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★ Minecraft Tutorial - How to Install Modloader Tutorial (w/ KestalKayden)

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★★ Enjoy this video? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/KestalKayden ★★ So you have been playing Minecraft 1.5 for a while and say you want to change things up. Why not install some mods with the Minecraft Modloader mod then? What Modloader will do is allow you to then install a vast array of mods which can change the way Minecraft is played. From adding blocks to adding new features and mechanics, modloader allows you to open your minecraft experience to those opportunities. Modloader is free to download and is one of two mods that are required, before installing most if not all other mods. The alternative to modloader is called Forge, which I will also do a minecraft tutorial on in the future (so stay tuned). Modloader Forum Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v147-risugamis-mods-updated/ Forge Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb8_owUsLSY This Modloader tutorial goes over the basics of what is needed and required to install the mod, right down to the steps of actually installing it. There may be a few things you'll need to do before actually being able to see the minecraft folder, and I will show you exactly how to do that too. I also go through various tips about version numbers, which also tends to leave peoples minecraft installation broken. This goes over utilizing various mod versions in different minecraft versions, and what steps are needed throughout to get a successful installation with modloader. I'll also go over the idea of backing up your minecraft.jar which will help in terms of not losing any of your progress or work, and reverting back if needed without worrying much. To put it down to its elemental core: to install mods you will need to either learn how to install mods with Modloader, or with Forge. Those are now the only two reliable ways to install mods with Minecraft, if you want full ability for customization. There are some launchers out there, but I'll cover those in the future. If you liked this Minecraft Tutorial video, don't forget to hit subscribe and the like button. It helps me out and it gives me a lovely feeling in my inner parts! Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/kestalkayden Tumblr: http://kestalkayden.tumblr.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/KestalKayden Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KestalKayden/120344164785497 The Music in this video was purchased for use with this channel Intro Music: http://bit.ly/KestalKaydenIntro Outro Music: http://bit.ly/KestalKaydenOutro
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Text Comments (66)
Meran Saman (1 year ago)
I hate FORGE
TheUltimaNyar (2 years ago)
What do I do if I do not have the bin thing?
TheUltimaNyar (2 years ago)
Winrar is good too you can choose file types you want I use .rar .jar .zip .7zip etc
BLINKonic army (3 years ago)
Mine is not minecraft.jar but its a jar
NotTheNematodes (3 years ago)
Thx <3
Famee Swiss (4 years ago)
i dont have a bin i dont know if its cause i have windows 8 but i have assets 
Milan Djalovic (4 years ago)
theres no bin
Black Hat eMatrix (4 years ago)
If you are using any version higher than 1.5.2, your jars will be located in .minecraft > versions > (version) > (version).jar. So if you are using 1.6.1 or higher, you will want to mod .minecraft > versions > 1.6.1 > 1.6.1.jar. In case you are wondering why you don't have a bin file - it was only used in versions 1.5.2 and below. The new Minecraft launcher 3.4v doesn't use or create a bin file - it will only be there if using older launcher version.
Louis Jay Caro (4 years ago)
It says the unexpected end of archieve
Mr. Miniguy (4 years ago)
so i had modloader installed already i was just installing the mods wrong
Linda Ranaudo (4 years ago)
Hi...I can't seem to find the 'bin' folder?
Vera Swallows (4 years ago)
appdata does not appear
Famee Swiss (4 years ago)
did you do %appdata%
Trebor Alpha (4 years ago)
will this work with 1.7.2?
Rue Ryuzaki (5 years ago)
Is the 'bin' the same as the 'assets' on 1.7?
DerpCreeperz (5 years ago)
forge is shit
Johnny Minh (5 years ago)
why i got black screen i alerdry delete META INF but still have black screen? help me pls
donnad2303 (5 years ago)
To HARD!!!!!!!,
Angelo Davila (5 years ago)
7Zip gives u a virus.
WOLFxOFxFEARS (5 years ago)
Thanks worked
Nice Suvijuk (5 years ago)
I have that black screen No
SquzieGaming (5 years ago)
what should i do
SquzieGaming (5 years ago)
i have that black screen
Star Light (5 years ago)
dude if your online press options and press force update then press done and login then it'll download i new minecraft.jar file and try again until the black screen doesn't show
Nyan Noodle (5 years ago)
Yes ok finally got it working mods Thanks dude Hers a sub :D
Nyan Noodle (5 years ago)
Um can you help me a bit My minecraft isn't the paid version and I didn't have meta.inf and when I went on minecraft my MC screen went black can you help me plz :(
Nyan Noodle (5 years ago)
Same here man same here :(
Nyan Noodle (5 years ago)
Um help when I tried going on minecraft My screen was all dark plz help
ritik khilnani (5 years ago)
Haidyn (5 years ago)
Very helpful tutorial, thank you very much :)
MrGriffinBox (5 years ago)
awesome video you helped
MrGriffinBox (5 years ago)
i didn't pay for Winrar..............
Ailer Missle (5 years ago)
What difference between modloader and forge?
SadFart64 (5 years ago)
I don't have META.INF and I cant play minecraft help
John Cheek (5 years ago)
umm dude I cant drag things over to my minecraft.jar can you help me?
michael dunn (5 years ago)
thank you so so much ive tried donloading mods for ages but now from watching ur videos they help me a lot thanks
Teddy Walsh (5 years ago)
I'm installing modloader right but when i log in to minecraft, while loging in, a minecraft crash report comes up.
Edward Kenway (5 years ago)
you need more views, honestly
JDKicKGamEr (5 years ago)
My minecraft got black screen.. any ideas?
Itumini (5 years ago)
i'm from germany, but i understand every word you say, thanks man!
RetroBurger (5 years ago)
RetroBurger (5 years ago)
i say i staride!
Seung Guk Damon park (5 years ago)
do u need both mod loader and forge?
Kayleigh Danielson (5 years ago)
Bepis Schultz (5 years ago)
Does it work for 1.5.1?
Jared Castillo (5 years ago)
it did not work i went back in the game it did not download >:O
Jared Castillo (5 years ago)
wait i already liked nvm the like park
Jared Castillo (5 years ago)
thank you ill do it tommorow because im in bed and its 11:47PM if this work ill subcribe and like
Jared Castillo (5 years ago)
how many seconds do you wait for modloader to install when you first login in?
Dino Guy (5 years ago)
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
You'll want to grab yourself 7-zip/winrar. Choose a new default program to open the .jar (but don't tick remember it, unless you are sure you want to), and locate the file that opens up 7-zip or winrar. If 7zip, it'll just be in the program files 7zip folder under 7zFM.exe
Jay Sperkz (5 years ago)
i dont have the option to hit open with on my minecraft.jar..... any ideas why
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
can i have forge amd modloader installed at the same time
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
Those specifically require Forge, if I recall. I just checked the TF2 teleporter mod and it has instructions for forge only. Forge tutorial is also one of the ones I uploaded (one of the most recent ones).
Shawn McFadden (5 years ago)
i need help i delete the meta inf folder and minecraft crashes. i just want to install the mods that captain sparklez uses in his video Minecraft: Modded Survival Let's Play Ep. 1 - Teleporters, Castles, and Cyclops
DovahFilms (5 years ago)
hey man nice video i subscribed you awesome tut anyway if you have time come check out my channel and feel free to likie comment and subscribe i would really appreciate it thenk you for your time man and nice vid:)
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
I am just glad I was able to help :)
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
yes yes yes it worked i am so gratefullto you my first mod !!!!!
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
Renaming it to something else for now should be enough. If you try it again and it doesn't work, I'll see if I can get modded client uploaded somewhere.
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
so just delete minecraft.jar
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
yes im sure i did
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
Just double checking. You remembered to delete the meta inf folder inside minecraft.jar?
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
i have 1.4.7 i have the same reis minimap and modloader as you. and yes ihave no xp with modding
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
No, don't delete minecraft. What version of minecraft do you have? What version of modloader & reis minimap did you grab? it may have just been a mismatch. If this is your first time modding you can just delete the minecraft.jar (or rename it) and load up the game, it'll automatically redownload a clean minecraft.jar so you can test it again.
Jeffrey Meyer (5 years ago)
reis minimap didnt work is there a way that i can try it again (maybe by deleting stuff) or do i just delete minecraft
KESTALKAYDEN (5 years ago)
Ahhh, Well, there ya go :) lol. So your craftguide now works? :3 Unfortunately, every update you have to do the same song over again with modloader (or forge) then your mods. Keeping in mind to check that you have the right versions, etc etc. Though 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 was a small update, often times you have to redownload the all the mods again specific to the version. Oh well, if it works, I am glad this was a bit of help to you! :) I am also going to be releasing a forge-based one in 2 hours.

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