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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018 Review!

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Find about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 speakers, camera, display, battery, gaming, features, specs & more about the phone in this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 tablet review Let’s begin with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 features. As the name implies, the tablet comes with 10.5-inch IPS LCD display. The tablet features 1200 x 1920 pixels resolution in 16:10 aspect ratio. With this size and resolution, the display on the handset packs pixel density of 216PPI. Other Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 specs include the presence of the Snapdragon 450 chipset. The processor is backed by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. The storage on the tablet can be further expanded to 512GB via SD card and a dedicated slot has been provided for the purpose. With this memory and processor configuration, the handset can handle all the light apps and games quite sophisticatedly. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 gaming, users can even play high-end games like Asphalt 9, Dead Trigger 2, Shadow Gun Legends, etc. My Samsung Tab A 10.5 PUBG session was really delightful basically because of its big display. And you can see it yourself in this Samsung Tab A 10.5 review video. But in the comparison of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 vs iPad 2018, the tab A 10.5 falls behind by good margin. So you should think carefully before making a choice. Talking about the Samsung Tab A 10.5 camera, the tablet greets with an 8MP sensor at the back and a 5MP sensor on the front. The cameras are often ignored on the tablets. And that trend continues in the Samsung Tab A 10.5. You can be the judge yourself, just look at the sample shots included in this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 review video. Now let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 battery. The tablet features a massive 7300mAh, which provides the battery backup for over two days on the normal usage. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 with s pen would be a good combo but since we did not get to do the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 unboxing, we did not get to play with the S-pen in this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 review 2018. The speaker on the tablet is another best feature on the Samsung Tab A 2018. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 speakers, the device has four speakers in total: two on the top and two on bottom. So the audio output from the handset is really loud and immersive and I did not have any issue while listening music through it. ▶️Samsung Tab A 2018 Price in Nepal: https://bit.ly/2BXKoHR ▶️Samsung Tablets Price in Nepal: https://bit.ly/2LnWrjQ ▶️Samsung Mobiles Price in Nepal: https://bit.ly/2Ja12Iv
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Text Comments (152)
New subscriber, Just purchased this today can't wait to use it
deepak kumar meher (14 days ago)
GRG SACHIN (15 days ago)
We Can Play Fortnite
Hari Grg (15 days ago)
We Can Play Fortnite or Not
Heros Evolved (18 days ago)
Why not go for mi pad 4 with sd 660?
Torkson (18 days ago)
Great review. It feels a lot more like the perspective a consumer rather than an enthusiast which is important (an example being "If I'm paying a fortune for it, shouldn't I be getting more?").
paul muadib (19 days ago)
Problem with comparing to apple products is that they are rubbish. I’m on my 3rd iPad Pro in 8 months, sure it’s under warranty but gosh what crap. My wife’s Samsung is 4 years old and going strong, my old iPad lasted 2.5 years before this iPad Pro.
Twin Turbo (25 days ago)
I wouldn't pay more than $200 CDN for this technology that will be outdated in 12 months.
majusitshu (27 days ago)
Tablet is more for multimedia or some productivities. If I want to play games, I use my smartphone although not a heavy gamer myself.
YOGESHWARAN M (27 days ago)
Хороший планшет!👍🐯🐱💖😃🙌🙋🙋
manjeel (29 days ago)
Can we play ruls of survival game on this tab without lag
tech friends for you (29 days ago)
Gorgeous girl
Faysal Ahmmed (29 days ago)
my crush
Saurav Sinha (1 month ago)
do a pen review use onenote and some drawing apps ... Highly requested
TECH HOUSE (1 month ago)
Madam g english de tah watt kad dite tuc 😂👌🏻
OMG its RLG (1 month ago)
Which Microphone yr using?
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Senheiser ME 2
austin bader (1 month ago)
This is there low end table you can't compare it with an iPad lol the tab s is compatible
julianebug8 (16 days ago)
Yeah why dont you listen to the video sje didnt say to a ipad sje said to the ipad headass and do any of the ipads have facial recognition yet????? No the new ipad pro probaly will but not the ones now
Novak Kosanović (17 days ago)
Tab S is iPad Pro's competition, the regular iPad is $329 sooo
Prince Vegeta (1 month ago)
Huawei Y9 (2019) review please
Wurzel Sepp (1 month ago)
is it compatible with a s-pen?
Sulav Uprety (1 month ago)
I thought she was going to dance at 4:25
abe tokii (1 month ago)
Very honest review👍 even both ipad 6th gen(2018) and 5th gen(2017) are far better than this and even cheaper
Vladik Play (1 month ago)
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Vladik Play For What Brother?
Vladik Play (1 month ago)
Trends 101 SORRI
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
What Fake?
Kamrul Hasan (1 month ago)
U look pretty good
Burn4Freedom420 (1 month ago)
Does this tablet have video enhancer ?
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
I didn't find such features while I reviewed the phone.
Surajit Blogs (1 month ago)
I watch your video for u.. You stole my heart
Sujil Devkota (1 month ago)
Please play the game yourself before saying "I play the game"
Vivek Bansode (1 month ago)
shaikh faiz Mohammad (1 month ago)
Please reply me patima
Ayushman Singh (1 month ago)
Go to hell Jihadi.
shaikh faiz Mohammad (1 month ago)
You may dream girl
Ayushman Singh (1 month ago)
Quiet you pig.
shaikh faiz Mohammad (1 month ago)
Wow 😮 you looks beautiful I love you so much patima
Punitham Nadarajah (1 month ago)
Ayushman Singh (1 month ago)
Shut up Islamic swine.
Arjit Malla (1 month ago)
When real me launch in nepal
silent gamer karnataka (1 month ago)
Sweet review ❤
Vamsi (1 month ago)
I think lenovo tablets are good for the price
Denish Rana Magar (1 month ago)
Nice one. 😘
Sarah Neupane (1 month ago)
I have same tablet but 2016
Born Cynic (1 month ago)
It's better that Samsung hasn't included an Super AMOLED display as tablets are often used by artists for illustration and without any doubt IPS LCD is better in colour accuracy than AMOLED or OLED
kamal singh (1 month ago)
pratima u have so lovely voice, i cant concentrate on videos bcoz of your voice...
#sanjay sharma1989 (1 month ago)
I am very surprising to see you on a youtube channel...are you Dolly from "Best of Luck Nikki"? I am very happy to see you again and very surprised to see you on a tech channel. All the best👍
#sanjay sharma1989 (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 okk thanks
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+#sanjay sharma1989 yup,But she is not
#sanjay sharma1989 (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 Ooo...she is look like
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
No Bro She is Not
Fun with craze (1 month ago)
Jai Patel (1 month ago)
Review is awesome tq
Technical Master (1 month ago)
Hello can you please tell me which microphone you used for recording audio ?
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Senheiser ME 2
Britto Dsouza (1 month ago)
DJ Tadka Marathi (1 month ago)
Mam i am watching all review videos in your channel. Video editing is awasome. Witch software use for video editing? Thanks Ravi....
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Adobe after effects and premier pro
surya kiran (1 month ago)
Love you prathima 😍😍😍
ss the player (1 month ago)
mam good reviews appreciation for u r reviews and a question do u didn't get samsung a7 and realme 2 pro
faizzy faizan (1 month ago)
Sushanta Gautam (1 month ago)
😍😍😍Great ongoing Balla mazza aauna thalyo chadai chadai videos haru Lots of love and support😍 Can i get honest price of pocofone f1 of 6Gb/128gb varient in nepal??
Sushanta Gautam (1 month ago)
+Pratima Adhikari ho raww but A2Z mbl house ma ta booking thiyo ta 😭😭😭They didnt reveled price Saab xuccha haru 😞😑😑
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for the appreciation 😁 Pocophone F1 has not been launched officially in Nepal yet. So, we don't know.
shikhar thapa (1 month ago)
u r so cute😘😘😘😘😍😘
Chitiz Himali (1 month ago)
omg pratima , u r amazingly beautiful... what a killer presenting style..
CSTK1N9 ST (1 month ago)
looks like XIAOMI MI PAD 4 is far better than the samsung and on par with the IPAD 2018
Suresh Kumari (1 month ago)
Osm video as always.👌👌👌👌
bibek gyawali (1 month ago)
As a audience we expect more than paper specification and first look. The things you explain can just be known by looking its specification.
Swagato Nandy (1 month ago)
Quality review..
Akshatha K (1 month ago)
Nice review 😊 as always 😍
Akshatha K (1 month ago)
+Pratima Adhikari pleasure 😘❤
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
Thanks very much 😊
Deepak Bhattarai (1 month ago)
i am first to dislike but i love your videos ..Being nepali youtuber your video were of high level , great editing, great potraits, and good review.. More to grow and best of luck take it as compliment
saurav panthee (1 month ago)
haha bhai balla aayecha nepali tech video ma😂
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Pratima Adhikari May Be He Just Love To Dislike
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
Exactly why dislike bro? 🤔
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
Then Why Dislike Bro?
Shishir Baral (1 month ago)
U guys come up with good content.. But it would be better, if you also include the price of the devices in the video itself. You said the Tab is overpriced like million of times, yet you didn't mention the price.. You guys should think about it 😊😊
nihkil rajbanshi (1 month ago)
+GadgetByte 55k with SD 450, samsung might be mocking!😑
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
+nihkil rajbanshiNepal price: 55000
nihkil rajbanshi (1 month ago)
but tho you guys can mention the price with the current date?!
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Since the price changes time to time, it will be irrelevant after some time. So we mention its price in the description area. Please check it out.
Manodharan Rajoo Rajoo (1 month ago)
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
4:26 It was meant to be a blooper 😅
Sujil Devkota (1 month ago)
Lagan jureyo jasto xa nani ko
Yural Maskey (1 month ago)
Abdulla Alawadhi (1 month ago)
It was silly and ridiculous though
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
I know 😅
Grisma (1 month ago)
Hello😌 . TAB KO revive pani hernu parya xa koi koi manxe ramra vayera ,,,,,😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Animation Hub (1 month ago)
Outro song is lit 🔥 Masu mitho bhale ko macha tareko😆😆
Kishore harsha channel (1 month ago)
super for review not tablet
MI KE (1 month ago)
What's the Price?
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+GadgetByte Wait What?It's Like A Rippoff You Can Get A Whole PC For 45000 Indian Rupees Or 70000 Nepali Rupees With GTX 1050ti Which Can Play Pubg Mobile On Highest Settings And Even Pubg PC On High Settings
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Rs.54490 in Nepal
Allah Maadarchod (1 month ago)
i love your smile and i love your voice Pratima 😍
Punitham Nadarajah (1 month ago)
SHUT UP You islamic swine
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Allah Maadarchod It's Ok Bro
Allah Maadarchod (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 tbh, i subscribed this channel just for this beautiful princess 😍
Allah Maadarchod (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 sorry. i don't remember that pakistani ID and i thought it was you. sorry for that.
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Allah Maadarchod I Read That Post That's Quite Funny
Bigyan Paudel (1 month ago)
Kati parxa Baini yesko ??
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
Hi Guys,Don't Take It Serious But I Wanna Know Why You Nepali People Hate Indians.I Don't Know Why You Hate Us.I Had Literally Watches A Lot Of Videos In Which You Guys Are Bashing Indians For Like I Don't Even Know.Can You Tell Me Why Do You Hate Us?
Animation Hub (1 month ago)
+Zbess L.C Agreed! Not all of us are like that!
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Zbess L.C Ya That's Great
Zbess L.C (1 month ago)
Well bro ..We have also seen many indians talking shit about us and i know many of us also talk shit about you people..But everyone of us is not like that..I think you also know it well..Don't only see negative side see positive side also..Everyone of us is not like that..We respect you guys..🙏
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+Animation Hub What Does It Even Mean?
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Animation Hub I Don't Even Know Why They Call Us "Dhoti"
Batman (1 month ago)
I could just listen to this voice until i die..
aditya sharma (1 month ago)
Kive mukhde ton nazraan hatawaan ni tere vich Rabb dis da....😍😍😍
Kamal Thapa (1 month ago)
That outro though😂👌
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Anuradha Vadgama (1 month ago)
k jayanth (1 month ago)
priyanshu raj (1 month ago)
What about mi pad 4
Aseem Agarwal (1 month ago)
Hii! plz review the latest i pad recently launched!! if possible 😀😀
Anuradha Vadgama (1 month ago)
Make videos in Hindi.
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Anuradha Vadgama Cause She Is From Nepal And Most Nepali People Speak Nepali Language So That's Why
Anuradha Vadgama (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 why
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
She Can't Speak Hindi
Anuradha Vadgama (1 month ago)
Give review on real me 2.
omkar pujari (1 month ago)
I want to marry you..
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
Nice,You All Are Gonna Be Single Whole Life
Deepak Bhattarai (1 month ago)
we are also in the way
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+sambhir sam Ok I Thought That You Are Saying For Like Whole Indian Community Because Most Of The People Do So And Sorry For That
sambhir sam (1 month ago)
+Trends 101 I m from Nepal. and bro I have frens from India. I am not generalizing .
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
It's Great That You Guys Started Positing Videos In Like Every 2 Days
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+Pratima Adhikari Yup Your Growth Is Quite Good You Will Achieve It Soon And Don't Forget That You Said To Me That You Are Gonna Make A QnA Video After That
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)
Hope for 100k sooner 😍
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
+GadgetByte Ya If Are You Gonna Post Like,You Can Achieve Like 100k Subscribe Before The End Of 2018
GadgetByte (1 month ago)
Thank you for your appreciation. 😊😊
Trends 101 (1 month ago)
Hi Pratima
Pratima Adhikari (1 month ago)

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