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We Play: ICBM SERVER #11 - Decorating!

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The Paraxoid (2 years ago)
this is relaxing
TheY259 (4 years ago)
U use the rubbish bin by putting an item and wait for five min
Game Smash (4 years ago)
Dyfe123 I would like to join your server please send me something on google plus if that's ok :D
TheY259 (4 years ago)
What happened to episode 10 I couldn't find it
Cameron Collum (5 years ago)
Caleb Clark (5 years ago)
you dumie it takes time to get rid of it
Scroll Bar (5 years ago)
seavens probibly mad :^)
Scroll Bar (5 years ago)
when ever i put stuff that isnsnt blocks like the pison tops it some how annoys me even if i dont see it i dont know how but when there is a regular block im not annoyed i dont know how
Crimson SV (5 years ago)
Crimson SV (5 years ago)
2MoreHours (5 years ago)
You could try using a lever for the table lamp
phillip olsen (5 years ago)
What's the IP address
ViceFusion Fruitness (5 years ago)
Hai dood! Iwould like to say that I love this series and just started watching it. I just saw u install the furniture mod. With de dishwasher you can actually repair Armour,tools and other shtuff with it. It actually repairs it fully. I don't know if you consider it cheating. BAI dood!
Danny Kolb (5 years ago)
i think i heard the herobrine sound
lachy phelps (5 years ago)
your old base was better
MrWee (5 years ago)
you know they will fire missiles at that house
GHOST HUNTER172 (5 years ago)
you wait a littel then it gos away
GHOST HUNTER172 (5 years ago)
what is the ip
Jackgoodwin Goodwin (5 years ago)
Get timber mod so u can get wood faster
Rath Knight (5 years ago)
I wanna join I have Skype:Mattrulez1900
Thomas Miz (5 years ago)
You r having iron problems but i will never do cause i have an iron golem farm in my survival and if i need iron i have 8 iron golems every 6 minutes
robert gilman (5 years ago)
stevens a dout and good job steven
Daniel Chavis (5 years ago)
washes his hands after he takes a bath but not after he takes a dump
ruben morfin (5 years ago)
I want to join but I only have ICBM on tekkit
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
we will be asking very soon
robbot78910 (5 years ago)
id love to join been a sub since the start
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
ik i dont know why i didnt
ExplodingFreeze (5 years ago)
You realize you could have just taken out the windows in the bathroom
ExplodingFreeze (5 years ago)
Put the blinds on the windows in the bathroom :-)
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
yeah for now
james heaslip (5 years ago)
A little late to join now eh?
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
lots to many to say
TheTeenCyclist (5 years ago)
what is the mods that you are using?
TheTeenCyclist (5 years ago)
pllzzz let me get in the icbm server
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
yes it does and listing will take to long and no i dont want a map
Shadus Black (5 years ago)
Does it have all the missiles and explosives you had. And could you list them, please . Also do you want to do a custom map?
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
yes there is
Shadus Black (5 years ago)
Is there a compatible version of ICBM for 1.3.2 ? I would need that becuse my minecraft does not want to update . Also is there a atom scince mod for 1.3.2 like the one you have. 😜
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
maybe still thinking about it but you know what iv made up my mind thats a great idea well at least the zepplin because im going to fly over their house and bomb them!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
hmm dosent seem like a bad idea but we will later not now so ill think about it and just stay tuned to see if i release it!
AdoubleD (5 years ago)
Can you put the map up for download?
senortacos (5 years ago)
9:41 TNT?
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
ok thanks
CalclaviaProductions (5 years ago)
Manual: calclavia. com/universalelectricity/?m=2&p=manual#camouflage
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
yes it does i just dont know what it does i have seen the command that changes something about it but i just dont know what it does can u tell me?
CalclaviaProductions (5 years ago)
Newest ICBM should have it. 0.6.4...
Michael Saligari (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
we will soon with a missile that can accentually hurt them :)
Michael Saligari (5 years ago)
Start shooting them
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
No we have a promise that they will not watch it unless we tell them they can and trust me they dont they are good people and wont so dont worry
grl44able (5 years ago)
i sent skype invite
Dubz (5 years ago)
I sent you a skype invite
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
hmm i dont have it send it again
Dubz (5 years ago)
what is the skype I love the series and I want to join!
Dubz (5 years ago)
what is the skype?
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
i have seen them in nei but i dont know what they do can u tell me?
Dyfe123 (5 years ago)
o ok i didn't know that because the forum page was being updated so i couldn't look at recipes or what thing did so thanks
Chugleader (5 years ago)
i dont know if you know now but doesnt the trash bin remove the items after 5 minutes.
Monika POKRIVAČ (5 years ago)
seccond :P!!!
CalclaviaProductions (5 years ago)
ICBM has camouflage blocks which you might be interested in...

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