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Far Cry 3 How to: Reach the Chopper

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Bit tricky part of the Warrior Rescue Service mission. This part can be done whole in stealth but its very risky and in case of revealing yourself you will probably die and need to repeat everything from the beginning (waterfall) which can get pretty annoying after few attempts. Therefore I recommend the combination of stealth and the RPG for an easy advance:)
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Jeremy Yoder (2 months ago)
If ubisoft ever makes a game that isn't an absolute piece of SHIT with a shit ton of bugs and glitches I will LITERALY RIP MY EARS OFF
Scott Robertson (2 years ago)
How is he getting everything from the bodies without having to long press X and loot them which is so fuckin inconvenient in situations like this
BanaaniMees (2 years ago)
whats the cordinates of this location???
KING is Back (2 years ago)
its a mission u fgt
MaxForce357 (2 years ago)
After you pull the gun on the chopper pilot, you can fire your pistol out the side door. Can you kill the man on the ground before he shoots you down with the RPG?
Buddy (11 months ago)
MaxForce357 nope its scripted
Steve'o Mcgolpin (3 years ago)
Theres a much easier way sneakily kill the first 3 guys, then kill the first sniper you will encounter and eith pick up the gun as theres a rull ammo box ontop of skip it then go to the river like in the video sneakily kill the guy walking up it then go away from the village and up the side hill from the river while crouching walk up it, it will bring you to the other side or the chopper the sneakily walk around the chopper and make a dash for the open door
horrorgeek5 (5 years ago)
its a upgrade
patryk pietrzczyk (5 years ago)
how do you throw the nives
FarhanFarif Vlogs (3 months ago)
patryk pietrzczyk by unlock skill using skill point
David Grueber (5 years ago)
No you have to do it in stealth. The clock only happens if they see you and set off teh alarm.
Rossana KLOPČIČ (5 years ago)
I am playing on ps3 and I just cant get out of the water. I have tried more than 10 times. Could there be somethink wrong with my game?
Mega Blast Jericho (5 years ago)
LOL,no man,I am playing on the hardest mode,and I am doing good until I get to the "chopper" part. Clock will start counting as soon as they notice you and they start the alarm. It's not the mode,it's you.
Gabriel Ortiz (5 years ago)
Shit like that doesnt happen for me. This niggas just waltzing in the middle and nobodies attacking him and the clock didnt even start counting for him. But for me, As soon as I silently get near the first building that this kid got to, the chopper approaches and the 4 minute clock starts counting down and the enemies are alerted and converge on me from ALL directions. This kid must be playing on baby mode.
Jeremy Yoder (2 months ago)
Gabriel Ortiz plus it's impossible to aim on the special edition cus of all the input lag
Jeremy Yoder (2 months ago)
Gabriel Ortiz I'm playing on easy and it's hell compared to this
CodPatrol Les Grossman (5 years ago)
Well I ran and was like "This is the mission from the trailer! Looks different... so got confused where I was going so I died. When I respawned I just legged it and got there with a BLOODY screen. :)
sasha spurgeon (5 years ago)
no,if they see you,you're dead. also because of the dog that gets you
CodPatrol Les Grossman (5 years ago)
Don't get how you fought this was hard. I did this in 2 goes. Just run threw.
MC4Ever123 (5 years ago)
Thanks so much dude i couldnt get it till i watched this!!!

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