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The Legendary Devil Dog Black Shuck Skeleton Found
Archaeologists said they might have discovered the remains of the of legendary devil dog Black Shuck who terrorized 16th century East Anglia.
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Yeti Footprints From The 1951 Everest Expedition Auctioned
During the 1951 Everest expedition, Eric Earle Shipton CBE used an ice pick to give the footprints in the snow at the Memluk Basin some scale.
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Mysterious Sea Creature Spotted In Mexico Finally Identified
Marine biologists from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Center finally confirmed that it was the placental jellyfish
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Humans On Planet Mars By 2023
Humans are set to live on Mars by 2023. Over 200,000 people applied for the one way ticket to Mars. Image Credit: Mars One
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Extremely Rare Albino Blue Marlin Caught Off Costa Rica
A Rare Albino Blue Marlin is Caught Off Costa Rica
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Patch, The Hitler Dog Look-A-Like
The shih tzu mixed with French bulldog is known as "Patch" to his owner but everyone else calls him Hitler. Music Credit: royaltyfreemusic https://archive.org/details/EerieCreepyAndScaryMusicForYourScoresDvds
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Latoya Ammons' Demon Possessed Home In Gary Indiana
Latoya Ammons moved into a home with her mother and 3 children in 2011 and started hearing footsteps in the basement.
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The Hammer Of Thor Found In Lolland Denmark
Archaeologists found a small hammer dating to the 10th century on the Danish Island of Lolland.
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Record Gigantic Muskellunges Caught In New York
Anglers Matt Forjohn and Mark Carlson caught a record massive Muskies two days apart.
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The Mysterious And Creepy Doll Island Of Mexico
Julian Barrera had been creating his creepy masterpiece for more than 50 years after finding a doll floating in the canal just days after a little girl drown in the same canal.
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Baboon Gang Burglars Strikes Again!
Cape Town South Africa, residents came home to find their apartment destroyed by burglars. Image Credit: Cyril Ruoso/Minden/Solent
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Strange Lights Appear In The Skies Stalking Deer, UFO?
February 16, strange images caught by trail cameras on a clear winter night on the property that belongs to Rainer and Edith Shattles appears to be an UFO.
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Rare Snow Leopard Captured In Northern Pakistan
One of the most elusive big cats has been caught on camera, the snow leopard.
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The White Lady Ghost Of Rufford Abbey Appears!
15 year old Cameron Hamilton took a picture during his school trip thought to be their regular ghost, Arbella Stuart or The White Lady.
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Russian Alien Crash From 1969 Resurfaces
A UFO was reported to have crashed in Russia 1969. Russian military retrieved the alien and the craft.
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Odd Bell-Shaped Object Caught In The Skies Of Idaho
A second Idaho witness has come forward with photos for a sighting on the same day depicting a bell-shaped object in Idaho.
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Judge Releases 7ft 2in Giant From Jail Despite Crimes
A criminal who is 7 feet 2 inches tall has escaped jail because he is too big for prison uniforms and beds.
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"Finding Bigfoot" James "Bobo" Fay talks Bigfoot's Favorite Foods
The key is sweets and meats, especially bacon and chicken wings.
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Mystery Lake Appears Out Of Nowhere In Tunisia
Hundreds of people are flocking to the newly mysterious lake that appeared out of nowhere dubbed Gafsa Beach
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Breaking News: Jack The Ripper Identity Revealed!
One of the notorious killers of all time has been unmasked thanks to DNA analysis. Credit: Dailymail
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Workers Find Live Scorpion In Bag Of Bananas
Supermarket workers thought they were going bananas when they spotted a scorpion in a packet of fruit.
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Lady Almost Gets Eaten Trying To Feed Alligator
Residents of a senior residence community in Port Saint Lucie say they would watch in horror as their neighbor routinely feed the massive alligator from the edge of a backyard lake.
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Weird Sea Creature Found On Cape Town Beach
Leandra Vissr was walking along a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, when she came across an odd sea creature that had a serious set of fangs.
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Mysterious Sea Monster Washed Up On North Somerset Beach
The mysterious remains were found on the high tide mark on the beach in Weston-Super-Mare
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Menk - The Russian Yeti
Two experts believe that the "menk"- the Russian yeti is responsible for the massacre based on the evidence they have gathered
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Ghost Pushes and Drags Man Caught On Video
The man becomes startled when a black shadowy figure appears in front of him. He falls to the ground as the ghost appears to grab his foot and begins to drag him along the ground.
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Lioness Spares Baby Baboon After Killing His Mother
The lioness played "cat and mouse" with the tiny creature after killing his mother.
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New Rare Chupacabra Sighting In Houston
Recently snapped pictures of the Chupacabra in Houston Texas
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Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Home Built From Scratch
Fifty nine year old Michael Buck of Oxford England decided to build his own "Hobbit" style home
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8 Foot Python Devours Whole Impala In Botswana
A photographer captured a rare glimpse of an African rock python devouring a young impala by swallowing it whole.
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Cato, The Treat Stealing Husky
The store manager of the Dollar store is well aware of a thief stealing their goods but when she watched the surveillance video she was in a shocked of her life.
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Amazing Mermaid Pictures Taken Off Greek Island By Fisherman
According to Muldersworld.com, mermaids have reappeared, this time on the Greek island. See more at: http://www.muldersworld.com/photo.asp?id=16400
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12 Year Olds Kill To Prove Loyalty To The Slenderman
According to the criminal complaint, the Wisconsin girls said they wanted to kill another 12-year-old girl so they could show their dedication to Slenderman, a Mythical figure
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Kappa, The Mythical Japanese Water Demon Displayed
Mummified kappa remains from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyuushuu will be on display for the first time at the Miyakonojo Shimazu Residence.
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Record Prehistoric paddlefish caught in South Dakota
A fisherman caught a prehistoric paddlefish weighing at a record 127lbs and 9oz. Experts estimated the fish's age to be around 60 years old.
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The Gigantic Pirarucu Fish In Brazil Faces Extinction
The arapaima also known as pirarucu, the largest fish in the Amazon River basin is quickly disappearing
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Drumsticks So Hot, A Gas Mask Is Needed When Preparing Them
the Drumsticks registers 12 million on the Scoville heat scale - almost three times as powerful as police pepper spray.
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The Return Of The Monkey Lady, Marina Chapman
She claims she was raised by a group of capuchin monkeys between the ages 5 and 10. Image Credit: Caroline Graham
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Strange Blue UFO Spotted In Netherlands
It looks a little like a classic flying saucer with a curved bottom and a dome on top.
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Thai Man Kisses A King Cobra
A 22-year-old Thai man teasing the venomous king cobra, before mesmerizing it with his powerful death stare.
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Giant Cat Size Rat Found In Attic In Dublin
The 2 feet monster rodent had been terrorizing Grace and Ian Walters home
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Rare 1062 Pound Blue Marlin Caught In Kenya
Anglers caught their 1,062-pound blue marlin in Kenya. Only the second ever in Kenya
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Father and Son Caught 11 Foot 900lb Monster Sturgeon In Canada
When it was measured up, they found it was less than a foot-and-a-half shy of the world record at 11feet long and a whopping 900 pounds.
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Another Cat Size Giant Rat Found In Liverpool Home
The latest case of the gigantic rat invasion was caught and photographed in Liverpool and measured two feet long from its nose to its tail.
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Two UFO Spotted In Eagle Rock California
Two UFOs were spotted while a man was out walking his dog.
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Northern California Couple Finds $10 Million In Gold
A couple walking their dog around their property has found a pot of gold!
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Mass Death Of Fish In Maninjau Lake Indonesia
Thousands of dead fish covered the scenic lake of Maninjau in Indonesia
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Rare First Shark Ray To Gives Birth In Captivity
Sweet Pea delivered seven pups and becomes the worlds first documented shark ray to breed in captivity.
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Traffic Halts In The Philippines For A Giant 21 Foot Crocodile
A 21 foot crocodile on the roof of a van had traffic halted to a standstill.
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Dolphins Getting High On Pufferfish
The TV channel BBC sent a drone disguised as a fish to show the secretive sea creatures in their habitat. Image Credit: BBC
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