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03 Lancer Oz Rally tour.
Just a video of my new car and an exhaust clip.
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Optic Gaming Jump to music sign
This a project I built. Was inspired by the green wall and love the way it turned out.
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Unboxing and review of Beats Sour Apple Solo Hds
Unboxing /Review of new colored beats. Sorry my phone died at the end im going to be getting and Ipad2 for school and I order a case so ill box that and review it.
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Drifting on Horizon
First Recording of Forza Horizon.
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R35-XtremeXprience @ Nola Motorsport Raceway
What's up guys this is a cool company called XtremeXprience. They basically let you drive Super cars for really cheap and they let you drive them how you want to. I drove a R35 and got to about 140.
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Jordan Flight Lumarys Unboxing
Picked up some new shoe's thought I would do a quick unboxing
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Triton Ax 720 unboxing
My first unboxing i think it went well pls leave comments idc if they bad
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Evike Unboxing
Hey guys this is my first unboxing in awhile and it is from evike which I was so excited to get Hope Y'all enjoy and Happy New Year.
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Galaxy s4 unboxing
Finally got my galaxy s4
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Black Ops 2 vs MW3
I thought I would make a video of which harden edition is better so here it is.
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First time Slender
My first time playing slender
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Unboxing Ipad2 case/blue tooth keybored
Unbocing of IMounTek case/blue tooth keyboerd for all ipads.
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Drifting on Black Ops 2
Drift on Black Ops 2
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Flipping in Forza Horizon #2
Another flip
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Black Ops 2 Die Rise Funny
My friend Im Z0H doing him a little death dance.
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Black Ops 2 update
Payed off the collectors edition they stoped selling the care package edition but it is all good will do an unboxing.
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Red stick Rumble
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Wwe new wwe championship belt
This is the new title made by the Rock.
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Non Monster Beats Solo HD after 7 months
This are the non monster beats by dre solo hd after 7 months. Thought I do a video sense I haven't done one in a while
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Black Ops2 unboxing
As promised here is bo2 unboxing
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Kreepy Krawkies Prank
Cousin played a prank on our Aunt on Easter. RomanAtWood Kreepy Krawkies kit worked very well.
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Update and What to expect.
Sorry for bad quality in next vid will try to do better.
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Update/what to come/setup
This is a 3 topic video its long but I figuer I talked 2 mins on each topic. And in the video when I said ill get th ax 180s I meant astro a40s sorry for that.
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Why I deserve to go to COD Champs @KEEMSTARx
I know this is a long video of me going on about why I think I should got to cod champs but I could sit and make a 20 min oh gaming in my life. I know DramaAlert does more then just cod things.
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Beats by dre Solo HD (smartie blue)
This is before my smartie blue headphones snapped. I asked the guy if I could change the color and he said yes.
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Fast and Furious 6 trailer (from super bowl)
This is a real trailer of fast 6. From the Super Bowl. Sorry for volume of it I didn't realize it was low till I posted it.
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First Commentary
First video
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LonelyMailBox's Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/lonelymailbox?feature=watch AciDic WaRRix Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/AciDiCxNation This is a video of what should be coming and also a shout out to lonelymailbox
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Fliping in Forza Horizon
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Wwe Night of Champions Results
These are the matches and the winners i forgot miz's fatal four way againts Sin Caria Rey Mystery and cody rodous miz win he pined cody with a mask on from Sin Caria sorry for sound turn up voolem and im tried sorry
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GumDrop Drop tech series unboxing
Got my case for school wanted to do an unboxing of if. I got the black and red case there is also blacl and black, black and white or military green.
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

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