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How To Play Steam Games Without Updating Them

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Now You Can Play Game Without Updating Them. Remember to like Subscribe and Comment on what you thought of my intros and outros Snapchat: conzilla112 Steam: CONZILLA
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CONZILLA (4 days ago)
This doesn’t work for games that check what version they are and what version they need to be.
DesecratedReaper (1 month ago)
this doesnt work for all games. Im currently trying to launch rome 2 total war and it wants a 20gb update for crap i dont need.
CONZILLA (4 days ago)
DesecratedReaper yeah it doesn’t work for games that check through the internet on what version they are and what version they need to be
TheCrazyLifer84 (4 months ago)
wow im retarded and you must be rich off the 600 views watching this nonsence
lavish bhatia (7 months ago)
The Unknown (10 months ago)
Can you do some lets plays?
The Unknown (10 months ago)
CONZILLA !!! It is up to you just keep uploading and aim high, you can get a lot more subscribers with more videos ( please upload :/ )
CONZILLA (10 months ago)
The Unknown unturned I am gonna do but witch fnaf game and also the series is about over anyway
The Unknown (10 months ago)
Do five nights at Freddy (fnaf)
The Unknown (10 months ago)
Play unturned I'll be thinking of more
CONZILLA (10 months ago)
I am doing some games tomorrow and any game selections will be helpful just put I mind I have a slow laptop so not games as detailed as cod or something
The Unknown (10 months ago)
Cool intro

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