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Assassin's Creed 3 - E3 Official Trailer [UK]

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More content on http://www.assassinscreed.com You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields. You will not only witness history...you will make it.
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Text Comments (52594)
Elias Lara (12 hours ago)
I love u Connor 😍😍😍
djemili arezki (13 hours ago)
Assassins creed 3 😍😍😍
panda (21 hours ago)
Taha Killer (1 day ago)
Oh look guys, connor did the first trickshot in history!
Roblox Dude (1 day ago)
I want them to make one for the ps4
Roblox Dude (1 day ago)
I I love it
Trong Nguyen (2 days ago)
so cool :))
L'anonyme XVI (2 days ago)
2018 ?
Chris Gauche (2 days ago)
1:20 me when it's 1v50 in fortnite
Summerflyx (2 days ago)
Ubi, for the love of everything holy, remaster this game.. I need this (+DLC) on ps4.
King Julienk (2 days ago)
I like Connor
Anthony Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Re watching it😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maryllin Ridderstap (3 days ago)
Joker me
Alex Lemus (3 days ago)
Connor was just so misunderstood I still don’t understand him till this day 🤷🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️
ImNova (3 days ago)
Alex Lemus whats there to not understand he was driven by revenge , it goes a little deeper than that but still
elijah hunter (3 days ago)
Connor was fighting for his kind
Dalo Baler (3 days ago)
I know it’s a game where you’re given enhanced abilities however, there’s no way on Earth that this could of happened. It’s not even remotely achievable. How can 1 guy suddenly take on an army of well trained troops? Seriously, you might as well have made a propaganda film!
Clash Polska (4 days ago)
i have this game... its awesome!
Abdou Bsno (4 days ago)
Best assassin’s ever
J W (4 days ago)
still the best AC trailer ever.
BIKELIFE _CODY95 (4 days ago)
Litterally my 3rd grade video game and child hood
William West (4 days ago)
Still such a good trailer and good game.
Madhukar Sonone (5 days ago)
I have it on my pc
DCS tv (5 days ago)
This is one of my favorite games ever
The ZombieMan (5 days ago)
Terrible assassin. Everyone saw him kill people
Yuppi (5 days ago)
1:57 starting the best part !
Simion Alexandru (5 days ago)
Ubiaoft should start a movie industry .
Connor Kenway (5 days ago)
AC3 was by far the best games in terms of killing physics skills in all of AC series
Taha Killer (6 days ago)
I'm gonna get a lotta hate for this, but i liked AC3, Black Flag and Rogue more than AC2, revelations and brotherhood
Mick Begay (6 days ago)
July 2018, anyone?
lovestospooge (6 days ago)
Connor is spamming the counter button
BenjaminA2018 arias (6 days ago)
😲 jajaja😵
Marcos Silva (6 days ago)
One of the best cinematic trailer in gaming history.
The EXECUTIONER (7 days ago)
I still come back to this video for the sole purpose to get goosebumps
огнь блин
Adamgamer (7 days ago)
Whos watching in 2018
el gato rapero (7 days ago)
The best game
harsh dwivedi (7 days ago)
Graphics vedio quality rocked .. And one man army
Juan Castelli (8 days ago)
Best Assassin ever. Go to kill templars Connor!
firecreeper 0077 (8 days ago)
Época foda ~2018
Gracekk24PL (8 days ago)
1:41 Reason why I love AC3
Ebola Ebov strain (9 days ago)
charmander56 (9 days ago)
Richard Le (9 days ago)
This was the first game that I have ever bought for the ps3 when I first got my system and man it was awesome, I still play it to this day
Jay Gonzalez (9 days ago)
1:05 When there is one slice of Pizza left
Gudang Informasi (9 days ago)
Samed (11 days ago)
I have tears in my eyes, this trailer shows that you never should give up and fight for you, your honnor and your country! It does not matter How mutch enemys you have in front of you when you belive in to the victory!!!! Greetings from a Turk in Gernany♥️🇩🇪🇹🇷
Samed (11 days ago)
This trailer makes me allways so emotional greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 🇹🇷
AcidCracker (12 days ago)
My name is Connor, I’m the android sent by Cyberlife
Bumblebee 217 (12 days ago)
Just Remaster this
YoungMilk :P (12 days ago)
Assassin v 50 - NEW MODE
Science Burrito (13 days ago)
he would of got capped so fast realistically
Marwan Abd El-Ghany (13 days ago)
The last good AC game!
Farah Asad (13 days ago)
The song makes it.
Assassin Creed (13 days ago)
Never give up the fight. The minute we do, we have lost
Janne Lahtinen (13 days ago)
Best game forever
MarsuveezBlack (13 days ago)
Absolutely loved this game. 2nd favorite ac.
Tube Crawler (13 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DutwVCpxDyw in honor of the game
IWantLoot (13 days ago)
none of this happens in game
Jacob Frye (14 days ago)
Loki: I have an army! Tony Stark: We have a hulk. Washington: I have an army and Connor.
EvilEll666 (14 days ago)
Trailer was incredible. A lot better than the game and I’m a huge fan of assassins creed always gives me goosebumps this trailer
Killmonger02 (14 days ago)
Sucks u dont do this in the game that would of been really epic
Räyhä Jaa (14 days ago)
Still My Favorite ac!
Ghost YT (14 days ago)
Hello Ubisoft this is what we need back.Not some new games focused on graphics we need a good story line. PLEASE bring back these kind of Assassin's Creed or simply end the series...
Srikar Reddy (15 days ago)
shubham ahire (15 days ago)
He is technically Trump
Ahmad brox Op (15 days ago)
AzureSkull (15 days ago)
one man to entire army
the sound track tho
youseef Ba7er (15 days ago)
Kevin Khoa (15 days ago)
Lindsey Stirling brought me here
praveen vaishnav (16 days ago)
hy ubisoft team this is pv from india and i am going to start an youtube channel realeated to games and i am going to use your game treailer so please dont make any kind of stricks on my channel
TECHNOLOGY TUTS (16 days ago)
i am getting windows\system32\d3dcompiler_43.dll is not designed problem what can i do
Courtney Nelson (16 days ago)
Army vs conner Conner: hold my 🍺
Souhardya Dutta (16 days ago)
its 4th july lol
BYO FLASHBANG (16 days ago)
Happy 4th of July my American brothers.
One Man Army
PSG Gill (17 days ago)
Altair - Ezio - Connor
TheFunkhouser (17 days ago)
Still amazing 6 years on !
The Nameless King (17 days ago)
When my teacher asks me about what I know about the American Revolution I show them this video
CHANGAA_LYF -_- (17 days ago)
One man army
Elliot Wollheim (18 days ago)
What a shit trailer lol
Elliot Wollheim a shit is your life
The Reptilian (18 days ago)
This scene from " The Patriot " ... 😁😁😁
easwarraj giri (18 days ago)
July 3 2018?
I remember seeing this trailer me and my brother were excited that a fellow Indian was gonna be a assassin
Sphinx (18 days ago)
6 years already.
Boi (18 days ago)
I love how Ubisoft makes the trailers look like real life but then fucks up the game...
Boi (19 hours ago)
Jonathan Diaz why are you here even??? Nobody gives a shit about you OK?? And stop trying to be a smartass bitch fucker. How about you do your dad right in the ass huh bitch??
Jonathan Diaz (20 hours ago)
Boi Liking your comments wtf LMFAO youre too fucking retarded to be on YouTube
Boi (20 hours ago)
Jonathan Diaz fuck off please! No one even gives a shit about u so place fuck off outta YouTube place dimwit
Jonathan Diaz (20 hours ago)
Boi Just admit youre a fucking retard thinking a cinematic trailer would be the same as the game gtfo you dumbass bitch
Boi (20 hours ago)
Jonathan Diaz shut the fuck up you little fuckboy bitch ass
Hassan Hassan Mohammed (19 days ago)
LastbuzzGaming (19 days ago)
That guy in ranked games who doesn't talk, carries the game and gets the f*ck out
aishwary patle (19 days ago)
one of the best trailer
Drew Shilling (19 days ago)
Damn I remember being so hyped as a kid waiting for this game to come out
Silly Sausage (20 days ago)
And that my friends that’s how United Kingdom’ wins
Ashfaq KhanAD (20 days ago)
assassin creed 3 2nd trailer is here with best experience let on this link https://youtu.be/XgyYVfgz2Ho
Scare Crow (21 days ago)
This is why I love Ubisoft
Souhardya Dutta (21 days ago)
so fuckin energetic daog
Closed Curtains (21 days ago)
goosebumps all over my body
ARKHAM ASYLUM2016 (22 days ago)
Oh the irony of Natives saving Colonials
0:21 john pitcairn shows
6xfried (22 days ago)
Mr Washington must be proud of him

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