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A Right Bird!
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What time is it, Eccles?
A very rough draft of the old sketch, made with a friend.
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Mysterious Video to me???
Well, the way I figure it, it's either me, Joe Walsh, or ten million other people, which narrows it down to damn near everybody.
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This Bloke Came up to Me [--Graphic Language---]
These are both first takes, so it's not fine-tuned. It's just to preserve this comedy piece, maybe introduce it to new folks, and entertain the old fans. Happy New Year.
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It's a Windy Night is all
I'm really just horsin' around.
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Evidence of Head Injury? You tell me!
To view cat video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dP_tfVGKxdE
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I don't drive.
no siree
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Where is KarlDaly? (2006)
Where are ya?
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I can't sleep!
A spider is in my bed.
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Crabs, Priests, and Descartes
Being accused of being Cartesian.
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How did I get IN this mess? (GooTube Conspiracy Video)
I can't believe this video. I had to look up what this guy was talking about. What IS this?!
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Dig this Zen story
Dig this old zen story I used to like.
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Hollywood Love Story: III
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Inspired by EddyBergman and OurNationalSpace. Dedicated to everyone here whose head I have been in. MrBlisterFist Perico1973 ghostof2 burnvictim77 loquesto ravenlaughs voodoowop deadlogic And for Gus, who has no idea what he's geting in to. I mean, Olive.
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Pantless Politics
That's me in the corner, next to the guy with no pants.
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Hollywood Love Story: II
Second part.
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GRAPHIC LANGUAGE! (Dudley Moore/ Peter Cook)
This is fast, quick, and rough draft of the next sketch. Done in one take, so it's just plain jane.
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Saturday Night Vlog
Slow night. Enjoying yer company.
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Horsing Around: Volume XXVI, Issue 212.B
I'm in bed for a few days here, with no energy, so I figured I'd liven things up and bit and watch me spazzing out, wasting time last New Year's Eve. I'm thinking about doing something from Strangelove, I was thinking where the president talks to the russian guy on the phone. I like that bit. Whadda ya think? When will I ever do a vlog vlog?
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If You Really Knew Me...
This video really doesn't need any music, but the music that was there was The Soul Stirrers' "Come Let Us Go Back to God," featuring the one and only Sam Cooke.
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Can You Name All These Songs?
Brindisi (Pavarotti and Cecilia Bartoli) Mellow Down Easy (Little Walter) Take this Waltz (Leonard Cohen) I Haven't Told Her (Peter Sellers) The Way that Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison) Master and Slave (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) Les Annes Follies (France Gall) County Fair (Mel Torme) Evening Gown (Left Banke) Mama's Place (Bing Day) Pretty Ballerina (Left Banke) When I was Young (Eric Burton and the Animals) Prodigal Son (can't find the recording; I only have a fraction of the song) The Defiant Ones (Lenny Bruce and Eric Miller)
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Introduction (2006)
Intro to me, since I made it, without injury, through my first video.
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minute or so of nothing
This doesn't have anything to do with halloween.
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Serious Political Message from St. Lenny Bruce
Horsin' around in the kitchen
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Merry Christmas 2014
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Invitation to unsubscribe
Even though this was made back in 2006, it still applies. All kidding aside, please don't subscribe unless it's an absolute emergency. Thanks.
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Scraps of paper
I'd been carrying little pieces of paper with me for years. I'm reading a few here.
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Imitation of Winston Churchill
A video made but had never been made public!! I don't have it in me to make a video now, but I can drag a few bodies out from under the leaves.
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Rollin' on the River: My Life After-Ike
Left a good job in the city...
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Theo and Pierre return to Paris
Back in France
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Flow it! Show it! (annotated)
I meant to sit down and make just a normal vlog, but then I forgot how much I dig this song...and forgot all about the vlog. I also forgot I had annotations for this and only recently remembered to push the publish button.
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Elvis Costello and the Intestines
Edited rather quickly. Hope it turns out alright.
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11 Janvier 2015 Paris
I had spent a few minutes sitting there not knowing what to say, so I figured I'd text Pierre in the other room to ask him what I should say. He came in before I had a chance to call him, while I was looking at some photos taken today. I still don't know what to say, but I figured I'd translate our conversation while I tried to think of something. Thanks to everyone who has been asking how everything is over here in Paris.
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Archie CEO sued for Calling Employees "Penis"
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Who am I again?
The origins of a screename.
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Dylan Thomas (supposed to be talking, me, but you know, sometimes it doesn't work)
This was meant to be a reading, but nothing came out of my mouth. Maybe next time,.
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L Wren Tribute
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Audio's out, so I'm slapping on some garbage You Tube offers for free. Supposed to be Beck's "Where it's at." (Also thinking Yes's "Leave it."
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From the Lost Files
In honor of the bird that died in our home yesterday, I submit a video from the Lost Files, my experience of remorse after the bird-hating video. It was the last night in the apartment in Houston, 2008.
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Before the Voyage...
Goin' to the U.S. tomorrow. I went to go upload this video a couple hours ago, and got sidetracked by everyone, so it doesn't include a response to a few people.
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To bed
1st time to use subtitles and text stuff. I hope I got it right. Just stupidity.
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Long Day's Journey Into Night
Theo as Dick Cheney as James Tyrone Alex as George W. Bush as Jamie Tyrone Slim as Betty Boop, angel, santa, crypt keeper, rubber duck, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, etc.
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November 20
cool 'song'
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