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Add and run Windows 8.1 and 10 xbox live apps and games to Steam or any other front end easy!

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Want to add Windows 10 Apps and games to your steam so you can use them easy style! Now that Xbox games will be cross platform with windows 10 this will be used more and more. Open File Explorer and paste the following in the address bar: or windows key R to open the run box. shell:AppsFolder Press Enter. You should be greeted with a secret folder containing a bunch of random apps and actions. Find the Modern app you want to create a shortcut to. Right-click on it and choose “Create shortcut”. It’ll show up on your desktop. link to files in Explorer - %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1} create batch file in the folder that you make your links in with this info in it. echo off start gears.lnk exit MAKE SURE TO SAVE AS .BAT FILE! and add to steam ________________________________________­­_________________________ Please Subscribe to my channel, I am trying to get better at getting videos up on a regular basis. Twitter - https://twitter.com/BRKN_CONTROLLER facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Joe-Lavafire... Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/brkn_controller website - Http://joebone.com (in progress)
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Text Comments (122)
FLIZBOW GAMING (4 days ago)
where does he get that notepad file from
Prod Jay-Li (14 days ago)
i love u
Herb (2 months ago)
Very nice solution! Thank you.
Matthew Longest (2 months ago)
can you please add that link you have to the application folder to the description?
Matthew Longest (2 months ago)
Herr Vorragend (4 months ago)
Very good tutorial, still works. If you find out how to play that games on Steam Link next, you'd be my new hero! ;)
Dj Miller (4 months ago)
Sir... i would like to inform you that this tutorial of yours is a god send...
Dj Miller why thank you.
Aaron Priestley (4 months ago)
please add the link lol
Skully (5 months ago)
I tried to do this with Netflix, when I try to open the batch file it says "Class not registered"
Unique Cars (5 months ago)
LoL its lnk not Ink !! xD L not i !
KnightOfGold TheReborn (6 months ago)
How Do I Create A Batch File
Isaac L. (6 months ago)
In terms of getting a .PNG file for a game icon when you search Google for images just right-click and save the photo directly instead of opening up the photo first (which will make it a .JPG usually) Side Note: I wonder if there is a way to make the command prompt close automatically when you close the game, anyone able to figure that out? I know I could have it close with 'exit' but its nice displaying on Steam that i'm playing the game.
Miletto (6 months ago)
R1ch4rd N1x0n (7 months ago)
The Steam overlay isn't working....
Captain Alister (7 months ago)
So this works, BUT!!! There is no Steam overlay. Kind defeats the purpose here. Is there a fix for getting my Steam Overlay with these games?
Aleema K. (7 months ago)
How do you add mods to it once you get it in your library I tried to do it by just subscribing like you usually do but it didn't do anything to the game
it doesn't add the game to the library as a steam game just as a non-steam game so its basicly a link
Shawn Thomas (7 months ago)
OK, I don't know how but ive managed to follow you all the way through the batch files, and I got that to somehow work. But I have no idea how you got the 7-zip file into steam, can u help, I know this video is old. Thanks
Shawn Thomas (7 months ago)
Nevermind, I figured out that you can use any file, not just a 7-zip, so I just clicked on an old download I never use xD
Amazing video!
TEC (9 months ago)
%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
youbrowser100 (9 months ago)
awesome thanks
Nicholas Szaro (10 months ago)
Literally amazing video, thank you sir
D C (10 months ago)
This would've been super useful if I found it before I broke my Microsoft store
D C (9 months ago)
So much
D C (9 months ago)
I love you
Pion Steam (10 months ago)
Richard Cowlishaw (10 months ago)
I put cuphead and minecraft in steam with this and named them Cuphaed and Memecrap
TomZeBomb (10 months ago)
Hell yeah, thanks dude! Time to go see if it works on Steam Link now!
Listoric (10 months ago)
Still works like a charm ♥
Paul Hopper (11 months ago)
Thank you for this :) and for folks having problems with the .ink... its not an upper case I, or an i. Its a lower case L as in .lnk (appreviated link). .lnk (lower case L)
RichTE (3 months ago)
this should be top comment..
Skwishy Dude (11 months ago)
How do I get the game files?
but i want a steam overlay
Enemy Hunter Official/EHO EHOfficial/ don’t we all
Kár C (11 months ago)
Thanks! Very useful!
Arma 1456 (11 months ago)
It works on my Desktop but not in the "Shortcuts" folder. Why?
Jamesafar (11 months ago)
1:10 What???
Jeffrey Lem (1 year ago)
People with the problem that it can't find the .ink file. Here is how to solve it: Between the echo off and the start line you need to make another line. It needs to say cd (folder path) So it looks like this on my pc: echo off cd C:\Shortcut\Forza motorsport 7\ start motorsport7.lnk exit I hope this helps :D
Jeffrey Lem (1 year ago)
ty :D
FALprofessional (1 year ago)
You are my hero.
Titus Anderson (1 year ago)
The instructor should have reshot the video. I spent 45 minutes looking for the link to paste into the C drive's task bar to create the link for my game to the desktop. Also shouldn't have the text or bat file already created ahead of your students but should be made along with them...
Dustin Clouser (1 year ago)
i used your method and it worked fine however it doesn't seem to be actually using steam to launch game cause i cant use the steam overlay ya know shift+tab it does nothing
Anas Al Hosni (1 year ago)
thanks alot, it works but one little problem. when i launch it in big picture mode, it launches but i hear big picture menu sounds in the background!!!
Dylan May (1 year ago)
Im lost... Please make a updated version of this? Please...
Famous_Amari (4 months ago)
Mr PimmoZ (1 year ago)
Combining some solutions I found this much easier: *.Bat file is not required! use: shell:AppsFolder in explorer; Press organize; show menu bar (or something, roughly translating); In the menu: View; Group or sort by AppUserModelID; find the ID for the desired app to be added; In Steam add non-steam-game: Add explorer.exe from the C:\Windows directory Change Icon and name as desired; Change launch option to: shell:appsFolder\<INSERT THE AppUserModelID> For Halo Wars 2 this would be: shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.HoganThreshold_8wekyb3d8bbwe!xgame.app And voila! Happy gaming :)
SuperKasperl (1 year ago)
One problem is that steam does not show that you are playing the game to your friends (since the cmd closes I guess?) but thanks a lot you saved me a lot of time!
1RacerXer (1 year ago)
You, sir, deserve a medal!
U mate deserve a 2016 Service Medal!
1RacerXer thanks 😬😬😬
Clive LFRC (1 year ago)
For my shortcuts there doesnt seem to be an option to edit them and trying to open them through the notepad app results in a "catastrophic failure"
Achenar Myst (1 year ago)
Korato01 (1 year ago)
This is near to impossible to do for Halo Wars 2. Since if you click on the Halo Wars 2 App it closes and opens up the Halo App where you have to do an extra click within the Halo App to launch Halo wars 2. I guess you can do it with a Virtual Basic Script. But I don't really know how. Sad times.
Cat (1 year ago)
Thank you this explained it perfectly, i too happened to be trying to do it with gears of war xD
TJXGaming (1 year ago)
is there a way to make the command prompt close when i close MC win 10 edition, (Close automaticly)?
Crafty Ape (1 year ago)
I did absolutely everything shown in this video, and the bat file works. I added 7zip exe then changed the location to the bat file, and the folder containing it, but when I launch from steam it says "WIndows cannot find E:\shortcuts\gears.bat - make sure you typed the name in correctly" (the file path is correct though... which is really confusing)
Shyam Padmanabhan (1 year ago)
Ok, just figured out the problem. When you select the .bat file in the Steam Properties, it is probably looking for (i used the xbox app) xbox.bat.bat. So simply just leave the name without the .bat, and it will add itself automatically. It will be saved as a .bat file, but it wont say xbox.bat. Sorry if that sounded a bit confusing lol :P
Shyam Padmanabhan (1 year ago)
I have the same problem, and the shortcut IS in the same folder as the .bat file
Patrick Roeder (1 year ago)
For anyone having trouble creating a .bat file out of the Notepad file shown in the video.... Sometimes just naming and saving it "Gears.bat" won't work. Windows still recognizes it as a txt file. We need to expose the file types in windows. This will show you how. http://quehow.com/how-to-change-a-file-extension-in-windows-10/4450.html Now your notepad file should show the ".txt" file type. Now you can rename it to ".bat"
fungus dabogeyman (1 year ago)
Outstanding, thank you
AidanofVT (1 year ago)
So this does allow me to open a game from Steam, but it doesn't have the Steam overlay, which is what I want. Any tips?
Alejandro Jaramillo (1 year ago)
thank you, it works! but when i use steam link the xbox controller doesn't work, and if i try with big picture mode on pc the controller works but every action I do in the game, it's also done on the steam menu, do you know how to solved this? thank you :)
that's strange I played Gears of war the other day through the steam link. just make sure you mouse is on the game and not a second monitor or something or it won't control that screen.
Brian Brooks (1 year ago)
Not working with the latest version of Steam (build Oct 12 2016 17:53:48 v017 1476379980) on Windows 10 anniversary edition (10.0.14393). When you try to browse to select the .bat file. Steam adds a weird file named like ??uw?? but it never shows up in the library. If you try to directly add the .lnk file steam responds with "Catastrophic Error".
XENIQ (1 year ago)
Didn't you listen to the guy in the video? Steam doesn't support bat files, you have to add a random .exe and then edit its path and shortcut to the one you made
clamatac (1 year ago)
HI, When launching the bat refering to de .lnk I get an error that the .lnk file can not be found. Both files (.bat and .lnk) are in the same folder what am i doing wrong?
The Syndrosphear (5 months ago)
Thank's BUT still not working for state of decay 2. :(
Jeffrey Lem (1 year ago)
People with the problem that it can't find the .ink file. Here is how to solve it: Between the echo off and the start line you need to make another line. It needs to say cd (folder path) So it looks like this on my pc: echo off cd C:\Shortcut\Forza motorsport 7\ start motorsport7.lnk exit I hope this helps :D
Shyam Padmanabhan (1 year ago)
Did you save the NAME as "game".bat? if so, just remove the ".bat" at the end, and it is automatically saved as a .bat file, as long as u have the correct codes inside. the reason for this, is because in the steam properties, if the name of the file is "game".bat, and you do what he said in the video, the program looks for a file called "game".bat.bat, instead of "game".bat.
Niko1245 (2 years ago)
iシェード (2 years ago)
anyone find out how to enable the steam overlay at all..?
Phantom Eclipse (1 year ago)
There's an Xbox overlay...? I never saw one, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot.
It says on steam that overlay might not work on some games. I don't think there is a way to get it to work since xbox is the overlay running on windows store games.
Gatack (2 years ago)
This is the link you use: %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
Oliver Mauser (1 year ago)
It's in the video's description...
SyxQat Ⱦ PsyQat (1 year ago)
say "Copy this link" and assume that we can copy out of the video... damn those youtubers...
CUSTOM Tech (2 years ago)
how do I create exe
CUSTOM Tech (2 years ago)
how do I make a bat file?
RANDOM PLAYER64 (2 months ago)
that doesn't work
XENIQ (1 year ago)
Just make a text document, write what he wrote, save it as (gamename.bat) and done
Basha Royal (2 years ago)
i wanna do this jus bcz to take screenshots from steam [f12]. All ok, but screenshots not working... donno y.. PAUSE instead of EXIT is also worked for me...
Basha Royal (2 years ago)
it means steam overlay is not working... how to make it work?
lugnutz990 (2 years ago)
Thank you! This was exactly what I was unable to find how to do.
Avery Follett (2 years ago)
I've actually had more luck with .jpg files. Sometimes pngs just don't show up for me.
CyberBeeTV (2 years ago)
Does this work with Steam Controller?
Tr34Days (2 years ago)
how do i do this with halo 5? it keeps saying "windows cannot find Halo.lnk"
Casual PmP (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Lem Still didn't work?
Jeffrey Lem (1 year ago)
People with the problem that it can't find the .ink file. Here is how to solve it: Between the echo off and the start line you need to make another line. It needs to say cd (folder path) So it looks like this on my pc: echo off cd C:\Shortcut\Forza motorsport 7\ start motorsport7.lnk exit I hope this helps :D
Basha Royal (1 year ago)
dont use .ink , just use this "lnk" as copy paste, it wil work..
Foxaran (2 years ago)
Great video. I did that with Halo 5 but only issue is it doesn't show as playing the game
ItsRecker (1 year ago)
so I'm a bit new to all this but what would I put to indicate a pause?
you have to put a pause at the end instead of exit so it leaves the command window open. when you close the command window it stops showing that you are playing.
xOGx RockStaRs (2 years ago)
i found out myself how to do it as well but when i launch the game trough steam it still says i'm online in blue and not let's say Rise Of The Tomb Raider in green :/ same with you or ?
xOGx RockStaRs (2 years ago)
and wow i did it completely different then this video :/
I have found a step you can skip! When in your game properties instead of creating the .bat file just make the target the shortcut instead. Thats a step I found that you can skip. You also don't have to see the bat window open and close which to me is kinda nice. Only side effect is when you open Steam again it says it couldn't open the shortcut even though it did.
Gatsuby (2 years ago)
for some reason it doesn't work with me, it just keeps opening unlimited amount of windows nonstop and I have to restart my computer
Titus Anderson (1 year ago)
what do you mean "pause"?
Crafty Ape (1 year ago)
That happens if you got the file name wrong within that bat file. Double check that the file extension is right. I believe the game shortcut is an slk file.
if you put exit it it will close the command window and won't show that you are playing the game. pause if you want it to stay open for people to see that you are playing a game
Gatsuby (2 years ago)
+Broken Controller Productions so are you supposed to put exit pause? I tried it exit only and the pause but they didn't work
Did you put the pause at the end of exit?
47chromeAKs (2 years ago)
how come steam doesn't show that you're playing the game
yeah steam overlay only works on steam games. its really just a way to have everything in one menu
Trying to figure that one out.
Lucas S (2 years ago)
Is it possible to make it so the command window closes when you close the game, or do you need to manually close command prompt afterwards?
You have to put the pause at the end not exit. It will leave the command window open
ALI ESSA (2 years ago)
question if i formate my pc and install steam again and download the game again. do i have to re-do the proses or will the link and batch continue to work
ALI ESSA (2 years ago)
So good you won't regret it. I have never seen a front-end been developed so actively and where people's whishes and suggestions has been taken so much into things.
i haven't messed with that one yet but i will check it out.
ALI ESSA (2 years ago)
Interesting I wanna add the games to LaunchBox. You know LaunchBox best Frontend
yes because its a non steam game so it doesn't add it to your steam purchases. but you can back up the batch file folder and put it back where ever you made it to begin with so its a faster process.
PiggyPigGaming (2 years ago)
how do u do a bat file?
Use notepad which comes with Windows or Notepad plus you can download and when you go to save the file save it as a.BAT file instead of a text file
Kellie Lorensen (2 years ago)
Loving the new intro!
+Kellie Lorensen Thanks!

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