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Modded 7 Days | Fogged In | Part 22

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Text Comments (31)
Joe Pastula (5 months ago)
man, that was alot of buckshot to those military men. jammmm
Mlake (8 months ago)
EP 22 !!!!!!!!
G0DM0NSTER (8 months ago)
Episodes keep getting shorter....
intoxicated monk (8 months ago)
we want guns mate come on now
OhSoCali (8 months ago)
Jaaammm! What’s with the super fog, Joel?
The Dude ? (8 months ago)
That was an awesome episode really did enjoy it that's a new content coming very curious to know what it's going to be this I guess I'll stick around to find out
trolly stomper (8 months ago)
i usually find battery bank schematic in the traders. mining is a great way to get skill points fast!
Meaty Ive been on your channel is as long as i can remeber mabye 2011 when your where on NGT and played Mw3 with the "Squad" And zombies with spyderbyte bently and ofc gunss your channel is in drought and so is YAW you guys have to play a new game one that is really exciting Actually fortnite is popping rn Much love continue making videos
Justice (8 months ago)
Agreed I have been watching for ages and he actually is the one that introduced me into borderlands and is now one of my favorite game series of all time 👍
Justice (8 months ago)
What happened to your channel meaty I have been watching you for years now and it’s sad to see your channel in such a drought 😰
Alex Tut (8 months ago)
I know some things happened in NGT but that shouldn't stop him from posting cod zombies content
Alex Tut (8 months ago)
I've watched meatwagon for years he's one of my favorite YouTubers, he used to be so into cod zombies and now he's not
David Haskell (8 months ago)
He has been on a trip and is just getting back.
Geurtsy 04 (8 months ago)
His channel is awesome, but he does need to read the comments or he ain't gona get the info he needs from his subs
Marshall (8 months ago)
The main factor that leads to his channel dying is he never interacts with his fans and dont even read the comments
Kyle Dotson (8 months ago)
IRL an Auger and a Chainsaw would be poor tools for killing zombies due to the need for continuous pressure. On the other hand, a Fireaxe would be an excellent tool for splitting heads.
brandon guillory (8 months ago)
Great video Chris
R0ky R0ads (8 months ago)
Circle strategy for the win!
kycoalminer35 (8 months ago)
Why do you pass on the challenges? you need points just read them.
TheSpartan222 (8 months ago)
legosupreme (8 months ago)
Nice video
Luqman Butt (8 months ago)
winter time!
Games Unit (8 months ago)
Danielle Melillo (8 months ago)
Love y'all amazing vids keep up the good work
julio gamer (8 months ago)
Yaw you make the best videos for me keep it up
Andreas Setten (8 months ago)
Great vid
Keegan Walters (8 months ago)
Nice Vid
Sagemaster (8 months ago)
Sircam05 (8 months ago)
Freaking like wouldn't let me comment

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