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FUNNIEST TEXTS FROM COUPLES ON VALENTINES DAY! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more funny text messages! BOYFRIEND - GIRLFRIEND TEXTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz8bYstEGE0 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Text Comments (7706)
SSSniperWolf (8 months ago)
happy valentines day!
Lily Morse (10 hours ago)
You too! Lia!
Layla T.v (7 days ago)
*_curly_* *_fries_* (8 days ago)
Natalie S (12 days ago)
U too
Angela Wing (1 month ago)
Epic Gaming Bros (8 hours ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I’d rather be single than living with you
Shreya Madhavan (11 hours ago)
her hairstyle is a LITTLE BIT cringy... i mean one small ponytail on the side of your head makes no sense to me personally.... but lol video
Jalien Potts (15 hours ago)
I only had one Valentine
Renzo Gutierrez (15 hours ago)
I was watching your video and an ad came up and it was of u using the wishbone app
Queen ASMR (1 day ago)
All the single lady’s /men Like this comment So I know I’m not alone with being single ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️
Naomi Gibson (1 day ago)
lunna moon light (1 day ago)
Hell nahhh
SaharLifeStyle 2 (1 day ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I like my own comment because nobody will. It’s not my birthday. My dog does not die. My cat is happily alive so can I get a like for being honest
RKJKLL Life lessons (1 day ago)
Angelica Cruz (2 days ago)
I have a secret admire...sooo im not alone... IM 10
Gay And Not Okay (2 days ago)
You know, maybe that dude was poly and the girls knew about each other, but he was probably a cheater.
coquis sanchez (2 days ago)
My birthday is in February 9,2019
super cena (3 days ago)
. . _______________________
KK _Kylee (3 days ago)
I have an issue.. I was laughing so hard I started choking and almost had to get help....
CookiesareBOSS (3 days ago)
Lol the wart one made me spit out my sprite
Tyrah Wiens (3 days ago)
Please do another one like this and make it funny
Misty Vibes (4 days ago)
It's sad what happened on this day
kit kat Ohler (4 days ago)
Valentine's Day is just an excuse to Shove your face with chocolate lol!😛
kit kat Ohler (4 days ago)
i personal don't like Valentine's day it is just point less unless you have a relationship with someone 🤐🤐
Tyla's Dream (4 days ago)
so many reasons why my autocorrect is off
Bumblebee 809 autobot (4 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are -Blue- I've got 5 fingers and the middle one is for you (CHEATERS not you)
Harlequin Cumbers (4 days ago)
I came up with a really good poem Roses are red Violets are blue What’s sweeter than sugar? The answer is YOU
Godzilla 209 (4 days ago)
• • _________
Lasse Petersen (4 days ago)
I saw a couple of woodpeckers, just outside just now... :-)
The Bestfriends (4 days ago)
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *Read More*
Juliet Chavez (5 days ago)
Natalie Pericon (5 days ago)
6:07 look at name, it doesn’t make sense
Natalie Pericon (5 days ago)
2:48 he has 481 messages ofc he’s going to have six bixhes 😂😂😂
Jasmin Earles (5 days ago)
8:45 my sister
Derpboi 99 (5 days ago)
I'm in a relationship with my phone and air
Siti Faridah (6 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue let me buy you a BBQ
Panda Girl (6 days ago)
Lol if I accidentally texted my side *whatever* that my main was not home and they found out I would cover it up by saying exactly and if they didn't get the hint than they dumb.
Rose are red an violets are blue if you don’t eat your lunch I will find and kill you
James' world (6 days ago)
Rubi ♡ (6 days ago)
such smol
Amber ashley (6 days ago)
Boy:YES! Girl:will you dump me? Boy:NEVER Girl:would u kiss Me? Boy:YEEESS Girl:Do you hate me? Boy:NO Girl:Do you love my personality? Now read it from bottom to top😬
Layla T.v (7 days ago)
Hi ki
Demetra D (7 days ago)
Hell ya
Blanca Rincon (7 days ago)
It's call.ed happy sssniperwolf day
Mylan Lee (7 days ago)
i wish i was covered in Neosporin i had an allergic reaction to pizza and it itches and hurts so badly
Star Akari (7 days ago)
Take then tell
Salty GMVs (7 days ago)
5:10 Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you! But the roses are WILTING. The violets are DEAD. The sugar bowl’s empty, and so is your head. *IT’S OVER.*
Dat oNe dudez (7 days ago)
The V means Vagina ;-;
——————————— . . ()
When you said “red handed” I noticed that the girl was wearing a red dress.
Jossette Henry (8 days ago)
Thack You
boss panda (8 days ago)
mine plans spend time with my my gf my xbox am
Creepercam (8 days ago)
Cry in a corner
Kitten Cat (8 days ago)
The wart racing: ⚫️ 🏎
Nicholas Espinoza (8 days ago)
haha pecker
J Blake (8 days ago)
Am I the only one that the “whatever floats your boat” killed lol 😂
Darko Maksimovic (8 days ago)
5:42 Got me dying laughter XD
Ethan and Samuel! (8 days ago)
'__________' Whale someone fix my face I’ve been waiting for 10 hours!
Terriana Krize (8 days ago)
Mary Melhem (9 days ago)
Leah Stewart (9 days ago)
I’ve been a single pringle my entire life and I am ready to mingle but ain’t nobody wanna mingle with me! 😢😅
Geneva Walker (9 days ago)
Have you ever been trolled Read more
XxTylan 1204Xx (10 days ago)
You forgot to read this is why we are best friends
Keya Vaughan (10 days ago)
the 3:08 one is from taken
KakujaCentipede (10 days ago)
Trinity W (10 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue if I had a brick I would throw it at you
XxWo lFxX (11 days ago)
You never cared about my birthday?! 😭
RuGoodBro 1 (12 days ago)
Go commit scooter ankle
Sarah Gallart (12 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue if he's busy an Valentine's Day the sidechick is you! 😂 that killed me
*·________________________·* If you read this you have to like
Just Mila (13 days ago)
Roses are red I have a phone Nobody texts me Forever alone And Roses are red Here’s something new Violets are violets Not f**king blue
Central Music (13 days ago)
*i wish theres a singletines day!*
simplykvte (13 days ago)
•____________• whale you love me like whale love you?
anime nightmares sans (13 days ago)
I'm lonely :(
Savage Cabbage Julian (13 days ago)
Are you together with someone if no my dad likes you
Aysha a (13 days ago)
i laughed so hard at this video that i spit my juice out and it landed on my keyboard. lovelyyyyy ._______________________.
Carrot Cake143 (14 days ago)
What’s funny is that I got a texting ad right before the vid started 😂
Izuku Midoriya (14 days ago)
She was doing a project and had school
Lilly Carter (14 days ago)
I’m lonely so I don’t have any
KakujaCentipede (10 days ago)
Lilly Carter kaneki
neal pollock (14 days ago)
Gbedard2022 (15 days ago)
Ok, so last night I couldn't like stuff or comment. But now I can. How did I find out, you may ask? I dropped my iPod as usual and pressed the like button!! Well, there you go, but I'm a little weirded out.
rip x (15 days ago)
🔵 🔴
Gucci. (15 days ago)
*Valentine’s Day is to lit for me*
WTF AND (15 days ago)
I do that all the time
ItzMehSky (15 days ago)
Friend: Are you taken? Me:YES for granted MY life's story
At 9:48 I'm Madi and I'm not the Madi from the text message because my mom is much more careful
minigamer sam (15 days ago)
Cuddle in my bed and eat junk food
K C (15 days ago)
Can you do a clown video
nathan hawkins (16 days ago)
Winer would of been better
nathan hawkins (16 days ago)
Who saids pecker for a co*k,or di*k
Kenny Le (16 days ago)
Poop Lamont
Akeen Sewell (16 days ago)
Ha ... 🤓🤓🤓
Oh for Valentine's Day I'm watching Lia's videos.
AWildShaneski (18 days ago)
losit drems
JJcupcake 507 (18 days ago)
SINGLE PRINGLES . I’m literally eating Pringles 😂😂
Yuulo (18 days ago)
If either my mom or dad texted me accidentally instead of each other on v-day, I'd be like "this is me but dayyyuuum! You go get that shit! Just dont be too loud tonight. As much as I am thankful you two still love each other, I dont want to hear it xD"
Baby Vuvu (18 days ago)
He is flossing (°_°) /( /) / \
Rayo Gaming123 (19 days ago)
sashi Heredia (19 days ago)
That’s my birthday
I like pink, too! PINK IS THE BEST COLOR EVER!! ;;
qzariya day (19 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue\purple suger is sweet and so are you for:sssniperwolf

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