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Minecraft Daily | Ep.107 | Ft Ze, Steven and Kevin! | Constructing our plane!

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Text Comments (875)
Solsis Equone (2 years ago)
he crashed before he even took off
Lori Evans (3 years ago)
put a torch under the gavel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThatRandomBlackGuy (4 years ago)
DANGIT SLY, i had a dream i was watching minecraft daily XD
εpsilon (4 years ago)
Steven wuz taken a shawr
Holy Grail (4 years ago)
Everytime i hear something about big stuff, i think about Steven's HUGE dick
So Graphical (5 years ago)
and sheamus
Cloie Olson (5 years ago)
I love your intro music
Cynthia G (5 years ago)
Better with nova
scronscron (5 years ago)
This would be the best group if Alex and James were here to
xXdemonsacraligeXx (5 years ago)
you terk er jurbs!
abluemug (5 years ago)
i like how sly always looks to his left when visiting his downstairs. He is totally traumatized by the werewolf incident.
Valery Montoya (5 years ago)
shut the fuck up
Levi/Levy (5 years ago)
Homies not honors
Levi/Levy (5 years ago)
I just realized if the honors actually unites we could take over a small country or the actual guam
jwoeafksd (5 years ago)
theyre flags kevin game him.
phk590207 (5 years ago)
Everyday I hear something, I Think about Stevens Unite.
DrProcrastinate (5 years ago)
I noticed he has deadmau5 in one of his chests
kieran johnson (5 years ago)
Haha Kevin's so excited about his Spider Jockey and no-one cares :P
Ernie (5 years ago)
Ernie (5 years ago)
ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i get it
Sarah Cecconi (5 years ago)
My name is actually Isaac but I don't know how to change the name
Sarah Cecconi (5 years ago)
Pbat kevin and Steven would make a great team
oosacu (5 years ago)
oosacu (5 years ago)
Haha, whenever I see Ze, I remeber Natalie Portman from Asgardian Adventures xD
S4NE (5 years ago)
I can't hear the music... :(
paul slattery (5 years ago)
make a tank
Crazy Gamer (5 years ago)
Who else saw the troll face
Dango Bangal (5 years ago)
ha troll face
Lashaun Murray (5 years ago)
choloman94 (5 years ago)
more like steven sounds like ze
CristalViper ღ (5 years ago)
Click input, output, click machine, god damn it, I can't find "marine".
Magoober (5 years ago)
The illuminati symbol happens to have the dollar bill sign in it.. It represents money as well as all the other arms with various "sins".
neuzknisk7 (5 years ago)
which is illuminati symbol. :-)
zanexzxz (5 years ago)
you're that special kind of stupid aren't you ?
Magoober (5 years ago)
Sloan Hanson (5 years ago)
1:41 that cow is trying to hump the dog wtf
Dylan McDonald (5 years ago)
u should have camp bares
Tdogpwn (5 years ago)
16:00 where is that from?
Gavin Drudge (5 years ago)
get back in the cage xD
Lucian Z. (5 years ago)
tobad chef couldnt join in on that dance of his
Austyn Brannan (5 years ago)
Sammich (5 years ago)
wow, i was playing the sims while listining to this and a burgalur took my toilet my shower and my waffles, why my waffles?
velociraptor2785 (5 years ago)
I can ride a bike :D
neuzknisk7 (5 years ago)
05:06 illuminati picture in top right corner :-)
11696Ron (5 years ago)
everytime i hear the intro to the video i remember stevens unite
PKblaze (5 years ago)
Jim Bauht (5 years ago)
Or diamond Why the fuck aren't you looking f
ThatGuy (5 years ago)
A easy way to look up a recipe is to open your inventory go to the item you want to make then put the curser on the item you want and press r
Jeff Playdon (5 years ago)
Jeff Playdon (5 years ago)
lol lego fences
RawrMoonPuppy (5 years ago)
You can use the miniblocks to build little signs and words on stuff and name things or something. Make your own flag?
Seth Doucet (5 years ago)
McDonalds comercial
Liotahcheion (5 years ago)
Hey listen hey listen hey listen hey listen
Alexmtz2 (5 years ago)
watch the episode before this 1
laffy_taffy (5 years ago)
No lie I was sing that jerk song when he was
KGAGamer (5 years ago)
The one by sly? That is the familiars they can summon, watch the previous episode to find out about them
KGAGamer (5 years ago)
No, steven already did different tests in his mod review of it.
frumpy4 (5 years ago)
The suspense is killing me!
calisterrboi (5 years ago)
steven is just so adorable c:
Clydez (5 years ago)
What is that flying spider?
matthew fairfax (5 years ago)
make a little model of the town in your rea; house using the little block mod
Jayla Driver (5 years ago)
Gravel in ur book bag
Christian McKay (5 years ago)
Okay I admit that Minecraft Daily was getting dull... but then Steven had a shower
kingisraelful (5 years ago)
You can play minecraft in minecraft. minecraft lego!
kingisraelful (5 years ago)
Its piklink
paul colston (5 years ago)
my sis is such a homie that even before she knew u when she just knew pbat she loved purple and slimes and everything u like:3
Trollingbananas (5 years ago)
Nvm i just realized that playing his outro with the song is good enough
ArchimediesMD (5 years ago)
no piclink cause its pichu
AroAse (5 years ago)
deadmice not deadmau5es
Arbadak (5 years ago)
Sydni Horan (5 years ago)
I like navi from last ep
nubsniper143 (5 years ago)
@bella Harris are you kidding me XD
Fuzion Enigma (5 years ago)
with claysoldiers :D
Sami Amar (5 years ago)
No... Sorry...
esteban vargas (5 years ago)
Aww chef wanted to join the dance when sly started the song
mashood usman (5 years ago)
Jacob Pieris (5 years ago)
kiracattell (5 years ago)
love the ending! ze:why are there dead mouses?
ymirorn2532 (5 years ago)
when sly plays the music disc it looks like steven is humping the juelbox :3
Dragoonexy (5 years ago)
If you got onto the server i would kill myself...
gamerbloxgaming (5 years ago)
You are not getting on the server, it is a private server.
Bella Harris (5 years ago)
David Bennett (5 years ago)
u r a boss
Kenneth Lagunilla (5 years ago)
what about the feed the beast modpack?
Duffykinz (5 years ago)
its sphax pure bd craft
sl46321 (5 years ago)
add the gullivers mod if it is updated to the version of mineraft you are playing in and then you can live in a little blocks village
Austin Wyre (5 years ago)
no i like pewds but this guy is saying he has 500,000,000 subs
smurfasouras champ (5 years ago)
Sphrax pure pack or something like that
MattMorgan (5 years ago)
what texture pack is that
DeltaQreaperHD (5 years ago)
Bananaman (5 years ago)
But you forget the fact of every machine in his controll exploding every episode.....
John Venticinque (5 years ago)
minecraft in minecraft = mincraftception
Daniel Silva (5 years ago)
James Doesn't want to get on All,The Drama. I Know fro sure That Sly Liked Max
Stevonnie Jenkins (5 years ago)
or even better..... feed the beast
Euromos (5 years ago)
Mineception .
Sly, Make an enderchest maybe okay?! e.e
Dapper Squid (5 years ago)
the only two that i know for a fact voted gassy out were koots and dan. there was another that i don't remember. sly and seamus both talk to him but im not too sure about james. but nobody understands him much...
LuxElementum (5 years ago)
2something2 (5 years ago)
Sorry I don't remember saying that must of been my brother he's a tard.
Daniel Silva (5 years ago)
All the Creatures voted more likely gassy would still be in if only 2 people voted him out

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