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Is Blender Actually Hard to Learn?
We hear over and over how hard Blender is to learn. Is that true? If so, why and what can be done?
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Top 10 Reasons I Love Blender
Reasons why I Blender is my 3D modeling and animation software of choice.
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Blender-Converting 2D Image to 3D Object
This tutorial shows how to convert a 2D image into a 3D object using Inkscape and Blender.
Views: 467363 bugzilla2001
Blender-Fixing Automatic Weight Errors
This is a tutorial on how to overcome errors that can occur when using the automated bone weight function in Blender 2.5
Views: 77379 bugzilla2001
Blender-Baking Textures
This tutorial explains how to bake textures in Blender animation software.
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Blender Quicktip-AnimAll
This is a quickhint on how to use the AnimAll feature in Blender to animate a texture across an object.
Views: 21952 bugzilla2001
Blender Quicktip-Reverse Animation
How to reverse an animation sequence using the action editor in Blender
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Is Blender Looked Down On Because It's Free?
Why don't major film and game studios use Blender? Is there a stigma against free, open source software or legitimate reasons for ignoring it?
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Mac OSX Tip-Accessing App Contents
This tip for Mac users shows how to get inside the contents of the .app files in your Applications folder. Good for people who need access to the folders inside an application.
Views: 94025 bugzilla2001
Blender-Rigging a Tentacle with Spline IK
This tutorial shows how to create a simple but powerful Spline IK rig in Blender
Views: 24900 bugzilla2001
Motion Mixer Tutorial #1
A brief introduction to Lightwave's Motion Mixer Nonlinear editing system.
Views: 16800 bugzilla2001
Blender-Bendy Bones Tutorial
This tutorial shows the new bendy Bones features of Blender 2.78 and uses them to rig a dragon's neck
Views: 14244 bugzilla2001
Blender Picking Up Objects
This is a tutorial on how to have a character pick up objects using dynamic parenting in Blender. You can see the original animation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBBWeD03PNw
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Illusion Mage=Scam!
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Automated Lip Synch in Blender
How to use the automated lipsynch plugin in Blender.
Views: 23517 bugzilla2001
Getting rid of Error-36 in Mac OSX
How to overcome the annoying "error-36" in Mac OSX
Views: 137132 bugzilla2001
Blender-Creating Sprite Sheets
This tutorial explains how to create a sprite sheet for use in 2D games using Blender and Gimp.
Views: 31315 bugzilla2001
Blender Auto IK and Rigify
This is a quick look at a couple of cool hidden animation tools in Blender. Auto IK and Rigify
Views: 17000 bugzilla2001
Rigging a Dragon Wing in Blender
A look at a simple but powerful dragon wing rig in Blender.
Views: 13080 bugzilla2001
Blender Quicktip Keyframe Types
A short but important tutorial on how to organize your keyframes using Keyframe Types and Markers in Blender 2.78
Views: 3925 bugzilla2001
Blender Quicktip-Solidify
This is a quicktip for Blender users on how to use the Soldifier modifier to make flat objects solid!
Views: 18072 bugzilla2001
Lightwave Leg IK Tutorial
A more advanced Lightwave tutorial which demonstrates how to create a solid leg setup in version 9.2
Views: 18489 bugzilla2001
Blender HInt-Unlinking Animation
How to overcome a problem you may come across when duplicating models that have animation attached in Blender 2.5
Views: 1685 bugzilla2001
Cloth Dynamics Part 1
Intro to cloth dynamics in Lightwave 9
Views: 15449 bugzilla2001
Quicktip Animating Walk Cycles
A little tip that will help you animate walk cycles easily
Views: 1653 bugzilla2001
Converting SFM game models into Blender
This tutorial details how to convert and import Source Filmmaker models from popular games like Overwatch into Blender for use in your own animations and fan films! Blender Source Tools: http://steamreview.org/BlenderSourceTools/ Crowbar: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Crowbar NTFEdit: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net
Views: 36923 bugzilla2001
The first in a series of Godzilla fan films. In this first installment, Godzilla encounters a classic enemy from the past
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Hidden Tools in Blender 2.5
An overview of the hidden modeling tools in Blender 2.5, such as the Chain, Landscape and Cloud Generator tool
Views: 23915 bugzilla2001
Blender-Intro to the NLA
A brief introduction to the Nonlinear Animation Editor in Blender
Views: 18871 bugzilla2001
Common Questions Blender Unity
This video covers some of the common problems users have when using Blender and Unity. Covers problems with Normals, Rigging and Weight Painting.
Views: 1665 bugzilla2001
Blender-Toon Shading
This is a tutorial on how to make a cartoon shaded look in Blender 3D.
Views: 16981 bugzilla2001
Parenting Objects in Lightwave
The basics of how to parent objects in Lightwave.
Views: 8812 bugzilla2001
Blender-Reverse Foot Rig
This tutorial shows how to create a reverse foot rig in Blender using only two constraints and some simple parent-child relationships
Views: 8546 bugzilla2001
Morph basics
Shows how to create and use Morphs in Lightwave.
Views: 10387 bugzilla2001
Lightwave Bone Tutorial #1
A beginners tutorial on working with bones in Lightwave 9.2
Views: 26850 bugzilla2001
Blender-Keyframing & Animation
This tutorial shows you the basics of animation and key framing in Blender 2.6. It shows how to use the Dopesheet, Auto keying, Graph Editor, Action Editor an more!
Views: 62518 bugzilla2001
Quickhints:Move Motion Path
How to use the Move Motion Path tool in Lightwave
Views: 3932 bugzilla2001
Blender-Compositing Background Images
This tutorial shows how to add a background image to your render as well as use matte objects for compositing 3D objects into the background.
Views: 10509 bugzilla2001
Hypervoxels Basics
Intro to Hypervoxels. Shows the basics of setting them up and using them.
Views: 12725 bugzilla2001
Quickhints: Spline Control
How to set up and use Spline Control in Lightwave.
Views: 7171 bugzilla2001
Blender, Overcoming Rigging Problems
How to overcome some common problems with rigging errors in Blender 2.49
Views: 3991 bugzilla2001
Blender Rigging Intro Part 1
Part 1 of a look at rigging in Blender.
Views: 125704 bugzilla2001
Azio Retro Keyboard Review
A quick review of the Azio Retro Keyboard.
Views: 2866 bugzilla2001
Blender Animating with Proxy Objects
How to use the power (and overcome the weaknesses) of animating with Linking and Proxy objects in Blender.
Views: 6430 bugzilla2001
Faking Maya's TweenMachine in Blender
A look at how to copy one of Maya's cool animation tools natively in Blender.
Views: 4915 bugzilla2001
Blender-Normal Mapping Tutorial
A revisit of how to sculpt and bake details onto models using Blender.
Views: 2656 bugzilla2001
Quicktip-Onion Skinning in Blender
How to use the traditional animation technique known as "onion skinning" in Blender 3D
Views: 4228 bugzilla2001
Cloth Dynamics Part 2
More on cloth dynamics in Lightwave
Views: 10410 bugzilla2001
Blender_Dragon Rigging Tips
Tips and tricks for rigging dragons and other creatures.
Views: 10006 bugzilla2001
Lightwave Bone Tutorial #3
Simple IK total beginners tutorial for Lightwave 9.2
Views: 11418 bugzilla2001

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