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The Air Force Considered Turning the A-10 Warthog into a Nuke-Bomber

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Fast-moving fighter jets would have trouble escaping the aftermath of these massiveexplosions. On a nuke-mission, the Air Force expected its fighter pilots to fly toward their targets at altitudes greater than 30,000 feet before lobbingbombs-at the enemy. With the-bombs-flying in an upward arc onto the target, the method would hopefully give the aircraft enough time to fly clear of the blast. But it’d still be a close call. The slower A-10s probably wouldn’t make it. - Unturned | Warthog Jet Raid! | Tank - Awesome A-10 Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded
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David Reynoso (2 months ago)
Well done u.s Military Emenies of the World .
Tony Chen (2 months ago)
Oh~not good.not good. Too damn close to the pilot.
Salehe Akili (2 months ago)

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