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Breakfast 'N' Ben - 03/29/18

209 ratings | 6845 views
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Text Comments (43)
Jonas King (22 days ago)
Love you, Ven. The Freddie Mercury look works.
kaizerdeath12 (23 days ago)
Amazing how Ben is, TMI, among the youngest of the GB crew but looks ATLEAST in his 40's with that face and hair combo.
AStandsForFrench (21 days ago)
my dude, marfan's is a hell of a disease.
Kevin Milligan (24 days ago)
Best ending ever
Logan Johnson (24 days ago)
Didn't catch it live, but very into the video, Ben! I've always liked the idea of seeing streams every now and then of individual GB staff playing games they're just real into at the moment. I hope Breakfast n' Ben is here to stay.
Travis Jordan (24 days ago)
Great concept, got to admit I disliked you at first but you've become a great addition to the giant bomb crew. Streaming this game however.... Holy boring.
DeskieFam (24 days ago)
WOW! And I thought I made terrible decisions in this game...
MaconBlairFan (25 days ago)
Ben rules, breakfast rules, and Into the Breach rules. Eggs with red onion and spinach for the breakfast crown, maybe some toast to keep the sandwich option open.
Judd Orsburn (25 days ago)
I read breakfast crown as breakfast crown royal. I was like, "Good for this guy."
SpookyApparition (25 days ago)
is the theme of this show just a morning stream w/Ben, or specifically Into the Breach? I'm all for a new GB series, not a big fan of Into the Breach though.
8ightBitKid (25 days ago)
a Ben prick only stream? no thanks
AStandsForFrench (21 days ago)
hates ben. likes pewdiepie. hmmmm. HMMMMMM.
Jonas King (22 days ago)
Good riddance.
Piakschios (25 days ago)
I wish I was more hooked on this game. I get why they have to do it for balance reason, but having such a limited set of weapons and upgrade paths, and so few opportunities to obtain more, make every battle feel very samey. It doesn't have that pull that FTL had of using what you learn each run to manage resources better or capturing ships intact so you can pull some really cool weapon/systems/crew combination to power through the early levels. Instead it's just... yay, I didn't get hit or fail an objective. I guess I get to buy 2/3 of an upgrade point 4 battles from now.
zach smith (25 days ago)
How does one become a morning person? I woke up once and I have been exhausted ever since.
mojoface (25 days ago)
aw comon man waypoint already using breakfast and [whatever]. come up with a better name.
Judge Pandaman (25 days ago)
I Always Start Off My Day With Ben's Lens, An Important® Part Of A Balanced Ben's Breakfast.
Vintage Views (25 days ago)
Need to get this game
guip1408 (25 days ago)
I'm sorry but I got to say: People must have mental issues to dislike the video. Just don't watch if you don't want to, it's not like a review or something opiniative.
zagazsanology (25 days ago)
I did the same exact thing! I like how laid back this stream is; but overall I don't really have the interest to tune into all of it.
guip1408 (25 days ago)
I watched for about 15 min and turned off, but still gave it a like because it's a casual and free GB stream (what they should do more) for people who want it. Edit: Not saying they should do more free content, just more individual and casual gameplay streams talking to chat.
zagazsanology (25 days ago)
I think the reason why they dislike the video is within the same sentiments as you labeling them with mental deficits. Some people don't like Ben. I like Ben's way of explaining himself when playing through a game; but his humor isn't my deal.
Jonathan Byrne (25 days ago)
Are there bots that downvote non jeff videos?
No One (22 days ago)
SpookyApparition but ben is not patrick
SpookyApparition (25 days ago)
nah, just a bunch of losers who have been doing this since Patrick's videos were posted on YT.
wavedash (25 days ago)
i am a bot that thumbs downs non-drew videos
awr89 (25 days ago)
why the dislikes?
AStandsForFrench (21 days ago)
You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.
Guts Berserk (22 days ago)
To downvote him.
Jonas King (22 days ago)
So...why are you here?
Guts Berserk (22 days ago)
He is insufferable.
No One (22 days ago)
What about Ben? He is hilarious
TheTvJacker (25 days ago)
I just wish this was called Ben & Breakfast
poika22 (15 days ago)
It's not a missed opportunity. It's completely intentional. It subverts expectations.
Cyrribrae (24 days ago)
I assumed they were going for breakfast in ben. But then I realized that doesn't make sense..
YotaruVegeta (25 days ago)
TheTvJacker you should be hired for Giant Bomb
Spy X-9 (25 days ago)
TheTvJacker This was such a missed opportunity and it upsets more than it has the right to.
BLCKCSTLS (25 days ago)
To what degree is this comparable to Front Mission 3?
Dan Lokemoen (25 days ago)
It's hard to express how much this is not my kind of game.
eggrace (25 days ago)
Why? Because you have to use your brain?
bearate (25 days ago)
Congratulations you just expressed how it's not your kind of game.
vincent marandola (25 days ago)

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