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Battlefield V - EVERYTHING We Know!

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A few people asked I share everything I knew from the 3-hour Pre-Reveal Event Conference - Here is absolutely everything all 10 pages of my notes to give you a better Idea of what Battlefield V will be like and what I think about it! Shirts/Stuff ► http://kottonzoo.com/angryjoe/ Twitch ► http://twitch.tv/angryjoeshow Twitter ► http://twitter.com/AJSADelrith Twitter ► http://twitter.com/otherjoe_AJSA AJSA Community ► http://ajsagaming.com
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Text Comments (9012)
John Inglis (3 hours ago)
What has happened to angry Joe he use to be cool YouTuber now just a paid reviewer thinking that battlefield looks good. I'm a big fan of battlefield and it looks so shit
True Nord (6 hours ago)
Eric Paige Suarez (20 hours ago)
Very professional note taking. Impressed
A Gothic Writer (1 day ago)
Joe... I can't believe you actually sold out to this... Please man not you too.
mdxcruz (1 day ago)
Activision fucked up so im skipping COD this time around. Im almost sold on battlefield 5 but its EA.... And EA always seems to fuck shit up... So ill wait
Chris Vega (1 day ago)
When devs say accept it or don't buy it then that's how you know you done fucked up, 1. Majority of video game consumers are men 2. You give your fans what they want or you will lose money 3. Don't impliment politics in video games 4. If you do plan on implimenting politics then know which side politicaly your fanbase are more leaning toward so you don't lose money 5. Don't clickbait your own title, "returning to ww2" wrong this is alternate history ww2 so they should have said it outright instead of dragging people along. Crazy how SJWs want control of video games now, we need filthy frank back more than ever to tell these people they need to stop
StallyMan (2 days ago)
I was mostly ok with the bfv reveal style... much but than the fake, OTT, sycophantic, fanboy cod reveal - those fuckers will clap anything. The cut aways in the bfv reveal did feel a bit scripted and unnatural though. I like the bfv company idea ie your collection differently equipped and styled character/weapon/vehicle archetypes. I was ok with Trevor Noah too as he's a fan, good to have a fan present it than some corporate/dev stiff bullshit me.
What's My Porpoise (2 days ago)
Everyone here complaining about immersion.Just buy post scriptum if you want that experience.Battlefield was never a realistic experience.They want to make the game fun
Leonil Ifrah (3 days ago)
I don't see anything wrong in the trailer, what are people whining about?
Lo Key (3 days ago)
You corny for this Joe
Rodolfo Ruiz (4 days ago)
I don't hate the fact that they're putting woman in the game I'm not entirely against it. Its the fact they're doing it just to have woman in it. I myself am some what a history buff so once I see a female on the British, German, U.S side I nit pick at it. If you're going to put woman in the game please let it make sense. If you want to put woman in the game at least have them be part of the French, polish, russian , or Norwegian side. because all of those countries had woman fighting. The French had the marquis and they allowed woman to fight amongst them. The Norwegian resistance correct me if im wrong also had woman in their ranks. The red army had woman fight in their army too not just that they also had them as field nurses in the front lines as well so if you do make a Eastern front campaign or multiplayer have them be medics. And lastly the polish resistance had woman as well. Which if you want you can do the Warsaw uprising as a multiplayer map or campaign mission. Honestly it isn't that hard to put woman in a ww2 game that makes sense for them to be there. If dice wants to do untold stories of the war then let's have a mission about the anti fascist resistance movement in Italy when Mussolini was in power. They also had woman in their ranks as well. The majority of woman in the war where in the factories producing everything the armies needed to wage war. So as I said I nit pic at games or movies when I see things that don't make sense for them being there like seeing a black woman in the German werchmarct army or the ss. It just doesn't make sense. Or seeing an Asian woman in the united states army. With knowing this I think ea or dice are just putting woman in the game for the sake of saying yeah you can become a black woman in the Japanese imperial army or an Asian man in the U.S army or marines. This is what most of us think when we say why is there a woman from England with a robot hand fighting in Europe alongside British men.
Dr Depputy (4 days ago)
How much did EA pay you this time? New PC? Endless supply of Burger King? You are not Angry Joe, you are "The Angry SJW". Dont Delete again.
Avery Justin (6 days ago)
Lost fans joe
Divi Filius (7 days ago)
I bet most of the people here saying it's inaccurate historically played the shit out of bf1 which was even more historically inaccurate. I agree but what did we expect? There seems to be a focus here on squad and a more tactical combat experience the gameplay footage so far I've seen felt way more immersive than bf1 or any of the other ones however that's because the characters weren't over customized yet.
Donald Xavier (7 days ago)
I don't understand why anyone is hyped about a game published by EA. We all know they will find a way to incorporate microtransactions that are just going to piss everyone off. Why does anyone give a shit about EA games??? I can already picture how this angry review is going to pan out once the game is released.
CRISTOF H (7 days ago)
Great vid! Thanks for taking the time to go through all this info Joe, much appreciated! DICE is evolving its game creatively! Rather than give up on it like Cod seem to be.
dittoprankline (7 days ago)
honeslty not looking forward to this at all, the over the top customization might ruin the game for me it's the reason I never got into cod.
Kyle Grayson (8 days ago)
Joe, The shit you've been pulling recently is what made me unsubscribe. We aren't angry because there are women in the trailer and coverart. We're angry because Battlefield until now has always been about realism but this year Dice and apparently you have jumped onto the SJW train and just started going apeshit with bullshit pro-femenism propoganda. I used to enjoy your content but not anymore. Goodbye Joe and fuck you. 🖕
Michael Cent (8 days ago)
I just finished watching. Barely finished. What happened to this channel? THAT GAME IS NOT WORLD WAR II.
Michael Cent (8 days ago)
EA should just stop making historical Games.
Carlos Berton (8 days ago)
Can all of you stfu about Joe being some feminist SJW advocate. If you dont agree with his views its very simple. LEAVE THE FUCKING CHANNEL. I for one enjoyed the video. So he's lost his credibility and is politically uneducated because he doesn't freak the fuck out over a female player-model. What? You want him to call out liberals or some shit because EA put women in their FPS game? YouTube is full of so much cancer.
Michael Dalapo (8 days ago)
Again... Historically speaking in WW2 the only country that have women in the frontlines is the Soviet Union in roles such as Snipers, Machine Gunners, Combat Medics, Tank Crews, Fighter/Bomber Pilots, Anti-Aircraft Gunners, etc. The total amount of women in the Soviet Armed forces almost outnumbered that of the total amount of men in the Armed Forces of Romania and Hungary combined. There were Women in the British SOE, the French Maquis and Yugoslav partisans but being irregular forces men/women alike were sabotuers not frontline combatants.
Lachy22 (8 days ago)
I want new WW2 games like old CoD 1, CoD1:UO and CoD2, they were good, with a nice singleplayer story/campain and were historically accurate as much as possible. Not "game" like this. :/
FoxtrotCharlie2 (9 days ago)
Removed my down vote I see.
Eclipsed Stiles (9 days ago)
The reveal pissed the hell out of me. Definitely waiting till after the game releases to see if I'm getting it or not
Hugo Stiglitz (9 days ago)
Joe, I can't stand by and listen to you hype up EA. After everything you said about EA in the past. Clicking off now. Also there's no way ANY army would allow a handicapped woman with a metal hook for a hand on the front lines. That ruins the whole WW2 experience. Was EA Seriously going for the female empowerment angle? " any woman can fight in a war. Even if they have no left hand. They're so much better than men they can kill Nazis with one hand" Is that their angle? Oh and the woman has a spiked wooden bat...I'm not bashing women at all. But what the fuck was EA thinking?
DamnDexter (9 days ago)
I know that I will never buy this garbage
Rhyme Timer 89 (9 days ago)
Sorry Joe I’m done with this channel, I might still watch some of your reviews but you clearly need help. Take care now.
PlagueRunner (9 days ago)
My gripe they put women in so they can sell more cosmetic shit I can't think of anything more insulting to women to basically say hey you're just here so we can suck more money out of idiots that want to play dress up. If you have a brain and something left of your self-respect boycott this game send a clear message just like star wars fans did soylo get this sjw crap out of our neck of the woods. Joe I love your channel but I have lost respect for you.
Lost (9 days ago)
Ooooo joe is gonna be mad now! Battle royals teased in bf5!
thrillhausen Alt (9 days ago)
The video when Joe sold out.
BATTLE ROYALE IN BF5 confirmed! How 'bout that?
R A (9 days ago)
Sell-out-Joe! Unsubscribed!
Levitate (9 days ago)
Joe check yourself m8, this is ridicolous.
deltaforceee (10 days ago)
Cyborg arm? its a fucking prosthetic arm
James Robinson (10 days ago)
After seeing black ops 4 then this, I have to say sorry Activision but it's over! Let call of duty die and move on.
Nathan Johnson (10 days ago)
Pushing women into the game and trevor noah? Yeah they are far gone.
ITz TRICKY (10 days ago)
How much did he get paid for this
No No (11 days ago)
I feel like the majority of the hate comments and dislikes haven’t watched the whole video SO MUCH INNOVATION I’d say it but it’s in the video have faith in the fallen
No No (11 days ago)
Oh yeah I don’t support the SJW agenda so don’t think that’s why I’m defending joe and bfv
DeToma7o (11 days ago)
As easy and simple, the money received from EA turns an alleged fighter for network justice, into an instrument of propaganda of those with whom he once fought! From now on, the value of your videos is zero.
Synapse (11 days ago)
I usually watch your videos ( the game reviews, not a movie guy ) and I pretty much agree with everything you say about the games themselves. BUT I didn't really think you're so deep down the SJW train.. Look at the dislikes on the BF trailer and on your own video.. Are you claiming all these people are angry, depressed, emotionally unstable and just need help? What the hell? Never thought you'd be such a douchebag to your own fans simply because they don't share your SJW uninformed opinions.. You should STOP talking about ANYTHING that has to do with politics. Just stick to reviewing the games. Because Joe, you have absolutely ZERO clue on anything that has to do with politics.. If you sit and debate calmly anyone of the people that you claim to be literally braindead, you'd get completely moppoed off the floor and/or have your mind changed on the subject.... Maybe you have someone close to you that is hard on extreme SJW that's messing with your mind or something, making you unable to use logic and arrive at a simple point that people are making, but cmon... Just stop talking about politics, you're embarrassing yourself at this point. Try to research what people are actually saying before labeling them depressed and angry closet nerds because these people are the MAJORITY of people.. VERY few people in the real world hold SJW opinions. To cater to them means the death of your business. Look at Star Wars... look at Ghostbusters.
BuzzAkerlund (11 days ago)
Unimpressed and unsubscribed. Thanks for supporting the destruction of history and whites.
MillerANDthem (11 days ago)
angry joe finally affected my feelings on a game... fuck black ops 4 lol
Yeti MindTricks (12 days ago)
i have a bad feeling after watching this video.
GosumassB (12 days ago)
Battlefield V-agina
placid renegade (12 days ago)
Angry Joe becoming a shill?
Justin Walthrop (12 days ago)
Here are my thoughts on it. There is a very big difference between forced diversity, And genuine options in customization. Speaking as someone who has never really been able to get into the Battlefield series, I wander why this is as big as a problem as is. Their are 11 battlefield games already, multiple of which have already taken place within this time period. So is it not time to start adding things, such as features, options, customization, ect... It surprises me that as many people are offended by altering the way things happened in a certain period of time in a video game, with the emphases on the GAME. I see in many comments that it is insulting, or disrespectful to the Soldiers that actually fought, and died back in these wars. But Isn't it disrespectful in it of itself to make a video game about these wars. Because if we are being honest. No one plays these games to understand what happened in a different period of time. We play these games because it is fun. The explosions, the guns, the strategy, domination of other real players online, these are the true reasons why we play. You can tell me I am wrong, and that you really do play these games for the historical accuracy, and just to TRULY understand what it was like back then. But, one more question for you. If it is the true accuracy that you wish to have, then you should not be content, or happy with any of these games. The most accurate we could possible get. Would be to take the stories of these war veterans of the past. Translate them unto the screen, And only allow you to play out these stories as they were described to us. Which would mean, NO multiplayer, Just a linear campaign, where it is described to you what this soldier went through, and how you WILL play this mission. NO options, NO choices. Only as it happened. Is that what you truly want?
Justin Walthrop (9 days ago)
wouldn't have to split the player base. Online games already have to keep track of what players look like. A toggle would pretty much solve their problem here. But like I said in my 3 paragraphs of overthinking, I am not a Battlefield player. Never have been, Not even playing shooters right now. I was mainly interested in why the backlash. I feel it is because of the SJW movement. And certain games have no doubtably been effected by it. But the fight against it might just as well effect games in the opposite direction.
BrooksP (9 days ago)
What I meant by realism would be boring, is from a mechanical side not cosmetic. Meaning in combat a single shot would take you down, whereas in a game you generally can take multiple due to increasing the TTK. This is a mechanical or gameplay alteration, not about changing the backdrop or world in which the player is suppose to be immersed in. From what I remember from BF 1942 was the base game was generally praised and most deviations was from a mechanical side not altering the setting. The expansions/DLCs got shit due to using experimental tech. They could do a toggle, but doubt they will since it would split the playerbase, and limit their ability to monetize, because let's be real the main reason they are doing this is to increase their ability to sell cosmetics.
Justin Walthrop (9 days ago)
Also, what do you think if they made an online feature you could turn on so that in game in multiplayer, you would not see many of customization options. So you would only see generic males running around?
Justin Walthrop (9 days ago)
That is what I am most curious about though, Like you said, A game that is truly accurate would be boring, and without many options. But I see dozens of comments saying that this offends them because they play these games to be immersed in the history. The "history", I just don't fully believe that, If it were about the history, then they should have had so many other problems before this. But no, apparently BF 1942 was a masterpiece.
BrooksP (9 days ago)
There is a difference between the impact of player agency in a game, and changing the setting, lore, and history of said game. It has to do with the difference between authenticity and realism. The developers can control how they design the game's setting on how accurately it portrays the lore or in this case history, this is it being authentic. Realism in games doesn't exist even in simulators due to player interaction or mechanics(since a true realistic game would be extremely repetitive and boring). So creating games based on events and rewriting them, isn't the same as accurately portraying a event but giving player agency. Also you can create games with old weaponry or fictional weaponry which create limitations without basing it on a historical event, 1000s of games do this.
Dante Turello (12 days ago)
16 American women died in world war 2. Their kitchen was probably hit by a mortar
Loplayz (12 days ago)
Dante Turello That's fucked up😂😂
Everything we know? Well we all know what happened to Battlefront II 2017
y0ungr3dg4m3r (12 days ago)
Member when Joe cared about immersion I member. Also the "dark corners of the internet" huh? So 303k dislikes to 393k likes on the trailer. I prefer my historic games to be as immersive as possible and a woman especially with a prosthetic limb can be a bit jarring on the front lines wouldn't you agree?
dudas12100 (12 days ago)
Joe, we see through the bullshit. Cut the crap
I See Clearly (12 days ago)
Every thing we know is that battlefield V is shit and cod isn’t looking good but rdr2 is basically a eclipse cause a rdr game barely happens
MrWh1ite (12 days ago)
It’s a huge deal that there’s a woman with a prosthetic arm on the cover + the game because it’s not accurate. Yes there were women in WW2 but Britain on enlisted around 50 women to be spy’s who aren’t on the front lines with mechanical arms. Russia had women fight on the front lines but the character isn’t Russian she’s English. Another thing is that the squad has a black man, a woman with a prosthetic arm, and two white guys. During the time period in WW2 racism was still a huge thing and black men were not allowed to serve next to white men. Finally, I’d be just as mad if Battlefield 5 had a dinosaur on the cover as much as a women with a mechanical arm, it’s nothing about “hating on women.”
MrWh1ite (5 days ago)
Mike C I would be mad because it’s set in ancient Egypt, did u even read what I said, I’ll make it really simple for you, I LIKE HISTORICAL ACCURACY
Mike C (9 days ago)
Okay, by that logic you wouldn't have a problem If EA made all the Characters In Assassins Creeds Origins White?
MrWh1ite (10 days ago)
Roninakuma that’s exactly why I’m not buying the game, btw the whole entire gaming community complaining about anything is a “first world problem”, so get off your high horse bub
Roninakuma (12 days ago)
Psst. Reality check. It's a video game. If you want real immersion and true reality, enlist and quit whining. What you're describing is called a 'first world problem.' You sound like an entitled douche. If it's that much of a problem, just don't buy the game.
DaRumpleKing 100 (13 days ago)
There's always a catch... Look at Star Wars Battlefront 2 for example.
Yackk (13 days ago)
Stop sucking feminists' dicks please, you know that fucking blue face paint wearing prosthetic armed women didn't fight in WWII. Plus, it looks like a damn CoD trailer, with British soldiers using katanas. Katanas. WWII. British. No.
Roninakuma (12 days ago)
I couldn't hear you above your entitled attitude.
Kevin Sanchez (13 days ago)
Wow, what about the Pacific Theatre?SMH
EJ Aunu (13 days ago)
We had EA ruining the Star wars Battlefront and I can't believe it now another game series could go to s*!% no offence but women did not fight with men during WWII but the only thing that might save the game is possibly the major battles like battle of Stalingrad,battle of Berlin,or D-day via Omaha beach.
ASTAROTH (13 days ago)
Can't wait to see the historical 3rd lesbian hook division in action against the evil black jewish nazis
Roninakuma (13 days ago)
I love the comments section. The triggered douchebags about some conspiracy with Joe and EA is hilarious. Talk about people being butthurt that he has a different opinion. That's about as sad as you can get. LOL
BrooksP (9 days ago)
It isn't so much a differing opinion, it's his condescending disregard for people's criticism of them rewriting history to sell cosmetics. It is also hypocritical of Joe given he has ranted about games breaking immersion, yet completely disregards others criticism with simply claiming they are being sexist.
No No (11 days ago)
Roninakuma you sir are correct
Mason Hidari (13 days ago)
2nd time posting this . joe has a history of shilling out on us. first there was the gamer gate controversy and now shilling for EA . joe i love your reviews but THIS, this is unacceptable
Roninakuma (12 days ago)
I'm not even a real fan of Battlefield. Never owned a copy any of the games. I do enjoy other FPSes though. I even do like Joe, even if I sometimes disagree with his opinion on a game. Neither of those are the real issues though. The issue is that you're falsely accusing someone of being something and doing something that they are not. It's making you look incredibly stupid because of that. It would be like me accusing you of being some sort of evil spy for Activision (so that more people will buy the new COD) and making sure you undermine Joe at every turn, putting doubt into people's heads about who Joe is while having zero proof that you'd be doing that. Obviously I know that's not true, because you're too stupid to do that.
Roninakuma (12 days ago)
Silent an opinion? Do I have control of YouTube now? I have the magical power to delete comments? What IS it with you neo-conservative idiots, making everything political and thinking everyone is censoring you? You guys think somehow you're the new oppressed class when it couldn't be farther from the truth. BTW, expressing my own opinion isn't censoring you. It's just pointing out the fallacies in your idiotic comment in the first place. The next thing you'll tell me is that somehow I'm violating your First Amendment rights. LOL I miss the days where conservatives used to be intelligent, educated, well read people who could form logical statements and actually pose good arguments. Those days are long gone.
Mason Hidari (12 days ago)
Says the guy who tried to silent an opinion by shunning the person expressing his concern, as far as this conversation you are the obnoxious hypocrite, or just a fan boy? Doesn't matter . Either way any one reading this can judge what's what. Having self awareness is a good thing 😊
Roninakuma (13 days ago)
Oh, I have. I don't go around accusing people of shilling and being obsessed with something that happened 4 years ago. Fucking get over Gamergate, you loser. Move on. So yeah, I think you definitely win in the douchenozzle contest. Do not judge others, lest ye be judged, bitch.
Mason Hidari (13 days ago)
riiight , take a look in the mirror some times m8 :))
Isaac gonzales (13 days ago)
after this is over joe i better see top quality videos after the fat paycheck ea is giving you. there is nothing historically accurate about this game. and i can smell the new ways for micro transactions miles away. the squad gameplay isnt going to work they way you want in practice because im sorry but most players dont play that way. the videos you put out from this point on better be top quality or you will lose some of us. i cant be the only one who sees these things right? its not a problem with cod vs battelfield. its the fact that there are obvious problems and issues starting too peak there heads out and he is completely ignoring them. this is unjust
Isaac gonzales (13 days ago)
so can we just notice the fact that joe gave call of duty a single video about it and spent most of the time complaining and whining about it, barely paying attention too what they say, then battelfeild comes out...and they give us 1 trailer and almost no gameplay...and he has 10 pages of notes.....and makes 2 videos if thats not biased then idk what is....its funny cuz battelfield is going negative more and more everyday. and cod actually gave us substantial stuff.
aalmi002 (13 days ago)
I’ll definitely buy BFV over Black Ops 4 since that game doesn’t appeal to me at all. I just wished that the BF5 trailer could’ve been better.
Norman164 (13 days ago)
I love your channel joe but i have to disagree on your opinion of this game
shibster88 (13 days ago)
Everyone watch rags review,he's stop on,not a payed fuck bag who moaned about battlefront 2 massively but he's changed his tune.....money
Roninakuma (13 days ago)
Rags is about as biased as you can come. If his YouTube channel were a magazine, rag would define it perfectly.
shibster88 (13 days ago)
Bf1 I was so pumped for and for me it was a great game,this reveal trailer looks shit
John (14 days ago)
Everyone I need to know about this game = I AM NOT BUYING IT. After buying every game in the series, playing them actively as a kid. I am not buying this one. Gonna stick to BF1 and BF4. Fuck feminists and fuck DICE for falling for the biggest meme in the world.
Ninja Adam (14 days ago)
I dont like the british uniforms in Battlefield 5
KateSparkleFace Lemons (14 days ago)
If it weren't for bo4 not having a campaign I wouldn't be planning on getting this game and I want to be immeresed to more games cause what I've been playing for years is far cry and cod so I'm actually interested in this for the first time
Oen713 (14 days ago)
That's it... done with SJoeW and ur bs. It's people like you that are empowering this "feelings over facts" idea infesting our society. 'Let's rewrite history'... I'm black... and I say fuck that noise. You clowns are dangerous. Unsubbed.
Oen713 (11 days ago)
No No No, you don't get the point. The overall agenda is the problem. To think a certain way... social engineering and yes, its a BIG problem. Keep letting shit slide... watch what happens. I'm black bro... white people (men especially) are the primary targets. I'm not the type to standby and watch society warp. What's next... Thundercats? Star Wars? Boycotts for girls? Or wait... You think it's no big deal because you lack perspective. You're naive... a female amputee soldier in a ww2 game that supposed to be authentic to the time and you think it's just creativity and NOT an agenda?? I'll pass on this bs and on Joe's SJW nonsense. I had enough. To each thier own... but personally... I'm out.
No No (11 days ago)
Oen713 oh yeah stop acting like their “rewriting history” like I get your point but it doesn’t change what happened in the past I’m pretty sure people know what the hell happened this changes nothing in the grand scheme of things don’t act butt hurt
No No (11 days ago)
Oen713 yo ww2 games have been the same for YEARS it needs new shit, me personally I hate sjw’s im not an advocate for that the game is adding free dlc and which means no more split player base that’s why BF1 died quicker than it was supposed to the dlc split up the servers STOP band wagging your hating on guy with a different opinion have you watched the whole video I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. give it a chance bf1 was damn fine game why loose faith in this one
Dragonspheres (14 days ago)
Battlefield 5 what do we know? Angry Joe sold out to EA. Time to unsub. Edit: My bad, Corporate Joe now.
KlausKinski (14 days ago)
How would the Angry Mexican Joe like it when somebody makes a game about the American Mexican war and portray Antonio López de Santa Anna's army as a Feminist cuckhold shitfest? yeah he would climb the barricades but somehow it is ok targeting USA and Europe with cuckholdery and faggotery at a skin crawling level (hmmm could there be an Agenda behind this madness?) double Standards are the worst and pure hypocrite shit.
Ray Stanton (14 days ago)
Joe you worthless sheep shill... Unsubbed
Todd Norris (14 days ago)
Wonder what he thinks about L3, droid that killed my childhood.
Jonjo Jr (14 days ago)
She was dragging her body on her back. I wonder if that is going to be a mechanic as well. Never seen or played a game that has that. Rainbow Six maybe?
Abel 76.2 (14 days ago)
Dude dont defend EA
stektirade (14 days ago)
they better not have fucked this one up like battlefield 1. and i agree with him about battle royale, Ive played it since it first came out and it was kinda fun for a short while but it just got boring. theres nothing to do, you just spawn collect weapons and play deathmatch with 1 life. I think its complete trash and people will get really bored of it very soon.
Genesis23OPB (14 days ago)
female soldiers for that era is just a moronic idea, period.
Benjamin Shultz (14 days ago)
looks like shite
cacarey01 (14 days ago)
You had me at "reminded me of Bad Company 2".
Martin Dresler (14 days ago)
Everything we know so far: It's going to be a piece of shit
benjamin kahae (14 days ago)
Women were in WWII as part of the french resistance LOL so im completely fine with this LOL i think its fitting historically
Нахуй это SJW толерастное дерьмо!
DreadGrunt (15 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with pointing out that female soldiers don't belong on the front lines, especially on the Western Front.
Drew Bishop (15 days ago)
Lots of immersion nazis in the comments. Who the fuck wants realism over fun? This game looks amazing.
BrooksP (9 days ago)
There is a difference between authenticity and realism.
Roninakuma (14 days ago)
Hey Drew. Don't mind Dragonspheres here. He's just a triggered fuckwad that if you're even nice to, he'll be a dick back. I just pity him.
Dragonspheres (14 days ago)
People that have enough brain cells (that wouldn't be you) to realize you can have realism with fun
pparker (10 days ago)
I wish they put the “Garand Thumb" in the game, for immersion and it will be a very nice detail
Jesse (15 days ago)
Originally I thought F COD going with BFV. Saw trailer F BFV going with COD. The comment you made on the people who don't like the female protagonist almost made me un-sub. Your a smart man and smart gamer. Maybe people didn't like her because she was handicapped and British fighting on the front lines. You constantly talk about believably. Your smart Joe tell me when did a handicapped person fight on the front lines (I'll make it easy) check Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg he was wounded then never served on the front again. If you wanna claim misogyny check Camille "Rousseau" Denis. Maybe they should have gone with believable vs. bs. How about following the Russian front and had a female sniper? Before you judge try to understand. Most importantly f Trevor Noah.
People didn't dislike the Battlefield V reveal trailer because "durr womyn no good". No one liked the trailer because what they showed wasn't WWII. What they showed in that trailer was a fucking Hollywood big-budget spectacle that pays no respect to the actual events of the war. Whoever approved this trailer is just using the events of WWII as some perverse name-recognition, then turning around and making the game as inaccurate as possible just to satisfy the 'social justice' retards who won't even go out to buy the game. The fact that you can defend this pandering trailer that basically spits in the face of the people who wanted a historically accurate video game that paid homage to true events in WWII is just disappointing and makes me lose a huge deal of respect for you.
Doesn't surprise me that Lib-shill Trevor Noah hosted the video game conference for Battlefield V.
This trailer made things political. Why would it feel the need to promote a group(s) of people that weren't actually in WWII when DICE is trying to make a historically accurate video game.
Roninakuma (12 days ago)
Making things political much? How sad.
The Zorak (15 days ago)
The trailer is horrible in so many ways !
Ross Kuehl-Martin (15 days ago)
This game needs more dinosaurs and African Nazis.
baby face nelson (15 days ago)
i cant wait ... they are doing a 4K UPDATE FOR BATTLEFIELD 4 . . . . and its true because THATS WHY they didnt make a modern shooter in BFV or BF5 . . . because they are UPDATING BATTLEFIELD 4 SO PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO TIDE THEMSELVES OVER WITH A MODERN BATTLEFIELD ITEL BE LIKE BF4 REMASTERED : ) SO DICE DID NOT FORGET ABOUT US : D YAY
kdx racer 184 (16 days ago)
I want the disabled, transgender, multi-cultural nazi pack.
Matthew Martinez (16 days ago)
I remember being a fan of your show but now seeing how you have sold out just makes your videos hard to watch. I'm a battlefield games fan but battlefield V is not WWII, it's missing the realism that most of us gamers got from 1942 to battlefield Vietnam..I went to battlefield to be immersed in what it would be like to fight as a soldier of that theater of war..now I'm just gonna have to find other games to play
Roninakuma (14 days ago)
Oh noes. I capped something. Dude, you're pathetic. LOL You're welcome for pointing you to a deal on Humble Bundle, you sad sack. Take some Xanax and untrigger yourself.
Dragonspheres (14 days ago)
It was the way you said it you dumbass. "THAT much a huge deal for you" clearly implying he's crazy for that mattering that much. And then the elitist "the rest of us will do this we're better people than you" no, you fuck yourself
Roninakuma (14 days ago)
I just gave you a tip to where to buy & play a good shooter for cheap and you insult me. Go fuck yourself, you triggered retard. LOL
Dragonspheres (14 days ago)
Roninakuma Maybe you haven't paid attention or you're just a moron, but the majority of people are not satisfied with the game. But you're right the rest of you leftover idiots will be moving on to a shitty game, enjoy.
Roninakuma (15 days ago)
Play Arma. There's your answer. Heck, it's on sale on humble bundle anyway, if it's THAT much of a huge deal for you. The rest of us will go back to not caring and moving on.
TuMadre CABRON (16 days ago)
Sorry i cant waste time listening to all that ghonerrea about many of the new crap thats to fuck the game with ancient play style ..is 2018 fuckers why all that crap about bs time we was not even born fuck the back times game play ...
Rage Quit (16 days ago)
if the the woman in the trailer was a Russian sniper or French resistance member i dont think there wouldt have pissed people off. but it came of as sjw beacuse shes disabled and people want to respect the men that died
BrooksP (9 days ago)
Pretty much. Instead of taking the time to actually show the contributions of women/minorities in WWII, Russian snipers, French/Spanish resistance fighters, the Tuskegee Airmen the all black fighter pilots, or 442th Division which is the most decorated US division in WWII and it was an all Japanese-American division. Yet they just pigeon hole in "diversity" for reasons(to sell cosmetics)...
ExoTitan300 (16 days ago)
All I’ve got to say is bf5 just ruined ww2 for me lol yea I know what’s a good idea let’s put women on the front of the poster and the person most represented in the trailer cus that’s historicaly accurate
APEX (16 days ago)
Cant wait to play Feministfield V
Lesser_Jester28 (16 days ago)
It's not really about immersion anymore.... It's submitting to the bullshit feminazi demands that plague the gaming community is what you are all not fucking realizing. A lot of people don't care for immersion. A lot of people do. But what most people in the category that don't care for immersion, obviously don't fucking have an act of common sense. This is a WORLD WAR 2 ERA BASED GAME!! NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT. So it MUST be by default a general fantasization of what WW2 would've been like. OTHERWISE?! WHY TF CALL IT A HISTORICALLY RELATED GAME? DID YOU FUCKING SEE BATTALIONS OF WOMEN WITH PROSTHETIC LIMBS RUNNING AROUND BEING THE HIGHER UPS OF THE RANKS WHILE ALSO MAINTAINING TO THE GRUNT RANKS?! I didn't fucking think so. Now I'm all for equality and shit. But this.... This shit is getting utterly ridiculous... What even is the point that they're trying to make with their decision such as that supposed main protagonist (maybe) with her seemingly robotic claw hand.. There's no other explanation than to show off that women are an empowered sex even without the full potential of their own persona.... So the company doesn't get a lawsuit on portraying women as a sub species or some bullshit that feminists are pulling out of their asses nowadays to feel superior. If you can't see that. Then you're fucking blind!
Samuel Humphries (16 days ago)
I'm not gonna look at this as an WWII game. I'm gonna see this as an exciting shooter with WWII equipment and themes. I'm gonna enjoy it if it's good. And not let politics ruin it for me. Cause it does look fun.

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