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America's Bombers Be Able to Defeat Russian Air Defense
The Air Force is preparing for a substantial technical “critical design review” of its next-generation B-21 Raider bomber, an aircraft said by developers to mark a new “fourth-generation” in stealth technology able to elude the most advanced air defenses in the world.
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F-35 update: the good, the bad and the unknown
The past couple of weeks have been a case of ‘good news and bad news’ for customers of the F-35 Joint-Strike-Fighter. As a country about to commit to the bulk of its currently approved 72 aircraft purchase, it’s to be hoped that our defence procurement people have been watching recent developments closely. We’re now looking at a longer wait and a higher price for some of the key capabilities we’re after—especially a dedicated maritime-strike capability.
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Navy Orders Development Of New Air Defense Blasting Missile That Will Fit Inside F-35
The U.S. Navy has hired Orbital ATK, now part of Northrop Grumman, to begin formal development of a new missile that can suppress and destroy enemy air defense emitters, known as the the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile-Extended Range, or AARGM-ER. The new weapon will give the service’s carrier air wings more freedom to operate in areas full of integrated defense networks and will be an essential capability for its future F-35C Joint Strike Fighters, as well as one that will almost certainly find its way onto the USAF's F-35A fleet, and even on other platforms.
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Breaking News - Turkey May Buy Russian Su-57 Jets, If Delivery of F-35 Jets Suspended
Ankara is likely to buy Russian Su-57 fighter jets if Washington decides to suspend the delivery of F-35 jets in response to the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-missile systems, the Yeni Safak newspaper reported Sunday.
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U.S. Military Release Update Jaw-Dropping Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Bloody Eruption Footage
Hawaii: fast-moving lava isolates 40 homes below Kilauea volcano Fast-moving lava crossed a road and isolated about 40 homes on Friday in a rural subdivision below the Kilauea volcano,
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One of Super Lethal Tank In The World 2018 | Leopard 2
The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank developed by Krauss-Maffei in the 1970s for the West German Army. The tank first entered service in 1979 and succeeded the earlier Leopard 1 as the main battle tank of the German Army. It is armed with a 120 mm smoothbore cannon, and is powered by a V-12 twin-turbo diesel engine. Various versions have served in the armed forces of Germany and 12 other European countries, as well as several non-European nations, including Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Singapore, and Turkey. The Leopard 2 was used in Kosovo with the German Army, and has seen action in Afghanistan with the Danish and Canadian contributions to the International Security Assistance Force, as well as also seeing action in with the Turkish Armed Forces against and the YPG. There are two main development batches of the tank: the original models up to Leopard 2A4, which have vertically faced turret armour, and the "improved" batch, namely the Leopard 2A5 and newer versions, which have angled arrow-shaped turret appliqué armour together with other improvements. All models feature digital fire control systems with laser rangefinders, a fully stabilised main gun and coaxial machine gun, and advanced night vision and sighting equipment (first vehicles used a low-light level TV system or LLLTV; thermal imaging was introduced later on). The tank has the ability to engage moving targets while moving over rough terrain.
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High Alert - Get Ready, China and N. Korea: F-35s Are Now Patrolling the Pacific
U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes reports that the USS Wasp and its-strike group steamed away from Okinawa on Monday, heading out for its first patrol in the Indo-Pacific region since its homeporting in Japan earlier this year. The multi-ship-strike group has been sailing near Okinawa after leaving its base in Sasebo, Japan earlier this month.
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Good News: The Air Force Is Making the F-22 Deadlier Than Ever
The Air Force F-22 has been refining it dog-fighting skills, assessing technical upgrades and testing air to air combat tactics during a recent Red Flag exercise in Nevada – designed to improve attack maneuvers and solidify emerging communications technologies and sensors, service officials said. The aircraft, from the 27th Fighter Squadron, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, have been performing air interdiction, combat search and rescue, close air support, dynamic targeting and defensive counter air operations in mock combat scenarios.
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The US will send an F-35 aircraft carrier to South Korea — and N.Korea should be afraid
The US’s long-awaited F-35 stealth jet will feature in military drills with South Korea aboard the USS Wasp, a US Navy amphibious assault ship that became the first-ever ship deployed with combat-ready stealth jets onboard, CNN reports.
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They want the F-35, Not Russia's new fighter
Russia recently grabbed a bunch of publicity for its new Su-57 fifth-generation jet by sending a pair of the supposedly stealth fighters to practice dropping-bombs-in Syri4— but it looks like the F-35 could squash the program in its infancy.
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Breaking News - The F-35 Stealth fighter Could Become a 'Navy' Killer Thanks to Norway
In the mid 2000s, the Royal Norwegian Navy was looking to select a new anti-ship missile (ASM) to equip their ships. They looked at all foreign offerings, didn’t find any missile satisfactory, and instead drew up their own set of requirements. The requirements were: to meet the challenges of a future (up to 2040) ship-to-ship combat environment; to have a high probability of penetrating enemy air defense and countermeasures; to be effective in confined and open waters; and to be easily adaptable to different platforms.
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Why the M27 Rifle Is One Amazing Firearm (and Why the Marines Love It)
After reading the article, “The Marine Corps’ Rifle is Super Expensive – And No One Knows Why,” I spent a few days pondering my response. I have spent almost ten years working to improve the USMC infantry rifle, and I think this article gets it largely wrong about the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.
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Why U.S. Fears the Russian SU-30SM Fighter Jet?
Check Out NEW 4+ Generation Su-30SM Fighter IN ACTION Shows off surprising maneuverability of the Sukhoi Su-30SM. One of Russia's latest fighters, the jet is one of the largest and yet most maneuverable airplanes in the world. Watching the Su-30SM do aerial acrobatics is like watching a heavyweight boxer effortlessly pirouette.
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U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle In Action 2017
) F-15E Strike Eagle is an American all-weather multirole strike fighter[4] derived from the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. The F-15E was designed in the 1980s for long-range, high speed interdiction without relying on escort or electronic-warfare aircraft. United States Air Force (USAF) F-15E Strike Eagles can be distinguished from other U.S. Eagle variants by darker aircraft camouflage and conformal fuel tanks mounted along the engine intake ramps. The Strike Eagle has been deployed for military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, among others. During these operations the F-15E has carried out deep strikes against high-value targets, combat air patrols, and provided close air support for coalition troops. It has also been exported to several countries. U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Fighters fighter jets work together during exercise Juniper Falcon May 7-8, 2017 U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle & Israeli F-15I Ra'am Joint Training USA F15 shoots down armed F-15C Eagle Flight-Line Checks & Weapons Loading
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Breaking News: B-2 Bombers in Guam Send a Message to N.Korea and Russia and China
The United States Air Force has moved three of its stealthy Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit strategic bombers to Guam as tensions continue with North Korea. But while the Pentagon does not deny that the arrival of the stealth bombers on Guam is designed to send a signal to Pyongyang, the message is not aimed solely at N Korea. It is a message aimed at Russia and China, who are also in the region.
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The US Navy just sent Russia and China powerful messages with aircraft-carrier shows of force
The US Navy carried out two high-profile aircraft-carrier training events in key waters that send messages to China and Russia, the US’s two main competitors and the only countries close to matching the US’s military might.
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The Navy's Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier Ever is 50% Complete
The USS Kennedy will replace the USS Nimitz which is due to retire by 2027; the Ford-class carriers are slated to replace the existing Nimitz-class carriers on a one-to-one basis in an incremental fashion over the next fifty years or so.
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The Navy's New Columbia-Class Missile Submarine: A Stealth Killer?
General Dynamics Electric Boat has begun acquiring long-lead items in anticipation of beginning construction; the process involves acquiring metals, electronics, sonar arrays and other key components necessary to build the submarines. Both the Pentagon and the Navy are approaching this program with a sense of urgency, given the escalation of the current global threat environment. Many senior DoD officials have called the Columbia-Class program as a number one priority across all the services.
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The U.S. Marine Corps Is Getting a New Rifle
The U.S. Marine Corps has picked the Heckler & Koch M27 as its new infantry rifle. Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller confirmed the selection in an interview with Military.com. The new rifle is part of a wider overhaul of the Marines’ infantry gear. Jarheads are also getting new communications equipment, body armor, suppressors and night-vision optics.
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The U.S. Navy Wanted to Merge a Battleship and an Aircraft Carrier (To Fight Russia)
Myers called the vessel the “Interdiction Assault Ship”. The ship could interdict enemy fleets on the high seas, particularly the Soviet Navy’s Kirov-class-nuclear-powered battlecruisers that were then under construction at the Leningrad shipyards. In a wartime scenario, the U.S. Navy worried Kirov battlecruisers and their formidable-missile armament could be used to target American aircraft carriers or devastate convoys of reinforcements headed to Europe.
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Revealed: F-22 and F-35 Have New Technology Quantum Radar
- RIP F-22 and F-35 (Thanks to This One New Technology) In April 2018 it was reported that the Canadian Department of National Defense was investing $2.7 million in research at the University of Waterloo to investigate quantum radar technology. This brings Canada into a technological race in which China apparently has taken the lead.
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U.S. F-15 Fighters Can Now Fire New Stealthy Standoff Cruise Missile
Lockheed Martin’s subsonic, turbofan-powered AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile – Extended Range (JASSM-ER) cruise missile has achieved full operational capability (FOC) on the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle multirole strike fighter, according to a February 8 company statement.
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Russian Fear After Know When Navy Aircraft Carriers Will be Armed with F-35s
US Navy leaders have announced that the first-of-its kind carrier-launched F-35C stealth fighter will deploy for its first operational deployment on the USS Carl Vinson -- in 2021. The anticipated historical deployment could be accelerated by the 2019 budget proposal which supports a transition of the F-35C program from a developmental phase to more formal test and evaluation before being declared operational later this year, Rear. Adm. S.D. Conn, Director, Air Warfare Chief of Naval Operations, told Congress.
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Lockheed Martin Wants to Build a Super F-22 Raptor for Japan
Reports are once again emerging from Japan that Lockheed Martin is pitching a highly modified version of its stealthy F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter to Tokyo for its next-generation fighter requirement. However, Lockheed Martin would first have to overcome the 1997 Obey Amendment, which prohibits export of the powerful high altitude supersonically cruising stealth fighter. Additionally, the company would have to undertake a painstaking process to restart a production line for an aircraft that has been out of production since 2012.
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US Air Force to Start Testing Jet-Mounted Laser Weapons This Summer
The United States Air Force’s F-15, f-22,f-35 fighter jets are slated to start testing their high-energy laser weapons later this year, with an eye to eventually shooting down cruise-missiles-and drones from the sky, a Pentagon official told reporters Monday.
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Revealed: Beyond the F-22 or F-35: This Is the Sixth-Generation Jet Fighter Look Like?
Sixth Generation concepts are therefore advancing the idea of an optionally-manned aircraft that can fly with or without a pilot onboard. This has the shortcoming of requiring additional design effort to produce an airplane that will still have the downsides and expensive training requirements of a manned airplane. However, optional-manning may help ease the transition to an unmanned fighter force, and on the short term give military leaders the possibility of deploying aircraft on high-risk missions without risking pilots’ lives. read more : https://goo.gl/YNR5dJ
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How the F-22, Su-57, J-20 Match Up, According to a Military Analyst
1. With Russia and China beginning to field stealth jets, Business Insider sat down with Michael Kofman, a military analyst, to get his impressions on how they match up with the US’s stealth planes. 2. Kofman said Russia’s Su-57 didn’t match the stealth capabilities of the US’s F-22 or F-35 but would be a capable platform. 3. He also said that while China’s J-20 had good avionics and software, it was inferior to the Su-57 because of its older engine model and large surface.
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Watch The Navy Fire Its New Evolved Sea Sparrow Block II Missile For The First Time
The NATO Sea Sparrow Consortium is decades old and still going very strong. The highly maneuverable RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) has been protecting allied surface combatants and their escorts for nearly 15 years now around the globe and is seen as a huge success. Before that, the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow, itself an adaptation of the AIM-7 Sparrow air-to-air missile, had served since the mid 1970s, protecting everything from American supercarriers to allied frigates from airborne threats and short to medium-ranges. Now the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile Block II is on the way, with its first test firings having occurred last Summer and the Navy just recently released video from these milestone events.
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This Is Why Lockheed offers F-22 and F-35 hybrid for Japan's next fighter ?
U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin proposed combining technologies from two of the world's most powerful fighter jets for Japan's next-generation fleet in a formal proposal submitted by Friday. In addition to Lockheed, Boeing and Britain's BAE Systems have also offered their own technologies to replace Japan's F-2 fighters, slated to retire around 2030, the Defense Ministry said. Friday was the deadline for proposal submissions. Japan will now weigh these options alongside proposals for a homegrown fighter and joint development with the U.S. or U.K.
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B-52 Stratofortress for Israel?
In April 2014, retired Air Force lieutenant general David Deptula and Michael Makovsky of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal arguing that the United States should turn over a dozen surplus B-52 heavy to Israel.
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China's Worst Nightmare: Would America Sell the F-35 to Taiwan?
Two top US Republican senators reportedly asked the Trump administration on Monday to approve the sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to Taiwan, saying it would help the island nation “remain a democracy” in the face of a rising military threat from China.
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The Air Force Wants Hypersonic Weapons and Even More Deadly F-35s For Defeat Su-35
The Air Force is now massively speeding up development for hypersonic weapons, missile-warning systems and F-35 upgrades as key parts of an emerging new strategy emphasizing risk taking, prototyping and experimentation early in the acquisition process.
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Russian Fear, A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Can Now Remotely Control and Land Fighter Jets
The United States Navy is testing a new system called the ATARI onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) that allows the Landing Signals Officer (LSO) to take control of an aircraft on approach to the carrier. The Navy has been working on developing the aircraft terminal approach remote inceptor (ATARI), but the system was only tested at sea for the first time this March. Conditions at sea were challenging to say the least.
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China’s New Stealth Fighter Could Not Surpass the US F-22 Raptor
China’s Chengdu J-20 fifth generation air superiority fighter first entered service in early 2017, providing the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) with an analog to the U.S. F-22 Raptor. The platform was the first fifth generation fighter to enter service anywhere in the world outside the United States, and came equipped with state-of-the-art radar evading capabilities, avionics, and air-to-air missiles. The fighter’s canard configuration served to further enhance stealth capabilities while maintaining high levels of maneuverability. With less than a year having passed since the J-20 was inducted into service, the next generation platform has already received its first set of upgrades aimed at enhancing its combat performance. These upgrades are but the first of many to come, which could well lead the J-20 to become a world leading aerial warfare platform.
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The Navy's Big Dream: Merge an Aircraft Carrier and a Battleship Weapon
In hindsight, the Interdiction Assault Ship concept might have had a difficult time fitting in with U.S. military operations in the 1980s. Among operations in the Persian Gulf, Grenada Big Dream
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The Next B-52 Upgrade May Be a Tough Alert Message for China.
U.S. Air Force officials are looking to upgrade the B-52 Stratofortress' bomb-load at a time when the service, and the Defense Department as a whole, is preparing for near-peer rivals. The service last month posted a request for information survey to identify potential contractors that could offer insights on how to best integrate newer and much heavier bombs-under the aircraft's wings. Boeing B-52 Upgrade May Be a Tough Alert Message for China.
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How to Make Sure Taiwan Is Safe from China: New F-35s and F-16s.
It would take some time for Taiwan to acquire F-35Bs even if they were put on the acquisition list tomorrow—even more of a reason to make that decision sooner than later. But, in the meantime, the U.S. Marine Corps should begin carrying out air exercises in the Taiwan vicinity with F-35Bs to include flights over, and landings on, the island. readmore : https://bit.ly/2MrLwJn
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American fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft flying west of Alaska
American fighter jets intercepted four Russian military aircraft flying in international airspace west of Alaska this week, officials said. tu-95
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Happy Independence Day America. Keep Your Honor Clean This Independence Day
"Freedom is something inherent in our creation and should be celebrated and protected." -Lieutenant Commander Joseph E. Wilburn Join us in celebrating what we serve this country for each and every day! Happy Independence Day! Semper Fidelis! July 4, 2018
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Will the New B-21 Stealth Bomber 'Kill' the B-1?
The B-1, which had its combat debut in Operation Desert Fox in 1998, went to drop thousands of JDAMs during the multi-year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The B-1 can hit speeds of MACH 1.25 at 40,000 feet and operates at a ceiling of 60,000 feet. It fires a wide-range of bombs, to include several JDAMS: GBU-31, GBU-38 and GBU-54. It also fires the small diameter bomb-GBU-39. The Air Force is mapping a two-fold future path for its B-1 bomber which includes plans to upgrade the bomber while simultaneously preparing the aircraft for eventual retirement as the service's new stealth bomber arrives in coming years.
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The US Navy just commissioned its newest littoral combat ship, the $440 million USS Omaha
The US Navy commissioned its newest warship, the USS Omaha, on Saturday. The futuristic, $440 million vessel is named for the Nebraska hometown of billionaire Warren Buffett, who was on hand for the ceremony. The Omaha, a 218-foot-long littoral combat ship, was commissioned at its new home port in San Diego.
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Revealed: Israel's F-35s Are Getting New Supersonic-Missiles
Finally, the missile appears to be perfect for the Israeli Air Force as that service has increasingly relied on standoff missiles-to-attack targets in places.
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Breaking News: Raytheon to build new technology video sensors for F-35
une 14 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin announced Raytheon will build imagery systems for the F-35, the latest in a string of supply chain moves related to the fifth-generation fighter. The Distributed Aperture System, which Raytheon will deliver to Lockheed, collects high resolution, real-time imagery from six infrared cameras mounted around the aircraft, and sends them to the pilot's helmet. It allows pilots to see the environment around them to detect and track threats from any angle.
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This Is Why DoD Says A-10 vs. F-35 'Fly-Off' Is Over. But Will Results Satisfy?
DoD Says A-10 vs. F-35 'Fly-Off' Is Over. But Will Results Satisfy? While the congressionally mandated close-air support tests between the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and A-10 Warthog wrapped up this week, lawmakers may not be satisfied with the results as questions continue to swirl about how each performed. "I personally wrote the specific provisions in the [Fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act] mandating a fly-off between the F-35 & A-10," Rep. Martha McSally, an Arizona Republican, tweeted Friday. "It must be carried out per Congressional intent & direction."
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This Is Reason Why the UK has backed F-35 fighter
Four multimillion-pound F-35 stealth fighter jets have landed in the UK from the US. David Bond, FT security and defence editor, analyses how these new aircraft fit into the UK’s air defence strategy and their effectiveness.
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B-2 Bomber The World's Most Dangerous Aircraft Is About to Get
The Air Force is now testing new, high-tech sensors, software, electronics and other enemy radar-evading upgrades for its B-2 stealth bomber to preserve its stealth advantages and enable the aircraft to operate more effectively against increasingly capable modern air defenses.
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Taiwan seeking to buy M1A2 Abrams MBTs from US
Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) has secured the support of the island’s cabinet to purchase M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks (MBTs) from the United States to replace some of its older M60A3 and M48H CM11 MBTs. A Taiwanese defence official was quoted by the China Times newspaper as saying on 9 July that the military will put aside USD990 million for the purchase of 108 M1A2s along with associated ammunition. Reports say the funding will come from next year’s defence budget.
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Breaking News - Turkey to receive first F-35 fighter from US next month
The United States will deliver the first F-35 joint strike fighter to Turkey on June 21 as part of a longstanding partnership between the two allies, despite attempts by the U.S. Congress to block the procurement of such weaponry to the Turkish government.
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Naval Warfare Will Change Forever If Submarines Turn into Underwater Aircraft Carriers
Imagine a future in which nuclear attack submarines (SSNs) can deploy undersea drones (UUVs) to hunt, and possibly kill, enemy subs. The U.S. Navy, at least, is taking steps to make this a reality. What impact could this have? On the one hand, UUVs could shake modern antisubmarine warfare (ASW) to its core, making existing platforms vulnerable or obsolete. On the other hand, the development of UUVs could reinforce existing hierarchies; in contrast to popular understanding, established organizations are often the best at adapting to disruptive military innovations. The future of the U.S. Navy depends to great extent of which of these becomes a reality.
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Breaking News - F-35 sale to Turkey runs into congressional buzz saw
The Donald Trump administration faces growing pressure from US lawmakers to freeze the sale of F-35 jets to Turkey as the NATO ally holds an American pastor in jail and pushes to acquire Russian military equipment. The Senate Armed Services Committee this week advanced must-pass annual defense legislation that calls on the administration to remove Turkey from the fifth-generation fighter program over its detention of Andrew Brunson. The equivalent House bill, meanwhile, would hold up major arms sales to Turkey until the administration submits a report on the state of US-Turkish military and diplomatic relations amid Turkish efforts to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system.
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