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Assassin's Creed IV: James Kidd

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Hamza Khaliq (5 months ago)
I actually thought Kidd was a woman until I heard her name was James. I guess I was right. Lol. She's not really good at pretending to be a man in this game.
Yin Yang (11 months ago)
0:13 the fucking shimmey I can’t XDD
I think this is my favorite scene in the whole game, I love James' voice, "Did you steal that costume from a Dandy in Havana?"
Tommy James (1 year ago)
she has a sexy voice
Kailuh727 (1 year ago)
If you couldn't tell he was a woman from the voice, just watch the way he walks. Men don't sway their hips like that.
TheDrunkHamster (2 years ago)
When I first saw James Kidd I was like "why am I attracted to a dude? The fuck is wrong with me?"
Lol me too
NightBloom NightCore (2 years ago)
First time I heard James's voice, I knew He was a she. Anyone else ?
Raeyne Jaymeson (2 years ago)
+NightBloom Cosplay I knew as well. It wasn't that hard to tell
Nikolay1995 (2 years ago)
SPOILERS I'm playing this game in spanish and I knew he was a she the first time I heard her voice. This "plot twist" is very obvious in both versions, they could have done something better to set this up. For example, making her mute while she was James.
zebedee tolentino (2 years ago)
whats the title of the mission
Carter Gates (3 years ago)
Seriously am i the only one who saw right through that getup? I mean the very first thing i thought wen we first met was, "Thats really a chick."
Jon Snow (2 months ago)
Carter Gates I actually thought it was a girl but then when I heard the name I was like oh
Startale Productions (3 years ago)
I know right! Anyone who didn't see it is just gullible.
Oneisha Tawhai (3 years ago)
"Did you steal that costume from a dandy in Havana?" Lol giiiirl you be actin' like you don't recognize this uniform XD
Randomeris1 (3 years ago)
0:22 damn those pirates laughing almost made me piss my pants !
Jakira Kumahata (3 years ago)
Okay was ANYBODY fooled into not thinking he was a woman?
Frecklestein (3 years ago)
+Jakira Kumahata Lol james is a woman
ShadowTheDemonWolf77 (3 years ago)
James is a woman
Jackie SparrowJr (3 years ago)
When I first saw James Kidd, I thought he looked like the Young Jack Sparrow from the POTC novels XD. I mainly use him as a faceclaim for my OC known as Jack Sparrow Jr.
AtotehZ (4 years ago)
William Kidd really was unlucky.. It's not even certain that he was a pirate.
Christian Cox (4 years ago)
I dont care what anyone says (cause im not gay) , but when i first saw james i thought "that is the cutest guy Ive ever seen" when i found out he was actually she , i nearly flip out of my chair.
I know i am a girl and when i saw him i was like "jesus Christ he is so cute i love him!" And i found out he was a she i was like " Bloody hell?! Amd nearly fainted but i still love him\her
Alex Harman (4 years ago)
i remember when i first heard Kidd talk i was all ike "oh neat, a girl pirate" then they said he was a guy and I figured either he was extremely young and feminine or a female in disguise
Ashley Mandigo (3 years ago)
Exactly. Not hard to tell. Harder to see her as a guy the second time around.
Masi I (4 years ago)
my penis is confused
speeddevil4040 (4 years ago)
is it gay that I thought james was the 3rd most attractive women in the game next to Rhona Dinsmore and Bonnie. (Bonnie 2nd Rhona 1st) and I'm talking about when james had her hair tied back and no makeup (personally I thought she was unattractive when she started dressing more feminine because I don't like long hair and red lipstick on women.)
Masi I (4 years ago)
speeddevil4040 (4 years ago)
+Blitzbanmagarin ya now I fixed it 
Masi I (4 years ago)
uhmm....whats 3nd? u mean 3rd?
Danny McMaster (4 years ago)
James Kidd made many men's penises confused...
aya aj (4 years ago)
Cosplayed as him. It was awesome
littlegoldfoxx (4 years ago)
When i first saw james i was like "I love you." and then i found out he was a girl and i was still like "I love you." Im worried.
Ellie (4 years ago)
Ah James, probably a transgender guy but the game does with "really a girl in drag!" because people are stupid.
2wingo (1 year ago)
She isn't transgendered; she dresses like a man purely for practical reasons.
ThatSnareChick65 (4 years ago)
Hell. I guess I'm bisexual.
ibodalaibo (10 months ago)
No, you are not :)) ''kihkihkih'' Spoooo !!!
Jeff Horton (10 months ago)
Want a cookie?
InRealLife (2 years ago)
me too
Tekirai (4 years ago)
i guess i am too XD
mohammed Al ballooshi (4 years ago)
no sir i found this on corpse one that has been walking about and talking shit to me face a moments before  ......looooool one of Edwards best lines
LoneSola (4 years ago)
What does it make you if you crush on a guy who turns out to be a girl? xD lmao
Malin Hayes (4 years ago)
Sounds like Keza McDonald to me.
xoceansoulx (4 years ago)
James is voiced Olivia Morgan @Lucie.
MrFletcherrenn (4 years ago)
James Kidd gets really in touch with his feminine side "wink wink"
MinnowStar (4 years ago)
Dramatic irony: Kidd knowing what Edward's outfit means... yet he doesn't, and... "Not keeping secrets from me, are ya?" "Not very well."
Danael Dank (4 years ago)
I just... I gave up on trying to find who the hell voiced her, but I do regret that it's not shown anywhere... Ubisoft, I don't like you.
xKonradQPL (4 years ago)
Its actually Mary Read and she dies...
Codex Valkyrie (4 years ago)
TwistGaming (4 years ago)
Is it a chick?

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