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AMV - The Nights
well... seems like we are getting to Summer Vacation next month, and listening to this song makes me feel alive a want me to jump off the roof for fun! but also make me made this video of all animes (some) of slice of life and the adventures of each person in his life having their memories and always remeber the good days, most of these animes are Openings And Endings, because i feel it like the right parts of a video like this with the music in it so... hope you love it, and enjoy it as much as you live before you leave this world ;) Animes Ano Natsu De Matteru Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo Hataraku No Maou-Sama Magi The Labyrinht and Kingdom Of Magic No Game No Life World is Mine Hatsune Miku PV K-On! S1 and S2 One Piece Naruto Shipudden Clannad and Clannad After Story~ Boku wa Tomodachi Wa Sukunai Yuushibu Free and Free Eternal Summer Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai Amagi Brilliant Park Haiyore Nyaruko-San Kotoura-San Motto Tu Love Ru~ Nagato Yuki-Chan No Shoushitsu Nanatsu No Taizai Nichijou! Super Sonico Toradora! Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu S1 and S2 Dungeon no Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka R-15 Nisekoi Yosuga No Sora Music By: Avicii Program Used: Sony Vegas 13 Note: Video Made By Me, But Any Material Used Here Are From Their Rightful Owners.
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Zak Waters - Runnin Around
i just wanted to make a MV of this song, cuz is catchy... (and a Girl recomended me to make one) =3 Enjoy it!
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Blade and Soul [Wake Me Up] GMV
Hello, Today I bring you guys a MV of one of the games we are waiting on release called Boobs and...! I mean Blade and Soul XD just made the video for fun and because this game it's awesome, also getting involve other player to dance with me and some who join me to dance along side me X3 so, i really hope you like it guys and i'll see you on Blade And Soul ;) Music: Wake Me Up Music By: Avicci NOTE:The video is made By me, the Game itself is from NCSoft and the Characters desing are from Hyung Tae Kim, and the others from their rightul owners.
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MMD Special Halloween Thriller
Okay so yeah this is a Special MMD video for halloween or (all Hallows eve) I wanted to make it before halloween and not much for Monsters or zombies, but models with Halloween Outfits and Dancing along with miku,it took me a month to make it but yeah finally done it before halloween. now i'm not sure what to do next but i'll be getting new ideas for making more videos can be normal videos but in this case i want to keep using MMD cuz it's fun and i love making videos, it might not be the best, but is one of the best videos i have made (it's my 2nd video of MMD XD) but anyway i hope you like it and hope you enjoy it, like i said is Special for Halloween so... Happy Scary Hallowen Credit Models: Halloween Miku By Crypton Future Media Alucard By Chibideko Mayu By Saboten Laharl By Hebimaru Asegawa Kobato By Megpoid25 Gothic Gumi Edited By Yamisweet, Original Model By Mamama Halloween Town Sora By Kazuki9484 & Square enix Slenderman By ???? Cat Rin By ????? Jack Skellington By ???? Death The Kid By ???? the model of a guy with the white t-shirt and black hair,was made By Me, but the base is male kio so it's by HaruDelRey, and some parts are By: HaruchanShirayuki - Texture edits on face and eye spas. Rolneeq - Face and eye texture. 508 - Face texture. YM - Body. If anyone knows or you are the modeler of the models just let me know and i'll change the Description. Credit Stages Small Bedroom By Amiamy111 Living room By Amiamy111 Abandoned mansion By ???? Models And Stages are Not Mine, I already Credit their Owners Effects used: i Just used SSAO =3 Message for all Modelers Thanks for Sharing your models they were a big help for my proyect and for making this video, now that i use them i share you my video to enjoy it and because it's almost Halloween, really thankyou and hope i use them for my next proyects, keep it up, i'll look foward on your creations for your next models Thankyou and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
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[MMD] When The Os-Tans Crashes
In a day when Len was playing "Minecraft" in Tato's PC in his room, suddenly a horrible error message appears and then the Os-Tans Crashes the PC... that Fked up Len's Day... the video was made because the video "Everybody" inspired me to make this video, and Because I Love the Os-tans of Windows, they are sooo great! especially Xp-Tan ^^ Hpe you like it, and have a nice day guys! Credits: Os-Tan Models By: Paya Len By:YYB Tato-Kun By: Me (used some parts to create him but, i'm not the original creator...) Small room Stage By: Amiamy111 DISCLAIMER: Video Made By me, But All Material Used here Are From Their Rightful Owners
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【10th Anniversary Hatsune Miku】Hand in Hand Lyrics (1080p)
The day a Digital Star was born 10 years ago, was the beginning of a new era for a digital idol, that IS you, Hatsune Miku. Heyo everyone! I haven't been uploading videos recently these days, i was busy on other stuff in the other side of the internet. Dedicated to all the fans of Hatsune Miku, MMD, and Specially to Hatsune Miku. I brougth you a video of Hatsune Miku of her 10th Anniversary. One day before her birthday i saw her in a image saying her 10th anniversary, i was like: Oh shit already!? I'm late to make her a video!! but, here it is, all done and finished. =D Hope you like it and leave a like if you do, i would appreciate it so much. =3 And Happy Birthday Miku!! ^^ I also want to thank the modelers for sharing all these materials, it would't be possible without you. =) The Hype is real in this one. "CREDITS" Models: TDA Miku v4 by: TDA YYB MIku 10th By: YYB TDA Hatsune MIku 10th Anniversary.ver By: SnowGirl1548 and TDA YYB MIku v3 By: 'ria and YYB Appearance Miku By: Mamama MIku Cstyle By: Koron Hatsune Miku Append By: Crypton Future Media, and TDA Stage: DTE SPiCa Stage By: SEGA Effects: SSao_Lite Diffusion Autoluminous CanonParticle (Conffeti) Linebeam Falling Hearts KiraKira Motion and Camera By: ikirui Music By: Hatsune Miku =3 Programs used: MMD Sony Vegas NOTE: The video is mine, but any material used here are from their respectful owners.
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Multi Anime Opening - Last Train AMV
this song makes me inspirate to make a AMV but most like a OP of a Anime, sure is hard to image how make it in your way you like it, but the song guides me when and where to put some parts of my video, i should say this is diferent from all the AMVs you watch it, but i hope you like it, it has the current animes of the last year and this year, I LOVE BABY TIRAGON!!!
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[MMD] Kancolle - Double Rainbow (60Fps)
just messing around with the Abyssals from KanColle =D Like and Enjoy!! Abyssals Models By: ??? the Guy model is Tato-Kun and it's made by me Stage By: amiamy111 Cool Dock for a Stage =) Effects: Adultshaders
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Anime - Sol Invictus
yeah another video from my brilliant head, i have made this video for Otakus and Youtubers like me ;p joking! to bring this awesome video i have made, the animes i put are from the last 3 years to the current animes of this days, so... i really put some force on my head to working on, seriously it was hard to make it... it took me almost 3 months o.O! so hope you like it and enjoy everything from this AMV! NOTE DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS ANIMES OR MUSIC, I DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE THIS VIDEO MINE.
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[MMD] FNAF Chica Toy - WAVE
what's up guys! i have made another MMD Video with one of the games on the top AKA Five Niths At Freddy's 2 with one of the animatronics, Chica Toy, and CHica Toy Human (Almost Human...) also i had to fix some movments on Chica Toy cuz it was a mess up with the motion data... it happens... and also i made this video by having these two Chica models and the music "WAVE" was perfect on these models to dance it, there was a moment that i was about to give up cuz Chica Toy sucked at dancing with the motion data, but then, there is no IMPOSSIBLES! and... yeah i did it,tho it was hard and took me days (not 2 weeks...) to finish it. so there you go, enjoy it, like it, and subscribe for more videos! Music: WAVE Singer: Liliy (Vocaloid) MME: Adulshaders Program: Sony vegas pro 13 Credits: Chica Toy By:MMDSatoshi Chica Toy Human or Girl? By: ? Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Stage By:LIZASAKURA Loved the stage, thanks for sharing ^^ If anyone knows who belongs the Chica Toy Girl Model, let me know in the commets below. DISCLAIMER: video made by me, but any materials used in this video are from their rightful owners, Thankyou.
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MMD Os-Tan - Computer City
Inspire by the song "Computer City", i got randomly the idea to make a video with the Os-Tan, i love this characters, Especially XP, she is my favorite, every girl representing a Operating Sistem "OS" of Windows, and because i wanted to make a video from them cuz they are not so well known, (Except XP-tan) well... Xp's Boobs... they are full of information e.e, Well, Hope you Like it, and enjoy the video =3 Credits Models By Paya Stage By SEGA And Dan1024 MME used: Color halos, SSAO, Adultshader Music By: Perfume Video Made By me, but Any material i Used aren't mine, I already Credit their Owners.
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[MMD] Senran Kagura Girls - Love and Joy
Hey guys! This song never gets old! New MMD music video from the anime Senran Kagura, it was hard cuz sometimes my MMD crashes when i add alot of Models... Now, shimakaze is showing her Panties (Tanga?) cuz i could't activate the physics because MMD crashes... so... she looks like this, so don't stare at her Panties or Tanga? or else freddy will come to your room and kill you! Xp another error is the video is longer than i expected.... idk why, i cheked my video and it supposed to last 4:30 minutes... so... sorry about that, and hope you enjoy it! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ALLL THESE MATERIAL, THEY ARE RIGHTFUL FROM THEIR ORIGINAL OWNERS
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Blade and Soul: How to Download and Add the Anti-Censor Patch
Link for the Anti-Censor Patch:http://www.4shared.com/rar/2JL3t21xce/upk.html I made this video for the players who don't like the censored game, and because there are no video showing how to add it and use it, so i to help a few of you in english, because there is alot of spanish videos showing how to use the Anti-Censor patch, and well... this is the 1st video (or maybe in future won't anymore...) explaining how to dawnload it and add it to blade and soul, any questions, in the comments zone, good luck and have a nice day =)
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A Halloween Nightmare
Heyo! Happy Late Halloween!! It's been a while since i uploaded the last video, sorry about that guys. I brought you an Original animation made for me for this Halloween season! i've been working on this project for 3 years, nearly 4 by my own. I wanted to make a short film using MMD for Halloween, and i thought MMD would make it possible for my idea. Frame by frame i've been animatin the models making them look the most detailed i could do, it was pretty hard... I also tried to make it longer, but the time didn't gave me the chance to do it, but it was ment to be a short (Horror)Film anyway~ It's kinda messed up the plot, supposedly, i fall asleep and have this nightmare in All Hallows Eve when all the things and creatures start chasing me and scaring me the shit out with Witches, werewolves, Zombies... Ghosts. There are are also tons of easter eggs in the video, there is a tiny one tho, you can find it in the Forest scene, comment if you do, i like this kind of stuff. =) But here it is! done and ready! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did, And Happy Spooky Halloween!!! xD Used Sony Vegas Pro for editing. All sounds and Music are from their rightful owners. NOTE: Video made by me, but every material used here are from their rightful owners.
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AMV All Alone On Christmas (Special)
Merry Christmas guys! it's been a long time since my last video but this video is special for those who are all alone on christmas (exatcly! the song is All Alone On Christmas) we had sad moments and happy moments on christmas time,just thinking that i was like... why not, because on christmas there are people who celebrate christmas with their little christmas tree maybe playing online games for christmas, or just a frend who come to visit you on christmas, still is beautiful, christmas is one of my favourite events of these years, it cheers me up and make good things this year and enjoy christmas party! yay! with a hot chocolate! and whit my family (still don't have a gf... but i'm sure i'll get one, someday hehe) anyway enjoy the video the AMV special for christmas, maybe is not the best video i made since i coul't find creditless video and i have to horry before christmas, it was a hell of a ride... but here it is, share comment like! and Merry Christmas to all the people! ENJOY!! Song By: Darlene Love Song: All Alone On Christmas Animes: Toradora, Amagami ss, magi, K-On!, busou shinki, To Love-Ru, Sword Art Online and II, Chuunibyou koi ga shitai!, Gosick, Letter Bee, Kotoura-San, Love Live 2nd Single!, Kanojo ga Flag No Oraretara!, Angel Beats, Clannad alternative ending Tomoyo, kissxsis!, Oreimo, Sakurasou No Pet na Kanojo!, Photokano, Saikin, Super sonico, The Idol M@ster. Disclaimer, i do not own these videos, they are rightful from they original owners, not even the song.
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【MMD】Hentai in the Morning (R-18+!)
Watch it in HD 1080p sorry for the quality... Heyo! i made this video a little bit after the valentines day video i did, wanted me to made this "Hentai" dance cuz is funny and sexy~! Reimu was the chosen one and the one inspired me to make this video, sooo... why not? =D I kinda like to make this stuff now... OwO hope you like it and enjoy it~! ;3 (((Credits))) Stages: Otaku's room By: o-DeadSilverVirus-o & Illusion Stage 39 By: MMD3DCGParts Models Reimu Bikini By: ONIGIRIKINGU Tatokun By: Me (Musicquatic92) Motion Camera & Wav By: Vortex00 Some facials from reimu are made by me and the motions from the biggining at the end are by me too~ =p Effects: Difussion Selfoverlay Ssao Exellentshadow Adultshader Hearts That's all folks! see ya next time!
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【MMD】 Halloween Lamb (60Fps)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! This year i brought you a Video Of Miku as a Succubus Dancing Lamb, i was making another video for this Halloween, but... it took long to finish it, so for now i make this video for Halloween, and because i love Halloween, and... because miku fit very well in here as a succubus =3 ENJOY!!! Credits Stage By: papico90 Model By: Arlvit MME: Adultshader, SSAO, Halloween Effects Pack Music By: GARNiDELiA Motion NOT By Me Disclaimer, The Video Is MINE, But any Materials Used here Are From their Rightful Owners.
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VRChat Adventures: Lolis in Halo!
Yo guys! My 2nd video in VRChat. Took me a week to finish this video, but it was worth the time. This time is better than the last video. I hope you like it as much as i did in this one. ^^ My adventures continues by visiting a nostalgic place, "Blood Gulch" from Halo CE. Yes, i'm also a fan of Sun-Sensei or aka Sunsei. ;) Music: Pixel Art By: LFZ Let it be now By: Tobu & William Ekh Shadows By Janji
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【MMD】Kimagure Mercy - Valentine's Day!
Good late Valentine's Day mates! yeah, this was supposed to be uploaded since 14 valentine's day, but could't get the right time to finnish it in time QwQ but here is done now! Credits Dancers: TDA Maid Luka By: 0oSoulSistero0 Ram & Rem By: icemega5 Chino's Maid Uniform & Sharo Kirima By: icemega5 (Mind Chino's Panty shots QwQ) The rest of the models: Modern Sonic By: MMDCharizard England By: Shachi Sora By: ??? Halo 2 Master Chief By: ??? Dart Vader By: ??? Ralph By: Sumo Digital, Sega, Disney Alfheim Kirito By: Terrathde Link By: ??? Reaper By: RandomDraggon Sora By: narukamii Satoshi (Ash) By: MMDSatoshi Pikachu By: MMDSatoshi TDA Kaito By: pinkwormy Atem By: Omomo Deadpool ??? Tato-Kun By: Me Stage By: ??? MME: AdultShader Autoluminous Difussion Crossluminous Dome Kirakira Falling hearts Canonparticle (Confetti) Cheaplens Music: Kimagure Mercy Motion Data By: Moka Hope you like it and Enjoy! ^^ HAPPY Late Valentine's Day!!
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Anime Transformers Dark Of The Moon Trailer
if you dind't know it, this is the only video with anime mixed of the trailer Dark Of The Moon, i haven't seen anybody making a video of transformers 3 in anime so... i made it FTW! I Don't Own This Videos, It Belongs To Their Owners... Peace!!! Enjoy Anime List: Gurren Lagann Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) Sora No Otoshimono Forte HOTD Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Halo Legends Yumekui merry Fractale Rebuild Of Evangelion IS (Infinite Stratos) To Love Ru (Halo Scene) Evangelion Movie
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TOXIC Shiri R-18!!
Here ya go. =) A sexy nude version of Shiri. ^^ Credits Model By: kakashitosuzume & Bobbeebs Stage By: XXSefa Skydome By: kanata Toxic By: Britney Spears Effects: Diffusion, Cheaplens, and Lotion (On Model) Enjoy~
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Shiri Lean On Twerking BOOBS!! (R-18)
Heyo guys! Another video =3 I don't often do these kind of videos, but i felt like i wanted to try it. =D This time The Lean On Dance Twerk that i always wanted to make. This is also for a modeler of this model to use it on something. Hopefully you like it! ^^ Enjoy!! Credits: Lean on By: Major Lazer & DJ Snake Shiri By: bobbeebs Bedroom By: kaahgome Effects: Difussion Power Dof Shaders
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Blade & Soul  SUMMER GMV [NA]
Music: SUMMER Music By: Calvin Harris does it's me? or it's Hot outside? Hello guys been a long time XD today i brought you another video from a MMORPG Called "Blade & Soul" it has a few months since their release for NA And EU. in thi weather and season of vacation i take my time to make this video of Summer girls dancing with bikinis and other outfits you could even imagine how sexy they look on it!! so... why not...? Sexy girls in bikinis makes everyone their day on this weather of fun! Hope you like it and have fun this SUMMER!! Disclaimer: i do not own this materials, these are from the Developers Bloodlust and Ncsoft.
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[MMD] Halo 3 ODST Sadie's Story - Departing from New Mombasa
Was about time that i made it till tonight o.o (it was hell... but it was worth the try~) Halo 3 ODST, i love this game so much. (yes i'm a Halo Lover *-*) The story of an ODST in search of his lost squad ODSTs in the streets of New Mombasa at night. A truly masterpiece and with it, another story of a girl in search of her father to save him, and with her (Guardian) Vergil the Super intendent, and mike an ex-cop from the NMPD (New Mombasa Police Departament). Such an incredible game that takes place right before Halo 2 and later in the morning halo 3. This is the reason why i made this video because how good the game was, and still is. Yes! i finally done it! it took me like a month to finish it... well... actually was like 4 months ago since i started the project then left the project about 3 months? so... it was 1 month and a half i guess Sadie's Story Ending or how i called "Departing from New Mombasa" i wanted to make a short animation from this one because (I supposed) is a short Audiolog since is 1 or 2 minutes long and i just wanted to animate it in (MMD) but hell, it wasn't easy... This was one of my biggest projects ever made on MMD and man, i feel proud of it~ OwO Well as you noticed i used many self models in here cuz Obviously we are (Sometimes) Civilians and many people who made themselves or their OC want their models to be in a project so... i got this chance to gave them what they wanted, in a populated video. Crazy crazy crazy! but excited~! XD Btw, my Selfmodel was in the video... just like any civilian. Thank you all for sharing you lovely selfmodels, it's been a hell of a ride animating one by one. Well i won't deny it was fun animating them. xD And... i guess that's all for this. And well, you know all the credits are in the video at the end, if there is a self model (or a Model) here that i missed to credit, just let me know in the comments below and i will credit here as soon as i can. =) That's all folks~ see ya in the next video! xD Hoorraaah!!
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A day at the beach with Lucoa
It's never enough from me~ Heyo Guys! Today i brought you this video with Lucoa from the Anime Kobayashi's maid dragon I know i know summer ended 2 months ago... but i felt like i had to finish it somehow today. Since there is no videos of Lucoa with this motion i took the time to do one for Lucoa. Lucoa's boobs are enormus! Boobs are filled with men's dreams!! All sounds are from their rightful Owners! Effects: Difussion 7 SSAO Lite Cheaplens Adult Shader (self models) Music: LFZ - Palmtrees & Coconuts NOTE: Video made by me, but any material used here are from their rightful owners, i already credit them. Hope you like it!
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Beauty of the Ocean - Out of the Blue
Another Minecraft video for Minecrafters =D I got to love this update because they made it beautiful with the Oceans. Water physics, fish, Ship wrecks and Ruins under water to explore beyond our worlds. Can't wait until it's full release =D Also made me make this GMV for it's beauty, I felt like i wanted to make it because it's darn good. Wish they would had added whales. QwQ Enjoy it! =3
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Blade & Soul - First Light
Your Soul withing your Blade* Presenting you a series of trailers from Blade & Soul all in one video! I wanted to create Shots of trailer Cinematics from BnS to make it "Epic" with the music. I thought it would make it powerful and inspiring with these shots. So far it came out looking good =) Credits First Light By Confidential Music Blade & Soul Trailer Cinematics By NCSoft Artwork (end of the video) By NCSoft Edited using Sony Vegas 16 NOTE: I do not own any of these videos nor the music but just the Video. All materials used in this video are from their rightful owners.
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Gokuraku Jodo Zulia/Julia
Heyo guys! Julia or Zulia from B&S MMORPG with gokuraku jodo, yep, got me this idea. xD I felt that i could give it a shot with this model involving other models too. including all traditional japanese stuff, it was pretty fun~ Credits Music Gokuraku Jodo By: GARNiDELiA Motion & Camera By: Yurie & Unze Models Tatokun By: Me (Tatokun) Julia/Zulia By: GLaDOS-Senpai TDA Momiji Ninjas By: elina002 Kimono Rin By: 0oSoulSistero0 and xXDesolateXMaskXx YYB Kimono Luka By: Crystallyna Kana By: icemega5 Mirai Suenaga By: Kakomiki Lowa By: J&J Accesories Onsen Fans By: honjoin25 Creeper Mug By: Beikonated Kotatsu By: Clarphia Stages Japanese Garden By: Ilussion Shrine House By: mmdmiki Dragon Temple By: SachiShirakawa Japanese Home By:MMDFakewings18 China Stage By: kouta MME (effects) Difussion 7 Adult Shader Advance Sakura Kira Kira Autoluminus Ninja Line Thankyou for sharing your works!! ^^ NOTE: Video made by me, But any material used are from their respectful owners.
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(MMD) You Just Kissed My Girlfriend!!!
yes i made it! This is my first MMD video i made. It was hard... but it was worth. Now, enjoy it! ;D
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Anime Ready Player One - The Prize Awaits
Read Description for Anime List. A short fan made video trailer from Ready Player One - The Prize Awaits. It's been years since i made an Anime trailer from Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer. Because i Love this movie, it inspire me to make this trailer using a few anime clips that i watched and yet to watch. Anime used In the video: Re:zero GATE Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Summer Wars Halo Legends Nisekoi Accel World No game no life Sword art online SAO: Ordinal scale Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Shingeki no kyoujin Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan My hero academia Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood Space Dandy Haiyore nyaruko-san Yu-Gi-Oh!: The dark side of the dimensions Star Wars: Tie Fighter Ready Player One Trailer By Warner Bros. "Back to my roots" Is what i said when i decided to make another Anime Trailer. Hope you like it~ NOTE:Video made by me, but every material used here are from their rightful owners.
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VRChat Adventures: Nanachi in Back to the Future!?
Ayy guys! I know... I barely can hear something for what the hell i'm saying... sorry about that... =.=" I'll fix it in my second video. Surprised? probably not... ¬¬ Well, it's my first VRChat Video i made during this week. This game or platform, whatever it is it's amazing! i had the oportunity to meet people in this game (which was a ton!) This is starting to look like in the movie Ready Player One Oasis, very look alike. xD So yes guys, probably i'm gonna make more videos of VRChat so you can enjoy and follow my adventures inside this beautiful place. Also, the video it's to long o.o spare me? Of course, i'll keep working and making videos of MMD. Not a change, but rather just exploring new things of what can i do for my channel, this channel is also for gaming tho. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did and hope to see ya later around! Roots, Candyland and Colors By Tobu
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Jinsoyun's restored life
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[MMD] Bringing Sexy back to Meiko (R-18) Too HOT!!!
Just a random video i made with the motion data OwO hope you like it Motion data By: M.I.D Productions Audio: Bringning Sexy Back TDA Meiko 123 Dress By: whonaru Tatokun By: Me Markiplier By: Allena-Frost-Walker Link of the Original Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVwz3kC-tyw
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Agumon harassed by Nanachis! - VRChat Adventures
It's been long since the 2nd VRChat video i did, sorry if i was gone these days. =/ Here's the 3rd video of my adventures in the Battle Discs from TRON. I found pretty funny people to be with and it really got me into the 1st time i got there. xD Subscribe for more videos like this, more to come! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did. =) Music: Unity and Timelapse By: Thefatrat Windfall By: Thefatrat & Tasty Records Infectious By: Tobu
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[MMD] Bunnymund's New Bunny Girls! (New Thang)
Heya boys! here is another video Dance of MMD that i made for Easter Day! Bunny girls for Bunnymud! Hope you like it ;) Credits Models TDA Bunny girls By: TDA,aga, Woobak Bunnymund & easter eggs By: PolygonCount MLG glasses By: PMXSenpai Saxophone By : Zoroark67 Skydome By: Sefina-NZ Effects Grass Effect Cheaplens Difussion Shader PowerDOF Selfoverlay Motion By ねじめ Camera By CegooK And camera of Bunnymund By Me xP Song by: Redfoo That's all dudes! see ya in the next video!
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[MMD] School Girls Dance "Banana Song"
OMG i love this song and they made it better! XD I remember listening to Beach boys Music when i was a kid. so... yeah i joined the trending of this adorable motion so... here you have it, from me XD Hope you like it, i'll be making more MMD Video shorts in the future (if i'm not too lazy... =.=") i add some other motions on my video, so those are made by me, just to make it funnier XP everything else but the motion are made by me... and Because i like it! X3 Inspired by Muza Darkness Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M-aOL-l2e0 (-------Now Credits!!-------) Shimakaze (adult) By: HVP Mirai Suenaga (Winter Uniform) By: Digitrevx/Kakomiki Nanoko By: Digitrevx Pewdiepie By: Gege900 Ika School Uniform By: SiberianRusky Kyon By: Majentacrayonz Youtube By: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen & Jawed Karim Tatokun By. Me =3 Stage By:MMD3DCGParts/3DCustom Girl (Btw Good Job =3) Music: Banana Song Dupstep Remix The Motion Data is By: Muza Darkness (Thank you ;3) MME: Earthquake, Otome, KiraKira, Cheaplens & Difussion 7 That's all~ OwO
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Tatokun's Rewind 2017
Ayy guys!! Sorry i've been gone since Christmas. i was busy in other stuff in my job and school. I didn't have enough time to work on a new project such as this one. i could't do nothing during new year's day, so i was quiet back then. But finally i wanted to make something that i did during 2017, all the videos i could do last year. I though i could do this at least in new year's day. (or before i know it's late...) None on the less, here's what i did beginning this new year, 2018. I plan to do more MMD Animations or other than that depending my inspiration and where it may lead me through this year. Happy late New Year, and i hope to see you in my future videos. Have a good one! Best moments will be forever remembered!! Music "Without you" By Avicii Remixed by Otto Knows NOTE: Video is made by me, But any material used in here are from their rightful owner's.
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Nightcore VII - Jump Jump
Jumping! first video Ok so enjoy it! Comments and likes pls!
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Minecraft Ender Dragon Boss Fight (1.11)
The Final Boss of Minecraft... well... not the final tho... This was my 2nd attempt to kill the Ender Dragon after the 1st time it killed me taking me to the edge of the island and falling to the void, and so, i recorded this video to remember how i killed the dragon in the version 1.11 Update: It's just something to remember when i fight the Ender Dragon, and to share it with you. ^^ I even recorded the Ending Credits, i just forgot that i was recording... i may upload it too...
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Anime Vine - When you get hype at the gym
An Anime Vine Video I Made for making lots of anime vines on YouTube. and because i had the idea of making this video, only for fun!! Anime: Senran Kagura Specials Music: Can't Hold Us By Macklemore DISCLAIMER: Video made by me, but any material used in this video are not mine. They are From their rightful owners.
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i'm still here - anime slideshow
this video is for the ones who feel lonley and goes the way to be sad, i make this video for people like me who feels lonley whit nobody arounds, who comes to see you, who loves you, who really cares about you... it is sad, but the true is we are pure in our own souls that one day someone will look for you and will become your love for your live, with love... everything can be possible
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Anime Vine - Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga!!!
just an Anime Vine Video =3 Artist by: Gangsta rap Anime: Sakurasou No Pet na Kanojo (Ep 8)
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(Zulia Rainbow) Dance of the Moonlight
Heyo guys! Another video yay! I like Zulia or Julia, i think i like to call her Zulia instead of Julia. xp This has been in my mind ever since the motion was made, but i coul'd find a model who would fit to it... until i found Zulia in MMD, i put mysfel to work on this again. It was all set just needed a model to make it happens. =) Hope you like it! If you like it, give me a thumbs up! And subscribe to my channel for more videos every week (or so) if you like! Credits Motion and Camera By: Natsumi San Song (Rainbow) By: Lego Big Morl Zulia/Julia By: GLaDOS-Senpai Japanese fan By: honjoin25 Tsugai Kogarashi Temple By Nayuta Skydome 24 Hours By Kanata Effects used: Greenshader Moon Diffusion Fireflies Kira Kira Auto Luminous Aura Particle Ball (Purple & Gold) Power Dof Water Effect (Not expected to be seen anyway~)
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Kancolle - Kisaragi Destroyed By A Japanese Airplane
maybe attempted to be a Anime Vine, but is long... it happens when i get a random ideas, and by using the imagination, and by watching this movie, i made this... hope this makes you enjoy it, and if you want to use it, just type in the comments below or in my channel, and i will answer you as fast as i can =3 Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Anime: Kantai Collection Ep 3 Movie: Pearl Harbour Disclaimer: the material used here in the video arent mine, they belong to their rightful owners (i mean... Michel Bay...)
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Blade and Soul - He's A Pirate!
A video i made from Blade and Soul for Fans =D The Pirates of the Blackram!! XD Blade And Soul By: Bloodlust - NCSoft Song: He's a Pirate! Note Video Made by Me, But any material used in here are from their Rightful Owners!!
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(Blade & Soul) Female Jin Dancing - Burning
Just a random MV i made from the MMORPG "Blade and Soul"
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Sadie's Story - Departing from New Mombasa (Teaser)
Here is a clip of the project that i am working right now, i'll upload the full video when is finished which it's almost done for now i leave this clip so you can see how am i working on the animations, they are not easy to move and still learning, but this is one of my biggest projects i'm working in MMD hope you like it i'll credit in the full video when is done and.... see ya~! =)
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Minecraft Ending Screen (1.11)
The Ending Screen after the Ender Dragon is Defeated. well... here you have it, from the version on PC 1.11.2 This beautiful poem made my day tbh... it means.. i'm still dreaming~ it's sad and beautiful at the same time... a true master piece coming from this game it's amazing! Thank you mojang, and notch for creating a game that will live on trough generations and never be forgotten, no matter the time, what we can do now does matter. Enjoy!
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Sexy shiri Toxic R-18!
Happy April Fool's day! xD Don't worry, i'll make the sexy version later~ ;)
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The Birb Army - VRChat Adventures part 4
Birbs vs Knucles! WAR! There'll be Spanish as well with some English xP Dedicated for my Spanish friends x3 The marine birbs took the guns and bazookas to fight the knucles out of the universe of VRChat. Or so we did...? Little Talks By Of Monsters And Men Hello By OMFG Motion - Tobu & Whom Body To Body By Mike Perry Duel Of The Fates By John Williams Curious By Nicolai Heidlas Music Hope you like it as much as i did! OwO/
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

For example in Pubg, the gameplay is sort of slow in comparison to its two concurrents, therefore if the looting process is adaptive he needs to be also slow to be prosperous. A game like PUBG ought to be handled with care. With esports like League of Legends, you will not ever miss an essential play by your favourite player. For competitive play its important to draw players in with more than simply bragging rights. Therefore, merely a mid-range smartphone that players may have the game perfectly. Finding matches Its so simple to obtain a match. What a very good match resembles A fantastic match is dependent on your definition of good. Losing a match in the very first couple minutes isnt so bad once youre in a position to rapidly hop into another. Ultimately, both teams can be happy with the trade. My team and I can truly feel the growth to initiate a new battle immediately. You will end up dying frequently early on, but nevertheless, it is sometimes a rewarding and entertaining experience when the curve is overcome. Being one is a rather strange experience. You quit running and attempt to catch some breath. Breath of the Wilds wide-open concept provides the player a true sense of embarking on their very own adventure. There are several mixed feeling on the idea due to numerous bugs and problems in the game itself. You might encounter trouble early on and need to hunker down, or so the game becomes a rescue mission. Over all it is nothing but a lousy situation for those developers, players, and viewers. Yes, it is an ideal evolution for the collection. The games concept is quite straightforward, choose where to drop on earth, locate a weapon, attempt to survive for as long as possible, and in the long run youre going to be greeted by means of a Winner winner, Chicken Dinner! Nearly each aspect of gameplay was tweaked. Getting the Best Pubg Best Guns