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Alien VS Predator Asdf Colonial Marines

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The Year is 2000, the Asdfs Colonial Marines are being hunted. Can they survive? or will the ALIENS!! prevail. Game: Aliens vs Predator Classic Available in 1080p* Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Dokudoku: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA MrCatButts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MYxjdFhX0s_x_T3gB7DgQ FatWinkyWrinkleNugget: http://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Music:8 but bu dd y ho lly
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Text Comments (148)
Biodeamon (4 months ago)
these marines look to be missing a few chromosomes
Brandi Butcher (6 months ago)
I like where the alien is going aliens
The Duke Of Dorks (1 year ago)
such an underrated channel mr.BedBananas
ALPHAGAMER21 (1 year ago)
*dramatic music,and then a dramatic end to it* alien:ALIENS >:3 *runs away*
TheSunFiles (1 year ago)
the nickel box (1 year ago)
the old days...
Darth Karnis (1 year ago)
Thumbs up for 8 bit Weezer at the end.
Vapo (2 years ago)
Ryan Wirth (2 years ago)
Oslad53 (2 years ago)
"It's like a baby. A baby with a whip." A baby with a buttplug that has a whip attached to it. That's what it is.
Scotti (3 years ago)
1323GamerTV (3 years ago)
nice 8 bit buddy holly at the end also, does kiara have a channel?
MineSlimeTV (1 year ago)
Nesdarnok (3 years ago)
what game was this?
Lucifronz (2 years ago)
Fair enough.
Nesdarnok (2 years ago)
Oh, thanks. I'm really not familliar with console games.
Lucifronz (2 years ago)
I'm hoping that's a troll, but in case you really couldn't figure it out, it's Aliens vs Predator. From the graphics, likely the old Xbox-era game.
Liberty Rhyme (3 years ago)
is anyone else confused about why that ALIENS thing is funny :l and please tell me what the joke is.
Lucifronz (2 years ago)
The hand gesture he makes in the "Aliens" meme is exactly the neutral stance for the Alien in the game. It's not spleen-splittingly funny, but for the rest of us, it's kinda funny.
Scott Summers (3 years ago)
No one is confused.Youre just inexperienced in the world of memes.One day you will get it
GrimmteGashadokuro (3 years ago)
Outro Song is Buddy Holly by Weezer
Code Them Games (3 years ago)
The outro music is so familiar?
Joseph Stalin (3 years ago)
Don't do Kids Drugs (3 years ago)
lacrimi512 (3 years ago)
0:22 Twerk baby, Twerk!
Ambrose Rymers (3 years ago)
I did that today at school and people were like "aliens?"
Movie Crackdown (3 years ago)
Made in 2000 and extremely dated. Still better than AVP3 and Aliens Colonial Marines combined.
Therizinosaurolophus (5 months ago)
AVP3 was missing some gamemodes that made the original enjoyable, but it wasn't that bad.
Beagán (3 years ago)
+Movie Crackdown AVP3 wasn't that bad.
BERZERKO (3 years ago)
quite excellent indeed
Sai Anide (3 years ago)
0:32 what?
Captain Salt (3 years ago)
"Dude there is no way an alien is going to get in here!" Famous last words....
James Glaze (3 years ago)
Alien vs predator WHO will survive cause its alien vs predator
That One Black Guy (3 years ago)
Video not found. Aw snap, reload.
baby you’re cool (3 years ago)
Why doesn't BedBananas have 2 million subs? Like for real
GarretTheGamer (3 years ago)
graphics of the century - ign 10/10
jordan9331 (3 years ago)
do the survivor mod ! =D
HaVoC Creations (3 years ago)
There is no way aliens can get us in here. 5 seconds later. You guys died and there just so happens to be a vent right above you guys that was the most funny part of the video.
Archangel_ (3 years ago)
apple bum (3 years ago)
The guy in the picture at 0:36, So their leading expert is some moron whose hair looks like it`ll crawl off his head and attack someone! xD
Seth Shearer (3 years ago)
I have this game XD.
Vinny Molina (3 years ago)
I'm watching this in school right now. Like if you are to.
(3 years ago)
Searching game in google: *Alien VS Predators: Colonial Marnies - and its not games name. colonial is huge hd game but if you search aliens vs predator 2000 google: Are you Mean Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 ?
Macho Madness (3 years ago)
Needs skeletons
Alex Smith (3 years ago)
wow seriously? this game came out like 2 months ago, why is the graphics so shitty? you can have my vote for not buying this game. 
Alex Smith (3 years ago)
im the troll under the bridge. answer my riddle and you shall pass, What's shitty? Has shitty graphics? and is shitty? and is in the video above? Alien Isolation. thank you, ill be here all night!
LoneWolf (3 years ago)
+Alex Smith wow such a good troll ... you really had all of us ... nope i simply answered just in case you were really that stupid to think this is alien isolation obvious troll was obvious  
Corthmic (3 years ago)
+Alex Smith I'll admit, you had me until you said "did you say something?"
Alex Smith (3 years ago)
wait, wait, wait. look at that camera! and that one! AND THAT ONE! YOU ALL JUST GOT TROLL'd HAHAHAHA N00Bz
Kefik Leradine (3 years ago)
+Alex Smith  Because old ass games tend to have more substance and spirit than recent shit thrown together with day one DLC. AVP was an old awesome game, AVP2 was even better. Colonial Marines apparently shit stained out, and Alien Isolation is the most recent thing which i hear is pretty good. But yeah. This is way better than Colonial Marines, despite graphics which in reality arent as important as fun factor and gameplay. Unless bad troll then ignore this post.
Daren Page (3 years ago)
Aylee enz.
steven roberts (3 years ago)
continue your north korean server rp on gmod and put server name in descpription plz 
Dokudokus (3 years ago)
Fluffy The Despoiler (2 years ago)
+Dokudokus PRAISE HADEN!!
GurnDawg275 (2 years ago)
+Chase Kerley wow harsh bro
Chase Kerley (2 years ago)
+TheCriticalEdit One does not simply "speak English".
TheCriticalEdit (3 years ago)
One does not simple...'Aliens'
sockafock (3 years ago)
im killing myeself!
Darren Wanoskia (3 years ago)
1:43 Had to be the funnehiest part... Besides, of course, Aliens...
Darren Wanoskia (3 years ago)
Gotta love them asdfs <3
AngrehGnaar (3 years ago)
I did that >:)
April Shepard (3 years ago)
Marquis Fate (3 years ago)
Who is Hayden!!
Karl Seaton (3 years ago)
RIP McLovin
Novel Gamer (3 years ago)
Where is that North Korea Episode? I need to know if Kim Jon Un slips in his own pee pee or not.
Will Ihn (3 years ago)
wow alien isolation looks really good
xenomorph warrior 2 (1 year ago)
Still is bitch.
Novel Gamer (3 years ago)
wutevaidc (3 years ago)
where can i find this?
Ravuhn (3 years ago)
I NEED to know where you got that music :3 Also 10/10 video, would recommend.
Brambleybears (3 years ago)
There so fricking random
marcelito185 (3 years ago)
Mr Wholegrain (3 years ago)
I love that picture of the guy with the wacky hair and hand gesture saying "Aliens." It's one of the few pictures that makes me laugh each time I see it. XP
Snake Eyes (3 years ago)
Need more of this
BreadCup69 (3 years ago)
Still looks better than Alien: Colonial Marines
imnotbatman (3 years ago)
Love your vids keep it up
Tyreith123 ‏ (3 years ago)
4:04 Alien not Found.
fuck you
Tyreith123 ‏ (3 years ago)
+π tip tip
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) (3 years ago)
I take my fedora off to you, m'lady
Tyreith123 ‏ (3 years ago)
+Snipsey01 *winkyface*
spooks (3 years ago)
this made me smile x3
linglingjr (3 years ago)
New end music and it's still really fast.
BetterOnichThanSorry (3 years ago)
Wait, I thought the Steam version had no multiplayer?
AdujantReflex (3 years ago)
GOG.com has started a dedicated beta server in order to bring back multiplayer to retro games. Check it out.
Spicey (3 years ago)
they could be using hamachi or some other source to play.
meowtank (3 years ago)
EazyRun (3 years ago)
Ian McGovern (3 years ago)
You should use a preditor to fix the title to say predator
BestAtNothing (3 years ago)
I'm not saying it was aliens. But it was fucking _Aliens._
geoblurg (3 years ago)
+Lee Bradley Why not both?
Lee Bradley (3 years ago)
+Dave15166 Why not Zoidberg? 
TrailBlazer1 (3 years ago)
I do not know what this comment is even. Therefore, Nanomachines.
Slartibarty (3 years ago)
Mazu Mazu (3 years ago)
Under 20 club
GhostOf TheDevil (3 years ago)
If you raped them that would've been amazing XD
Mazu Mazu (3 years ago)
Under 20 club
scetchkitty706 (3 years ago)
Mine (3 years ago)
The alien can't get us in here *dead*
117andarbiter (3 years ago)
What IS this game? I must have it!
Serithi (3 years ago)
Predrude - Xenostorm
joey bos (3 years ago)
It says it in the title m8. Aliens vs preditor classic multiplayer
punch3870 (3 years ago)
Welcome to To the under 301 club. How tough are ya?
TheBeardedAlienGamer (2 years ago)
i played every single metal gear game, without skipping a single cutscene and got all of the special collectibles in mgs3, mg:R and completed all of the missions in peacewalker
FoxxtheGray (3 years ago)
+henry19981000 You go do that mate :D
The Black Knight (3 years ago)
but from the xenomorphs aspecially! and thanks man now im going to have to watch xenomorph porn!
FoxxtheGray (3 years ago)
+henry19981000 Free sex, of course, no one would leave.
Teddythe Youtuber (3 years ago)
OMG yes hahahahaha
Whymakeasunset (3 years ago)
How are people so fast to say first XD
//PVXUS (3 years ago)
That was hilarious XD
Th3FiGhtEr03 (3 years ago)

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