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Sunset Overdrive Rap by JT Music – “I’m in Overdrive”

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Text Comments (1352)
Aiden Phoenix YT (4 days ago)
June 2018 anyone?
SonicGirl BRC (11 days ago)
This game was the best!!! Definitely not for kids though. Lol
GENERATOR RAIN (18 days ago)
Terrible and corny and cliche
Rico Warrior (29 days ago)
Says i never step foot on the ground next shot takeing alot of steps.
Armeck 789 (1 month ago)
"I never touch the ground." next frame shows him shooting mobs from the ground.
deadpool swager (1 month ago)
Me too that would be awesome
Mega Gamer (1 month ago)
It's sad it's a great game but bad rap # dislike
I am the Wanderer (1 month ago)
When I was watching this I was drinking a Monster
Noedig The fantabulois (1 month ago)
Overdrive the definition of cartoon physics you can grind up a telephone wire in trainers ta fuq?
SCP 049 (1 month ago)
Best song yet.
emilio solis (1 month ago)
2:01 boom
AussieRoo Gamer (1 month ago)
Kind of sounds like ogre drive
juliana guevara (1 month ago)
This is asome
Meynard Salazar (1 month ago)
0:47 when your crush finally notices you
The Introvert (1 month ago)
The hack and slash part of this game is so fluid. This is coming from the guys who made Ratchet and Clank
The Introvert (1 month ago)
This song's rhythm reminds me of another song
Ayden Gutierrez (1 month ago)
i love to listen your music during class i wanna see who sings this one
Bomber Gaming (1 month ago)
Totally my life!!!
Bomber Gaming (1 month ago)
Best game ever
Julian Orozco (1 month ago)
This game is a clever BITCH
Niall Campbell (2 months ago)
Love this game
Ian Aneweer (2 months ago)
That entrance
April Fairbrother (2 months ago)
it. is. cool
April Fairbrother (2 months ago)
it. is. cool
Deathmatch Gameing (2 months ago)
TripleJ DJ (2 months ago)
I had a overcharged drink yesterday
spacecloud (2 months ago)
dat beat tho
CUTIE CREEPER (2 months ago)
Dude sweet music and beat I might play it and listen to this
Firegod 34 (2 months ago)
All the time when I see a video game rap it ALWAYS LOOKS SO EPIC and makes the game WAYYYYY EPIC like it’s sorta like these videos should be the trailers for the games
Hayden Jaggers (2 months ago)
2:27 "i'm in overdrive, overdrive, get of your asses or you won't survive" **kicks the person of his chair** me: DANG!!! that person is serious about surviving!
Thrsti Gamer (3 months ago)
This is the first time I discovered the loop button
Juanita Demps (3 months ago)
This rap can get moving
Jonah David (3 months ago)
Love it ceep the whork
robert lyons (3 months ago)
I really thought there was this was an official song for the game that's how good it is any chance of a live video of this one
Erik Culescu (3 months ago)
V cool
Ian Townshend (3 months ago)
is this game title a jojo reference ?
J Sarge (3 months ago)
I love how the chorus goes with the scene
rhonda mulligan (3 months ago)
Sunset Overdrive Rap by JT Music – “I’m in Overdrive
? (3 months ago)
3:08 best part 😂
Ben Laing (4 months ago)
I have been shook
This makes me cringe so hard.
Ramoxfire and Guy Gagect (4 months ago)
Still one of my favorites
Justin Schaeffer (4 months ago)
Wach dogs 2 rap
Evan Fitzduffy (4 months ago)
Be asks do u want a cold one HELL YA WAIT behind u
• Hellfire • (4 months ago)
Too bad the game wasn't as good as the rap 😉
xXxSeargant _AWOL_69xXx (4 months ago)
You got to admit, the scene right after the last verse is pretty dope
A_Mad_Snowboarder (4 months ago)
Fantastic song
A_Mad_Snowboarder (4 months ago)
How i install Sunset Overdrive? After this song I really want to play it :) I asked because is not on Steam
MetchYo Match (4 months ago)
Is this it first song?
Bostyn Gaming (4 months ago)
This is me playing Sunset Overdrive. I'm the flipping parkour master
김영주 (4 months ago)
so nice
Battlefield 1 master (5 months ago)
JT MUSIC PLEASE NOTICE ME!!! Do steep and make it like this exactly like this
luke atkinson (5 months ago)
Battlefield 1 master (5 months ago)
Damn the irony "I never step foot on the ground" next scene he is on the ground
TheToxic Dude10 ikr😂
Battlefield 1 master (5 months ago)
That drink is over charge when he said Can I get you a cold one?
Tyler Burnham (5 months ago)
I got it ,it is so good!!!!
IssacTheUltimateYoutuber (5 months ago)
I drink a can of overcharge so i can surive during the overcharge outbreak
pigminer123 Doyle (5 months ago)
he just said i don"t step a foot on the ground then it shows him walking!
Marco Vargas (5 months ago)
el video es muy cool👍😎😎
Ashlee Turk (5 months ago)
So alive in overdrive
Ashlee Turk (5 months ago)
I'm downloading it and going to sing it
Blocko (5 months ago)
Be quick, Be slick, Be a wiggly dick.
McLaren MP4-31 Boy F1 (5 months ago)
Awesome Music!!!!! My Second Favourite Music Behind Most wanted Rap Music Amazing Rap music!!!!!!! JT Music!!!
Nathan James (5 months ago)
I'd play this game if this song was the soundtrack to it.
Jayden Clements (5 months ago)
Do a forza rap
McLaren MP4-31 Boy F1 (5 months ago)
🔔 Unpinned by JT Music Awesome rap Music video this is Better than The TF2 vs Overwatch Raps And Overwatch Rap and TF2 Rap
Nick (5 months ago)
is this an ak47 1:52
Sascha Levi (6 months ago)
Everyone was obsessed with this game until it was released, then promptly forgot about it.
Travis Floyd (6 months ago)
Me to but we now that not haping
Little DEVIL (6 months ago)
Welp he is in OVERDRIVE
NinjaFoxx (6 months ago)
I wish this game was on PS4
Xx Moral Nerd98 xX (7 days ago)
Kelly Sugiato (12 days ago)
The unhappy One that's PS3
The unhappy One (3 months ago)
You already have the last of us
Little DEVIL (6 months ago)
NinjaFoxx me to man me fucken to
taxi ninja (6 months ago)
I learned all the lyrics
Tonya Osnoe (6 months ago)
Can you make a rap for Fnaf simulator Please
The Cat Chat (5 months ago)
Tonya Osnoe he did
Jason (6 months ago)
cool song
Jason (6 months ago)
i have a ps4
Jason (6 months ago)
i want this game on ps4
Jason (6 months ago)
i want this gameon ps4
Jason (6 months ago)
this song is epic
Gamer15 (6 months ago)
whe dying light came out me: NO MORE PARKOUR when Sunset Overdrive came out me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK
Mesake pahulu (7 months ago)
overdrive overdrive get of your ass so you don't die
Carter Johnson (7 months ago)
Me too
shark deadshot (7 months ago)
I just downloaded sunset overdrive and I love it
i love sunset overdrive the game is fun
PLAYER MAGER (7 months ago)
love it! I have been listening only to your ac raps. I love this game and had no idea you did a rap of it. anyway keep up the good work
Ryan DeLisle (7 months ago)
I forgot how good so many of these older ones were!
lord peña (7 months ago)
How name of the game?
Reece Hartley (7 months ago)
this game is amazing so this song is better
Lord Prosciutto (7 months ago)
tamati aurisch (7 months ago)
this rap is badass
tamati aurisch (7 months ago)
i love sunset over drive
tamati aurisch (7 months ago)
i love sunset ovevdrive
tamati aurisch (7 months ago)
i love sunset ovefdrive
Sam-Pai (7 months ago)
I’ll drink to that
Kyle Shepherd (7 months ago)
U make the best songs
Oskir123 (8 months ago)
Im in
Michael Rodenbeck (8 months ago)
Shhhhhhh they don't know that
one of my of videos has an overdrive intro
_ creeper (8 months ago)
what game is this?

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