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Why Was Destroy All Humans A Big Deal?

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The Destroy All Humans series (PC, PS2, Xbox, PS4, Xbox One) was a hit with many fans, but still flew under the radar. What exactly made it so special? Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Frank Townsend (4 days ago)
A few months ago I got both of the games free on my PS4.
Ryan Yusko (18 days ago)
Childhood favorite
Ty Manson (1 month ago)
I honestly loved the first 2 destroy all humans only the third was so insane glitchy and had allot of unwanted new features like the thing where you stop time
Mar-thy-Nomad (1 month ago)
Great review!
Colin (1 month ago)
All I really had growing up was a Wii so the only game I played in the series was big Willy Unleashed, and honestly it was such a damn good game, the story was hilarious and the gameplay was so fun.
Yael De La Fuente (1 month ago)
Apparently there's a DaH5 beong developed
Rafli Avriza (2 months ago)
I love Destroy All Humans 2! What i loved about it? The blaster that will make people shits to their death.
SamTheMan (2 months ago)
Underrated but Amazing game
xXxBiohazurdjokerxXx (2 months ago)
Dude I agree that destroy all humans needs to return...but pandemic studios filed for bankruptcy, and they created d.a.h and without p studios it most likely won't happen, I'm still.sad no new ones are comming out My face was destroy all humans 2
Blink Cartridge (2 months ago)
Destroy all Bilsk
Rohan Sorensen (2 months ago)
I remember playing the second one with my friends and going around SF in a space ship (where i grew up) and blowing it to smithereens. We would then go to Alcatraz and possess FBI agents there and goof around with them.
Nate48 (3 months ago)
EA raped and murdered Pandemic
_AkumaGaming_ (3 months ago)
Lol kinda like Earth Defense Force. U dont have to think to play lol
Zoltan Kovai (3 months ago)
Come on, as much as I loved the game, half an hour into you realize that if you don't follow the main plot, the only real fun thing left to do is tearing out someone's brain through their asshole. Which is awesome only for the first twenty hours. But then it's like, this is what is happening to you your whole life, so why are you playing in it?
nice try167 (3 months ago)
I'd love to play the early builds of the game.
Slav (3 months ago)
I played it on xbox
ZOMBIESK8TBOARD (3 months ago)
I really want this series to return
Protoshag46 (4 months ago)
I feel like Destroy all humans is low key making a comeback with the rereleases on PS4 and it being available as a back compat on Xbox one. Praying THQ Nordic reboots the series
• OfficialEvan • (4 months ago)
Sad the franchise had to end loved all of the series especially the one for wii where you could literally control big boy from the big boy restaurant franchise
• OfficialEvan • (4 months ago)
Hi can I speak to officer Michael hunt
RP (4 months ago)
First one was my favorite, I spent days on it. I remember using the abductor ray to suck people in and when they're getting sucked in I shut off the ray and then they smack face first into the saucer hahahahaha
Mentor Frass (4 months ago)
2005 - 90's was the best years for real gamers
crossover junkie (4 months ago)
What are you smoking? Destroy All Humans got an 8/10 and DAH 2 got a 8.5/10. The rest well....sucked
Brandon Fleming (4 months ago)
Destroy All Humans 2 Destroying everything
luke castro (4 months ago)
Destroy all humans is on xbox one for backwards compatibility
ShatOnYourSteak (5 months ago)
1 and 2 where good 3 and 4 where trash fires. 2 probably being slightly better then 1
JØKER BØSS (5 months ago)
I loved the games 4 was my favourite
Mortalslayer (5 months ago)
The first game is gonna be backwards compatible for the Xbox One on April 26th, so mark your calendars kids.
FRAZER D (5 months ago)
DAH 1 &2 , gta vc & sa, battle front 1 & 2, jack and daxter, jack 2 & 3 and the list goes on this time was the best in.gaming when.I was growing up
Lion El Jonson (5 months ago)
I must thank my uncle for introducing me to DAH back in 2006-ish when he let me play it on his original Xbox as a kid. I was about 7 years old but still remember it as clear as day. I loved the game so much that he let me take it home to complete it. I remember having to have my brother fight the last boss because I couldn't do it. I then got the second game on ps2 and loved it even more because of the new weapons. I got big Willy unleashed when wii was the new trend and whilst it wasn't as good as the others, I still enjoyed the zombie gun and that lightning ball gun. I think that game had a shrink ray as Well. I then remember saving up for path of the furon on my Xbox 360 and I couldn't find it anywhere. It took me forever to get my hands on a copy because everywhere was sold out. I loved the game and never understood the hate. The weapons in that game were really fun and the new abilities were too. I remember working through the game and got myself the black hole gun which was REALLY fun. I got to the final level and borrowed it to my friend because he couldn't get his own copy and he scratched the game and put a ring on it so it wouldn't run. He gave it me back and I couldn't finish the last level to complete the game because it was broke. I couldn't find another copy. To this day almost 10 years later, I haven't completed path of the furon and I plan to go and hunt all of the games down now I have my own money as an adult just for childhood memories and the fact they were solid games. Even to this day, dah 2 and path of the furon are quite expensive considering their age. This December it will be exactly ten years since the last DAH game. It would be good if we got a remastered collection of all the games to celebrate a decade since the last game. I've been waiting almost 10 years for a new destroy all humans game and now that THQ Nordic have the rights, I trust them to revive our childhood memories and bring this amazing franchise back.
Gael (5 months ago)
Another fantastic thing about the first destroy all humans was the bonus features.
Wright Geese (5 months ago)
Destroy all humans 2 was my fav. I always used the discplacer and made cars fly everywhere. It cracked me up.
Extravagance BV (5 months ago)
The first one has the best location, as far as i remember i like the story & gameplay for the 2nd best, the path of the furon was fun too :D
2 A.M. (5 months ago)
Destroy all Humans sold 1 million copies on ps2 Lol
Steven Stanton (6 months ago)
Really good game loved it
Joshua Smith (6 months ago)
Destroy all humans was awesome, I played the shit outta these games and wish they were still around :(
Freewings21 (6 months ago)
Path on futon was on ps3 to just alot harder to find
Roland Kovács (6 months ago)
I thought this game console only. But your description says PC as well? Where fid you record yhe gameplay?
OMEKS (6 months ago)
Damn I'm realizing how dope my childhood was lol These games were so sick
Adam Duggan (6 months ago)
I literally just finished playing the remastered version of 1 and 2, and they were fucking brilliant. Honestly loved these games as a kid, and I can honestly say that they were definitely the best games I've played this year. Got a fucking great laugh out of 2 especially. Anyone thinking about picking these up, you won't regret it. They need to reboot this series!
Tamim Al Thani (6 months ago)
I want more old school 3D sandbox platformer instead of all these 2d indie games
Raven (6 months ago)
I JUST got to play this series ( After years of seeing it around as a kid/teen ) and I've asked this question the whole time " Why hasn't this game come back?" It's so unique, and REALLY FUN even in 2018 you can get so much fun out of this game! I would LOVE to see a new game with the tech we have now. If I remember right THQ had it's IP? Idk but maybe someday we'll get another game. I feel like now this game would be appreciated more , with the silly/dark humor.
Rizzler (6 months ago)
The video game company called Naughty Dog would be great if they gave this game a reboot.
Tim Panda (6 months ago)
I liked this better then the second one
Juju Bees (7 months ago)
So the next one, if there is one, should be in the 80s. 80s is back, with Stranger Things, Ready Player One, Retro Arcades coming back and so much more. Profits, y'all!!! Cash in on the 80s nostalgia. Someone get this message out there. A petition or something. 2 was my favorite. The last was great, but rushed and quality suffered badly.
Jack Bruck (7 months ago)
i own #2
Joe Lamarche (7 months ago)
i love them all, i sometimes wish they would make more but being realistic it would most likely be a disappointment and just tunr into another battlefront. much like GTA i really enjoyed killing and destroying as much as i possibly could before i died
Jared Reinstein (7 months ago)
Haha I was playing this when I was like 8 I fucking loved this game
MariNate (7 months ago)
I miss that game man
smh (7 months ago)
why does the description say PC this was never on PC
Samuel Macedo (8 months ago)
Samson Chi (8 months ago)
I fricken loved DAH, I had all with the exception of 2. I always wanted DAH 2. I spent about 3 years of having DAH 1 as a favourite game and it brought me so much joy when mum said I couldn't have GTA or COD.
Andy King (8 months ago)
DAH! Is an example of everything that was right with the gaming industry at the time, and should be an example to show what's wrong with it nowadays. What was said in the video, that it was a game that was just fun, and not something that competes to become something that completely takes over your life is exactly what's missing right now. Where's the fun anymore? Psychonauts 2 is the closest new game I can think of that reaches that nowadays. Money is far too high on the priority list.
Mr. Woof (8 months ago)
I really loved the second game in that franchise. I just loved getting the Burrow Beast out and just killing hippies. That being said, all the games in the series were fun.
Ebk Kelan (8 months ago)
The Outlaw pantera rulz (8 months ago)
Loved it ❤️
John Bailey (8 months ago)
Vro I love Destroy all Humans was the first T rated game I played as a kid
Chair Face (8 months ago)
Everyone wants realistic games with great grahpics now....I think people have forgotten that graphics don't always make a game sometimes it's fun to just chill and pay a 3D cartoonish game
HyperDavidovich (8 months ago)
My biggest worry -- if this series is revived -- is it'll be turned into a cookie-cutter, corporate, soulless game with no personality, going for "a broad audience" and staying away from "offensive" humor. That's my concern.
Karan (8 months ago)
7 min video with information worth 1 minute
DommY CS (8 months ago)
This, Mercenaries, and NFS Underground were probably my most played ps2 games.
Borat (8 months ago)
Ahhh, I remember that game... I wasnt even in kindergarten and my brother rented that game. Unfortunately my brain wasn't developed enough to enjoy the game, all I remember is abducting cows with the UFO and watching some cut scene at the beginning of the game. I would gaze in aw at what my brother was playing when he disguised himself as humans. Sweet, sweet memories!
Michael DiSalvio (8 months ago)
This games needs to come back.
Michael DiSalvio (8 months ago)
Its funny reading people remince about the ps2.like i would the nes or genesis or sierra games...kids
Kamikaze Badger (8 months ago)
Didnt play it but a friend said it was fun.
Makarov 9x18 (8 months ago)
I still play on my ps4 lol
Reven Radic (8 months ago)
It was a big deal because it kicked ass
Derp Phil (8 months ago)
I remember playing it on my older brother's PlayStation 2 when I was a kid. Good times, it gave me nightmares though.
galaxy 719 (8 months ago)
i loved the xbox one and my fav thing to do is just go into a area with unkillable humens and use the blackhole gun on them so it would suck all of the props around including them
Matren Armis (8 months ago)
Its sequel "Destroy all THOTS" was way better
Devlin R.C (8 months ago)
My favourite thing to do in Destroy All Humans 2 was to make both the rivalry ninjas fight each other, it was so satisfying to me and I would do that all day
Please. Make a new game. They were the best. Or at least a remake (with a pc port as well) of the original trilogy. That might even be better!
Manuel Barro (8 months ago)
any game that critisices USA is killed by "Game Journalists" and the Media
Jaaq Ess (8 months ago)
anal probes
James Clark (8 months ago)
DAH 2 on the original Xbox just had me hooked for years
Judah Osboja (8 months ago)
I played Destroy All Humans all the time as a kid. My favorite thing to do was read people's minds. It was so interesting and funny to listen in on things that didn't matter to me at all.
Music Nation (8 months ago)
I played the game around when I was 5 yrs old. That game is awesome and I still miss it
Raymond Lopez (8 months ago)
Destroy all humans on ps2. Loved that game!
Jack Warren (8 months ago)
I remember renting this game from blockbuster when I was a kid 😭
Jackson Zamora (8 months ago)
Alfredo Valencia (8 months ago)
I hope they make new aliens game like this one
Aus Tronaut (8 months ago)
In DaH 2 there was a gun that stuck into objects and flung them around at random like a doll on strings. Me and my friends spent tons of time just tying to make as much fly around the screen as possible with that gun haha
Ocean Of Games (8 months ago)
Oh shit I remember playing this on the ps2
Conrado Ramos (8 months ago)
Having modern version of Destroy all humans set in 2018 would be perfect!
gedaman (8 months ago)
There was no mention of the Jack Nicholson sounding voice for the main alien. I remember really enjoying this game on PlayStation 2 with the 480p progressive scan mode on a 55” rear projection LCD TV.
A Bums Boot (8 months ago)
This game was the shit lol I loved both of them
Clay Soggyfries (8 months ago)
The 2nd one was hard
Ashmet Taylor (8 months ago)
#2 was the best. And my fave thing was blowing up buildings
Nostalgia (8 months ago)
A rare picture of my wife and I 2:10 I enjoyed destroy all humans 2, I would go to the ninja island and throw cars at them lmao
Jeqf Applesider (8 months ago)
My first experience with destroy all humans was on the wii with big willy unleashed and even after playing all the other games... its still my favorite just because of how amazing it was to use big willy
Zarrx (8 months ago)
The title grabbed me at the rental store... And it was one hell of a weekend
Isiah Stancil (8 months ago)
#2 anyway
Isiah Stancil (8 months ago)
The best game ever
Esteban Mier (8 months ago)
Guys, any recommendation on games where you have to kill humans? Like you are a Zombie, or Like this one?
Destroyer rogers (8 months ago)
If it was on ps3 or Ps4 I would get it
tarapapi (8 months ago)
PS2 had an amazing library it was like the Wild West in terms of quality
Mr. Test (8 months ago)
We need another one!
dmdport (8 months ago)
I remember my friend having a demo disk for the ps2 that had one of these games on it. Fun as hell.
skin peelaa (8 months ago)
You know why these early 2000 games didn't do well? Because we could rent them from blockbuster for a week, beat them, and not have to buy them.
RIP pandemic how would they make a newone

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