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in memoriam: riful
Not my content, but one of my favourite Dark Souls videos. I snatched it long ago cause I wanted something on my phone to cheer me up the first thing in the morning. I still think it needs to be preserved online. I could not reach riful for a permission to upload this, but will remove it if he asks me to.
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Dark Souls Tech: Toggle Buffering and Option Selects
Esoteric knowledge: PZM https://www.twitch.tv/terasa102 Stuntman: Tan https://www.twitch.tv/tan098 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXsULuBOtAxgqIc8tGJTjQ Chainer: Kali https://www.youtube.com/user/userkalika Gaffer: Imskiller https://www.youtube.com/user/imskiller99 Early Get-Up-Technician: Bob-Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skdhUwW9qx4 Bad grammar: Simian
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bloodygab vs simian 10-1. Bloody challenges for apprentice rank.
Shadowplay failed to catch 2 fights:( I hurried to do this during a lunch break, without any warming up, so I played horribly bad. That being said I expected to lose 10-1. That is about the ratio i normally have against Bloody. Me being warmed up and focused would probably only mean me doing less stupid and nonsensical stuff, and getting in a few more hits, but would not affect the score. Congrats to Bloody. One of the best players I have fought against, and one of the nicest personalities I have met in Dark Souls.
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Crame´s School of Pivots
Sorry for the unpolished quality. Big thanks to master Crame! This is his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCq-4jjCmuey_Trr2nHnh4A I hope that somebody besides me also will find this lesson helpful.
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gadelong moveswap
I was pretty drunk, but I remember pressing l1 constantly in the end in order to get some fire surge but nothing happened so I gave up and swapped to shield thinking it was some input bug (has to be a bug, not alcohol).
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Tanking Knight Artorias
Power within and a maxed out great scythe. 40dex. Soul level 64. No skills.
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Funny glitch BotW
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Skulls at work
Alluring skull stops homing soulmass from being fired.
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DaS3 kick bs experiments
I need to try this at lower latency. It seems to work best if the opponents attacks as soon as their stun wears off. Standing still is no escape. This probably works better with weapons in place of kicks, cause the first ones I make is just based on punches.
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block ravioli test 2 Amazing results
Did a testing session with josk1y. Conclusions: Its amazingly simple to perform on greatsword 2h r1 spam Its amazingly simple to perform on glaive 2h r1 spam Its amazingly simple to perform on glaive 1h r1 spam Its amazingly simple to perform on glaive r1 into l2 Its amazingly simple to perform on 1h machete r1 Its possible to perform on greatsword 1h r1 spam, but very risky. Black knight greataxe 2h is very risky cause of tracking, but possible and we feel it needs more testing. Black knight greataxe 1h r1 works. nothing more or less. Exile greatsword has so good tracking that its difficult to avoid taking damage. The tech is preferably executed at a certain distance in order to avoid taking damage.
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Viable method for a random russian speedhacker
Backstabbed myself by reverse rolling into an attack. Parry as chain-counter proved viable again. + my first win against sergeyxxx (tough opponent) and chaining some slow (also tough opponent). The last part is from a gravelord-stream, and is included because I got called a russian speedhacker (it was funny!) Edit: Apparently Sergeyxxxx was the russian speedhacker. I was just a random chainer. It was funny nonetheless.
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Dagger PVP second try
sharp dagger +9 41dex Dedicated last evening to exploring the quick-step. It was difficult to get whole fights in this style, cause most people switched to estoc, dark sword, or another fast weapon after the first backstab, which I immediatly responded to bringing out my offhand estoc. Im overusing quick-step here, but I am trying to learn it. It would surely be more efficient to use a hybrid method of quicksteps and DaS1 style bs-techniques. Its often more hard for me to get a bs with quick step than with rolling or running at the moment, but I think quickstep could be a good way to improve strafe bs against a spamming opponent. Editing is probably really bad. There was a lot of stuff to cut together, so I did it as fast as I could and didnt really evaluate the result.
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My first attempts at countering chains with parries. Went well!
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Deliver Me from My Enemies
Documentation of pve-grind, with a Christian message. He who controls the ravioli controls the world. May my timings be precise, my unlocks unconfusing and my directional inputs meditated.
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DaS3 Ravioli backstabs
Got two ravioli backstabs in less than 10 minutes of unlocked play:) Seems good if you predict someone will attempt a blind parry. Edit. A note about the tech. If you do ravioli bs as a backstep attack you only will need to pass the bs window during your backstep for the bs to initiate. This removes the need for aligning after a backstep and it also shaves of a significant amount of time. The bs window also appears very big when doing it this way.The downside is of course that you might end up doing a punishable backstep attack if your attempt fails.
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Pvp-test of perfect block
Tried it shortly with Rainu and Gorgonath (lag sadly). Timing is about, or exactly, the same as pve. But I, of course, forget about it in real fights, and do not really see the use of it yet.
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Windlands - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) pt1
...or Taking Colossus Mountain (By Brute Force) pt1. In this video I show how to bypass the gate, and most of the game, in Windlands.
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Trying to record a video with Imskiller
He also killed my mushroom merchant His deranged perspective can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn8agenxgUI
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windlands kaleidoscopic bug
I was trying to record some speedrunning in Windlands when I stumbled on a bug/feature that gave me the most trippy experience I have had so far in VR. At first I was just wandering around, but after noticing that I didnt feel ill at all I started to try some gameplay. The peak was in my opinion the forest at the foot of the big mountain (7:40-9:30). It was difficult to see, but not extremely difficult to play. The hardest part was jumping over bridge pieces. For some reason I cannot use hardcore ropes when recording with shadowplay, which makes it impossible for me to do the stunts I Iike. But windlands with caleidoscopic warping was divine moments of truth.
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Monday Excerpts
Shadowplay is bugged. It often fails to record :( The suicide-rate was pretty high at Pontiff´s today :(
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1 meme-intro to complement the tune 2 reverse roll spam vs unlocked bs-fishing 3 attempt to fuse the pivot-madness with my regular playstyle Just documentation of phases in my gameplay, together with funny moments and nonsense, as most of my content is. Edit: synced audio is unintentional except for the first clip.
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and finishing off an invader
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elite mindgames
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Teach me how to catch flippers!
This guy always bows honorably when I use the claymore, but if I use any other weapon (like chaos uchi) he does look skyward and bring out demons spear. He is playing 0 poise flip kumo with pyro and bow. I guess he thinks weapons faster than clay is dishonorable against him. I win maybe 1 of 8 fights against him with clay. Here I had to chase him down for a long time. My shadowplay setting of saving last 5 minutes was not enough to capture the fight. And in the end he anyways brings out the spear. I dont get people who tries to impose on others what to use. I try to please this character. I often swap to something comfortable for my opponent if they whine about it, so that we both can have fun playing. Was chasing him with a knife to dishonorable of me? Song name: "What To Do But Cry?"
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skid roll
learned about "skid tech" from Mothra just doing stuff from the animation that comes with a too quick turn buffer whatever Dont know what to use it for at this point
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Convoluted Salt
Had several invasions where he would just stand still blocking after losing half his health, and I then would spam black flame or gold tracer. After this fight he added me and we had this conversation: http://i.imgur.com/805GuSk.png Apparantly the guy uploaded his perspective on this fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rxReiabBpc I dont know why he wants to show it to people. My upload was originally unlisted and made for a group that enjoy(?) reading eachothers hatemail. I really dislike people who add others after a fight (win or loss) and try to pinch or harass them, or even just complain about fashion, playstyle, choice of weapons or whatever. Heard that this guy is about 35-40 years old also (and says he works as a police). If that is the case then this is alarming.
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1 A double stun-backstab cancel 2 A flying priority backstab 3 Unlocked baiting 4 Reverse roll comebacks on wakeup (had many of those lately)
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Bleed Like There Was No Other Flood
Goodbye Dark Souls 1. RIP! I was going to record some new footage for this but got 0 nodes, so this is just some of my enjoyable moments from old footage. I sadly did not manage to get gud before DaS1 died, but I was beginning to push through the wall of mediocrity. I regret starting to play this as late as summer 2015 and not on release. I regret doing pve instead of pvp. If someone is gonna be on debug I might join in, but regular connections, with or without wulfs mod, appears to be deceased.
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Was about time to get that done. I will probably never go for a double swap in a fight though, as I toggle parry.
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ravioli test session 3
Short session with Kali. Conclusions: 1 Punishing bundles (ravioli bs fails if opponent do the bundle-trick, but doing that is very risky of course). Kali´s perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0BdEK1wzS0&feature=youtu.be 2 Against greatsword r1 into kick works good (not SS R1 into kick). Kali´s perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbmPNuEIc2g 3 Kali played as CCS user hitting me twice and then going for a rollcatch. Using ravioli out of the hit-stun worked surprisingly good. 4 We failed doing block ravioli against washing pole 2h r1 spam.
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from my horizon (I never roll-bs´d the second pyro from stun before, for example. I usually roll away and regroup myselves)
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Windlands To The Top (in 27sec)
It is also possible to skip visiting the second spawnstone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMJ5Y3DT6mQ
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Courtly love
Why does a spirit of vengeance try to protect a host from a fellow blue, standing in the way to prevent chains? Because he believes the host is a 16 year old girl, and is at the same time trying to flirt with the host in chat! Ironically this is making the host absent minded and, in the end, rekt... DebatingJam401: really 20? DebatingJam401: it seems that you have 17 DebatingJam401: 16 Zweihard: Why? DebatingJam401: the picture looks Zweihard: lol Zweihard: it's a girl Zweihard: not me DebatingJam401: gg Zweihard: gg DebatingJam401: you are a girl? or a boy? do not understand DebatingJam401: so? Zweihard: it's a picture of a pretty girl Zweihard: I'm a guy -_- DebatingJam401: really? DebatingJam401: You're kidding? DebatingJam401: WTF? Zweihard: -_- DebatingJam401: gfucking DebatingJam401: ..............You are making a fool of me
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cleaning drive of nonsense
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My first bs bait into parry
First attempt I fail by just parrying too late, but then I get another chance out of the stun.
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ravioli test 4: Turtles got buffed
Thanks to Kali for patiently helping me with these tests. Conclusions (sorry ps4 players): 1 Reaction ravioli bs against estoc shieldsplitter is very viable, but you have to initiate the bs after the ravioli (no backstep attack). There is still no time for escape. 2 reaction ravioli bs against long sword guard break weapon art is very viable (and should stand in for all straight swords) 3 reaction ravioli bs against claymore (greatsword) guard break weapon art is not a good idea. 4 reaction ravioli bs against katana r2 or katana weapon art is not a good idea.
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help from above
this fight didnt go down as I first thought it would
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The unbearable lightness of backstabbing
Its hard to find estoc and straight sword users at pontiff. I wonder why
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DaS3 advanced bs tech
Hidden tech. Donate to learn
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badass parries
First one was actually depending on me failing to kick.
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pb-notes 3
Double kick in pve? Anyway. Second time I tried pb against kick my ratio went from something like 1 in 40 to 1 in 6. If I get around 50% success I will try it in a pvp practise-session.
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Mako vs Simian 10 - 3 Friendly ft10 in apprentice rank
I get really nervous when facing high poise kumo. I do not meet this build often in the wild, even though it is supposed to be one of the most common, and I am really low on ideas when facing it. People have said I should go mid cb instead of flip, and I am going to try that out. I guess I will perform better technically when I lose my fear of it. Cause I do lot of sloppy and idiotic stuff here, like passing by bs-opportunities, effing up my early get up option from stun, and walking into a firesurge like a moth. I am happy for all constructive criticism I can get! If someone wants to buy me a beer I can also accept that. GG´s to Mako! You are very on point. Looking forward to fight you again! Music: Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet is a 1971 arrangement by Gavin Bryars of a composition by an unknown composer. It is formed on a brief stanza sung by a homeless man.
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Farron wakeup rollcatches
Farron breakdance seems to be a much more efficient wakeup rollcatch than the halberd 2h R2 spin.
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Steam custom in-game interface with hotkeys
I added hotkeys for recording, setting teleport points and teleporting, kicking hackers, and opening steam overlay. And did a stupid roll against Unda, but saved my ass with some ravioli. And Deadly Despair using divine blessings.
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mean counterpick
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Whammy-dash bs and rollcatch bs
Tried two new techs in pvp. The rollcatch bs is apparently old, but I didnt find out about it until today. Very effective! The whammy dash (reverse q-step) is gonna take some practise before being consistent though...
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