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The History Of Steam Locomotives (part 1)
i love trains, i have been a railfan for years now as many local engineers can attest lol
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Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie - S02E04: Trains - The Steam Pioneers (5.1 DPL II, HD)
Grab your anoraks and climb onboard the 1820s, one of the most revolutionary decades in history. In just ten years transportation evolved from foot and horse to the first passenger railway, forever changing British society. Chris follows this breakthrough, heading down a mine to witness rail's beginnings and taking a spin on the Trevithick Puffing Devil - the world's first high-pressure steam engine. Finally, our intrepid presenter climbs on to the footplate of some of the earliest and most famous trains in the world. TV icon and vintage machine enthusiast, Chris Barrie, serves up a big dose of nostalgia in this exclusive series celebrating British design. 5.1 surround, encoded using Dolby Pro Logic II.
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The History Of Steam Locomotives (part 2)
i love trains period, but especially the old school steam engines, it is like a blast into the past and really a glimpse into what drove the industrial revolution.
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Animation of How a Steam Locomotive's Boiler Works
http://ultimaterestorations.com See how the boiler of a steam locomotive works. Ultimate Restorations is the hit show that airs on public television across America. Look for more Ultimate Restorations coming in 2017!
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Thermodynamics 221518-04X | Footage Farm
If you wish to acquire broadcast quality material of this reel or want to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at info@footagefarm.co.uk 1938 Blacksmith cranking forge, red hot iron in coals. Animation of molecules moving about. Kinetic Theory of matter illustrated. Slow down as temperature decreases. Rod heated.. Superimposed heat driving turbines, locomotives, automobiles. 13:38:06 Animated illustration of air forced up through coals from bottom & carbon & oxygen of air uniting to give off heat. 13:38:31 Large steam locomotive engine to stop. Animated overlay showing workings of steam engine w/ firebox, boiler & cylinder moving to power wheels making use of sliding valve to bring in hot steam. 13:40:17 Vanes of airwheel turned by air. Animation of steam turbine in cut-away showing multiple rotors. 13:41:36 Turbine seen in place in large electric generating plant. 13:41:53 Automobile sedan pulls up to service station gasoline pump. Attendant opens hood of six cylinder car. Animated cut-away of four-cycle motor showing carburetor, piston & crankshaft & cooling water. 13:43:43 Ext. of motor, hood covered & car leaves. 13:44:01 Tractor w/ diesel engine. Motor & cutaway showing working w/o carburetor or spark plug. 13:45:22 Tractor past & pov of plowing from back of tractor. 13:45:48 Title: First Law of Thermodynamic 1 Calorie of heat is 4.187 Joules of work. 13:46:03 Animation & title Second Law of Thermodynamics: Useful work can be done only when heat at high temperature is changed to heat at a lower temperatue. The End.
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The Worlds First Steam Engine 300th Anniversary
The replica Newcomen Pumping Engine at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley has been brought back to life for the 300th anniversary of the first recorded practical application of steam power. The self-acting valve gear is a clanking cacophony of joy! The restoration team were helped by Guy Martin and the engine was featured in the Channel 4 documentary series 'How Britain Worked' (as was my own miniature Newcomen engine model, used by Guy to demonstrate how the engine works!) See my other vids for some footage of my little 'un in action!
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Reciprocating Steam Engine
This is the Titanic's steam engine built by Zjef Van de Poel in Autodesk Inventor. I spent time to animate the most of it's parts in 3DSMAX.
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Hero of Alexandria - The first steam engine
The history of the steam engine stretches back as far as the first century AD. The first recorded rudimentary steam engine being the aeolipile described by Hero of Alexandria.
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Heisler Steam Logging Locomotive V-Twin engine valve motion.
Here's a view most people will never get to see of the valve motion on a Heisler Logging Locomotive while going down the tracks. This is the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club's, Silver Creek & Stephenson Railroad or SC&S RR, which runs several times during the year including runs on Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and during the Threshing Show aka the Freeport Show which is held up the road at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds. The railroad is accross the road from the Silver Creek Museum which also has a huge 130 Ton Cooper Corliss stationary steam engine with a 26 foot diameter flywheel, (actually 26' 4" diameter) with over 85 Tons of rolling mass. Check out the clubs website at http://www.thefreeportshow.com for more details.
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Triple Expansion Steam Engine Animation
http://www.stirlingengineforsale.com/ An animation showing how a Triple Expansion Steam Engine works.
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Simon Schaffer on steam engines and their history - part one
Professor Simon Schaffer discusses the history and impact of steam engines, including Stephenson's rocket, at a Railway Museum. Filmed in 1999 as part of 'The Day the World Took Off'. All revenues to World Oral Literature Project
Double Acting Steam Engine Animation
http://www.stirlingengineforsale.com/ An animation of a double acting steam engine. The double acting steam engine has two power strokes per cycle. Steam is admitted to the cylinder by means of a sliding piston valve. This is out of phase with the displacer piston by 90 degrees - this ensures the correct timing of the steam entering into the cylinder. This animation of a double acting steam engine also shows the tubes and supply network of the steam, from the boiler and eventually back to the boiler.
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Titanic's steam engines and Parson turbine sounds
The sounds produced by Titanic's 2 steam engines and Parson turbine. Enjoy :) Just imagine being in the 'machine room' and hearing all those sounds all day long :))
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Kenny the Inventor: Steam Engine
Kenny invents an engine that runs on steam and can be used in the robots he builds.
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Shay Locomotive Steam Engine Railway Logging
Shay Locomotive Steam Engine Railway Logging The Shay locomotive was the most widely used geared steam locomotive. The locomotives were built to the patents of Ephraim Shay, who has been credited with the popularization of the concept of a geared steam locomotive. Although the design of Ephraim Shay's early locomotives differed from later ones, there is a clear line of development that joins all Shays. Ephraim Shay (1839--1916), was a schoolteacher, a clerk in a Civil War hospital, a civil servant, a logger, a merchant, a railway owner, and an inventor. He lived in Michigan. In the 1860s he became a logger and wished to devise a better way to move logs to the mill than on winter snow sleds. He built his own tramway in 1875, on 26 inch (66 cm) gauge track on wooden ties. This was much more efficient than his competitors because he could log all year round. Two years later he invented the Shay Locomotive. In about 1877 he developed the idea of having an engine sit on a flat car with a boiler, gears, and trucks that could pivot. The first Shay only had two cylinders and the front truck was mounted normally while the rear truck was fixed to the frame and could not swivel, much as normal drivers on a locomotive. He mounted the 3' diameter by 5' tall boiler centered on the car with the water tank over the front trucks and the Crippen's engine mounted crossways over the rear trucks. Shay experimented first with a chain drive from the engine through the floor to the truck axle. It is not known if he powered one or both axles, but he soon found that the chain drive was not practical and he next tried a belt drive. It did not take long for the idea to become popular. Shay applied for and was issued a patent for the basic idea in 1881. He patented an improved geared truck for his engines in 1901. Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio built Ephraim Shay's prototype engine in 1880.[3] Prior to 1884, all the Shays Lima produced weighed 10 to 15 tons each and had just two cylinders. In 1884, they delivered the first 3-cylinder (Class B) Shay, and in 1885, the first 3-truck (Class C) Shay. The success of the Shay led to a major expansion and reorganization of the Lima company. When Lima first received the Shay idea it was not impressed, until John Carnes influenced the company to use the idea, resulting in the classic Shay design. In 1903, Lima could claim that it had delivered the "heaviest locomotive on drivers in the world", the first 4-truck (class D) Shay, weighing 140 tons. This was built for the El Paso Rock Island line from Alamogordo, New Mexico to Cox Canyon, 31 miles away over winding curves and grades of up to 6%. The use of a two-truck tender was necessary because the poor water quality along the line meant that the locomotive had to carry enough water for a round trip. Lewis E. Feightner, working for Lima, patented improved engine mounting brackets and a superheater for the Shay in 1908 and 1909. After the basic Shay patents had expired, Willamette Iron and Steel Works of Portland, Oregon, manufactured Shay-type locomotives, and in 1927, Willamette obtained a patent on an improved geared truck for such locomotives. Since "Shay" was a trademark of Lima, strictly speaking it is incorrect to refer to locomotives manufactured by Willamette and others as "Shays". Six Shay Patent locomotives, known as Henderson-style Shays, were built by the Michigan Iron Works in Cadillac, Michigan.
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Animated Steam Locomotive dedicated to  CSR 3463 Project.
http://www.mekanizmalar.com/menu_thermodynamic.html This video is dedicated to the resurrection of the Santa Fe Steam Locomotive 3463. Sustainable Rail International, working with the University of Minnesota, has designed a steam locomotive which on paper is much better than the diesel-electric hybrid locomotives. To prove their claim they are salvaging the 3463 which will reach 130 mph when it is completed. Here is the link to CSR web page. http://www.csrail.org/index.php/the-plan
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Steam engine Inventor 2012
Steam engine made in Autodesk Inventor 2012
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Geared Shay Steam Locomotives
Footage of the Cass Scenic Railway in Cass West Virginia, recorded from Monday, July 9, 2012 through Wednesday July 11, 2012. This video includes an overview of the town, locomotive facility, and runbys. If you have not made a trip to Cass, you should go. They are very friendly and informative. Locomotive shop tour is FREE. Just ask a staff member and they will get you a pass! Highlights: 00:00 Overview of the historic town of Cass 00:45 Inbound train from Whittaker led by Shay #4 Cass Locomotive Shop 01:40 Shay #11 and Heisler #6 01:54 Inside the shop we see unmarked Shay #3 and a dismantled Shay #2. Shay #2 is the next locomotive scheduled to be repaired and returned to service. 02:29 In the shop next to the one seen previous, is the facility where Climax locomotive #9 is being restored. They anticipate to have this unit in running condition by 2014. 02:45 Shay #5 takes a train from the shop area to Cass station to board passengers for the Whittaker trip. 03:17 Shay #5 heading towards Whittaker with a loaded train. The boiler on the flatcar is for Climax #9. 03:48 An elevated view of the Cass Locomotive Shop. 04:00 Shay #5 running engine lite to pickup the consist for the run to Whittaker. 05:21 Shay #5, with consist, breaks to fill up with water, then heads to Cass station to pickup passengers. 06:50 Engineer Danny, with Shay #6 running engine lite to prep for the train trip to Bald Knob. 08:08 Setup at the Whittaker Campground, we catch Shay #6 taking its train up the mountain towards Bald Knob. 10:06 After meeting the Bald Knob train at the switchback, Shay #5 brings the Whittaker train back down the mountain towards Cass. 11:20 Shay #5 departs with a packed train for another run to Whittaker. All footage recorded by Jared Davis
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Trains For Kids: Steam Train
Nickel Plate Road 765 on an Owosso to Alma, Michigan run on October 15th, 2011. It was a very windy day, but that didn't stop the Railfans from getting the perfect photo. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate, and Subscribe! Copyright 2012 NOTE: This Channel and the videos featured here are owned by DelayInBlock Productions.
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Starting and Running a Wilesco D6 Model Steam Engine (how to start)
Video showing the starting and running of my Wilesco D6 steam engine. thanks for watching!!!
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history james watt steam story
for a history project - ignore the spelling ("it's" instead of "its") - on Steam Engines and the industrial revolution
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The History Of Steam Locomotives (part 3)
in spite of all the technological advances, locomotives are still one of the backbones of industry. remove trains from the picture, and this economy suffers inexorably.
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Homemade steam engine
Never though a steam engine would be easy to build, huh ? Here is my home made steam engine build from scratch with common pieces of wood and metal. It runs with two lead molded pistons (one serving as valve, the other as piston). Doesn't prove very powerful but works great ! Feel free to email me for any details of it's construction. See the same one from closer running on air : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7WQG55ve-I
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Inline Steam Engine
An elegantly simple, less expensive and low maintenance (few moving parts) steam engine was recently invented to assist the world's emerging solar thermal and distributed energy markets. This engine will assist homeowners, and up to medium size businesses, generate electricity, hot water and space heating/cooling using solar thermal steam. This new Uniflow steam engine can include single, or twin opposed cylinders with spool pistons in stand alone or various configurations (compound, radial, parallel, serial, etc.). There can be one inline sliding intake valve per two cylinders with no valve linkage. Pistons don't double as linear bearings, as in most reciprocating engines. Therefore, cylinder lubrication is not involved. Bearing lubrication is totally separated from the steam process so condensate treatment and filtering is avoided. Pistons also behave as exhaust valves.
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How It's Made - Steam Engines
Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Steam Engines episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.
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Newcomen Steam Engine
http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/NewcomenSteamEngine The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. The first practical thermal engine was invented in England by Thomas Newcomen in 1792. It was used to pump water out of mines. Steam is first generated by the boiler and pushes the piston up inside the cylinder. When the piston reaches the top, water is... Contributed by: Enrique Zeleny Audio created with WolframTones: http://tones.wolfram.com
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Allis Steam Engine/Pump animation
Informational display video of the Allis triple-expansion steam engine/water pump system located in the Chestnut Hill Museum. This version is fairly low-res; the full-sized version runs in the museum at 1280x1020 dpi. 3D model and animation by John P. Maggard, http://scotthull.com/ My apologies for the garbled frames at 0:08 and 0:50...evidently a problem with the upload process - I'll try a re-post later.
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Steam Engine Function
Steam Engine Function
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Lion locomotive
Curator Sharon Brown talks about the famous Lion locomotive, which is on display at the Museum of Liverpool www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/lion
Flywheel Engine Technology: American Power & The Rise Of Steam
Flywheel Engine Technology: American Power & The Rise Of Steam Help a kid and be a leader: DeMolay: http://www.demolay.org/ Finished examples: http://www.ebay.com/usr/4-matt1 Connie's Custom Stickers & More on Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/store=417495924
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The steam engine
This video will describe the steam engine in a contextual context, describing the functioning of, causes to and effects of the invention of the steam engine. It will analyse these questions: How does it work? What was the use? What caused the invention og the steam engine? What were the social effect of the steam engine?
James Watt Biography
James Watt 1736 - 1819 http://cloudbiography.com James Watt was a Scottish engineer who's improvements to the Newcomen steam engine greatly contributed to the Industrial Revolution. See a related article at Britannica.com: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/637673/James-Watt All content is either in the public domain or licensed pursuant to a Creative Commons Attribution License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ Attribution: http://cloudbiography.com/attribution.html
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Atmosphärische Dampfmaschine / Atmospheric Steam Engine
Ein Modell der ersten atmosphärischen Dampmaschine nach Thomas Newcomen von 1712. Das Modell wird produziert und vertrieben von Lutz Hielscher, Wuppertal. A Model of the first atmospheric steam engine from Thomas Newcomen, 1992. The model is produced and aviable by Lutz Hielscher, Wuppertal.
marine steam engines.wmv
Ray Hasbrouck and Rudy kouhoupt marine steam engine
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Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32
Mongols Shirts and Crash Course Posters! http://store.dftba.com/collections/crashcourse In which John Green wraps up revolutions month with what is arguably the most revolutionary of modern revolutions, the Industrial Revolution. While very few leaders were beheaded in the course of this one, it changed the lives of more people more dramatically than any of the political revolutions we've discussed. So, why did the Industrial Revolution happen around 1750 in the United Kingdom? Coal. Easily accessible coal, it turns out. All this, plus you'll finally learn the difference between James Watt and Thomas Newcomen, and will never again be caught telling people that your blender has a 900 Newcomen motor. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Follow us again! ‪http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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Model steam engine
This is a Heritage model steam engine, powered by Sterno. I hope to use it to power a simple locomotive based on the Bay Area Garden Railroad Society "basic project engine" designed by Michael Martin at www.panyo.com.
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Model Steam Engine working
Messing with a minature steam engine
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The Train Crash at Crush
The story of two steam locomotives that were crashed in a staged stunt in the 19th century. It was supposed to be a fun day out, but ended in flying metal and death. For more information check our page at http://www.unmuseum.org/crash.htm
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Working Video of Live Steam Engine - 18 HP Engine
18 HP steam engine open type with piston valve.
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Leavitt Steam Engine/Pump animation
Informational display video of the Leavitt triple-expansion steam engine/water pump system located in the Chestnut Hill Museum. This version is fairly low-res; the full-sized version runs in the museum at 1280x1020 dpi. 3D model and animation by John P. Maggard, http://scotthull.com/
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Bernay Steam Engines - MZT
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High Efficiency 4 Cylinder Steam Engine
This High Efficiency 4 Cylinder Steam Engine design can be coupled in line to Water Hammers to produce over-unity electrical power generation systems.
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marklin steam engines and shop parts
york PA cabin fever expo, 15Jan2012; marklin steam engines and shop parts
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Reminisce the era of steam engines
The bullet nosed WP class steam engine # 7161 hauls a special tourist train past Shahabad Mohammadpur at 9:42 AM on Feb.11, 2012. Incidentally the engine's tender belongs to another steam engine, the WL class #15005 based at the Loco Shed.at Rewari, now known as Rewari Steam Center.
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Newcomen steam engine animation
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The History Of Steam Locomotives (part 4)
i found this old tape from the history channel regarding the history of steam locomotives and i thought it would be a good upload.
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Steam train ride in Arcade NY
Here's another different video from Paleoman52. Today was my grandsons 4th birthday so it was decided to take him on the Arcade and Attica Steam railroad. This is the only active steam engine rail line in New York state and it is only 18 miles from my home. The video isn't great quality but it's the best my camera will do. I hope you enjoy this look at this old method of travel.
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Tower Bridge steam engine
Steam engine
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