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ARK: Survival Evolved - Mysterious Island - Part 1

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Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amu5VBTA_8o Check out our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XerainGaming/ The Mysterious Island In this episode Andre and Danny wake up on a mysterious island & start to gather supplies and resources in an attempt to make it to an offshore safer island where they can make base camp, ready to explore the rest of the world. About This Game Ark Survival leaves you stranded on a mysterious island where you must battle against the elements & dinosaurs to try and survive. Is there a secret to this mysterious island? What monsters will you encounter along the way? Watch this epic YouTube series where Andre & Danny take on their biggest challenge yet - Ark: Survival Evolved. Purchase This Game This game is currently on PC, Xbox One & Playstation 4. Purchase for PC using Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/ Social Links ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/xgsubscribe ► Facebook: http://bit.ly/xgfacebook ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/xgtwitter ► Website: http://bit.ly/xgwebsite
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Text Comments (258)
Ol' Beardy (19 days ago)
Omg yess you guys are my childhood so I came to check on you and I love this 😂 Please upload more often I miss you guys so much and I'd like to see more 💞
T.F.D ! (3 months ago)
We all miss you come back PLEASE
BD_LUST11 mwendaweli (3 months ago)
Guys wow ur back omg I thought u gave up wow im so happy wow
123youarenice (5 months ago)
The old guys that I loved, back for more!
James Mcdonald (6 months ago)
Guys play don't stave
Minsuh Kim (6 months ago)
0:33 Xeraingaming version of Markiplier's MEOW video
Billy Perry (7 months ago)
I love u guy I have been following sense day1 u are my favorite YouTuber 😎
Billy Perry (7 months ago)
Anime Obsessed (7 months ago)
FINALLYYYYY im so glad i decided to rewatch the dying light videos because i found this :´´)
Beastlyhero100 (7 months ago)
Shelby Graham (8 months ago)
Holly shjfrjfjfu you guys are back 0.o
Jessika Karr (9 months ago)
please post more videos also!
Jessika Karr (9 months ago)
love your content however (this is not meant as hate in any way) i dislike this game, and I'm just wondering if you are going to do anymore minecraft videos? Because I loved all of your series and mini games :) ily guys!!
LATA Juniwal (9 months ago)
Hey can you finish survival series pls
NorLaux (10 months ago)
YEEEEEEES can you guys keep doing the modded minecraft
Exdru (10 months ago)
this guy follows me on twitter
Unknownz’s 123 (10 months ago)
You been gone so long I though you guys gave up a YouTube 0-0
bb204 (10 months ago)
Misses u guys soooo much, glad you’re back!!
mario Baroud (10 months ago)
xoaddiee (11 months ago)
Missed you guys! So happy you're back!
Sully Game (11 months ago)
MIGHT have skipped leg day
Kittzya (11 months ago)
Right I'm not the first to click but I just wanted a throwback , I was and still am a big fan of xeraingaming but I'm so glad Dan is back!
Goei Eunice (11 months ago)
Bring back wrecked
Marietjie Vd Merwe (11 months ago)
Dude stop the peep its inooing
Marietjie Vd Merwe (11 months ago)
Dan you look good
Marietjie Vd Merwe (11 months ago)
IS THAT MINECRAFT??????!!!!!!!!!!
Marietjie Vd Merwe (11 months ago)
I don't like the peep
Hunterxgaming (11 months ago)
Their back!!!!!!
Chow Soon Weng (11 months ago)
Guys play Overwatch
XaviorPrime Xavior (11 months ago)
well done guys, XD you officially copied yogscast. its just you didn't abruptly end it at ep 43 XD. god dammit they have done things so fucking similar to yogscast. BTW I fucking love you guys and your videos. keep doing this, its awesome
Shabby Circle310 (11 months ago)
where is Oscar the sheep lol
Shabby Circle310 (11 months ago)
thanks so much. please do sims 4 on infernodan if that's okay
KaFoeKie (11 months ago)
So glad you guys are back!!!
Let's play gamez (11 months ago)
Ethan Prehoda (11 months ago)
Best intro ever
kubtractor (11 months ago)
You know you’re a true 4-5 year XG fan when you completely get the “do you want the bread”, flock, and Janet references xD
Michael Tran (11 months ago)
They're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Angelo Bulan (11 months ago)
I’m so glad you guys are back
Sombra The ravenclaw (11 months ago)
Why did u follow me on twitter
LegoPiew17 Lets play Game (11 months ago)
Minecraft plz
James Boyle (11 months ago)
God I love you guys
shadow warrioir (11 months ago)
Finally your back I thought you guys were done with jewtube
Alex Freeman (11 months ago)
YES!!! They have returned!!! I am so excited!!!! 😜
Deadly_Descent 13 (11 months ago)
Mr Creeper (11 months ago)
You guys just need to find a map and just blow the crap out of it with tnt
finn davies (11 months ago)
i demand a reason why you been gone for a long time
gaming freak (11 months ago)
Please stop cutting the video and skipping, make it 1 whole vid without cutting parts
David Chuong (11 months ago)
Brendon Little (11 months ago)
It has been so long
Ricky Wijanto (11 months ago)
after a millenia they are back!
BBQTiger (11 months ago)
wow I missed you guys
The Exploding Creeper Kid (11 months ago)
YAY!!!!!! i thought u guys quit youtube
Snipz001_ (11 months ago)
WHAT!!! lol it been so damn long i watched you guys since your first survival island
Farayan Karimi (11 months ago)
Upload more videos please. long time viewer and fan here! :)
Waseh Asad (11 months ago)
Miguel Colon (11 months ago)
I missed you guys, thank God you guys are back
Waseh Asad (11 months ago)
Please Please Upload Daily. Im a Old Ass time fan. From your Very first series. I still remember the first words "andreeeeee"
The Antimatter (11 months ago)
welcome back my minecraft idol's
T.F.D ! (11 months ago)
Give me your beaver HA!!
T.F.D ! (11 months ago)
I hate that YouTube says that videos must be sensored or it can't be monetized that sucks because now it's not the same like it used to be
Harold Lariosa (11 months ago)
Upload more videos please
MCMiner (11 months ago)
Loved it!
Wolfhater100 (11 months ago)
i'm glad that your back!
Savannah Britt (11 months ago)
Do you want some bread
Tristan Dunn (11 months ago)
I was just complaining 3 DAYS agao that you guys have up on YouTube and I wish you would make a mother episode danny I like the hair and did you gain weight
Tristan Dunn (11 months ago)
I was just complaining 3 DAYS ago that you guys haven't posted anything and now you guys did I really love your content, danny I like the hair cut, and did you gain weight
Tristan Dunn (11 months ago)
I'm gonna 're text it
Tristan Dunn (11 months ago)
I hate auto correct
skullbuster246 yt (11 months ago)
Ya u r back thank you I been waiting for ya videos for a long time yaaaaaaa when the next video
Holy An (11 months ago)
The editing is ON POINT!!!
granuaile (11 months ago)
Glad you guys are back! For a while, I had assumed you’ve gone and died or got into a fight, but I’m glad you two are still alive!
Deviledogbuzz 1 (11 months ago)
Your beck Danny want some flint and steel 😀
XCHRIS GAMES (11 months ago)
My thanksgiving is complete
Ramses Pimentel (11 months ago)
its been 60 seconds and I already can't
kevinkool (11 months ago)
Big City Boy!
Waseh Asad (11 months ago)
I have never clicked a video faster in my life of YouTube
Blake Mccleskey (11 months ago)
Happy you guys are still making video I thought you guys quit YouTube
Alex Payne (11 months ago)
I love you guys!
barfingcat21 (11 months ago)
I subbed back when you guys started tekkit(1.2.5). You guys got me into moddec mc, and I forgot you existed. A lot has happened since the last time I saw you guys, now you are playingg one of my favorite games and I couldnt be happier. I really miss you guys and couldnt be happier. Please dont go away again you have gotten me through quite a few tough times.
Eric Rodriguez (11 months ago)
IT'S BEEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!
Eric Rodriguez (11 months ago)
It has felt like years.
VHFGamer (11 months ago)
minecraft dude just minecraft
Waseh Asad (11 months ago)
No! I Love This Game And The COntent They Create
Abi McGovern (11 months ago)
who remembers Oscar the sheep?? xD
Chance Cowart (4 months ago)
I miss Oscar 😭
GoldenTrash GT (11 months ago)
I miss Oscar so much
Hoodied (11 months ago)
Ah, Oscar died nearly every episode
Dustin Ripley (11 months ago)
I like to kill Spinos with slingshots too!
uniqe gamer54 (11 months ago)
bazinga shizzzzzzzzz mod
Deathbringer 476 (11 months ago)
uniqe gamer54 (11 months ago)
i was so ####### excited
uniqe gamer54 (11 months ago)
i love ya guys
Zoro_ (11 months ago)
I knew it was a good idea not to unsub. I'm glad these guys r back ;-)
Thanus 123 (11 months ago)
Omfg your not dead
tyler kaufmann (11 months ago)
Yous back? Or you gonna vanish again?
Filip Goessens (11 months ago)
Wooooooooohhhhooooo they are back :D
Seraph 82990 (11 months ago)
Im a new subscriber. More of a fan of your minecraft survival island 2. Wish you would have continued that series. But glad your back cant wait to view more of your Ark episodes. I personally own Ark through discord and xbox one.
Elvis Estevez (11 months ago)
Nice hair cut
Ryan Goudie (11 months ago)
Welcome back
Overload Fluffy (11 months ago)
OMG guys welcome back! I missed you guys soooo much glad to see you recording again! Edit:Please put your hat back on ❤️
EKkronostar (11 months ago)
Dapper_Mudkip (11 months ago)
How long... how long have I waited for this moment? 🤧🤧
DenilPlayz- Minecraft (11 months ago)
What the flip Andre:duh duh duh duuuh duuuh Danny doing scorpion noise r: raar
Connor Worley (11 months ago)
Man they’re even doing survival island outside of Minecraft 😂😂
Kavita Shah (11 months ago)
Wow it’s been a while! Glad you’re back though :D
wickedwater24 (11 months ago)
Thank god your back ive missed use so much
FOR_GIGGLEZ (11 months ago)
Who here remembers the good old original Minecraft Survival Island days. I've been subscribed to Yall since yall 3k and I missed y'all so much. love to see y'all back at it💜💛💙💚❤
Lamarion Coleman (11 months ago)
How often are you guys gonna upload videos

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