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The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
From the album The Wall - 1979.
Views: 13834 Eddie Bass
Space Oddity - David Bowie - Bass Cover (With Tab)
Link to TAB: www . mediafire . com/?m0lpsuknlzqgox6 (Remove the spaces before and after the dot.)
Views: 94543 Eddie Bass
Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Bass Line
A perfect song by Queen, and a perfect bass line by John Deacon. People do not believe me when I say that John Deacon is God !!! =)
Views: 32561 Eddie Bass
The Millionaire Waltz - Queen - Bass Line (Full Song)
John Deacon's MASTERPIECE !!! Long life John Deacon ! And thank you very much for this present !
Views: 55877 Eddie Bass
Biding My Time - Virtual Pink Floyd - Bass and Guitar Cover
A relic from Relics !!!
Views: 8759 Eddie Bass
Queen - Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - Bass Line
I was lazing on a Saturday afternoon... =)
Views: 7808 Eddie Bass
Money - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover (With Tab)
Money tab: All riffs below: G||-----4--------------- D||------4---------0--- A ||--2---2---0-2----- E||----------2---------- G||-------------------4----- D||--0-----------0----4--- A||----2---0--2---2----2- E||------2------------------ G||-------------------------------------------- D||--4--4----------4-3-2-2-----------0---- A ||-------4----0-4----------2----0-2---2-- E||---------2-------------------3------------- G||-------9--------------------- D||---------9--------------5--- A ||---7------7-----5--7------ E||---------------7------------- G||--------------------------------------------||------------------- D||--4--4----------4-3-2-2-----------0----||------------------- A ||-------4----0-4----------2----0-2---2--||--2-2-2-2-2-2- E||---------2-------------------3-------------||------------------- G||-------------------------------------- D||-------------------------------------- A ||--2---2-5-4-3-2---2-5-4-3-2-- E||-------------------------------------- G||-------------------------------------- D||-------------------------------------- A ||--2---7-6-5-4---4-7-6-5-4----- E||-------------------------------------- G||------------------------------ D||------4-3-2-----4-3-2---- A||------------------------------ E||--2-2-------2-2------------ G||--4-2-------------------- D||-------5-4-2------------ A||---------------5-4-3-2-- E||-------------------------- G||----------------------------------- D||----------------------------------- A ||-------5---5-----5---5-----5--- E||--7-7---7---7-7---7---7-7---- Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656701874
Views: 337571 Eddie Bass
Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
The best bass line of Pink Floyd in my opinion. In memory of Richard Wright. The tab of the last part: Repeating till the end: G||----9---11---12---14---16---14---12---11-- D||----------------------------------------------------- A||--7---9---10---12---14---12---10---9-------- E||------------------------------------------------------ . G||---5---7---9--11--12---11---9---7---- D||--------------------------------------------- A||--3---5---7---9---10----9----7---5----- E||---------------------------------------------
Views: 92828 Eddie Bass
One Of These Days - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover (Video Tribute)
From the album Meddle (1971) - Pink Floyd Bass: Cort GB-74 Pedal: Boss GT-10B
Views: 24851 Eddie Bass
Wot's... Uh the Deal - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
One of the best songs of Pink Floyd. No words to describe the quality of this song. For real. - Well, I decided to make my own bassline for this song. This is not the original bassline. It's my view of the bass in it, but I tried not to leave the way and change the original song... In memory of Syd Barret and Richard Wright. Two genius of music ! ......And... With zipper wiiiiide opened !!! =)
Views: 7795 Eddie Bass
Paintbox - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
In memory of Richard Wright.
Views: 2869 Eddie Bass
Fat Old Sun - Pink Floyd - Bass & Guitar Cover
From the album Atom Heart Mother (1970).
Views: 2722 Eddie Bass
Sheep - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
From the album Animals (1977).
Views: 13485 Eddie Bass
Matilda Mother - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover
From the album The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (1967).
Views: 2566 Eddie Bass
Queen - My Fairy King - Bass Line
My first video on youtube. =) Bass line of "My Fairy King" by Queen.
Views: 8005 Eddie Bass
If - Pink Floyd Tribute
From the album Atom Heart Mother
Views: 9136 Eddie Bass
Coming Back To Life - Pink Floyd - Virtual Floyd Cover
From the album Division Bell.
Views: 7754 Eddie Bass

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