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No Man's Sky Where Is Update 1.4

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If i am wrong i will make a video on it but once again i think that patch/update 1.4 will not be this holiday season
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Sajka (11 months ago)
They moved to a new studio and i think thats the reason why they are so silent to us cuz i think a new update were delayed. But remember, they even hired a new guy for Hello Games. And this guy have the know how for procedural citys
Tyler Thunder (11 months ago)
January at the latest
Tyler Thunder (11 months ago)
Clever Witty Gaming We will see what happens
Clever Witty Gaming (11 months ago)
i doubt if you look at this Christmas its very crowded a lot of games came out this year (AAA Games) and most people would be buying those for xmas presents maybe January if to go by the Christmas theory because that would make a bit more sense since a lot of people get gift cards or cash for presents so with a new update to hit during January sales they would have the most chance at making profit but i do think its gonna be spring because i believe these updates are not about money but about bringing value back to there name and try to get back that reputation of being a capable development team. :) (But hey a holiday season update would be awesome)
Tyler Thunder (11 months ago)
It would make sense to release on or before Christmas they can make more sales
Tyler Thunder (11 months ago)
I disagree I think we will see it next week
Tyler Thunder (11 months ago)
But great vid

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