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Richard III The Burial Of The King

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Denise Armstrong (1 month ago)
Not right he should have had a catholic service in catholic burial in the Catholic Church
SMC01ful (1 month ago)
Hmmm, as a Roman Catholic it would be nice for him to be interred in a Catholic church with a fully Catholic mass. However, anything which brings Catholic and Anglican together in peace is fantastic. Moreover, it shows folks how far we've come. It's wonderful his ancestor built him his coffin. It's a fantastic, simple, beautiful construction. This was ten times better to watch than the Royal Wedding. FFS, how boring that thing was.
Linda (2 months ago)
Much ado about nothing.... as wrote Shakespeare.
Zena Fanom (2 months ago)
This IS why the British Monarchy must prevail.
nenabunena (2 months ago)
the historian is a hoot!
nenabunena (2 months ago)
why does that girl reverend talk like that?
SRV. 123 (3 months ago)
I'm sure the Monarchy private historians, from today and Richards time. And the Royal family themselves. Know the truth about the 2 missing Princes. However I doubt they will ever release the information. First, it would really open a can of worms and make them look bad. Second, they have no blood relations to him. They are the German usurpers of the Crown and they know it.
clarence spencer (4 months ago)
I hope the eggs and the sperm of those two-- Michael Epson and Wendy T. --who are the last of the Plantagenets, are frozen and preserved for posterity. I am sure they would not produce any natural children at their age, but science can in the future..
Sharon Payne (5 months ago)
Richard lll should have had a full high catholic mass in a proper catholic cathedral not a parody in an heretical church
Mickey Bitsko (6 months ago)
Buried by a religion founded by the son of his killer. The man was a Catholic.
Deborah Tansey (1 month ago)
I thought this was rather ironic, as well.
SRV. 123 (3 months ago)
It's like they are arguing over Coke or Pepsi. lol
Chia Sanzes (3 months ago)
So? Wasn't Richard been buried at his time already By his Catholic belief too. And in the end that doesn't even matter By which storybook we get buried as we all end up the same dirt.
Richard Graham-Green (6 months ago)
He was a son of York and should of being buried in York. A pox on all the pretenders who stopped the North having our last King brought home. He was our Last King of the North.
Don Mulligan (7 months ago)
What an outrage, Richard III should have been re-buried in York, in a Catholic Cathedral after a Roman Catholic High Mass
SRV. 123 (3 months ago)
This is hilarious. Clergy giving their woo woo and ju ju over dirt. Just shows one how ridiculous religion is. And I'm sure they were paid a pretty penny for their services. If they didn't seek nor find a penny off off this. Nor a free lunch. If it actually cost them gas money and time. Then I would say it was Ok. But I doubt that was the case.
Hopeful Agnostic (10 months ago)
Wow, I feel like he kind of bludgeoned Lord Stanley a little more brutally than was decorous.
Eddie Porter (10 months ago)
"I" am decent fom Him 16× times great grandparent. He is a Very evil Man😡. Witch he does Not need to be respected as a wonderful king. And Where is The queen ectra... The type of pomp is Just "A" sham👎
j smith (11 months ago)
What a monstrous load of wan this whole thing is. I'd rather see an hour of the workings of "The Car Park Above the King", hell, a season of episodes would be better.
SMC01ful (1 month ago)
Lol, I found this more fun and informative than the Royal Wedding.
L. Kala (11 months ago)
In the video at 1:15:08 the gray hair dude is shaking his head and him and Philippa look at each other in disgust like school children while the wizard dude is talking about the discovery. Obviously they were pissed about something. Can someone tell me what it was?
chevalier de balibari (7 months ago)
Also, if the original film documenting the discovery is true, Philippa had to get the funding to do this, let alone permission to go dig up the parking lot of a government social services office. While the speaker does give credit to Langley and Dr. Ashdown-Hill AFTER mentioning the University, it sounded as though they only provided corollary assistance when in fact they were primary to the discovery. But what did you expect? The institution and people wearing fancy gowns get to the head of the line, and the peons have to wait behind the red cordons.
thepassionatepk (9 months ago)
They were upset because the dudes eulogy credited the university with the discovery of Richard, when it was their determination & research that led them there in the first place. They had to beg the university to even listen to them.
L. Kala (10 months ago)
Thanks Bj I appreciate it 😊
BJ Martin (10 months ago)
It is here 2:21:00
Isaac Joyce-Shaw (10 months ago)
L. Kala good spot! They were really upset about something. I wonder if it was just the coldness of the eulogy itself. Hardly something anyone would be happy to know would be read at their funeral.
Addy C: (11 months ago)
Anybody interested in medieval history should watch some things hosted by Dr. Castor. "She Wolves" is one of my favorites, especially the one about Matilda and Eleanor.
rivenoak (1 year ago)
any blessings of the anglican clergy were of course null and void, for Richard was catholic and it violated his religion. but it was their church unfortunately and law also restricted the re-burial from happening in York Minster, Richard's last wish. at least the cardinal archbishop of westminster was present before and said his prayers.
j smith (11 months ago)
This is all a shitload of wank, especially the religion.
clarence spencer (11 months ago)
uh, now comes the loutish language and the inherent hooliganism of the lower classes. an intelligent conversation would overshoot your head by a few miles. so, run along and drink some room temperature warm beer
rivenoak (1 year ago)
AFAIK both churches insist they are the only one which counts ? but Richard was catholic, therefore anything the anglicans do is as much worth than a flea's fart.
clarence spencer (1 year ago)
how many gods are there, good fellow? it is not playing the blackjack in Vegas, but praying to the Almighty for a parted soul
Jackie Peterson (1 year ago)
Not the last decendants...there are hundreds of descendants. They're referring to direct genetic decendants whose DNA could corroborate that the skeletal remains were Richard's.
Deneze .C. Lujanen (1 year ago)
Who says those decendents were his last ones he is my 2nd Cousin 19 x removed.. and i live in Canada
Joe Benavides (1 year ago)
As I understand it. The 2 descendents were on the female line of Richard III.

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