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Tibia PK Efidia Riots 2016 [bonus scenes from the movie]
The movie presents a few cut scenes from my previous movie which i uploaded one month ago. Film przedstawia kilka wyciętych scen z mojego poprzedniego filmu który wrzuciłem miesiąc temu.
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Tibia PK Irmada - Maker's battle from the evening 2nd [Port Hope] (28/06/2016)
0:00 - 0:20 - 444ms - Tio Carloss 1x 1:05 - 1:15 - 444ms - Tio Carloss 2x 1:40 - 1:45 - 319ed - Baiani Nhow 1x (no on screen ;/ ) 2:25 - 2:30 - 318ed - Baiani Nhow 2x (no on screen ;/ )
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Tibia Efidia/Peloria 2017 Teaser Trailer
Efidia/Peloria 2017 Teaser Trailer - Non Lifers Killing Prepare for world merges and fight against Non Lifers Join us!
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Tibia Efidia 2016 Last Hope Teaser [+ some TS records]
Zwiastun przedstawia losy niektórych ofiar zamachów na Efidii. Film możliwe że ukaże się wkrótce.
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Tibia PK Irmada - Small maker's battle from the evening [Roshamuul] (30/06/2016)
0:00 - 0:20 - 220ed- Lawdera 1:15 - 1:35 - 325rp- Shargrath
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Tibia PK Irmada - Betarnox 157ek down on inq bless (29/06/2016)
You see Betarnox (Level 157). He is an elite knight. Down on INQ Bless.
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Tibia PK Irmada - Xapa Dominando 487ed down by makers [Roshamuul] (29/08/2016)
Xapa Dominando- 487ed killed by makers
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Tibia PK Irmada - Revengers on Irmada 2016!
Revengers on Irmada 2016 by James (;
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Tibia PK Irmada - Open battle at night [Yalahar] (30/08/2016)
Score was like 35:30 for Headless.
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Tibia PK - Funny Fail PK on Irmada (11/03/2017)
Fail PK on Irmada
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Tibia PK Irmada - ,,Storm on Thais" as Open Battle [Thais] (01/09/2016)
Tibia - Open Battle on Irmada on dubstep music by James (; I counted fragas only on my screen. Last score was like 25:12 for Revengers.
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Danubia- Times of Old Oro Oro Januray/February 2012
PK Guild on Danubia. Film oparty na faktach pokazuje smutne losy niektórych bohaterów Danubii. Muzyka: 1. The Witcher 2 Trailer Gamescom 2. RIO - Miss Sunshine 3. Mike Candys & Evelyn ft. Patrick Miller - One Night In Ibiza 4. Chada - Nie Jestem Tu Od Wczoraj 5. Peja- Randori
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Tibia PK Efidia Riots 2016! - Non Lifers killing + [TS records!] March/April 2016
The movie presents riots which took place on Efidia and the people who have greatly contributed to the fights. Film przedstawia zamieszki na serwerze Efidia z ostatnich kilku tygodni oraz ludzi którzy brali czynny udział w walkach.
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Tibia PK Irmada - Kamikadze action 190ms down [Goroma]
Kamikadze Action on Goroma xD
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Tibia PK Irmada - Server Save Action [Edron] (26/09/2016)
Joyzz- 255rp down 1:00 I had very big lags on this action as you see it on video, but i survived (;
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Tibia PK Irmada - Avilazinho 313ek down by makers [Thais] (30/06/2016)
Avilazinho 313ek down by makers
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Tibia PK Quilia - 508ms down
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Tibia PK Irmada - Maker's battle from the evening 1st [Thais] (28/06/2016)
1:45 - 2:07 - 303ms- Golaa 4:35 - My mw fail ;/ cuz of touchpad... 10:20 - 10:45 - 372ms- Commando Slimak 11:30 - 11:40 - 328ed- Ras Al Sledziuu 12:20 - 12:40 - 250ed- Lord Magic Safer 19:50 - Meet Danny xD
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Tibia PK Efidia - San Axel 324rp down by makers [Thais] (26/02/2017)
San Axel- 324rp killed by makers Mountain Whale- 262ed killed by makers
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