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WARNING: How Demons Can Enter You Through Computer Games!!!

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This young man had a zeal for playing computer games, especially violent games such as 'Ghost Riders', 'God Of War' and 'Devil May Cry'. Little did he know that the demonic characters he enjoyed playing were actually playing with him! Addicted to gaming, his dreams turned to nightmares of the bloodthirsty characters in his games began chasing him. The demons that entered soon began corrupting his heart, destroying his academic focus and crippling his spiritual life. At The SCOAN, he received a powerful deliverance after prayer from Wise Man Racine and subsequently warned youth about the dangers in gaming. FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.scoan.org/ http:///www.emmanuel.tv/ http://www.facebook.com/tbjministries http://www.twitter.com/scoantbjoshua
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Text Comments (309)
Xusuke Productions (12 days ago)
Frosty Odist (22 days ago)
This is why I hate people.
Ramon Galvez (1 month ago)
What a bunch of fucking nonsense. Fuck off.
rajesh Nayak (1 month ago)
What a wonderful testimony brother thank you God bless you
IbeAwesome (2 months ago)
Their ain't no god. Prove me wrong
Francene Goulding (2 months ago)
Curiosity kills the cat but only Jesus alone can deliver him. We must be careful of them spirits we entertain.
Jozua Dolf Jonathans (3 months ago)
Alex Null (3 months ago)
You can’t be possessed if you have Jesus in your heart you can only be oppressed y’all just give a bad name to Christian. This dude just didn’t have his priorities in order.
Aida Divinagracia (3 months ago)
I don't want to Play a games because I'm addicted no tym to PRAY
Baby Ernesti Joseph (3 months ago)
My dear commentars demon can enter you by wearing the new clothes also which they put into market without knowing it came from he'll you will out it and they will possess you.. Also there is satanic games into computer devil is trying to put his activities in everything human being like.. Even there is demonic pens if you will buy it and use it they have already enter you.. So be careful pray for everything you want to use,, demon is everywhere is in everything we touch without praying they will torment you.
* RCF MUSIC * (3 months ago)
Yes they are real but these are scammers.
Nelson Chris (3 months ago)
This very real guys. I'm a gamer and a Christian. It is very real. Your TV sets and computer screens are portals. Those who can discern it knows. Check this testimonial in the Webpage. https://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/a-demon-came-through-the-computer-screen/
Hayi (4 months ago)
Princess Ebusetala (4 months ago)
Thank you Jesus
jeremy householder (4 months ago)
his english is bad! good luck understanding
Kim Lee (5 months ago)
in 4:03 his mother lol
M10 (5 months ago)
Video games didn’t do that to him. Either he has actual mental issues or is acting. Video games have little to do with religion. I agree that some effects of video games aren’t the best. I’m not stupid. However, I doubt that Satan actually makes people act that way. It seemed way too fake and over-exaggerating. Video Games get it worse than any other form of entertainment. People sit on the couch and watch TV all day, watch the 700 club and it’s not shamed on as much as video games. Video games, even though they are more interactive and have a plus that TV doesn’t have; they get -crapped- I mean, pooted on for serving the same purpose that TV does.
xYuushax (5 months ago)
If this is real, this is just a cult, a real religion do not do these things. Priests are not stupid like this crap.
xYuushax (5 months ago)
Best acting ever!! Because that's not how you exorcise.
Honey Bliss (6 months ago)
Thank God I don't play violent video games. I only have games like cooking Mama 1,2&3, Gardening mama, Crafting Mama and a video game with all kinds of card games and air hockey among others. And I play those on my DS.
Alex Jones Fan Page (6 months ago)
Fake. Looks ridiculous
Michael Angelo (7 months ago)
😱😱😱😱 i was so addicted with this game... since my younger age still right now... but its not only me, my all best friend’s cominuty.... may be this is a one part that cause my case...😭😭😭😭 be glory for the god.. hope one day i will be in this place...
slenderman slender (9 months ago)
it's 2018 and people's still believe that Christianity is true?
Ogwapit Princess Winnie (10 months ago)
Thanks for your confession to enable other victims also to be delivered from demonic bondage
Ogwapit Princess Winnie (10 months ago)
Are demons the owners of computers,? OMG! Now if demons own all social media contents, which world are we living in today for Christ sake? I'm confused about this world. Jesus teach me how to train myself in this wicked world bcuz this is unbearable.
Vesco Dimitrov (11 months ago)
I am playing brawlhalla and paladins can I get demons from them if I playing just a 2 hours a day
RpgPlay21 (11 months ago)
deliver me too
Turtle 14526 (1 year ago)
Ok here is the problem with this a real demon will try trick you into thing he is normal or a god and he will try to lead u into rong doing little by little but they willl never say that they are evil or a demon
gais b (1 year ago)
anne I. Ghigning F. (1 year ago)
Thank you Lord ,at the mention of Your Name 'JESUS' every knees bow & every tongues confess!!!
Gingerfur Mcallister (1 year ago)
The Bible says we are to feast our eyes on only good things; we are to put NOTHING in front of God and we are to preach the gospel . Video games are addictive, seductive, often violent and can steal our lives....even spiritually. #holylivingisbetter
Pssyy (9 days ago)
anything can
April Lockaby Radford (10 months ago)
Gingerfur Mcallister Amen!!
sree Rangan (1 year ago)
Does playing gta5 can make a demon enter the body?
game developer put many evil symbols in games. I see many in games
The Devil (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I have yet to develop something that can enable Demons to possess someone from an inanimate object.
Analytical Justice (1 year ago)
Home of 419
Jenjen kim (1 year ago)
Great actor's 😂😂😂😂😂
Tafari James (1 year ago)
This is cringe
Kim Giedd (1 year ago)
Jesus .... Romans 8:26
Helene Tegner (1 year ago)
Ive never seens such a demon in ppl, so i cant say this is fake or not, but i think a person can do so much bad and be so much of a devil, that he wanna be or acting like a devil.. but i know the demon could be in everyone of us, even in them who call themself cristians, when we sin, love it, wanna stay there, we are of the devil. If we wont repent or change we are lost. Ppl mind, heart, action, life. Even if ppl cant see your sin or u livin in a sin and ppl cant ser it, god does. So the devil is all around us. Just stay close to god in everything, know your enemy,seek and u will find. Jesus help you. If u have all your faith in him, he will give. Jesus can fight all. If we could see in a spirital world, we see much more then we see now. More u walk next to god, more u see thats not from the god. With god iam not afraid, all my trust is in god, his my father, my first and last love, love with the most, my saviour and my life. That i know for sure.... :)
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
Probably played "No Man's Sky" , piece of crap game.
Nikki Burton (1 year ago)
Angelo Luna (1 year ago)
2:54 nigga took that demon out of the nigga
pastor Frank Mohlala (1 year ago)
I love the God of my papa senior prophet TB Joshua
Sunny Za (1 year ago)
All these gamers wouldn't and couldn't believe because they are the same way addicted to the games they're playing.
skismania (1 year ago)
LOL beyond idiotic
Froze Four (1 year ago)
let be honest guys he is telling you the truth demons take over you without your knowledge but if you wake up you will know that you are fooling around by demon
holycowrap (1 year ago)
omg thank you Emmanuel TV! I was being ass-raped by an evil videogame demon my entire life, and now I'm saved! I had no idea having a hobby was so dangerous!
Kangba Kangba (1 year ago)
thank god for loving us.
MARCH TO (1 year ago)
Those who are commenting ,You are trying guys to speak instead of the families who are experiencing pain because of their children .
What the fuck?
Heather Garner (1 year ago)
the only game i encountered that had become a problem for me was world of Warcraft. i had to get delivered from it cause it became an addiction and tried to elevate itself above God in my life It also had demons in it alot of them
Pssyy (9 days ago)
ye its kinda easy to discern the evil games tbh i just play esports like fortnite league cs go
Heather Garner (1 year ago)
also had an encounter with a demon in a magic card i was playing with. weird shit happened whenever i played that card it weirded me out and i stopped playing entirly. Yu-gi-oh is also bad and DnD is questionable.
Pna 1981 (1 year ago)
If you commanded the demons to come out in the name of chuck Norris, it'd happen instantly, then you can fit In more people to rip off in one session. Did you all know that hell was modeled after chucks BBQ?
Pna 1981 (1 year ago)
If a demon entered me In my sleep, id be straight down to the police station...because entering someone in their sleep is rape..
Alex fan G (1 year ago)
Idah Molwantwa (1 year ago)
Nimbusalliance (1 year ago)
Apart from the laughable acting on the part of the 'possessed', his 'parents' are worse!! They show no emotion at all standing next to a possessed son, nor do they seem joyous when the 'demons' have been driven out, apart from the one raise of hands (4:03) when she remembered to do as directed, they look as if they haven't been paid enough to be there and couldn't get out soon enough.... Nollywood at its best!!!!
Prophetic Sterling (1 year ago)
Lol I tell people about jesus through video games
Pssyy (9 days ago)
video games are not evil maybe some games with heavy symbolism are but not all like fortnite overwatch etc its all good God told me this multiple time in dreams
Roby Bar (1 year ago)
me too xD
Val Davidson (1 year ago)
By scrolling through some of these comments I can see that the god of this edge has blinded each and every naysayers' eyes and minds. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don't understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.
NotRelatedByBlood (1 year ago)
Things people do for attention it just amazes me.
Xinless Vice (1 year ago)
the preacher sounds more like a demon then the "possesed" does.
solarlola 9 (1 year ago)
I noticed most people leaving negative comments have demonic/occultic pictures or names🤔..agents of Satan or possessed by demons ?
Emmanuel Njofie (1 year ago)
solarlola 9 very true people just don't know what happened to all things around.
Pna 1981 (1 year ago)
Look at the guys dad at the start. He's not believing any if it lol. He looks totally bemused and is probably thinking wtf is this bell end all about. Wonder how much the demon removal service is costing these folks.
Shadow Bladekiss (1 year ago)
Well, we do have the game Doom 2016. There are Cyber Demon enemies in that game.
Cloud Lonesky (2 years ago)
To be fair, you would have to be possessed to play Ghost Rider on the PS2.
scholar eze (1 year ago)
Abbas Khan e
Abbas Khan (1 year ago)
I suppose pushing a car in a highway in a game that doesn't know what genre it is, is more fun? Fuck Final Fantasy 15.
Kako Mohammed (1 year ago)
Cloud Lonesky the game was fun...
Reptilian Army (2 years ago)
stupid black people
M Meister (2 years ago)
Triple SSS styling Grade on DMC is the most christian thing you can do.
Jozua Dolf Jonathans (3 months ago)
Jozua Dolf Jonathans (3 months ago)
bob legura (2 years ago)
M Meister praise Sparta, he died for our sins and those sick combos.
Ronald Mcdonald (2 years ago)
Thanks Crowbcat
Dva Main (2 years ago)
mei too thanks
Andrew Kimeta (2 years ago)
Glory to Jesus.Amen
stonesthrow420 (2 years ago)
Demons don't behave like this....they usually speak in Latin and don't cooperate like ......they are hanging out at church doing interviews. This is ridiculous acting
jeremy householder (4 months ago)
thats what tv tells you.
lhing hoi vah guite (2 years ago)
Oh!Lord Jesus. I'm thanks so much.
Kaden Lyttle (2 years ago)
Uh, no, this is just terrible acting.
Kanae Akiyama (2 years ago)
this emmanuel guy ...
Metal Detector Truth (2 years ago)
It might be acting, but I know the message to you is real. Bevare of what you do in life.
Missbee Havior (2 years ago)
I belive in god and I know there are demons....but I also know that Africa ppl are bad actors xD stupid fake shit!
DeSantaTao (1 year ago)
Pretty much confirmed by one of Africa's detective and journalist that they are skitted way before the service
Empress Sky (1 year ago)
+Missbee Havior lmao!!!
ALBERT Weaker (2 years ago)
fucking fake
Nikita Lloyddean (2 years ago)
LOREX (2 years ago)
loooooooookooooooooooooooool this is hella bullshit
LOREX (2 years ago)
this is what we call bieng dicieved
Anna Nkomo (2 years ago)
l Love Emanuel tv .I wish I could have morning water .I am in south Africa how are we manage to get morning water. ? Please, please we need it.
Anna Nkomo (2 years ago)
Kaden Lyttle (2 years ago)
King (2 years ago)
this is so fake -.-
Nothing At all (2 years ago)
This is waaay too fake it is hilarious XD
Jason Petty (2 years ago)
so when he comes to he not like wtf happend where am i but ill go tell my life story wow hes a perfect contestant for destiny
Jason Petty (2 years ago)
wtf is this
AWGTI (2 years ago)
Demons do not come out and say "I am a demon" like on this video! So i do not beleive that kid was possessed. The most common name they go by is LEGION!
G F H (2 years ago)
+Seek truth Listen they will say because they are powerless dont be deceived
Kemp Design (2 years ago)
+Seek truth Legion is used when it's more than one demon. the demons can only come in if you open yourself to them. Through music, games, bringing in things into your home if demon lives in them. Demons need to have a place to dwell since they can no longer take on human forms or go back into the heavens.
Danpyre Gaming (2 years ago)
Once again video games get demonized. Video games cannot let demons into you. This kid was more than likely into the occult and let the demon in.
Shadow Bladekiss (1 year ago)
Well, we do have Doom 2016 where there are Cyber Demons in that game.
Pina ColadaTV (2 years ago)
+Kaden Lyttle acting
Kaden Lyttle (2 years ago)
Or he was just acting...
classicrockcafe (2 years ago)
On crack.
Daniel Lee (2 years ago)
TY, fools think demons / and or deceivers will be up front all tell the truth...WOW!!!
Mr. Archive (2 years ago)
Adam Shane Parker (2 years ago)
God bless Emanuel tv
Karxy (1 year ago)
Alvin Shane Parker Boi. Are you serious?
mike atta (2 years ago)
Google can't see me (2 years ago)
This is the Best of Keen and Peel.
rikiwakwak (2 years ago)
Muddafooka dis eez foony.
rikiwakwak (2 years ago)
Thumbed up for the comedic value.
rikiwakwak (2 years ago)
Lol, oh my.
sarah george (2 years ago)
people are so dump damm that is very true true dont be fool people
m a d d i (2 years ago)
Why do the words "deliverance in Jesus' name" come up on the screen like every 5 seconds? Wtf
Brad Melvin (2 years ago)
+madog It's called conditioning...brainwashing
He Man (2 years ago)
well, he played good games anyway, black people makes me laugh
W Brockett (2 years ago)
+He Man ...so does white, if you are taken to that church maybe you would be worse than him...
Nimbusalliance (2 years ago)
If demons are real (like tooth fairy and unicorns etc are), do they really need to enter you via something?? I know critical thinking is a strange phenomenon for a lot of people....
Clear4ort (5 months ago)
Mate demons are spirits mean they are not lawfull here or in this relm. They need a body or an object to function. Just lke God is a spirit and he inhabits the praises of his people.
xYuushax (5 months ago)
It can enter people that do not have critical thinking.
do you believe in jesus
Nimbusalliance (1 year ago)
+AriMichel98 So you put 2 and 2 together and that leads you to your belief in Jesus... a lot of the Hindus, Muslims, Taoists etc that I've spoken to also offer me the same mechanism as the main reason for their beliefs, I wonder if there's a method one can use to determine if your putting 2 and 2 together is somehow better than the one used by other people?? ==================== RFID chip = 'mark of the beast': once again, what's the logical reasoning that led you to this certain conclusion??
Caribbean Boi (1 year ago)
+Nimbusalliance if i seen a demon i believe in jesus cuz u can put 2 and 2 together and plus lots of prophecies are coming true like the mark of the beast aka the rfid chip
Jorie Ornelas (2 years ago)
this is a load of crap! u can obviously tell this is fake! #1satan would not be that open (probably) #2they are flailing on the ground in other vids #3this is just plain obvious that it is fake come ON guys!!!!!
Brett Wright (3 years ago)
WARNING: How Stupidity Can Enter You Through Christian Churches!!!
Kaden Lyttle (2 years ago)

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