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Russia & China Vs USA WW3 2016 HD

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ViVa Assyria (3 years ago)
Share the video if you love one of these armies and subscribe please.!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Girts Dzerins (2 years ago)
+ViVa Assyria USA is trying to destroy the whole world
Minestellar Rock (2 years ago)
Minestellar Rock (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Campbell that is really the right answer. The Russian party hides the real stuff from Russians. Any thing that makes USA look week or evil they'll use. Really countries like north korea dont hide us up. But they call us the American devils.
Jeremy Campbell (2 years ago)
+Csvdbfnghj Sagdfhjlkgjf didn't Russia lose to the Muslims? and ain't you guys currently fighting rebellion? O, and the whole you beat Neapolitan and Hitler comment, the US defeated Japan and then crushed the Nazis, before us you were in a stalemate and Neapolitan kicked your asses, Russian soldiers ran and burnt their own towns and your frozen fucked up country beat them.
Jiaming Li (2 years ago)
+204pjfaherty Its good that you feel sorry and u still respect us, but iam gonna say we really have more than our army on your textbook.
USA we must fight freedom
Brent Hass (11 days ago)
america could have let the japanese wipe out china, and they could have let the germans wipe out russia, but they didn't, did they. did they? NO THEY DIDN"T> watch some documentaries, they were slow but they, the USA,came to the aid of both china, by going to war with japan, and against germany for russia, and the USA sent 200 studebaker trucks over to russia plus many other weapons and food.. It's all documented so think before you spew nonsense
ban dum (14 days ago)
Battle of Armagedon. Plase in Siria where the strongest Earth kings will deside the Dest of all human civilization. Lets wish them WISTDOM!
Norman YT (18 days ago)
Just a 2 tsar bomba then finish the china and russia
Kill raindians 🇮🇳 🇮🇱 America 🇺🇸 if anyone wants peace in the world 🌍
musukha Muchahary (26 days ago)
Definitely China win if single single chellenge....because China every day invent 1000 of drone ....that's alll
Josh Manford (1 month ago)
Learn your fucking history AMERICA all ways wins!😈
YTACC: Nikolai Jerome (1 month ago)
Russia + China =/= Friends
Sagar Tej Sn (1 month ago)
i think india, israel ,north korea. support to usa so winner is united states of america , india,israel,north korea
Keith Garland (1 month ago)
Not gonna happen. US and NATO run roughshod over Russia and China if the ballon goes up. Both are regional powers not global ones like US and NATO.
AiWolf (1 month ago)
I wouldn't be just America
Rhinorawk X (1 month ago)
Lemme see... 29 vs 2... That's a close call... idk who would win
Kwitz awolation (1 month ago)
Well I'm moving to Canada if those two decides to team up and attack us. I don't care anymore who wins, so long as I stay alive
The Sisters Squad (2 months ago)
I'm very thankful because I live in the philippines and we have Ricardo Dalisay and Bagani Lol hahaha
SanDiego Perez (2 months ago)
Bad ass music
彭全 (2 months ago)
彭全 (2 months ago)
WORLD CREATION (2 months ago)
What happen if Donald Trump support Russia😁😂😂😉
Música (3 months ago)
Best Russia and China from pakistan
USA, NATO, India, Japan, Israel vs Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria
Diego Deliz (4 months ago)
Epic music for the most feared vehicles for troops (M1A2,APACHE,F-35) bit missing the A-10
tom L (4 months ago)
It's time to erase China from the map
Super Mike (4 months ago)
Russia China and India Destoy Us and Nato!
Robert Williams (4 months ago)
they are still no match for the Americans..to dress one usa soldiers cost 70,000usd,just for body Armour compare to china outdated body armour. and you can't compare a china military hardware to that of US, we all know china are guracood in fake product and the russia don't have that accuracy in their hardware. they are no match to the US alone
je la mars (4 months ago)
If Russia and china will oppose the U.S.A. and threaten Europe or Asia,, Japan and Germany Will have all the reason they need to re militarize. Right now they are both trying with a united European army under German command and the expansion of the Japanese self defense force to an offensive military force. Right now they are facing various opposition and criticism specially from the public. But with a threatening china and Russia, they can use it as a propaganda to convince their respective populations to support them. Aligned with the U.S., they would become an Unstoppable military juggernaut. Not to mention the other N.A.T.O. countries and other Asian nations aligned with the U.S. that are not committed in military spending, Washington can convince them all to prop up their militaries using china and Russia as a reason. With all the odds stacked against them, they have no other choice but to use nukes. Which will be catastrophic.
FastDucky Gaming (4 months ago)
Russia + China = R.I.P USA AND NATO
Totalllyinocint (5 months ago)
Who will all participate in ww3?
Maurice Joujan (5 months ago)
Krieg ist scheisse die Zivilisten das sind die die da runter wieder leiden müssen.
putapepe03 (5 months ago)
command and conquer generals theme song
Anthony Farquharson (5 months ago)
If WW3 happens the allied of USA aka Philippines Canada And South korea will jump into the war
killa California (5 months ago)
lol so many USA haters in these comments😂😂😂😂 I only hate the USA government they are corrupt asf😂
Thomas Edmiston (5 months ago)
US+russia Byebye china
Дима 77 RUS (5 months ago)
NATO it's small shit
elton hnin (5 months ago)
Russia +china= bye bye USA and nato
elton hnin (5 months ago)
Cool weapons
Nathan Budlong (6 months ago)
Bring it. We are not intimidated. Yes America!!!🇺🇸💪 we’re ready to die, we have more allies the them combined there outnumbered 9-3 they will fail if they temp us. They don’t like we’re in power almost the hole world hates America bc we want human rights and freedom they like control. In god we trust and we will do the dirty work for him to save millions even billions of people. 🙌
Jorge Murillo (6 months ago)
Pura chatarra hakeada xq ni igual es de poderosa
Aurora Sanchez (6 months ago)
USA will destroy China and russia
Elmar Odisho (6 months ago)
Gooooooooo russiaaa
ViVa Assyria (6 months ago)
Elmar Odisho abtti khmara khmara
无敌真寂寞 (6 months ago)
Andor Szakolczai (6 months ago)
I live in Iceland bitch
BreezPlayz ' (7 months ago)
USA have many superweapons still hidden
zekward wax (7 months ago)
Russia & China vs USA? If it comes true, then none of you here can stay out, Who also won't live on this planet in the end
sergey lebedew (7 months ago)
1000 один на еоботе выводил
Dan tombstone (7 months ago)
I support USA from cambodia you guys might think that cambodia is china dog but you're wrong noun of the Cambodian citizen like china nor Vietnam ,we were forced by our president
张熙 (7 months ago)
USA是世界上最大的恐怖主义国家, 它自助了所有中东战争,攻击别的国家政府
tifany legendo (7 months ago)
Stop violation!!!!
Geeh PsYcHo (7 months ago)
bye bye,USA🔥🔥
George Li (7 months ago)
Michael Kealoha (7 months ago)
United States of America spend so much money on steath technology .Russia and China can overcome this technology. What ah waste of money. That why their government shutdown and he's wall overspending. Shit hole
Kamran Abbasi (8 months ago)
russia and china sounds deadly combination to me against U.S no chance for U.S
manoharan s (8 months ago)
I like Russia, hate china...
John Edison Bautista (9 months ago)
PH be like:memes
SAAD OTB (9 months ago)
Russia alone kick USA  her ass
成瀬順 (9 months ago)
what is bgm?
Ralph P. (9 months ago)
They are going to use North Korea to inflict a painful lesson.
Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
if only the nazi germany and the U.S.S.R rises there's a big chance U.S burns
Cyrus Gideon (9 months ago)
Why the command and conquer red alert music?
Soviet Bear (9 months ago)
Fuck USA! Still are live soviet Union
Iminent &Bowman (9 months ago)
Video made 2013 Title says 2016 Hmm
you zi h (9 months ago)
babylon IRAQ (10 months ago)
lraq was fourth strongest army in the world
DAIVIDAS MILIUKAS (10 months ago)
Make China Great Again (10 months ago)
This video must be made from an Indian
stephen atwell (10 months ago)
this man wanks off to out dated military hardware.
La guerra está por comenzar (2017)
Jason Freddy (10 months ago)
Name of last song please
Soren Blackburn (11 months ago)
No war please
Herr Jeremy (11 months ago)
Go usa fuck russia and china you can do it america from Germany.
Mike Anderson 2002 (11 months ago)
China's military is very very impressive. The Empire will rise again.
luis paltan (11 months ago)
this is mor like
Titanium BD (11 months ago)
Russia brother plzz help & support Bangladesh
fot ppd (11 months ago)
america you had it coming for many years and crimes. the vengence of the eastern alliance will be swift,destructive and RED!
aziz mohommad (11 months ago)
china is bloom bellown .china has no able to make superpower
Finn Aarup Jensen (1 year ago)
Yeah Fuck USA nuke them
Aungzaw Tun (1 year ago)
i like peace
Aungzaw Tun (1 year ago)
i hate war
ariz aziz (1 year ago)
Please no war. We want peace
Ramirez Honig (1 year ago)
2017 - 2020
no ww3
Bank It (1 year ago)
Aircraft carriers are outdated technology.  Not much more than big targets for a capable adversary.
thomas song (1 year ago)
Why china? Not our war!
Keri Soper (1 year ago)
Good bye america
Keri Soper (1 year ago)
Good bye america
Keri Soper (1 year ago)
Good bye 👋 america
Keri Soper (1 year ago)
Good bye 👋 america
Mohit Yadav (1 year ago)
Chinese are thief's of land. they captured Russia's land in past. So Russia remember sino Russian war of 1969 and never help China.
Mohit Yadav (1 year ago)
If USA defeated in this war. China's next target will Russia. China today only fear from USA. Once USA destroyed China become fearless and attacked SIBERIA and destroy Russia as they do in 1969. So for world peace it is necessary to stop China.
eduardo cortez (1 year ago)
you mean Russia and 4 allies VS United States and 51 allies
CO1974 (1 year ago)
Sorry but if these countries go to war with eachother, all life on this planet will be destroyed within seconds.
Saleem Ali (1 year ago)
Let's hope this happens. Would be interesting
Realyn Bongo (1 year ago)
Make sure don't attack phillipines
Dream 95 (1 year ago)
lee brame (1 year ago)
so long usa
Nyia Thao (1 year ago)
we'll send alllllllll of the forces,but if that didn't work. send nukes
Nyia Thao (1 year ago)
very unfair send in the nuke and kill the servivers
Tommy wu (1 year ago)
no fight, cause too far! US army can't come and fight
Infinite Gaming (1 year ago)
All these Retarded liberal sums hating their own country. Please stop listening to CNN. Russia is weak and China a special type of stupid.

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