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The Jester and the Queen with Elliot Miller on Melodica
This is a love song I wrote a while back. With the help from my very talented cousin, we were able to make a it worthy for an audience. Not long ago and not too far away In the kingdom of laughter and dreams In a grand room wept a beautiful princess Who's destined to be the new Queen Oh it was My Job as royalties Jester To wipe away tears and the frown But nothing I did would undo the girl's sadness So next to her I just sat down I said Lady I'm fond of you And it troubles me To see your teardrops Turn from puddles to streams So here is my shoulder On it you may lean For I am your Jester And you are my Queen Smile she did and then soon came a laugh As my antics went full in display In the ballroom I would pluck out a tune And the Princess would frolic and sway Oh but one day in the middle of playing She stopped as if turned into stone She turned to me with a tear in her eye And said I cannot do this alone I said Lady you're not alone Fairest and free If you have a problem Just put it on me Now I will tell jokes That are crude and obscene For I am your Jester And You are my Queen Oh on the day When she took up her crown She called and I bowed at her feet She said to rise And then that's when I noticed Right next to her An empty seat Name you commands for me Your royal Highness I'll chase all your sorrows away She smiled and laughed And then raised out her hand And said listen to what I must say You were the kindest You listened to me You fought off my nightmares And painted my dreams That chair is empty As plainly you see For I need no Jester … But I do need... A King.
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Working title: Motivation
Success is not an elevator ride... It's a steep climb. Here is to all my fellow worn out climbers. #workneverends
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The Jester and The Queen
It Is often said that what a girl looks for in a man is humor. That is not true. A girl finds everything an attractive man says funny. What a girl really wants is to be charmed...or fed. So I dedicate this song to my fellow Gents out there who try WAY WAY to hard to make those girls out of your league laugh. Here is a tip: Eat healthier, Go for a jog, bathe, Let that one girl know how you feel. Girls We jesters are a tough project to work on. Our loyalty is unmatched if we know we are appreciated though. Encourage the goof to not die at the age of 36 from heart failure. Teach him to read good books and remind him to shave. He just might turn out a good guy. Enjoy!!
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Smokey Robinson Melody (Crusin') instrumental
Finger style version of Smokey Robinson. This is my own cover. Inspired by Tommy Emmanuel. Filmed on ipad
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Stop licking me!!!!
My dog is crazy
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Funeral for my car
My brother plays taps for my dead Camry
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Wind Carry Me Away
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Great Adventure
First song of '18 Thank you for all of your support. In order to make more of this 🎵 I need more of this 💲. Share this with your friends. Help me find a sponsor. Recommend shows and venues to play at. Share with other musicians who want more with their music. It's time to climb out of the rut and make something out of this. Thanks again
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Remade Remastered Rewind
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Eleanor Rigby/Horse with No Name
A fun Mix with my sister Lyydia.
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Golden river
A happy song about facing the dark moments of loss and overcoming those fears.
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Thumbing Respect
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Working title (Stout on Tap)
I couldn't think of a good title so I thought about what I wanted to drink right now. #music #acoustic #Guitar #singer #songwriter
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Faith in the Fog
It takes more courage to walk through stretches of life where you feel out of control and you don't know what the future holds. This instrumental tries to capture that feeling.
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Eleanor Rigby/Horse With No Name cover
Cover of two fantastic songs put into one. I do not own either piece. For the sake of art they have been slammed together. Apologies for the cracking voice at the beginning. #music #guitar #cover #fusion #acoustic #folk #jazz #Beatles #America
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Life's hard. Work sucks. I feel you. Right now you can cast off your cares for a bit. You're in good company.
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Mr. Crow
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Door in a Hill
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Rough Draft
First two verses.
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Things upon me.
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Things upon me
I dedicate this song to Bean Shack Coffee Company. For keeping me awake all the late nights I needed to record this. Enjoy
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October's Gift
Remastered and awesome
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The battle
A song about..... Well a battle
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The song in my heart
Music is an output of the soul. I have a joy within and at times it is made manifest through song.
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Baby Emma
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Thumbing Respect (better quality)
A play on words. To make it in music you need some respect. To get some respect learn how to use your thumb #fingerstyle #music #acoustic #guitar #songwriter
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Vanity (unedited first recording)
Invest your life and things worth investing. Your youth will fade. Our leaders rise and fall. Our wealth is here today and gone the next. So what can you put your trust in?
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This song is dedicated. For those who are stepped on but not crushed. #singersongwriter Support your local musician.
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Lighting up the World
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The Long and Winding Road (acoustic cover) beatles
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Company acoustic version
Misery loves Company Cast your cares at the feet of your local Jester. Singer Songwriter Please like and subscribe #music
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Story of my life
Simpsons Auto
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Filling a need
This is me elaborating on an ad that I posted several weeks ago on Facebook. This is a project that I am taking seriously and I would like other people to help.
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Deep Violet
It's been a long time in the making, but now I have full confidence in this little masterpiece
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Look at the light FAIL
Things were going well....... Until!
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Door in a Hill
This song has got a beat!
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Groove in the key of X
A fun alternative jazz piece. I hope you like it. #music #acoustic
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Bad Knee Rain-dance
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Silly little song I wrote a long time ago.
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Piece of mind
First vocal
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Mr. Crow
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Play this at every café I go to so it felt right to call it by that name. #music #guitar #acoustic #fingerstyle #original #songwriter
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This is me
This song just sums up my philosophy and my goals. #singersongwriter
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Song idea
Here is just a short sample of a song idea
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Sir Bob
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I am a son
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