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Left 4 Dead 2: The Game: The Show: The Game

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Left 4 Dead 2, Contestants in a game show must survive as viewers take control of the ai director paying revlo coins to spawn infected/items. Also i'm Frodo. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3360824 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana In the video! Criken: https://www.youtube.com/user/Criken2 Goatbate: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGo5rqplxK98nabjmkc2yA Tomato: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomatoandToph Patreon list so far, shout out to you guys, thank you! Zuthar13 Tomato AF FireFly Beef BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy:https://www.youtube.com/user/itsGRRAVY Kirra: http://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Music: Royalty free romantic panflute.
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Text Comments (448)
Angel Starfire (27 days ago)
18:00 *pauses and remembers **17:02* starts laughing again
Kozmic Ghost (28 days ago)
I've watched this video so many damn times; bro I swear all of your videos are so rewatchable and are just as funny as the first time I watched it! Keep up the good work man, we love you!
Peter Dedvukaj (1 month ago)
it would have been a good video IF I COULD FUCKING LOAD AS FAST AS MY ADS WOULD LOAD AND WORK the video worked wasn't laggy but the video would freeze while the audio continued end my fucking life
Symbol of Logic (1 month ago)
NAW 014 (1 month ago)
Bed didn't no-clip
BigBoiFlail (1 month ago)
I know this vid is old and you prob won't see this but you are blowing up last time I watched you, you were at 403k subs and now 411k EDIT:Keep it up
McDiddlyee (2 months ago)
Left 4 Dead2 The Band The Show
Bobby Mcbobber (2 months ago)
Bed’s cooperation with everyone makes me feel warm and happy with this eternal, painful depression I feel from this boring life.
Goat Warriors (2 months ago)
2 years ago and I'm still laughing
Jamish Mcquo (4 months ago)
DeltaGaming (4 months ago)
6:04 Amazing to see how fast Buck's health goes from healthy to red in just a few seconds. Someone has to get me that audio Kinda want it as my ringtone.
Mark kiefer (4 months ago)
"I swear to god it better not be in the toilet-" *ROOOOAAAAAR*
SKS MULTIPLAYER (4 months ago)
Criken2 I will unsub
SKS MULTIPLAYER (4 months ago)
The pain
Саня Макушка (4 months ago)
Bed, do you really want to let these people down? *I GONNA THROW THEM IN LAVA*
minimalist admin (4 months ago)
good vids, nearly died from laughing at your friday the 13'th video, keep up gud werk
GroundxZero47 (4 months ago)
It took me an entire year to realize the royalty free panflute was a cover of “My Way”
Bryce Hamm (4 months ago)
Gage Taylor (4 months ago)
13:50 What Hell actually looks like.
thedetectorist 108 (5 months ago)
needs more mustard
Dylan Challman (5 months ago)
Your lucky I want to see my wife and kids again (BedBanana 2016)
JustLuis 98 (6 months ago)
Jack Brast (6 months ago)
Bed really deserves more subs than he has
Hunter Theobald (6 months ago)
I lost it at "I'm Louis Armstrong, we gotta get outta here"
Covelated Spire (7 months ago)
I hope to God you host this again
hankowen99 (7 months ago)
TheStrikeofGod (7 months ago)
Criken: Bed while you were gone people bought 3 tanks in a row Bed: Are they dead? Criken: No, they're out there Goatbate: *screams* Criken: You found them! :D
Aaron Turner (7 months ago)
Love you bed love u
SOUL playz (7 months ago)
William Szweda (8 months ago)
I am dieing
Dapper Enderman (8 months ago)
Light Yagami (8 months ago)
The Narrator (8 months ago)
Rather amusing. Chat put you through hell.
Mario Valentin Radulescu (9 months ago)
*9:19** Didn't know Red could scream like a girl.*
gregg fischer (10 months ago)
Sawyer Alonso (10 months ago)
Mr PumperKnuckles (10 months ago)
Wait how did you set this whole thing up?
Butter Butt (10 months ago)
Mr PumperKnuckles Console commands and such.
jhade manalo (11 months ago)
you can hear Cookie monster say cowabonga
tyler verdin (11 months ago)
this was so well edited together I almost cried.
ShootingStar[OLD] (11 months ago)
8:10 Bed got fucked by a scripted event. This wasn't even someone else's doing. He only has himself to blame here.
MaxTheGreat14 (2 months ago)
ShootingStarAJM He may have not known that rock was going to hit him.
Bjj _Legend (11 months ago)
this is like my 50th Time watching this video I love beds video's
Broken Website (6 months ago)
Bjj _Legend agreed
Mr. FBI Man (11 months ago)
Bed Betrayal was too Good to be true, But you know what I wouldn't betray those Settlements that need your Help here I'll mark it on your Map
van huynh (11 months ago)
the gamer (11 months ago)
I know a better title "Left 4 Dead 2: The game: The game show: The show: The prequel: The sequel: THe game: The alpha: THe omega: The rapist: The RP"
sowonella poisoning (1 year ago)
bitch rochelle is best mom
Robert Flinch (1 year ago)
watching this through the contestants eyes instead is so different.
how u get crick coins?
Anonymouse youtuber (1 year ago)
more of this
Big Bad Wolf (1 year ago)
Sack o' potaders!
Adrian (1 year ago)
I Want Them To Do This Again !
Tyler (1 year ago)
"This is gonna be a long night" -famous last words of a dead man
Delmari Last Name (1 year ago)
The room
SkellingTon (1 year ago)
Anarcho-capitalism: The Stream
Lucky (1 year ago)
Alex Breedlove (1 year ago)
that tune at the end. is that a version of frank sinatras my way?
Ghosto (1 year ago)
I haven't laughed this hard to a video in a long time, thank you Bed.
Purple Fish (1 year ago)
bed where are you?
Purple Fish (1 year ago)
late vid
Sokol (1 year ago)
Dildo Faggons
Will Schmidt (1 year ago)
coral keys
Wolf Crown (1 year ago)
Haha, Bed stay on YouTube, you're funny
NIGHT MARE (1 year ago)
List of buck's screams 1:55 2:08 2:29 3:45 4:11 4:22 4:35 6:04 6:15 7:26 7:38 7:43 9:53 13:03 17:08
BigBoiFlail (1 month ago)
NIGHT MARE buck scream montage put together lol
Kaleigh Bray (3 months ago)
The most generous person in the world
Cryptic Dragon (5 months ago)
Thomas Newton (10 months ago)
The last one tho
Transcended Nasty (11 months ago)
NIGHT MARE I've never wanted anything more
Abu Hajaar (1 year ago)
i have 3 million crikcoins
Aaron_ (1 year ago)
How do you zoom in with snipers?
ImaKillU (1 year ago)
Aaron The Penguin scroll button you press the scroll button or mouse 3
Bisketti (1 year ago)
I subscribed
Jordan Williams (1 year ago)
Is there a full uncut version of this?
Butter Butt (10 months ago)
Jordan Williams Its from a stream, try searching for it.
Kuba Kowalski (1 year ago)
00.90 min shut up fuck
Rastafarian (1 year ago)
18:32 shit, that music is emotional!
Fartface Shitlord (1 year ago)
Weed faygo
Mlg Foxy (1 year ago)
Luisa Ruvalcaba (1 year ago)
*Rick* so what's your story *Carl* I need to go outside I left my car keys
Wolfcl0ck (1 year ago)
Jesus christ this is an evilly amazing idea. How much money did you get in the end?
Nine (1 year ago)
what the fuck youtube unsubbed me how dare they
phillip11233 (1 year ago)
We miss you Bed ;~;
The potato (1 year ago)
Man i haven't laughed that hard in a while THX BED
wdfghjkl (1 year ago)
16:40 Louis Armstrong bit always fucking gets me.
mastersatai (1 year ago)
4:19 no scope headshot and turn
Gattai (1 year ago)
FvckGanzo _ (1 year ago)
I left my Carl keys lol
Sweggy (1 year ago)
aye if that's the Criken I think it is. I used to watch your L4D1 videos in like 2011!
Butter Butt (1 year ago)
"Its like a gameshow"
GG Gaming (1 year ago)
This video was bless this vid was awesome!
Hope Time (1 year ago)
eladbari (1 year ago)
IS This game Still ALIVE? I see ZERO dedicted servers when i search online. Is it dead?
Broken Website (10 months ago)
everyone uses quick play now, theres no more servers unless its modded or an achievement server.
Hunterman SK (10 months ago)
eladbari nope
ZSF Buzzsaw (1 year ago)
the dragon gaming (1 year ago)
When th fuck will tomato upload his video!
Ziggy Zigan (1 year ago)
this was beautiful
StarmenRock (1 year ago)
why dont you have coach's sexy legs... blasphemy
The Rage (1 year ago)
Poor bed, goat and tomato, they're all going to get PTSD And Flashbacks from this when they are about 50 if they keep doing this
Jacob Moorcroft (1 year ago)
Holy shit Bed got Karma Charger'd
Austin Parker (1 year ago)
im in tears I wish you uploaded more.
soren pedersen (1 year ago)
this was fantastic please more ofthis
Erwin Rombel.naenae (1 year ago)
Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Zod's Snapped Neck (1 year ago)
You from the hood?
TheDarkOne115 (1 year ago)
This was literally gold XD
xFile ` (1 year ago)
I Am The Viruss (1 year ago)
listen to 15:30 with captions. enjoy
hruutu (1 year ago)
"He can't break in here" breaks in there.
Reese does life (1 year ago)
Some_Cool_Guy 1 (1 year ago)
how much money is it for a crik coin, like for each one I was just curious about it when watching
Anyone (1 year ago)
Hunter Potts You earn them just from watching. There isn't a way to buy them.
Some_Cool_Guy 1 (1 year ago)
thnx m8
XAncientXBladeX (1 year ago)
seeing as its 500 CC for a tank, id assume its a dollar for 10 CC
xhitman9923 (1 year ago)
I love the music choice.

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