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Virtual Reality - Murpeet
return to the past for better sound quality: https://soundcloud.com/murpeet/virtual-reality Editing : Murpeet Music : Murpeet
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SEB'S - Murpeet
Hey! Here's a remix of the Mia and Sebastian's theme from the wonderful movie Lalaland I tried to make something that sounds "lo-fi", you'll notice it ;) Anyway thanks for watching Peace
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DAMSO - Débrouillard (Murpeet RMX)
"Ta meuf a un anneau dans le ventre Je l'ai doigtée au point que j'en suis passé entre Autrement dit nous sommes fiancés" -Damso, 2016 Little remix of this track I made using Ableton Live 9 Hope u'll enjoy it! Peace
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BITTERSWEET - Murpeet feat. Elisa
I had the chance to collaborate with Elisa for this new track, a great singer. Here's her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MusiccCoveer Anyways I hope you enjoyed the song! Peace.
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RAP TEST #3 - Murpeet
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SNOOPY - Murpeet ft. Snoop Dogg, Butch Cassidy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0OdmRtuQew nothin else to add just enjoy bitches peace
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joyeuses pâques
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RAP TEST #2 - Murpeet
I'm spiderman Always remember that ps: My microphone is shit. You'll notice it and I apologize for that.
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FANTASIA - Murpeet
Heyy guys, I'm back with a new track which is veeery special! Hope u'll enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe if you want more stuff like this! Peace PS: As you've certainly noticed, I say Italian words in this composition. But don't worry, what I say is meaningless... I pronounced random words just because it sounded good to me... ahaha
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RAP TEST #4 - Murpeet
Questa volta in italiano L'inglese mi ha rotto
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WARNING - Murpeet
"Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprises" ... to be continued
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SOFA - Murpeet
Hey guys! Here's a little deep house/lounge mix I made Enjoy! PS: emma stone is so freaking hot
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I like trains ... Mix made w/ Ableton Live 9 Don't forget to subscribe!! :) You can also follow me on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/alberto-tropessi-1 Peace
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SAND - Murpeet
"This is Knuckles, and you have reached the Death Chamber! (Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber...)" -Sonic Adventure 2 Yea bro, as you've noticed I really love Knuckles' rap Anyway here's a new track I've finished composing a few days ago, this time using ableton live! Hope u'll enjoy it! Peace
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zbeb zbeb
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BLURR - Murpeet
hey guys I'm back and I swear I'm doing well even if I just saw the movie "Get Out" it's a horrible movie but it's awesome please go see it you'll know what I mean peace
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AIRPORT - Murpeet
Little mix made w/ Ableton Live 9 Don't forget to subscribe if u want more stuff on the channel! ;) You can also follow me on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alberto-tropessi-1 Peace
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FUTURE - Murpeet
I'M BACK BROS Here's my latest track, which is veeery different from what I normally do... Hope u'll enjoy it anyway! Peace
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yeah I like watching buildings like the guy on the picture it's cool ... ok bye don't forget to subscribe of course peace
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Vidéo Spéciale 30 abonnés mdr
Clavier MIDI: https://www.thomann.de/fr/nektar_impact_lx61.htm?ref=search_prv_17 Casque: https://www.sony.fr/electronics/casque-bandeau/mdr-zx770bn Launchpad: https://novationmusic.fr/launch/launchpad PC: http://www.dell.com/fr-fr/shop/ordinateurs-portables-dell/ordinateur-portable-de-jeu-inspiron-15-serie-7000/spd/inspiron-15-7577-laptop Ableton Live: https://www.ableton.com/ J'espère que cette vidéo complètement nulle vous aura plu, n'hésitez pas à vous abonner! En attendant je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année, et on se retrouve bientôt pour de nouveaux sons. Peace.
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GLEAM - Murpeet (ft. Rannoudu16)
"This is Knuckles, and I'm back I've been away for a while But I'm here to kick some butt in Wild Canyon!!" ... Sorry about that Little composition I made using garageband for iPad. It is different from what I normally do, cauz' this time I tried to make something more "Trap". Unfortunately I didn't find a singer who could sing on this track... But I hope u'll enjoy it anyway! :) Peace
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RAP TEST #5 - Murpeet
it's finally here Merry Christmas btw
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RAP TEST #1 - Murpeet
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Again here's an original arrangement for the "Pokemon Center" theme I made by myself This is also supposed to be heard in a non-existent Pokemon game
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ISLAND - Murpeet
Hey guys! Here's a new composition I made with ableton live 9, as always! But this time I wanted to make a more "jazzy" song... That's why the beats are not "electronic" and the tempo is slower :p Hope u'll enjoy it anyway! Also don't forget to follow me on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/alberto-tropessi-1 Peace
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BATTLE! Wild Pokemon - Murpeet
Finally, here's an arrangement for the "Wild Pokemon Battle" theme. This is supposed to be heard while fighting a wild pokemon in a non-existent Pokemon game.
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Blame (Calvin Harris ft. John Newman) - RMX by Murpeet
Hey guys! I was bored so I decided to remix this song... I made this rmx very quickly so of course it's not perfect... :p But hope you'll enjoy it anyway... Don't forget to subscribe if u want more stuff like that! (it is the third time I'm writing this on my video's description and nobody has subscribed yet aha) Peace
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JAZZ SESSION #1 - Murpeet
Little jazz impro made with Ableton Enjoy! Peace
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A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup - Hunnid-P (Murpeet Remix)
SA2 forever Don't forget to subscribe if you want more Peace
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SWALLOW - Murpeet
Swallows r cute Here's my newest composition, and this time I made it w/ Ableton Live 9 Hope you'll enjoy it, even if it's not perfect ;) Also don't forget to follow me on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/alberto-tropessi-1 Peace
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Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (RMX by Murpeet)
Hey guys! Here's a little remix I did for a friend... I don't know why he wanted me to do this... But anyway, the final result is pretty cool... It sounds a little like trap music... But of course I know it's not perfect... :p Hope u'll enjoy it! Don't forget to subscribe if you want more (crAZY) stuff like this! Peace
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Stranger Things - Murpeet Remix
yea here's a remix of stranger things' main theme I made using ableton Enjoy btw I love nancy wheeler but don't tell anyone please
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How Deep Is Your Love (Calvin Harris & Disciples) - RMX by Murpeet
HOW DEEEP IS UR LOOOOOV ... Sorry about that Little remix of this popular song Enjoy
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DIVE - Murpeet
Sea is lif Here's a new composition I made with Garageband iPad, which is a pretty good app for composing even if it's limited... Hope u'll enjoy it! Also don't forget to follow me on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alberto-tropessi-1/dive-murpeet Peace
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Ginza - J.Balvin (Murpeet RMX)
Heeyy! Here's a little remix of this famous song I made using ableton live 9! Hope u'll enjoy it! Peace
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Feel like I can tell you anything -  Murpeet
Please don't spit on my editing skills ahaha Peace
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Classic Shine - Murpeet
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Crispy Sun - Murpeet
it's summer yay
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girl walking on a beach - Murpeet
yea I couldn't find a title sorry
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