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How To Treat Hemorrhoids
I know this is a nasty subject but I have found something that works really well in treating and in some cases preventing hemorrhoids.
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Being Critical Reflects On Us
Sorry for all the sneezing in this video. Bad allergy day. Feeling the need to constantly be critical of others reflect on those of us that are doing the criticizing.
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Loaning Money To Friends
Friends and loans do not mix well.
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Day 50 Off Weed/Clarity Can Be Painful/ Life Passing Us by
I am going through some rough things right now. Things that, in the past, I would have hid from by getting high. At day 50 I am glad to be sober and dealing with reality. http://convalessons.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/quitting-weed/
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My Thought On The Trailer For "Dark Girls"
My thoughts on the trailer for "Dark Girls" and my experiences with this growing up in the Washington DC area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXG38QxXY-s
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Prove To Yourself You're Not Addicted/113 Days Off Weed
Many people have angrily commented on my videos about marijuana addiction or sent me private messages saying that they have no addiction, mental or physical, to weed. I challenge you to prove it...to yourself. This is only directed at those who have made this assertion.
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What I Just Learned About Black People In Early American History Blew My Mind
A friend just sent me a video that changed my view on American history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inoWGGeqdmo
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Benefits Of Controlling My Weed Intake
I am putting this up as a remoinder to myself of why I am trying to quit smoking weed.
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Bald and Sexaaaaaay!
FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING!! My thoughts on being bald and how other people see me.
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6 Months Of Sobriety
I've made it to 6 months off weed. Truly amazing to me. http://convalessons.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/quitting-weed/
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Man Kills Wife Who Murdered Their Children
A man killed his wife after finding one child dead and the other in the process of being murdered. Now HE'S going to jail. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/02/us-crime-flashlight-idUSTRE7B12A120111202
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Assimilate or LEAVE!
If you are so happy with the way life is in your country then stay there or go back.
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Slippin Back/Wanting To Smoke Again
I've noticed myself slippin back into old habits recently. Old habits that could lead me back to the habit I never want to deal with again.
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Not As Sweaty/Day 170 Off Weed
I've made it to 170 days off weed. I've noticed another major change...
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Beware Of Controlling Relationships
A lot of people confuse control for concern. There is a huge difference.
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Addiction Researches Have Found...
This is about research into the brains of people that started abusing drugs or alcohol before the finished puberty.
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Thoughts On Brazilian Blowout/Keratin Treatments
My salon recently started doing the Brazilian Blowout/Keratin Treatment. I'm not feeling to good about doing these treatments. http://sentryairsystems.blogspot.com/2010/05/brazilian-keratin-treatment-health.html http://www.mizozo.com/health/04/2011/14/hazard-alert-getting-your-hair-straightened-can-be....html
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Screaming Children Will Not Be Tolerated
A NC restaurant has banned out of conrtol children. I think its a great idea. http://consumerist.com/2010/09/restaurant-bans-screaming-kids.html
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Dealing With Death/Dying Pet
Lenny's fine. I just wanted to share my feelings on people shielding their children too much when it comes to dealing with death. This is not an attack on parents.
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Hiring People Over the Age of 50
I saw a report that people over the age of 50 are having a hard time finding a job.
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Self Pity Out The Door
Self pity is something I rolled around in while I was a drug addict. No more
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18 Months Off Weed
Still trucking along with my sobriety. Thoughts on how our brains are altered by addictive behavior.
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My FBI File
Got the info back about my FBI file.
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Overly Critical Parents
Criticism needs to be balanced by encouragement and praise.
Narcissistic and Resentful Parents
A lot of parents out there just ain't right in the head. OK not a lot....some. I am providing this link though there are some things on this website I don't agree with. Take everything read here with a grain of salt. http://daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.com/
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Can't Sleep/Strengthening Self/20 Months Off Weed
My advice on dealing with some of the side effects of quitting weed plus thoughts on my own progress and pushing ourselves to do what is difficult/uncomfortable.
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"Ghetto" By Choice
You are who you choose to be. You are not your behavior.
I Was Molested
GRAPHIC ADULT TOPIC. Discussing being molested as a child, the effects it has on the child, what to watch out for and what action to take as a parent if this happens to your child.
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Best Damn Milkshake...EVER!
I make the best strawberry milkshakes.
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Raw Emotion of Getting Off Drugs/ Weird Dreams
Day 8 has been much more rough then days 1 through 7. I am very emotional in this video so if you don't like to see me upset don't watch. I also discuss the weird dreams I have been having.
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Y'all Helped Me Get To Day 63 Off Weed
I never thought I'd be able to get to 63 days off weed.
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Weird Dog with Weird Eating Habits
I have no idea what is up with my dog but this is his latest weird thing.
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Praying The Liturgy of the Hours
Something new I've added to my spiritual repertoire. The book is called The Everyday Catholics Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours.
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Stop Being So Vain!
I wish more women would be able to value themselves based on who they are as people not whether they have grey hair or wrinkles.
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5 Months No Porn/Masturbation Update
Last week was my 5 month anniversary with no pornography. The no masturbating is not going as well. Free porn block: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znhtgv31Cmo
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Weed as an Escape
Ya can't run forever.
No Good Men Left???
FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING! This video is HARSH. I am not trying to be hateful but I believe some times I have to be harsh to get my point across. This video applies to both men and women. I am so sick of hearing there are no good men left. There are plenty of good men out here. Just because you never attract them doesn't mean they don't exist!
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Bad Toothpaste
Many toothpastes wear down our enamel. Here's the least abrasive ones available. Plain baking soda Arm and Hammer Tooth Powder Elmex Sensitive Plus Arm and Hammer Dental Care And right on the line between acceptable and unacceptable is Arm and Hammer Advance White Baking Soda Peroxide.
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Requesting My FBI Records
I've decided to submit a request for my FBI file. http://www.fbi.gov/foia/requesting-fbi-records
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How I Stay Sober
Answering a question I am asked frequently about being sober.
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Goodbye Gfreak...Hello Brother
Moving on up...growing on up...
Day 22 Off Weed/ 38 Day Challenge
3 weeks off weed, a challenge a friend made to me, and hopefully joy you can feel over both.
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Stuck Up/ Upity/ Bougie
A friend asked my opinion on the idea that black people who don't want to live in the hood or live in "race dominated" neighborhoods think they are somehow better then other people in their group. Here it is and it ain't nice.
First Night Weed Free
Tonight is the first of many weed free nights. As always this is about what I need to do for my own life. I am not anti marijuana. Those of you that have self control more power to ya. With me it's all or nothing.
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Freed From Self Hatred
My experiences at the 2014 Courage Conference. http://couragerc.org/ http://everlastinghills.org/
9 Months Off Weed
Today is my 9 month anniversary off drugs.
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Women Can't Raise Boys...
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Interracial Couples
Why do you care who other people date?
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Ignoring Negative Mind Games
My mind is still playin tricks on me but I recognize them now and don't let the negative thoughts dominate me.
Week 5 of One Night Without Weed
Update on week 5 of one night without marijuana.
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