Let specimens break the door down. Step 8. Survive wave & stay inside room. Step 9. Let wave end and door re-spawn with 100% weld. Step 10. ??? Step 11. Patriarch kills his children with explosives. Step 5. You Just Lost 'The Game'
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Warframe - Sprint Shifting
This is a bug which as of Dec 11th has been noticed by DE staff and is in the works to be fixed/patched/edited. Update: This has been patched out as of November 2016.
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Warframe - How To Scale Walls & WTF Jackal
How to scale walls using the Engineer frame. Also, a bug with the Jackal that makes you what the fuck.
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Jaded Shadow Logo - Speed Art
Recorded and Edited in Camtasia Speed art video of me making myself (off a format I already used) a custom logo for my YouTube channel. It's sad you can't see the full logo on YouTube properly as it's quite pretty and follows their suggested 800x800 size. Oh well. Recorded at 1 FPS, played back at 15 FPS. Total Shown Art Work Time, ~24 minutes. If you're wondering what the censoring is for, I edit and setup custom logo's for friends which sometimes have adult themes, and they were shown in the file page. Also for other personal privacy reasons. Editor's Note: Yes, that is my desktop bar you can see down there. It was recorded in all one take, so you can see the actual start to finish time is as I said it is.
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SMM: Mario is a Hoarder
https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/A467-0000-024B-E306 This is the World Record strategy for clearing the first third of the level sub-45 seconds.
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So Cold (Breaking Benjamin) - Acapella Cover
Acapella of me singing So Cold by the artist Breaking Benjamin. This video was done upon request.
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Warframe - New Grineer Defense Mission
Newest defense map. Probably unreleased, as it seems buggy and flawed. Note the undeleted map sections on the floor at the start. The room I go take a look at full of crates is the spawn room.
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

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