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Prey 2 | Bounty trailer (2012) E3

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from the press release BETHESDA SOFTWORKS ANNOUNCES PREY 2 Sequel to Award-Winning Prey to be Available in 2012 Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced that Prey 2, the sequel to the popular 2006 game, is scheduled for release in 2012 and will be available for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows. Further details on the game will be revealed in the May issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation : The Official Magazine, as well as in magazines throughout Europe. Prey 2 is being developed by Human Head Studios, the studio that created Prey, the original, award-winning game. Prey 2 is being built on the cutting edge id tech engine from id Software. "We are thrilled to be working with Bethesda on Prey 2," said Chris Rhinehart, project lead. "Prey 2 will provide gamers the opportunity to explore a new facet of the Prey universe, one that offers fast-paced action in an open, alien world. We're excited to show gamers the title we have been working on and hope they will be as excited by this title as we are." Continue to check http://facebook.com/prey2 for additional information on Prey 2 in the coming days.
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Text Comments (823)
Obito Uchiha (6 days ago)
With bethesda this could have been the best game since Dishonored
The new one looks like crap
The game that would of been awesome
Ancient Luck (7 days ago)
i hope this is what Starfield is gonna be like
BioLink (13 days ago)
Extremely glad the new Reboot got chosen over this. Prey 2017 is probably one of the deepest scy fi RPGS ever made, it's a love letter to System shock that manages to be better then system shock.
Popeye (15 days ago)
Fucking devs missed the chance of making an epic and super fun game instead they make a fake prey 2 which was dumb and dull.
Kirill ov (22 days ago)
HARLEEN QUINZEL (26 days ago)
fuck you (26 days ago)
Whichever cunt made the executive decision to cancel this and then follow up with the piece of shit that is Prey 2017 - FUCK YOU
Eldiyar Akylbekov (26 days ago)
Who know, wahat is song?
Doctor Sam (28 days ago)
I know this is a Cinematic trailer but i think Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay will literally look like this
FunnY_GuY (28 days ago)
а сейчас основной проблема...где блять??!!где эта игруха?
Alexander Frost (1 month ago)
I'm gonna break I'm gonna break my I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run!!!
Chris Righteous (1 month ago)
Cyberpunk 2077 is going to do what this game was meant to do
The Savage Taxman (1 month ago)
That beat drop when he lands on the train 🔥
Gijs Hagenaars (1 month ago)
This is one hell of a trailer
Nikitos Play (1 month ago)
New Prey version 2017 is a shit.
REA987 (1 month ago)
- Cyberpunk: Check - Space cowboy theme: Check - Continuation of a vague but intriguing story: Check - Have a plot twist: Check Aaaand cancelled, just like *Firefly* ... [cries in agony]
MrSogynist (1 month ago)
EurocorpFx (2 months ago)
We need more games with a cyberpunk/dystopian setting. Can't believe, they shut down the production for another horror-shooter.
Yuki is dead (2 months ago)
What if this is starfield? that would be so sick.
Micuda98 (2 months ago)
It still hurts...
Snek Doggo (2 months ago)
Why did they make the new Prey instead of this? Looks way cooler than anything in PREY.
Gio Escalante (3 months ago)
No matter how much I search I can't find the song. They say it's Johny Cash, which it is, but it's clearly some sort of remix of it though. Can't find it
Micuda98 (2 months ago)
Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage and it's not remix.
Carlos Santana (4 months ago)
I need this game ;-;
PheonixFlame156 (4 months ago)
Man, I remember Prey from 2006, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, I mean it looks good and all, BUT WHY DID IT GO SO FAR AWAY FROM THE ORIGINAL, THIS IS A SEQUEL FOR FUCKS SAKE, I UNDERSTAND PREY 2017, CUZ ITS A REBOOT AND ALL, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS, no really what happened, did that human survive the events of PREY 1 and went to become an interstellar bounty hunter with a translator and shit, if that's the case then that just completely answers my questions
stockbreaker596 (5 months ago)
Better than the new one
Bioshocked678 (5 months ago)
Never forget.
* ToxiN * (5 months ago)
Thé music is rusty cage of Johnny cash
stale mint (5 months ago)
Lifter999 (5 months ago)
Still like this trailer more than what they realesed as Prey 2 :(
Kamphet (6 months ago)
instead of this we got a fucking dead space ripoff.
Kyle C. (6 months ago)
I still come back to this video and imagine what a great game this could have been
Christopher McAvoy (7 months ago)
Anyone notice the handgun is the same from doom 2016
Blaine Fuhrmann (7 months ago)
This one looks way better than the one we got.
Adam Leban (7 months ago)
If only there was a world where Prey 2 was released and Prey 2017 was called Neuroshock :(
kiIl-chan (8 months ago)
look away, folks. this is just a "cinematic trailer". you know what it means ;)
Slayer (8 months ago)
Вот хуесосы ... такая бы пиздатая забава вышла бы...
Gage Sanderson (8 months ago)
This looks awesome, but I️dc; I️ fucking loved the new Prey game so much. So I’m fine with this one being scrapped.
are you retarded? fine?
Omnisprime (8 months ago)
The best game we never got to play...
Jedi (8 months ago)
Grizzly Melon (8 months ago)
I really fucking hope someone else is gonna pick up this exact concept and make a game of it.
crossbones116 (8 months ago)
Thanks Bethesda, you duplicitous con artist scumbags.
VIDEO HUNTER (8 months ago)
Hauka Hauke (8 months ago)
after finish prey (oryginal, not this biocock copy) i must watch this trailer... ahh what a shitty company we must be to cancel such a fantastic game.
squidward the lord (9 months ago)
I can understand that the newest Prey is a good game but HOLY JESUS, WHAT IS THAT? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Prey 2 would be fucking fire. The newest Prey is the combination of System Shock and Alien: Isolation. Bounty hunting in a cyberpunkish environment full of aliens would be something new, more original and far more interesting. I hope that one day one of those fuckers from Bethesda will be like "hey, let's make fucking Prey 2" and they'll do it, and it'll be mighty as fuck. The truth is that Prey from 2017 was called "Prey" only because Bethesda had Prey trademarks and nothing they could do with them.
Oytun Yönyüksel (9 months ago)
This was idiotic prey didn't needed any reboot its shame we have space horror shit on us.
Johnathan Mehring (9 months ago)
Okay then, Aliens that sound Russian, Man with a lot of tools, surrounded by numerous aliens and a monster? Best Idea for Bethesda, eh? :D
CaveBobSpongeMan (10 months ago)
would much rather have had this
super cool (10 months ago)
This game had so much promise, it would of been amazingly fun. but no they had to make a shitty horror game with horrible shooting mechanics.
Dainis Kossovics (10 months ago)
Well since Bethesda got larger of a company they just make shaits and i still cant belive that they replaced this with that Prey we have right now.... I refuse to play the so called ( Prey ) and still hope they will make this some day.
Wiwin Dewanti (10 months ago)
really cool cyberpunk games
Quinten Dietrich (10 months ago)
I still have the poster that came with Skyrim
Artiom Kozlov (11 months ago)
Prey 2017 sucks balls, this would have been a waaaay more epic game. #FuckBethesda
mikeart 2340 (1 year ago)
I remember the first time I seen this trailer. I was so hyped. Now that I've played what they actually made, I cry myself to sleep every night for what should've been. The new Prey is like, "let's just take Bioshock, add in some Dead space and we will definitely have an award winning game..." sorry guys. you tried though.
Len Tayo (1 year ago)
Where the fuck is this game?
I want this not prey
0.Ghost (1 year ago)
This looked so much fucking better than the new prey, it was still p good though
beastmasterbg (1 year ago)
i was so exited when the trailer came out and now its fucked pfff
fRoggO yee (1 year ago)
looked like oddworld stranger's wrath with aliens......
Wind Wind (1 year ago)
Game: Prey 2017 The hell is wrong with you Youtube?
sparkss4 (1 year ago)
This looks super impressive even in 2017. Just found out Prey was released and I thought it was this game, but I thought it was weird because I remembered watching this trailer so long ago. Turns out Prey 2 is dead. Such a shame, this trailer looked awesome and different.
жалко что это доля не вышла
Ben Aldridge (1 year ago)
There's the like and dislike option. Where is the materialise awesome game option?
Shadowrunner (1 year ago)
Never saw this trailer before playing new Prey. And what I have to say to you - now in 2017 this trailer looks like a possibility of either something great or something shitty. Hero here is basically generic high-tech badass #7. Boring. So yeah, this game could be cool. While the game we got in 2017 IS definitely great.
beastmasterbg (1 year ago)
nah the new game is shit
KreshPlays (1 year ago)
Shitty dark conception without any perspectives. Glad that it was redone.
Char Aznable (1 year ago)
Fuck Bethesda.
eisregenplayer2 (1 year ago)
Sad. The bounty hunter prey had much more potential in the game play aspect. Bethesda tried their luck with a extraordinary story what failed from my point of view a bit. I hope I'm not the only one feeling disappointed.
Insanity Filter (1 year ago)
YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! Wait, why am I complaining? The new one is great. I STILL MISS WHAT YOU COULD'VE BEEN, PREY 2!
The Dark Lord Cthulhu (1 year ago)
i like the new prey better
brn 2107 (1 year ago)
Just remember this got replaced by an M rated, single player version of Gmod Prop Hunt. (The new PREY isn't bad, but compared to what this promised and how it looked...).
b3nzay (1 year ago)
Why wasn't this made?
WhokilledtheSun (1 year ago)
Much cooler and original than Prey. Shame it never saw the light.
Simon McHarg (1 year ago)
RIP to this game
max quenn (1 year ago)
se7enX89X (1 year ago)
Just beat "Prey" yesterday and I'm not going to lie I'd rather played this....
Xenowarrior92 (1 year ago)
soo...this awesome game got canceled to get the trash junk of "Prey" ???...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?????
scotty79 (1 year ago)
I think that guys who made Dying Light could pull this off.
Fleder Mausmann (1 year ago)
Honestly i love the new 'Prey' game, even though its Prey in name only. But this game should have been made as well. The idea of human bounty hunter on alien world is awesome. Plus we were supposed to meet Tommy from the first game. Trailer looks great even today.
A game sets in Space open world setting were you are a Alien Bounty Hunter which it has lots of potential but BETHESDA cancelled this because it did not met their " *Standards/expectations* " smh
Kanguru Listrado (1 year ago)
Oh fak
Zloy_dedulya (1 year ago)
"Prey 2 doesn't meet Bethesda's quality standards" I wonder, where was Bethesda's "quality standards" when they published Rogue Warrior?
Verno The Corrupted (5 days ago)
Zloy_dedulya oof
EuroHEV (1 year ago)
This looked WAY better. :(
Even though the new one is awesome... I'm still waiting for a space bounty hunter with dishonored type gameplay game
R Rai (1 year ago)
What ever happened to this game?
Bender B. Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Damir HTC (1 year ago)
такую игру проебали (
VoltanIgor (1 year ago)
Daaamn. This. Is. Amazing.
Assassin of Fate (1 year ago)
It sickens me they turned this into a shit system shock ripoff.
Ibonek36 (1 year ago)
Aaaaand it's gone, It's all gone.
THE JUICEBOYS (1 year ago)
Prey 2017 is absolute fucking shit
Tv Games Killer (1 year ago)
a kid kidnapped and raised by aliens and he became a bounty hunter tracking down anything that get him a cash with great fps screen icons that looks exactly like a real great game with mother fuckin incredible city and environment and looking really futuristic. ...but fuck no let's cancel the game that every player want and make an horror game that looks shot with small budget and shitty sitting. ..fuck u bathesda
Vladislav P (1 year ago)
this concept passed to CDPR ? Pray2Cyberpunk 2077
Vladislav P (1 year ago)
coming soon :(
Faptn. Undrpants (1 year ago)
Honestly you could probably get this kind of game when Star Citizen is finished... if... Star Citizen gets finished.
Wait, were all the people in the comments section that hyped for Prey 2 that they​ instantly hate the new Prey? (That doesn't include me, as I am giving a different opinion as the one dominating the comments section). The new Prey is way cooler, for me, as we see too much open world games lately, and good horror games are rare.
Solid Snake Gaming (1 year ago)
dear bethesda you are a FUCKING BUNCH OF PIDORS !!! WHERE MY PREY 2 ?????
Noodleboy N (1 year ago)
They should do a Strontium Dog game like this.
Jonathan Kreitler (1 year ago)
Lois cool like mirrors edge prey in the future but I still like prey 2017 a lot
Thomas Sun (1 year ago)
Bethesda's Mindset: Dead Space 3: Let's ruin dead space by turning it into a action co op shooter game instead of the original horror concept. Prey: Let's ruin a perfectly awesome and badass first person shooter by turning it into a horror game. Okay seriously wtf. Am I the only one noticing this, but bethesda just wants to ruin all their games. And it should be reversed, LET DEVS DO WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT

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