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Pierre South Dakota
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Chasing Boat
Almost got took out by the water at the end :-P
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Fall From the Top Down
Its fall time in South Dakota
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Flight around Lake Oahe
Flight around Lake Oahe
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Docked boat, at Lake Oahe
Found this boat while flying around lake oahe.
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Around Pierre area.
Featuring the most pitiful skate park i've ever seen lol.
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Flying Around Lake Oahe
Cruising the shore of Lake Oahe. Kinda reminds me of the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe
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Vifly R220 M2 Practice
First flight with a cheap action cam attached. Just practicing. Trying to get better.
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My 2013 Sonic
My 2013 sonic
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Driving in the snow
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low and fast flight (syma x8c)
this thing hauls balls with the legs off, i recommend taking the legs off the quad if you want it to get some speed. dont know why youtube pixilated the video ugh.
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loss of signal. Syma X8C
Flew it a little to far it seems. Lost signal and it fell at-least 50-60 feet to the ground, heard a thud from where I was, A football field away. Absolutely no damage what so ever, this thing is durable. The other day I flew it out that far without a loss of signal, maybe I got lucky.
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View of the snow in Fort Pierre
dji phantom 3 standard fort pierre, sd
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Bushmaster XM 15 E2S
Magpul B.A.D lever,Streamlight Polytac HP,Yankee Hill Machine Phantom 5C2,BCM Gunfighter Mod 4,Vltor IMOD,Hogue grip,Magpul BUIS,Vortex Strikefire.
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Oahe Dam
flying around Oahe Dam and lake
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Flying by some grazing Buffalo
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R220 m2 problems
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2013 Tuned Sonic
2013 Tuned Sonic
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flying at a new spot
Finally a nice day out to fly.
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Mounted Camera outside of my 2013 Chevy Sonic.
ZZP intake,ZZP secondary cat delete,trifecta performance tune. I wish I could of got on it a little more but since its public roads I didn't want to try my luck and go speeding around a curve into an on coming car. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/4030710/2013-chevrolet-sonic/
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Lewis&Clark Meeting spot.
fort pierre
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Flying around Fort Pierre
A bunch of clips from the fort pierre area.
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Syma x8c
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Mavic Pro Teaser
Credit for photos DJI.
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Litchi Waypoint Mission around Fort Pierre
Warmed up into the lower 20s today so I took my Phantom out for a Litchi Way point Mission around Fort Pierre, South Dakota
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Pierre SD
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Chasing Boats part 2
chasing boats part 2
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Missouri River and PowWow Grounds
Flying around the missouri, this time we take a trip down stream to the pow wow grounds.
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Month with the Phantom 3
Short clips from some of my videos
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Flying over frozen Lake Oahe
flying over frozen lake oahe. litchi waypoint mission.
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Driving around Portland
testing out the go pro. sped up to x5
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Cruising Around.
Just cruising round
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The Oregon Country Side
Second of my Oregon videos.
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Riverboat 2
Just a short video of the riverboat
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Maiden Flight with Mavic Pro
Nothing special here just spreading its wings a little. Didn't do a distance test as it was my first flight.
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Chasing Boats
Flying around the missouri, really nice day out so I thought id chase some boats around.
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Snowy in South Dakota
a view from above in fort pierre
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Returning to the Buffalo
Short video of some Buffalo
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Looks like falcons to me.
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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Maiden Flight
First flight over Pierre, SD
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Range Test
20mph head wind but still able to get a decent distance. 2.56 miles.
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Flying around, Random clips
Just some clips I through together from today and a few weeks ago. Will be getting a Mavic Pro in the future.
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Freight Train
flying around and caught a train.
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Phantom 3 Standard flight.
Probably the last flight i'll be taking with my P3S for a while as my mavic pro arrives soon.
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Flying around the lake
flying around lake oahe. Excuse the weird glitch at the end..
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Short Flight over the Missouri River
Short flight over the Missouri River Music Credit: Royalty Free Music from Bensound.
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Missouri River
Flying around the edge of Farm Island near Pierre, South Dakota
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