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Skyrim Badass

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Tweet! http://bit.ly/RTSkyrimBA FB! http://on.fb.me/I8D0mU I used to be an adventurer like you until I quit listening to quest givers and slaughtered everything that lay before me! Thanks to Warialasky ( http://youtube.com/warialasky ) for the awesome Skyrim theme remix. Check them out! Also thanks to Adam Lyons for his swordplay expertise and Devin Graham for showing us around Provo, UT! Check out our store! shop.rocketjump.com For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (28355)
Asuna Plays (1 day ago)
This channel should die cause killing innocents
ここ (4 days ago)
Squiggle Mouthed (10 days ago)
your just playing skyrim with console commands on
Matthew Berman (12 days ago)
Anyone here watching in 2018?
Chessy Tan (1 month ago)
OMG he reminds me of Zoro from one piece. He can do flying blade attacks, doesn’t even need to touch the enemy and they get slashed
Nero Leez (1 month ago)
Wow new Skyrim Trailer cant wait 😁
Rev Dacosta (1 month ago)
Ha ha that me in skyrims
life has no meaning (1 month ago)
This is literally how i play skyrim
GTA Gamer (2 months ago)
awoken god (2 months ago)
What the hell kind of bow
Blaq Z (2 months ago)
Restoration exploit
Diego Calderon (2 months ago)
That's what I do in the game of Skyrim I just kill people with mods
MajWay (2 months ago)
Ulfric Stormcloak (2 months ago)
Same place as Lindsey Stirling Skyrim cover right
Abe Bou Hadir (2 months ago)
Since when does somebody go around killing random people?
EpicMarioBros (2 months ago)
0:54 He did the snap before Thanos made it cool.
Adrian Munoz (2 months ago)
0:50 "arrow in the knee"
Skyrim Badass Player
TurkeyForLive_XD :b (2 months ago)
Captain John (3 months ago)
Nothing like skyrim
Kitsuko - san (3 months ago)
More like skyrim rampage
Yoshi Kid (3 months ago)
Well that's ridiculous one arrow killed a dragon how is that even possible 😂😎😱but😎
激さん (3 months ago)
איריס פרץ (3 months ago)
What so bedass at kill
DoZii (3 months ago)
Global Elite VS Silvers
maso777 maso777 (3 months ago)
Gayyyyyyyyy you killed a girl
Elijah Townsend (3 months ago)
Why do you have to be a dick you kill every one then you ruthlessly kill your friend dislike
Elijah Townsend (3 months ago)
I’m like 50 levels higher than you shut up
d4n (3 months ago)
borf borf (3 months ago)
the new skyrim vr graphics looks great
Kageki Harazaki (3 months ago)
Hacker !!!!
Daniel Robinson-Temara (3 months ago)
He has aimbot I'm reporting him
Red Menace 0 (3 months ago)
Here everyone is talking about the arrow almost hit the knee, I'm here like he just killed Ben!
Artrysa (3 months ago)
Ah, one of those players.
Lonnie Church (3 months ago)
It was good but you killed off two innocent people
Jake Playz (3 months ago)
1:27 why bro why!!!!!! He was being nice
OOF (3 months ago)
Badass 100
guts dragonslayer (3 months ago)
Nice mode
Mr G Gaming 2.0 Potato (4 months ago)
Boi one-shots dragon Bandit: Oh ok let's fight Also Bandit: _OHHH SHIIIIIIIIIT_
No it’s Patrick (4 months ago)
0:51 you almost took an arrow in the knee
MaiKale Beats (4 months ago)
The arrow almost hit his knee
Caboose Resurrected (4 months ago)
Why’d you kill that girl?! She’s important!
TTNT / throwing tnt (4 months ago)
*...he could do it with a snap of his fingers.*
Ongun erthQekk (4 months ago)
Playing Novice and badass ? u 1shot everyone dude wtf
Jared Sheetz (4 months ago)
Nice first person
Looks like he wants everyone dead
Napsterblook (4 months ago)
And not a single fuck was given that day
Godzilla (5 months ago)
Mustard jar
Levi Ross (5 months ago)
So realistic
Myric (5 months ago)
Ahh, memories
alego Stormy (5 months ago)
Hush droga!!!!!!
Iqmal126 Iqmal123 (5 months ago)
Najib bodoh pi sabotaj kapal terbang m
Spanish (5 months ago)
Did u use peter hollens cover?
tien doan (5 months ago)
tien doan (5 months ago)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh oh
False. Steel swords can't do that much damage, unless you have an enchantment that's so OP you can 1 hit kill.
Mike Still (5 months ago)
feem you go run u (5 months ago)
Nathan Girdler (5 months ago)
Wait did that archer try to make him a guard
Jonathon Brown (5 months ago)
0:50 arrow to the knee? I dont think so!
林伯諺 (5 months ago)
This is fucking Shit
I liek turltess (5 months ago)
Undertale genocide in the nutshell
Dr. Zues (6 months ago)
i remember watching this when I was like 11 omg. mad funny well done
Aromatic Alpha (6 months ago)
Why i found it in 2018🤔
Patrick Star (6 months ago)
What mod is this? It's so realistic
Shotcam 13 (6 months ago)
Kills dragon: yeah boi fist bump... Then says him wtf
Blue BloodYT (6 months ago)
I can rekt u in skyrim
Yan (6 months ago)
That aim makes me laugh xD
Alexander Afxendiou (6 months ago)
With great power comes great irresponsibility and BEING a jerk
Alexander Afxendiou (6 months ago)
Hahahahahahahaha jackass Skyrim Nice
Амир Масаков (6 months ago)
23 millions LOKKING!!!
H Sk (6 months ago)
TheLordMemeGenerator (6 months ago)
I've played Skyrim for so long when ever i get in a fight in real life i think of me being this badass.
fail HD (6 months ago)
is this doom guy from the medieval age
mk gundam (6 months ago)
2 times speed
Arekun2000 (6 months ago)
00:50 you were going be a new whiterun guard ...
Quality Garbage (7 months ago)
1:20 aimbot
Philippe Bouchard (7 months ago)
0:50 he was gonna shoot his knee?
Hamish Finlayson (7 months ago)
same castle as the used in the clash of clans movie trailer
fUyJzU (7 months ago)
This vid is stolen by a game company to make their ads
Isaac B (7 months ago)
I really dont like this video
My moms a guy (7 months ago)
Bad Karma
Rama Jakaria (7 months ago)
mod list please
Vince Thai (7 months ago)
Not really a badass but it's more like a TUCKING MASS MURDER he's perfect for The Devil
Tom Wooly (7 months ago)
computer graphics will be like this in the future
Gudrik Leiknirsson (7 months ago)
0:49 They just HAD to make an arrow in the knee joke..
Cleetus Tractor (8 months ago)
Me playing skyrim
MightyGreenMarine (8 months ago)
When the dragonborn get ripped off
hi there wee wee (8 months ago)
That dragon takes more van 1 iorn arrow to kill it and your a scrub pls turn difficulty to master before you do this.
skfearland (8 months ago)
I was a adventurer like you.but I almost took an arrow to the knee.
Kenichiro Leong (8 months ago)
This is the same castle as the one from that clash of clans movie, right? It looks like it.
Egtom 2006 (8 months ago)
wy he kill every person
Enchantedgunner808 (8 months ago)
I thought this was vr for a second xD
Louis has no bars Bars (8 months ago)
How does 1 arrow kill a dragon
Daishin Sieradski (8 months ago)
Gotta have your godmode and nude mod!
ImTheWaffleman (8 months ago)
Some classic ol freddiew
Solid Raichu (8 months ago)
someone max out their stats
tadej garin (8 months ago)
Cool just realy cool!
Andrei Razon (8 months ago)
Did the dragon got hit in the knee by the arrow?
Vhgfddfvyuijkolpñ,.mnbvftredswqaszxcdfvgtyhbnuu. Llllllllll,.ñpoihgbnkhrdcbitekgbjiyesfnlkt
Francesco Torrisi (8 months ago)
Hey! Avventuriero!
Aaron Mathews (9 months ago)
January 2018 and this is still awesome

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