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Transformers The Last Knight all Mini Dinobot scenes|Devthegunner
All rights go to Paramount
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Transformers DOTM all Laserbeak scenes|Devthegunner
Wished he turned into a tape or something, since he had like 100 different forms in this movie
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Transformers 1,2,3,4,5 all deaths|Devthegunner
All rights go to Paramount
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Transformers TLK all Dragonstorm scenes|Devthegunner
He is a combiner made by the 12 knights of Cybertron
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Transformers saga all Trans-Scan scenes|Devthegunner
This one is s short vid
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Transformers saga all Scorponok scenes|Devthegunner
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Transformers TLK All Transformations|Devthegunner
All rights go to Paramount Shoutout goes to UltraMagnus Animations
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Transformers ROTF all Demolisher & Scavenger scenes|Devthegunner
He is the biggest constructicon
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Transformers ROTF all Ravage scenes|Devthegunner
Ravage got more screentime than Onslaught? WTF???
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Transformers Darkest Days Cast| Devthegunner
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) dandeentremont supree taveesub lestle01 Joshua Uy SPIROVERSAL MrPman9 Marco Romero
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Transformers AOE all RED KSI Trax scenes|Devthegunner
There are 2 versions of trax. I did the red one, not the grey one. Maybe later
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Transformers ROTF all Jetfire scenes|Devthegunner
All rights go to Paramot
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Transfomers Darkest Days 5 cast|Devthegunner
Clips from: Top of 33 multimedia, Alok Joshi, aparach, David Lynham, sevenmelon83, and robo3687 Song: Pretty Handsome Awkward
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Transformers DOTM all Decepticon Protoform scenes|Devthegunner
They're as usless as can be... exept for like 1 or 2 of them...weak.
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Transformers all Daytrader scenes|Devthegunner
This video is about My Movie 1
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Transformers TLK all Stormreign scenes|Devthegunner
He is the leader of the Knighta of Iacon. He is also the coolest of them all in my opinion.
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Transformers FAKE 7 Last Energon Crystal Extra Cast
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) animations from dandeentremont supree taveesub lestle01 Joshua Uy SPIROVERSAL MrPman9 Marco Romero
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Transformers 4 Darkest Days Cast|Devthegunner
Thanks to: Virtual Maddin sanymaq kotksps rendon labador stevtwist Yaskadesign 7thsector Deepak Pathak Kobelco Please Subscribe to theses channels. These guys have some real talent
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Transformers TLK all Nitro scenes|Devthegunner
Requested by: king barricade Dragon
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Transformers saga all Leadfoot scenes|Devthegunner
I looks far too human to be a Transformer
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Transformers TLK all Guardian Knight scenes|Devthegunner
There were more than 3 of him for some reason.
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Transformers Darkest Days 2 Cast| Devthegunner
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) animations from dandeentremont supree taveesub lestle01 Joshua Uy SPIROVERSAL MrPman9 Marco Romero
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Transformers saga all Ark scenes|Devthegunner
This is the best transformers ark ive ever seen...seriously.
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(FAKE) Transformers 6 Last Energon Crystal:Extra Cast| Devthegunner
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) dandeentremont supree taveesub lestle01 Joshua Uy SPIROVERSAL MrPman9 Marco Romero
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Transformers ROTF all Devastator scenes|Devthegunner
This video is about My Movie 11
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Transformers saga all Brawl/Devastator scenes|Devthegunner
Best combaticon on the team. Miles better than Onslaught
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Transformers AOE all BLACK & GREY Trax scenes|Devthegunner
These were just repaints pretty much
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Transformers ROTF all Appliancebot scenes|Devthegunner
*NOTE* From now on I will post (at least try) to upload 1 or more vids a day. I'll do this because for you people who like my content and also because I like to. All content goes to Paramount. Subscribe :)
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Transformers DOTM all Shockwave a.k.a Blitzwing scenes|Devthegunner
A Transformers Channel messed up a little bit in the middle so i decided to do it and also because i got requested for it. P.S. Onslaught talked more than this thing.
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Transformers TLK all Skullitron scenes|Devthegunner
How come his face looks like a human skull?!?!?!?
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Transformers AOE all Stupid Robot scenes|Devthegunner
Micheal Bay actually called him a stupid robot. Wow. I cant even say how usless these things were. Glad they died
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Transformers saga all Long Haul scenes|Devthegunner
This was from, "A Transformers Channel", but he messed up with Junkheap so this is the correct version of it.
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Transformers saga all Jolt scenes|Devthegunner
Sorry for the delay in vids. So much homwwork to do. Also, its hard to make saga ones
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Transformers DOTM all Dino a.k.a Mirage scenes|Devthegunner
The best lookin' Mirage ever. Clips are from KevinGame2.
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Transformers G1 all Orion Pax scenes|Devthegunner
His face looks gross
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Transformers Darkest Days 3 Cast| Devthegunner
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) animations from dandeentremont supree taveesub lestle01 Joshua Uy SPIROVERSAL MrPman9 Marco Romero
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Transformers ROTF Scalpel all scenes|Devthegunner
Sorry i grossed you out
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Transformers Devastation all Long Hual scenes|Devthegunner
Big thanks to BLUEZ for the footage
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Transformers Top 12 Bumblebee Look-Alikes| Devthegunner
List: Cliffjumper Glyph BugBite Stinger Tap-Out Wasper Hubcap Goldfire Bumper Fastback Rest-Q I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Transformers DOTM all Soundwave scenes|Devthegunner
I got requested to do this by Роман Мисюнас
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Transformes all Original Titans
List: Omega Supreme Devisium Titan Unknown Titan Dark Titan AKA Necrotitan Fortress Maximus Mtetrotitan Metrobase Metroplex Vigilem Prion Caminus Chela Trypticon Navitas Tempo I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Transformers ROTF all Reedman/Microcons all scenes|Devthegunner
Reedman is the smallest combiner ever. All rights go to Paramount. This movie was horrible.
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Transformers TLK all Bulldog scenes
Gig thanks to Filmic Box Bulldog is a knuckhead and is related to Warpath.
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